TPLF Troubled by Renewed EU-Eritrea Relation

renewed EU-Eritrea Relation
Photo: Meeting between Eritrean President and German delegation led by the Federal Minister of Economic Cooperation and Development, Dr. Gerd Müller at State House, Asmara – December 2015.


Europe’s softening stand on Eritrea has sparked fear with in the TPLF, a minority clique now ruling Ethiopia, according to a report broadcasted last week by the Ethiopia Satellite Television, ESAT.

The complete failing of the TPLF’s long standing policy against Eritrea that emanates from the border conflict and its own claim of Eritrea’s continued supports to Ethiopian freedom forces, has left the regime confused, the report stated citing information and documents it received from sources who work at Ethiopia’s UN branch in New York.

The report describes how the policy was drafted by a member of the TPLF and former General Director of International Organizations, who is now Ethiopia’s Ambassador to the Sudan, Mr Mulugeta Zewde, in collaboration with few TPLF officials and academics – reflecting the organization’s distrust of the other Ethiopian ethics.

The policy that was crafted with the singular goal of bringing regime change in Eritrea by enabling referral of Eritrean leaders to the International Criminal Court (ICC) under the guise of human rights, extending the UN sanction and strengthening the actions of the international community against Eritrea, has become effectively ineffectual.

The report also revealed that the TPLF regime is blaming some specific European countries for the failure of its Eritrea policy. The TPLF carried out a frantic diplomatic campaign to make the now defunct recommendations of the Commission of Inquiry on Human Rights in Eritrea (COIE) enforceable.

stable, united and rehabilitated Eritrea
A stable, united and rehabilitated Eritrea wake TPLF officials up in cold sweat every night …

The fact that European countries including Norway, Germany, and Switzerland, have started a common work with Eritrea on the migration problem, and their push in the softening of the European Union stance on Eritrea has become a major headache for the minority TPLF regime in Ethiopia.

The report also stated that the Commission’s report that claims the use of “forced labor” by companies doing business in Eritrea and its subsequent recommendation to hold individuals and groups accountable did not satisfy many members of the European Union; hence the EU has cooled down on the ideas of taking action against Eritrea.

Furthermore, the support Eritrea received from China, Arab countries, some Latin America countries, Egypt and partly the Sudan, has made the issue less significant at the UN. This has extremely infuriated the TPLF officials.

The report noted that the TPLF made attempts using Djibouti and Somalia to pass a very strong resolutions against Eritrea at the UN, which also failed miserably.

The ESAT report also explained how the number of countries that supported the Commission’s resolutions against Eritrea has reduced considerably in 2017 in comparison with the earlier years.

While the Netherlands, Croatia, Belgium, Austria, Canada, Poland, Greece, Ireland and Romania, were the only countries that supported the Commission’s resolution in 2017, there were 2 major sponsors and 19 associate sponsors in 2016, and 7 major sponsors and 16 associate sponsors in 2015.

Having failed at the world stage and in particular with the softening stand of the European countries, the minority regime in Ethiopia is turning to the African Union to draft a way to take action against the Eritrean government.

The ESAT report outlined, the main objectives of the TPLF anti-Eritrea policy was to take action against Ethiopian opposition forces that based inside Eritrea.

The report concluded by revealing that the TPLF is still exerting its utmost effort to revert Europe’s softening stance on Eritrea.

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  1. You failed miserably once and come back after an intensive recovery.
    When you are failing twice again as excepted …. you will have gone for good by then.

  2. Traitors Acting like oposition · Edit

    TPLF is a Dead Mafia Organisation From the begining. Now the Etiopian People started to hunt & kill the Enemy☠ TPLF ????

  3. Don’t be silly TN Not only now when Ethiopia is become powerhouse of the horn, Your country belligerence and military posturing back then didn’t do any favor for you but only misery and hopelessness for the youth.
    For Ethiopia their is nothing new here whether you have the support of EU or GCC you don’t do sheet to Ethiopia.

