Ethiopia Troops Least Popular of AMISOM Peace Keepers in Somalia

Ethiopia is the cause of our instability, Somalis say 10 years after invasion

Ethiopian troops in AMISOM uniform
Ten years after the invasion of their country, Somalis still remember the grisly atrocities and war crimes committed by Ethiopian troops including slitting people’s throats, gouging out eyes and gang-raping women.

By Radio Dalsan,

Majority of Somalia nationals think Ethiopia’s invasion and alleged interference is the cause of instability in their Horn of Africa country.

From interviews conducted by Radio Dalsan in Mogadishu, some 80% of residents in the capital believe Ethiopia undermines the sovereignty and security of its neighbor Somalia.

“As long as the Ethiopian army presence continues in my country, I will not be optimistic that the conflict facing Somalia will come to an end soon,” Ahmed Bille, a Mogadishu resident said.

It is ten years now since neighboring Ethiopia sent its troops across the border at the end of 2006 to help the weak Transitional government rout out the Islamic Courts Union who had controlled the capital Mogadishu for six months. Locals still refer to that battle as “Dagaalki Itobian-Ka Moqdisho ku qabsatay” or loosely translated “when Ethiopians Were in Mogadishu War”.

Over a million Somalis were displaced following the invasion and tens of thousands died, a memory that many Somalis painfully remember.

Ever Since, Ethiopian troops have been either an independent force or recently as part of AMISOM peace keeping force. They have in the past withdrawn and return depending on the political scenario back home and in Somalia.

According to Abdirashid Ahmed, a Somali Political Analyst, Ethiopia’s boots on the ground are at least 10,000 and only 2,000 serve under the green AMISOM beret.

“That indicates their interest in wanting to control the path that Somalia takes both internally, regionally and internationally,” Ahmed said in an interview with Radio Dalsan.

Ethiopian troop are still present in Galguduud, Central Somalia, Kismayo, Gedo region and Hiraan. They operate under AMISOM in Bay and Bakool regions.

Ethiopia has lately been seen supporting President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud and with the Presidential election set for January 22, Addis has been seen to be backing a Mohamud come back.

On Saturday, Addis hosted a mediation, closed door meeting between the Incumbent and Presidential hopeful Sharif Sheikh Hassan Adan. Ethiopia would want to see Adan back down his bid and become Speaker of parliament while backing Mohamud.

That would be the fifth time that President Mohamud has been in Addis in a period of one month and if the frequency of his visit is anything to go, Ethiopia is pegging its hope on his to Villa Somalia.

President Mohamud recently sealed a deal whereby Ethiopia would replace Burundian troops in Mogadishu. Bujumbura has threatened to withdraw its troops over non payment.

Sagal Bihi, an MP and social justice activist did not mince her words regarding the Ethiopia -Somalia relation.

“Now after 10 years they are intervening with our political system to dominate the country in every aspect,” she tweeted.

If the mood of the ordinary Somali on the street would be measured, Ethiopian troops are arguably the least popular of the AMISOM peace keepers in Somalia.

“Somalis rank Kenya, Uganda and Burundi ahead of Ethiopia,” Abdikarim Yusuf, a student at the University of Mogadishu told Radio Dalsan.

There have been reported cases of civilians killed by Ethiopian troops . One of the highest civilian deaths caused by AMISOM when Ethiopian troops opened fire and killed seven civilians in El Buur.

Animosity between the two neighbours go beyond the 2006 invasion. Somalia and Ethiopia went to war in 1977 over the Ogaden region. Like Siamese twins, Somalia and Ethiopia’s political destinations are likely to remain intertwined in the years to come.

62 thoughts on “Ethiopia Troops Least Popular of AMISOM Peace Keepers in Somalia

    1. You funny my friend, that’s an old pic of 2006, most of the 18 candidates for the presidency,m are from North African or Europe.

