Ethiopia’s Renaissance Dam Will Make Egypt’s Nile Delta Sink Under the Med, Study Says

The Geological Society of America (GSA) warns construction of GERD would have unexpected risk – that of the eventual submerging of parts of the low-lying Nile Delta region under the waters of the Mediterranean Sea.


It may be Ethiopia’s symbol of national pride, but the controversial Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) being built for hydroelectric power on the Blue Nile will have grave and unexpected consequences for its downstream neighbour, Egypt, according to a report published in the US.

The multi-year study of Egypt’s Nile Delta estimates that GERD could reduce the flow of water to Egypt by as much as 25%, restricting its fresh water supply and diminishing its ability to generate power.

These are already matters of contention between the two countries, but the study published by the Geological Society of America (GSA) flags up another, unexpected risk – that of the eventual submerging of parts of the low-lying Nile Delta region under the waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

In their paper published in the journal, GSA Today, Jean-Daniel Stanley and Pablo L. Clemente argue that GERD’s restriction of Nile-born silt onto the delta, combined with sinking of the delta due to natural seismic compaction, could mean that parts of delta surface now above sea level will be underwater by the end of this century.

The scientists call for some form of arbitration by regional or global bodies to be applied to the “delicate situation”.

They worry, too, about the wider region, where some 400 million people live in the 10 countries along the Nile, with some now already experiencing severe droughts and unmet energy needs and “a multitude of economic, political, and demographic problems”.


The soil-rich delta evolved as the result of natural conditions involving the Nile’s fresh water flow and transport of sediment northward from Ethiopia, across Sudan and Egypt to the Mediterranean.

About 70% of water flow reaching Egypt is derived from the Blue Nile and Atbara rivers, both sourced in Ethiopia.

Over the past 200 years, rapidly increasing human activity has seriously altered flow conditions of the Nile. Emplacement in Egypt of barrages in the 1800s, construction of the Aswan Low Dam in 1902, and the Aswan High Dam in 1965 have since altered water flow and distribution of nourishing organic-rich soil in the delta.

Egypt’s population has rapidly swelled to about 90 million, with most living in the soil-rich Lower Nile Valley and Delta. These two areas comprise only about 3.5% of Egypt’s total area, the remainder being mostly desert.

Due to much-intensified human impact, the delta no longer functions as a naturally expanding fluvial-coastal centre.

Less than 10% of Nile water now reaches the sea, and most of the nutrient-rich sediment is trapped in the delta by a dense canal and irrigation system.

Already sinking

The low-lying delta plain is only about 1m above present sea level. The northern third of the delta is lowering at the rate of about 4-to-8mm per year due to compaction of strata underlying the plain, seismic motion, and the lack of sufficient new sediment to re-nourish the delta margin being eroded by Mediterranean coastal currents.

While the coastal delta margin is being lowered, sea level is also rising at a rate of about 3mm per year. Delta lowering and sea-level rise thus accounts for submergence of about 1cm per year.

At present rates, saline intrusion is now reaching agricultural terrains in central delta sectors, and the scientists say parts of delta surface will be underwater by the year 2100.

Ethiopia, itself energy-poor and undergoing drought conditions, is nearing completion of GERD, the largest hydroelectric dam in Africa.

The large reservoir behind the dam is to be filled over a period lasting up to seven years, during which it is expected that the amount of Nile flow to the delta will be reduced by as much as 25%, the scientists say.

This down-river decrease of Nile fresh water will produce “grave conditions”, they add.

Water and food shortages

Without GERD, the Nile supplies around 97% of Egypt’s present water needs, with only 660 cubic meters per person, one of the world’s lowest annual per capita water shares.

With a population expected to continue surging, Egypt is projected to experience critical fresh water and food shortages.

“It is hoped that rather than resorting to threats and military action, some form of arbitration by regional or global bodies be applied to the delicate situation,” the authors write.

“Increased Land Subsidence and Sea-Level Rise are Submerging Egypt’s Nile Delta Coastal Margin”, was written by Jean-Daniel Stanley, Senior Scientist Emeritus, and Pablo L. Clemente, Research Fellow, Mediterranean Basin (MEDIBA) Project, Smithsonian Institution, Washington DC. It is available to view here.

69 thoughts on “Ethiopia’s Renaissance Dam Will Make Egypt’s Nile Delta Sink Under the Med, Study Says

  1. This is very bad news for Ethiopia. For Egypt, this dam issue is pretty much life or death for them and this new study is basically confirming all of their fears. It would be easy for the Egyptian government to bang the war drums and gain full support from their population.