        1. La Russa was an with Berlusconi historically in the right wing in Italian drama of politics, in this show is attacking the “priest” saying that is not saving the soul of migrants rather is letting them risk, with his illegal act, and invites him clearly to confess his sins in church to a higher ground. In addition he accuse him that Mussie has relation with the traffickers..

      1. We have so many options this one is no ‘panicking’ it is called jailing your a$$ diplomatically. I hope you are not knowingly wishing Ethiopia last but effective option. Until now you only see the Polite one EPRDF Ethiopia but by the way Eritrea continuing destabilization efforts you will going to see merciless EPRDF Ethiopia.

        1. Ethio :
          Why did u wait all this time until Eritrea has become the Economic and the Military Might of the Horn—The Hub of the bast Navy and Aircorce in Africa and the Middle East?
          The Evil Agenda of Isolation and Containment and the Evil Axis has hit you back at the end.
          Remember what and who Shaebia is!
          There is no return or Marcia indietro NO MORE!
          Who is monitoring the Ethiopian Air Space 24/7 with a high tech Radar and Drone System along with Surface -to -Air and Sirr-to-Surface and Surface-to-Surface Air Defense and Missile System?
          Talk about the petro $$$$ soon to be replaced with Gold and Potash $$ along with in-house Petro $$$ of the Red Sea Shore!
          Keep crying and teeth grinding -too late now.
          To shut our income diplomatically?
          I thought u failed miserably .
          U mean to bribe the AU and the IGAD Monkeys with some Aid Tukabo $$ and few pretty Teen Girls as usual?
          That also is a failed tactic.
          Good luck and YirdaAkum Enda Dedebit Dedeboch!

    1. Ayte Hatela tigray
      Did you say the power house of the horn ..uhum. You may dream but reality is pointing to something else a gloomy one. A nation of 90 plus existed and survived by hand outs year in year out and all of a sudden you came from your stinky closet to gloat you are a power nation to be reckoned. What a surreal you guys did not understand yet how a nation could be beggar laughing stock for the West and thousands of NGO and potent at the same time. ” mind is a terrible thing to waste”

      1. Here is the crazy part idiots like you will never comprehend. 1+1=2 in any country. If we say the power house, we really can put up any measurement the world is using to come up with ONLY facts. Example, the entire world uses GDP to measure the health of ones economy, you know our record there. You can ask most of our neighbors to see where we stand geopolitically. Nothing but positive influence. You can ask AU what Ethiopia means to them history wise or currently, they want to know our take. Airlines, taking over Nigerians air after making ours profitable. UN presidency just been taken over, second in command with fire power that’s making your life time king nervous in every turn. All this still not satisfied until we feed us and you down the road when real Eritreans takes over. If we are to ask you the same questions, same data, it’s not only unavailable but supporters are told non of your business. But hey, you are not only “feeding yourselves” while the kids running from a five million nation,you are also self reliance. Go figure that one.

        1. Ayte Agame
          the convoluted logic of dedebit has no value at all. It is like the barren land of the tiny kilil you and your muddy cousins have descended. A beggar has nothing to say in real or imagined world those who pay you lunch has a say and you as usual serve every master with different needs.

        2. Ask yourself this question, why is Ethiopia still being advertised on AID adverts here in the UK? Such as the one about Genet on wateraid???? No shame whatsoever!! And here is you boasting about made up GDP figures, the same way that 100% or whatever election figures were made up. Shame! You’re Country, GDP so called “Democracy” everything is made up. Remember if it was not for your masters pumping money into you’s for their interest…..

        3. Kedada Agame, Surely you are dying may be you don’t know it. I can’t blame you most don’t know they are dying. You should be greatful for your sheer luck for stying in power for so long.