      1. This drawing exactly tells the political situation of your Somalia. All those running for parliament are sponsored by foreign governments to influence the politics in the country. Imagine a filth poor politician throwing $30,000 to anyone who is ready to vote for him. How many votes do he need? Where do you think the money comes from? These are puppets who are ready to serve their sponsors not the Somali people – after all, it was not the people who elect them, so why should they!

        1. Most candidates running for the presidential election left good jobs in North America and Europe, even sheikh sharif Ahmed just graduated from a top university in America lol.

          Maybe the incumbent president Hassan Sheikh Mohamud whos nicknamed as Qoslaye (Smiley in English) because hes always laughing is way too close to TPLF, last time he went to Mek’ele to celebrate TPLF 40th Anniversary alongside others dictators like Ismaïl Omar Guelleh of Djibouti and the Sudanese dictator Omar al-Bashir, this was not taken well by the Somali public as TPLF were in middle of killing spree in Oromia, Amhara and Ogaden regions but others candidates are either close to Turkey or United Arab Emirates.

          To good new is Hassan Sheikh Mohamud is not coming back and the bad news is our only hope the first Somali woman to run for the presidency of Somalia aka fadumo Dayib has withdraw, I guess Somalia is not yet ready for a woman but the future is bright for Somali woman.

  1. Sadly, Somalia has seen hell many times since 1991, mostly at the hands of Woyane. Ethiopia under Woyane has no intention of making peace with Somalia. The only way the minority (Tigray) government that is ruling Ethiopia stays in power is by creating crisis among Ethiopians and with neighboring countries. Woyane is enabled to carry out its occupation and killing of Somalis, with the help of African Union, the United States, and the European Union, all in the name of fighting Al-Shebab, a terrorist which are actually created by Woyane. It is for this reason, that Every young Somali should liberate his country from Woyane’s occupation, by killing Woyane soldiers where ever they find them and by any means necessary.

  2. During the US election, every candidate loves to talk bad and present themselves as anti China just to win votes. Little did they know, China is no longer a country you can scare, bully or intimidate. As a matter of fact, China has become competitor of the sole major power, US. In the Horn of Africa, there is also a China but they call themselves EPRDF. We do expect these back and forth but we do wish the Somali people pick a good progressive leader to get their people out of poverty. Best of luck.

    1. Fact checking: China is ruled by the Hun Chinese which make up more than 90% of the total China’s population. There is no way no how that you could compare or contrast Ethiopia with China. Ethiopia is ruled by minority ethnic group that is only 6% of the total population. Ethiopia is much more comparable with the 5% apartheid rulers of South Africa. Besides, the apartheid of Ethiopia are doing the dirty job of USA in Somalia for handouts. Get real please. Anyone that reads your comments at this site is very well versed. So stop wasting your time. You are not persuading anyone.

  3. I’m going to say Ethiopia intervention in Somalia was in fact a blessing because without the intervention of Ethiopia the weak Transitional Federal Government who were confined to a grain warehouse in a small town in Baidoa (today known as Southern Western Ferderal State of Somalia) will undoubtedly be crushed by the al shabaab foreign terrorists and TFG would’ve fled in exile, but Ethiopia brought the weak TFG to Villa Somalia (presidential palace) the TFG never looked back, now Somalia is secularism and democracy,
    Note (the wars in Syria, Libya, Iraq, Yemen etc favoured Somalia, because al shabab lost its foreigners jihadis terrorists Recuritment and most of these jihadis terrorists went to Syria, Iraq, Libya, Yemen for jihadI and largely forgotten about Somalia which made al shabab so weak even the nomadic livestock owners are killing al shabab.

    al-Qaeda’s goal was always to destroy the UN-recognized Somali Transitional Federal Government (TFG) and establish A salafism enclave like Afghanistan, but the millions question is how did Al Qaeda ended up in Somalia? Well Ethiopia should also take the blame for this because they were always arming and funding warlords which pushed the youths to be radicalised.

    Its not alright when some countries interfere in others Countries neighbours internal affairs, Eritrea ties with the anti TFG oppositions ranks was a bad approach from the Eritrea government because the TFG was recognised as the only government of Somalia, and don’t matter if they (TFG) were puppets of TPLF.