    1. Leaving aside our political, economic and other views aside for the time being let’s us give our critique of the paper whose abstract is presented here.

      According to the authors the low-lying Nile Delta will be submerged under the Mediterranean Sea water due by 2100 due to the 25% decrease of Nile water flow to Egypt because of Gerd. Ok. Moreover according to the same authors the Gerd will need upto seven years to fill, right?

      This means the flow of Nile water to Egypt will return to its normal flow after a maximum of seven years after all once the dam in Gerd is full there is nothing to stop Nile water flow. Now how can these authors extrapolate a non existent catch of water for the next 93 years and make such rediclous nonsense conclusions? Can anyone with fair mind claim this is scientific observation deserving publishing? ወይ ጉድ።

      1. What you fail to understand is that the dam reduces the sediment flowing downstream, which is what keeps the Nile Delta above sea level. The estimated 7 years (most likely longer given Woyane math and timekeeping) of reduced water flow is a completely separate issue, but equally critical to Egypt if they hope to continue being able to feed their population.

        1. Good point. But can you please explain if after a maximum of seven years (time to take the dam to fill) the sediment flowing downstream will change in anyway? In other words once the dam is full, will the sediment flow naturally as it used to be or that Ethiopia’s Gerd is gonna capture the sediments and will let flow only pure fresh water? I leave this to you to contemplate. I thank you for responding.

          1. Dams will always reduce sediment flow downstream. It’s a problem that has yet to be solved. Sediment will collect in the reservoir of the dam (slowly diminishing its capacity) instead of traveling down to the Nile Delta. There is also the issue of the dam reducing the water in Lake Nasser, which Egypt relies on for generating electricity. Basically, the GERD will cause three (3) separate problems for Egypt:

            (1) Reduced sediment flow downstream to the Nile Delta.
            (2) Reduced water flow for irrigation.
            (3) Reduced water flow to Lake Nasser for electricity generation.

          2. Egypt has signed with Russia to build its first nuclear power plant, that should take way the electricity factor. They also use 55% of the water and nothing can stop the water from flowing even with GERD.

          3. If Dams always reduce sediment flow, the Aswan dam and lake Nasser are also here the contributers of reduced segment flow, no? If the independent risk analysis team suggests this problem, all the three countries have to find some kind of solution, because GERD is not the only dam on Nile.

          4. Sam,
            Still you are not answering my observation. You are being politically emotional. All I am asking is to critique the paper based on what is written on the paper and not involve our political emotions here. If it comes to politics I will tell you this: let it sink below hell let alone below sea level after all Ethiopians deserve to eat as much as Egyptians. If Egypt wants to mitigate this problem it can simply reduce its irrigation and other stuff. But this is not the issue here. Rather the issue here is once the dam is filled which will take upto seven years according to the authors (not according to woyane as you claim), will the dam hold sediments from flowing down the stream? I argue it doesn’t. After all, by design of hydropower, the flow of water will only apply its pressure on the shafts of generators standing right in front it and will just continue flowing without ant change to the water contents. Shafts don’t capture sediments. Please let’s stay on topic and converse. To answer your three points of contention once again according to the paper:
            1. Flow of sediments won’t change after a maximum of seven years,
            2. Water flow won’t change after a maximum of seven years,
            3. Low dam or High dam hydropowers in Egypt won’t change in anyway after a maximum of seven years.

            Please note our discussion should focus on the paper contents which claims the Gerd will take upto a maximum of seven years to fill. My contention is that after those seven years (which by the way coincide with Yosief’s dream in Orit The Fitret) the flow of water both amount and content of sediment will go back to its natural course as it used to before the construction of Gerd. Stay focused and please present your rebuttal in a concise manner. Thanks.

          5. ዝገርምዩ, I (may be we also) am learning from you and Sam a good discussion on a subject I have little knowledge. Please keep it out of politics so we may know the truth. I understand your point, as it might be similar to the various studies on Global Warming studies presented, which is hard to know who is financing the study. You told Sam “You are being politically emotional.”, I am not sure how you came to conclude to that.

          6. Sam tried what he thinks is right but you must be idiot to demand an expert answer from an ordinary person. Remember there are qualified people to answer you question. Don’t expect it from ordinary people like me and sam.

          7. A very good technical point but you are talking to Woyane village idiots, people with deep rooted culture of dishonesty and ingnorance.