    2. Here is your country Ethiopia waiting for “donated wheat and cooking oil” year in year out since 1973. In fact the West has made your country Ethiopia the dumping ground of “3 years old wheat”. That is what your country is and it looks like you will be the dumping ground of Western 3 years old wheat,

      The question is when shall be Ethiopia to be standing and supporting”. The question is when is the day when the Ethiopians stop begging.

      By the way, please come to Eritrea to learn what self sufficiency and standing oh your own two feet means. Do not forget, in Eritrea begging for daily bread is taboo or NEWRI TESEMIUE TERAUE ZEIFELIT. it is NEWRI .

    3. Ethiopia should become a powerhouse.., no one is in opposition to this. The only thing eritreans and ethiopians alike need to get rid of is woyane thugs like you. Stop trying to represent Ethiopia here because you surely don’t. The only people you represent is your thuggish cliche woyane from tigray and yourself.

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    2. dont make a mess of the restroom, ur mexican janitor will thank u……the same problem here, dont create a mess which shabiya has no idea how to solve. ante IQ 53.

      1. Ugumesh, did you Google the word restroom? I am sure it not a thing you find in N’ooshtoy Tigray (lol). You will be lucky to have even the Turkish Style “Restroom” that is typical in Aids-Abeba.
        In any case, Mess occurs only due to Quenty, which is only the diet of your people.
        As to Janitor, well sorry to remind you, we have two Maids in my house all from N’oooshtoy Tigray.

        1. Boy Adal,

          LOL! :D….that actually comes naturally to u guys (cleaning reatrooms and being a slave in your own land)…..dummy, first it was for the italians, then it was for the british…why dont u ask mommy about ur history?
          All the history lessons aside, what the horn needs is stability and peace….stay out of other countries business.

          1. Reading comprehension isn’t your strong suit huh? He literally and clearly just said “we have two Maids in my house all from N’oooshtoy Tigray” as in from Ethiopia. As in from your country. How can you say “it comes easy to you guys” when those are known ethiopian professions? Improve your literacy before you make a stupid comment

          2. why dont u ask ur elders what their profession was under the Italian colonization? why dont u ask ur sisters what their profession was in Italy after colonization? who pioneered working for arabs as domestic maids in the 1980s. and still Eritrea has more domestic workers per capita than Ethiopia. dont take me wrong, there is no shame on working as a domestic maid.
            …..Just trying to show you and “common sense” where this profession is comming from.

          3. Ugumesh, what you don’t understand is what Quenty is made of. Our brother Alec you has already researched and told us that the diet of Tigray, Quenty is made of human poop!!!
            It makes sense why most homes in Aids Abeba have no restrooms.

        2. Do they have a restroom last time I checked when Mengustu was upset while saying zeraf zeraf he mentioned a Wefcho bet. LOL Adal
          I think they have to invest in building more of restrooms since they have achieved middle income status as envisioned by none other than the last Chiwawa sex feet under as we speak.

          1. Alemino, there is no need of building homes with restrooms for people with Quenty as the main diet. Remember Quenty is made of human feces.

  5. It is time for Weyane to accept the help of Eritrea if they are to feed their 10 million hungry Ethiopians at this moment,

    Take a look at the donated wheat given to save the Ethiopians is rotting in the 120 degree Djibouti heat.

    Do not forget, between 10 AM to 4 PM, the whole of Djibouti, from the President to the house wives, are gone to chew “Chat” while the Ethiopian export and import goods are rotting,

    It is time for Weyane to ask forgiveness from Eritrea, if they are to save their people

    1. How can you be more vigilant? when you have been sleeping with one eyes closed for the last 17 years by so called false alarm “they coming”
      I thought you guys gives us 6 months and the ultimate recently but thanks for additional 1 & 1/2 years LoL.. you are funny man I give you that.

  6. The TPLF-led minority government in Ethiopia would have been more “troubled” had the policies and the actions or non-actions of the Government of Eritrea were not as predictable.

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