    The Ethiopia led Amisom troops are popular in Somalia because unlike other Amisom peacekeepers who hide in their bases the Ethiopia led Amisom are fearless warriors who are not afraid of al shabab even al shabab has realized this that’s why al shabab never attacks the Ethiopia led Amisom like how they attack the Kenyans and others, even though the Ethiopia led Amisom are well respected by the Tribal elders, the Somali people, the ferderal leaders and the Somali government, the only bad side to the Ethiopia Amisom troops is they don’t follow Amisom structure, they withdrew towns whenever they like without any reasons which puts the Somali people in danger of al shabaab revenges and they interfere in a lot in Somali internal affairs for example the Ethiopia prime minister Hailemariam Desalegn Boshe once said in the Ethiopia parliament he will defend Somaliland from the Mogadishu government, these kinds of threats and tensions are likely to arouse aggression from Somalia in near future (maybe Sentek can explain this outburst from Hailemariam Desalegn Boshe, also it feels like the Ethiopia led Amisom work independently.

    Overall the Ethiopia led Amisom are the lease trusted peacekeeping force in Somalia, I would say it’s better for Mogadishu and Addis Abba if Ethiopia led peacekeepers actually withdraws from Southern Somalia because their mind is clearly somewhere else since they lost the concentration on al shabab.

    1. Great Job! That is a great analysis. Apart from TN, you and some awate users that comment here, not many of the people commenting here give an argument but the usual “You are this, you are that etc” mambo jumbo. This site does have the potential to be like but there needs to be a little more debate on issues without too much labeling. TN as a pro PFDJ, posts some interesting articles that can trigger quite some good debates for all the readers.

    2. The quote you butchered from PM was in response to, “if shabab takes over” the capital or the voters decided to live with shabab. The situation with Amisom is a little different, there are few people from Amisom Kenya, Nigirea selling weapons and compromising military strategy. It leaves us no choice but to rely on our own people only. The success of Somali is also Ethiopia’s at the end of the day. When there is peace, we have peace, free trade and compromise on things we need to help our people. The last point, our people are in Hiiran and some of these cities was supposed to be protected by your army, isn’t it time to hold them accountable instead of undermining us?

  4. If the majority of Ethiopians don’t like them, you would not expect others to like them. After all the are the army of Woyane.

  5. ኣሌክ - Alec you · Edit

    Somalia is just in deep hole.. soon Woyane are going to make Somalia its pet thru the puppet government. And if that puppet government try to disobey, Somaliland will be their chain to keep them inline. Anyway Somalia is divided… soon or later Somaliland will have its independence, cuz Somaliland has a much stronger claim to statehood than South Sudan, as Somaliland has been a de jure state in the past. Somaliland is what was once known as the British Somaliland Protectorate. So soon or later it’s gonna happen. Sad but true. And when that time comes the TPLF regime will dump the Somalian puppet government. Cuz for port fee Somaliland will ask TPLF for protection from Somalia. And later it will start trade route with Ethiopia.

    RIP Somalia.

    Woyane are going to use every chains to put Somalia under control like a b!tch.

    “In response to being attacked by Mogadishu, Somaliland declared independence. For the last 25 years they have been running their own affairs.

    Somaliland has a President and a bi-cameral Parliament. There are regular Presidential and Parliamentary elections, with change of power between political parties.”

    1. But I can assure you Somalia will not make the same mistake with Somaliland as Ethiopia did with Eritrea when EPLF were allowed to loot the Afars lands including the Afar port of assab, Somalia will make sure to keep the oil rich regions of Sool Sanaag Cayn aka Khatumo state whatever the cost, you see Khatumo state is like Assab to Somalia, so the Eritrea independence drama will not be repeated in Somalia.