            Reservoirs created by dam slow the flow velocity of the water, thereby facilitating the settlement of course and fine soil particles in the reservoir and therefore they act as sedimentation ponds.
            Woyane have to dredge this man made mamouth lake frequently to remove the sediments or they will lose the storage capacity of the reservoir as well as endanger the stability of the concrete dam. Excessive sedimentation buildup on the upstream side of the concrete dam will impose large lateral earth pressures and Woyane’s dam may eventually fail, killing many downstream residents, similar to Woyane’s filthy landfill in Addis.

          8. Here is a study done by UNESCO in Cairo… and it sheds light on this issue. Surprise, surprise, this study says the “largest source of sediment in the Nile Basin is located in the Ethiopian Highlands.

            Here is the entire paragraph: “The largest source of sediment in the Nile Basin is located in the Ethiopian Highlands where 85% of the Nile water comes from. The soil that is eroded from the Ethiopian highlands creates serious problems in the operation and maintenance and sustainability of irrigation canals and large reservoirs constructed along the Nile (e. g Roseries, Sennar, Girba and Aswan High Dam). The large deposition of sediment in the reservoirs strongly reduces the
            lifetime of the reservoirs by reducing its water capacity. Besides, the clear water that is
            released from the reservoirs often induces erosion of the channel banks and channel bed (e. g.
            erosion downstream of Aswan High Dam)”

            Here is the link:

          9. Thanks KB for the support document. What I don’t understand is was it that difficult to identify the problem beforehand? Sometimes nature has its own advantage and disadvantage. Instead of jumping into such huge project which affects lots of countries why not they work on the lakes and rivers in the country. I said this because the study once made on Awash river to benefit the people who live around there came into my mind. The people were suffering of drinking water and the water rotten their teeth. Anyway we can say it is none of our business but one feel bad when one’s neigbors are in trouble.

          10. Am not clear yet, Mr.ዝገርምዩ? Is the question is about fertile soil sediment or water? What Egyptians where worrying and spreading propaganda was about the GERD’s impact in reducing fresh water share reaching Cairo. If you review international law of water, there is nothing written about share of sediments. Therefore, still am not convinced with the researches findings and real Egyptians concern. thanks.

      2. I agree the study seems highly flawed. It could be a study sponsored by Egypt. Ethiopia can minimize the flow of silt/soil without the dam. There is nothing they can do about it. So if reduced flow of silt is a major threat, it can happen with or without the dam. Reduction in the flow water is a temporary problem. If negotiated in good faith, its impact on the flow of water downstream can be significantly reduced. However, both Woyane & Egypt are crooked. Woyane is using the project just for politics. Not sure if they are really determined to complete it. We heard empty bravado for the past 25 years, this project will not be any different.

        1. I always think why this project was not done before by the past two regimes. I suspect it is sensitive because of the political reason rather than enough fund. The risk could be avoided if it is supported by proper and reliable study otherwise the consequence would be bad and affect many things.

  2. So the author suggested arbitration. Huh? It ain’t like Weyane has any respect for the rule of law. Weyane signed a final and binding arbitration agreement in the border decision and has yet to hand over Badme. Tigray Is not trustworthy. I hope Egypt knows that. Egypt is better off not attending any arbitration meeting instead it should go ahead and BOMB the gerd.

  3. what is ‘food security’ any way?…

    Ethiopian PM says Food Security ‘Achieved’

    (ESAT) – Agricultural productivity has declined to 2.5 % from 7% due to the severe drought in the country but food security has been achieved, Hailemariam Desalegn said in a contradictory statement.

    Addressing the parliament on Thursday, the prime minister said the drought in some regions of the country has negatively impacted agricultural production. But he said food security has been achieved, in what appears to be a contradictory statement.

    The statement flies in the face of warning by aid agencies that nearly 6 million people need immediate food aid in Afar, Somali and southern Ethiopia regions. The situation could get worse if the next rain fails as predicted, according to the agencies.

    The UN’s Central Emergency Response Fund last month allocates US$18.5 million for Ethiopia’s fresh drought.
    According to the UN the fund is released to enable critical aid for more than 785,000 people suffering from hunger, malnutrition and severe water shortages in Ethiopia’s Somali region – the worst drought-stricken part of the country.
    Ethiopia’s Humanitarian Requirements Document seeks $948 million to respond to food and non-food needs.

    UN warned that the El Niño effects is having a devastating impact on the lives and livelihoods of over ten million Ethiopians.