      Anyway in Somali society, if you have the backing of the tribal elders then you control that region, maybe tesfanews haven’t be posting the elction news coming from Mogadishu, well I’m glad to tell you Somaliland has 36 seats in the lower and upper house in the parliament in Mogadishu, the separatists in Hargeisa are well represented in Mogadishu, Somaliland independence is all but ended.

      1. ኣሌክ - Alec you · Edit

        Dude stop with the nonsense… Woyane is laying the groundwork to put Somaliland on its clutches. Cuz when Somaliland opens its port for Woyane, Somalia will become irrelevant to Ethiopia and soon it will become isolated and in-order to loot its recourses.. Somalia will remain divided and that will also lead to another disintegration.

        U see for TPLF the better Somalia becomes smaller the easier and cheaper it will become to control.

        So Mr. delusional come back to reality, when Somaliland becomes officially independent, Somalia will never ever lay its hands on Somaliland. If it did, It will be slapped with sanctions and possibly another invasion from the mercenaries of the West. And don’t forget the UK will also be Somaliland protector because of the colonial relations.. u know, kinda like Djibouti hav relations with the Frenchi. — and yes the current Somalia so called independent government is under the West control, meaning it will not have any power to wage war on its own freewill. ????

        It’s to late man. ????

        1. I just don’t understand, Somalia did in fact supported your independence, why can’t you do the same if that’s what they are asking? You started to sound like the Somalia nationalist or our As for Ethiopia, please learn not to answer for us. We are only after stronger Somalia and that’s it. If we didn’t recognize Somaliland when TFG was weak, why would we do it when they are embarking on democracy for the first time? Come on man!

          1. Hahahaha …. So is Israel, they are after stronger Palestine – Hehehehe
            ….. I am sure Warlord will love now even more

          2. ኣሌክ - Alec you · Edit

            Like always twisting my words to hide the truth. We’re not against Somaliland independence!! If the majority of the Somaliland ppl want their independence, we will support them.. just like we supported S.Sudan. We also support the majority ppl of Oromo and Ogaden for their self-determination to become an independent nation.

            Cuz… For example, majority Oromo don’t want to be called Ethiopians or Habashaa. Since they believe Oromiyaa belongs to the Oromiyaans, so respect to the Article 39???? they have the right for self-determination. And Same goes for Ogaden.
            “If we didn’t recognize Somaliland when TFG was weak, why would we do it when they are embarking on democracy for the first time?”

            Because, strong Somalia is a threat to Ethiopia. Even though with a puppet government sh!t can happen. TPLF knows it can’t put Somalian ppl on a leash for long time without any rebellion. And plan B for Woyane-Tigray is recognizing Somaliland as a sovereign nation. And for now TPLF is using it to put Somalia inline. Cuz even with a puppet government Somalia is hard to control, because Somalian ppl are strong ppl and when they realize this.. it will be another Arab-season all over again. And that’s when the threat comes for ur beloved Woyane-Tigray. And thats when Somaliland comes to fill the plan B of TPLF. Somalia and Al-Shebab are the stream income from the west. And that is why TPLF regime threatened to withdraw its troops from Somalia. TPLF didn’t fully attacked or eradicated Al-shebab, it could but didn’t… because if there is no terrorist, it means no money for TPLF and the emerging of Strong and stable Somalia.

      2. LOL “… EPLF were allowed to loot the Afars lands including the Afar port of assab,… ”
        If you are that ignorant, TN is not a website for tutoring Warlords. I could say, may your wishes of Woyane controlling you from inside your government (AMISOM) and occupying your country (outside Mogadishu) come true, but we care for the majority of Somalis who hate the occupation of Somalia by Woyane.

        1. IQ, let’s be honest. You hate Ethiopia helping Somalia building their country because it’s impossible for shabo to fund groups to destabilize the horn. In other words you prefer Somalia to be in civil war because you have issues with Ethiopia? Man that is just not nice at all.

          1. Donkoro by Choice or the usual IQ63?
            80% of Somalis are telling your Apartheid government of Ethiopia are the reasons for the instability in Somalia. How is that difficult to understand, regardless of your IQ!!!

      3. Somalia is a fictional place, it doesnt exist in reality and its “government” barely contols one neighborhood of Mogadishu.

        30 000 African troops protect the “president” of Somalia in his “palace” yet this week his chief of staff still got killed inside the “presidential palace” (read mud hut).

        Al shabaab controls large swaths of southern Somalia. Clan militias hold sway in large parts. The only constantly well performing place is Somaliland and they are officially not recognised.

        Then you have Puntland the former Pirate state turned Isis stronghold with Isis on the verge of overrunning Bosaso in the coming week as it seems. Already killings of Puntland officials in Bosasso is becominga weekly occurence.

        In Jubbaland bordering Kenya Alshabaab have virtually layed siege to kismayo and are poised for major attacks as it seems.

        Gaalkayo city is a tinderbox one match and all hell brakes loose again.

        Indeed the gahering clouds on Somali skies point to all out war.

  6. Ethiopian troops have been either independent forces or part of AMISOM peace keeping forces in Somalia. Each AMISOM soldier was suppose to be paid $1,028 us every month. Due to government deducts, and other hidden government cuts, soldiers take home ends up to be less than $400 us a month. This is a lot of income for the AMISOM soldiers considered to how much they make at their respective countries . The rest $600 doll’s out of each soldier is shared within the corrupt states of Uganda, Ethiopia, Burundi, and Djibouti.
    Ethiopia have about 4,395 AMISON Soldiers and 8000 independent soldiers in Somalia. Most of the 4,395 soldiers with only 400 Oromo’s and 320 other ethnic groups, the AMISOM is mostly dominated by Tigraians (malelit). The other 8000 independent soldiers who are not under the AMISOM pay role are 60% Oromo, 30% other ethnic groups and 10% Tigrains whom they serve as military leaders and advisers in the forces. For the 8000 independent Ethiopian soldiers(non-AMISOM), EU pays Ethiopia in an indirect compensation name it from military hardware to economic development . The 8000 (90%) independent Ethiopian soldiers get 10%to 15% eth birr salary increase for their foreign service by Ethiopia. The 10% Tigraians get paid a very high percentage.
    When Ethiopia recently withdrew it soldiers for Somalia, the AMISOM (ethiopian) remain in Somalia while the independent soldiers called back to Addis and environs to do the dirty job against their people.
    As the aid for AMISON is thinning out from the EU, the AU and the AMISOM states are angered by status of their well-being (personal interest) and have filled a complain and issued a statement to withdraw of their solders from Somalia.

  7. I come to the website daily to read news about Eritrea, but its clear this website has no interest of delivering actual news of progress in Eritrea. Going back 15 pages on Tesfanews only a small handful of articles are actually about Eritrea, whereas majority of news is about Ethiopia and the TPLF. I understand the point of presenting news and updates about Eritrea’s neighbors but to this extent is overkill. This is just constructive criticism that i hope @tesfanews:disqus can take into consideration.

    1. Sorry you didn’t get what you wanted for free on this website but if you want to know the truth, this is the premier website where Eritrea’s achievement celebrated and its interest defended – online. As we are transitioning ourselves from “defensive” to “offensive” in the media war, it’s natural you get more news about our adversaries and the region, of course, along with Eritrea related news.

      1. While i agree with everything you stated above, myself and every other Eritrean feels like this website is at its best when it writes articles about Eritrean development, challenges, achievements etc…Like i said I agree we must post about our neighbors but for every post about our neighbors we should have 3 post about Eritrea. What better way to defeat our adversaries in this media war than by a steady/consistent blitzkrieg of Eritrean Development/News? @tesfanews:disqus

        1. You do not think exposing the lies and destructive agenda of the TPLF and its masters in the Horn of Africa is not standing up for Eritrea?

      2. TN, is it me or I’ve seen a trend with these guys?
        Isn’t it interesting to see a few nameless people trickling complaints about your site NOT for the content it publishes but for the things it didn’t do. I’ve noticed this complaints grow in the last few weeks.
        Their complaints: TN is not publishing about stuff they wanted to read; you know, the stuff you find in the OTHER sites they frequent. But wait, aren’t those sites still available for them, pushing out the same BS? Why then target this site?

        They now realized that TN is one of the popular two sites most people go to now days for news and commentaries about Eritrea. I am mean everyone, including Ethiopians are visiting this site. And these guys are frustrated by this turn of events. They’ve noticed people no longer buy their propaganda, and their Woyane sponsors are not happy about it. Case in point, Abel, Sentek and other nameless Woyane trolls spend full time in site doing their thing, LOL.

        Keep it up TN. Keep doing your thing…. and sooner than later, we will be in control of our affairs to address our challenges in our terms.

        1. A good litmus test of a website performance is not necessarily by its die-hard supporters, but a constant complains by its haters.

        2. TN is what we call in Amharic aweko atefi simple as that. It’s almost like he does collaboration with Tamagn just to pass enough misinformation just to paint this ugly picture about Ethiopia. And the die hard shabo supporters, the likes of Alec, Hizbawi and so many more eat it, probably never been to Ethiopia or Asmera for that matter, they just know they are supposed to hate Ethiopia. And ofcourse leave it to our IQ B.Adel to fan the flames. That’s where we come in, to give a different perspective and educate these people from assuming our people hate Eritreans or doesn’t differentiate shabo and the people. In the meantime we will support our freedom loving Eritreans who realized long ago, the real enemy has never been Ethiopia but the lion of nakifa himself.

          1. TN is Serving the truth NOT serving Propaganda. TN is Not bought or sold out by Corporate-World . TN is true Journalist from Consciousness .

          2. It’s the love for our people and country. Nothing less and Nothing more. One that points out your shortcomings is a friend not a foe. We should not be an impediment to progress. The person with screen name “I have an idea” is just expressing his love for Eritrea.

          3. Who wants to blubber to explain the situation of your country while you are a perfect example for Ethiopia’s failings!!!

    2. In normal circumstances that is, a country at peace with its neighbors and treated fairly by United Nations and its master (USA), your argument may hold some water. However, we have Eritrea who lives under constant threat of regime change by the lowest IQ of leaders in Ethiopia, of sanctions driven by Woyane and United Nations (aka USA), of constant falsely demonizing by every western paid or influenced journalists who have never set foot in Eritrea. In this circumstances, we are lucky to have a Website doing what every Eritrean should be doing to defend our home land, not only presenting the progress in Eritrea (which are plenty to be covered by TN only), but also exposing the apartheid nature of the minority Woyane governing Ethiopia, the constant invasion and occupation of Somalia, as well as challenging hypocracies and lies of Woyane handlers by western media. Since the demise of our enemies is as important as the progress withing Eritrea, as an Eritrean who support our Eritrean government, we have a duty to support our government in anyway we can, which in this case, we are fortunate to be helping the Best Eritrean Website (

      1. Whatever happened to the TN-TV? Is it in the agenda? We need to make TN-TV a reality to reach much more wider audience. TN-TV is what is needed ASAP. TN-TV should be all about educating the Eritrean people allover the world. TN has the potential to be greater than what it is now. We need Visionary Erotreans to take it to the next level. What say you? I mean the possibilities are endless.

        1. Salaam Hizbawi.
          I 100% agree, it is a wonderful thing to start and make TN-TV, a reality. What is going to take is (1) researching what it takes for TN-TV, (2) People’s participation, (3) Funding $$$, and (4) Leader(s). Although the most important and difficult to find is (4), that is finding dedicated leader(s) like the one who is running TN, it seems to me that a prerequisite to the realization of TN-TV would be to first have a meeting (in person or using some medium) of TN members. I am not expert in this field, I would love to hear from anyone who may have an idea to explain to us if we are making any sense or not. I would like to hear from TN, although we know running a superb website like TN, by an individual, I won’t bet he has time to respond to our question.

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