  4. Its hard not to take this as a politically motivated facttwisting science. And I quote, ” without GERD, the Nile supplies 97% water needs, with ONLY 660 cubic meters”. 660 comes out to 3 gallons per person while Ethiopia and Sudan can’t even get 1.5 per person for the last 100 years with news about food shortages and drought. These so called scientists also dare to talk about arbitration without even mentioning NIB agreement signed and ratified by most Nile basin countries. Not to mention, when they build their dam without even discussing it with us and funding the Hamid Idris of Eritrea, Aswan dam alone prevented delta from getting nutrients and sediments annually, their construction not ours. While we respect Egypt’s right of water, their strategic role of funding groups to keep Ethiopia at war has worked with Eritrea before, those chapters has been closed, we will see them at inauguration, stay tuned.

    1. Sentek; I am with Ethiopia when it comes to GERD. I believe Ethiopia have the right to do whatever with her natural resources and it is up to Egypt to do what ever it takes to appease Ethiopia not to mess with Abay. if you had a leader and if the Egyptians had a little respect for you; it could have worked out peacefully. Right now the building of GERD is not beneficial to Ethiopia nor to Egypt. GERD will disturb the eco-system. the nutrient’s that flow with water naturally will settle at the bottom of the dam and what ever water that flows above the dam is a dead water. So, the easy solution is for Ethiopia to abandoned the GERD project and let the water flow naturally. in turns Egypt should compensate Ethiopia by paying whatever amount is Ethiopia paying for ports fees.
      if not, this thing can get ugly. There is no way Egypt will let this GERD thing to happen, NO. what they will do they are going to wait till near completion and turn the dam to ashes. They have no choice. So, Ethiopians need to rethink this GERD thing. I understand this project is giving you some national boost for now but once the Egyptian’s destroys it, you will have the greatest national letdown and meltdown in your history. Having said that I hope you go neck to neck with your own size so that my beloved country gets break for you and your white masters.

      1. I see no point Ethiopia stop the dam construction at this stage. I agree though, Egypt won’t let itself die of thirst or starve (in relative terms) by allowing the dam store water for SEVEN years and get a controlled amount of water for the rest of the era. I know they will do something about it. Hard to guess how. But Ethiopia and Egypt should find a common ground from their current extreme positions in such a way that the dam should stand while allowing Egypt to get its share of the water. This may come either by reducing the current height of the dam by few meters or by increasing the current water releasing valves (5?) so that the amount of water accumulated will get proportional to the amount of water released. (note: it’s a layman’s opinion)

        1. Not a bad thought at all sir. But look at the NIB agreement if you get a chance, it’s right in the middle but might be biased cuz I’m on the other side. Point taken indeed.

        2. Hey TN; well, your point makes sense if this was between to civilized nations. Egypt has zero respect for Africans in general and to the Ethiopians in particular. And you are overestimating the Ethiopian government. The Ethiopian government under the weyane leadership never think about tomorrow let alone the future. They are only interested for today and they will do whatever it takes to make it for the day. in my view, Egypt have no choice i.e. knowing this fact what is the point completing the dam? I tried to put myself being the leader of the two country. As being a leader of Egypt I will compensate the Ethiopians not to mess with the water and if that doesn’t not work i have no choice but to take the dam out and face the consequence. And being as Ethiopian leader what is the point wasting all the resources in completing the dam knowing the danger. The least i can do is to make sure to get to some kind of agreement with the Egyptians won’t take any action. As an Ethiopian leader i know i have no chance with any kind military confrontation with Egypt. Egypt is preparing military for any eventuality while Ethiopia is can’t even defeat Alshebab, few men with RPG and a pickup truck. I really think the Ethiopians are not in a position to face Egypt. So, for Ethiopians under this kind of situation, the choices are two, one stop the dam and wait for opportune time or make a deal what works for Egypt.

      2. Stand up for black nationalism !.Arab invaders are in controlling Morden Egypt with zero disregard for the indigenous black population in upper Egypt. They do not distributed any of countries wealth to the black population and they live in poverty. I am not surprised that white scientists at the Geological Society of America would come out with a negative report about the Ethiopian Gerd dam. They will never be in the interest of any black African country if it does not serve they needs to control. This is a path for Ethiopia to be self reliant and boost its economic situation. Ethiopia stay strong .

        1. trust me i am with the African side but i am with what is real too. I am very well understand the arrogance of of Egypt their disrespect of Africans but i understand their position too. For Ethiopia the smartest and simplest thing to was to take Eritrea out of the equation. But no, the stupid Weyane left eritrea wide open for Egypt to do whatever it wants. Egypt all she have to do is sign military agreement with Eritrea and the game is over.

        2. ኣሌክ - Alec you · Edit

          Yes, Stand up for black nationalism!! But woyane-Tigray are the one that tried to destroy us/Eritreans thru sanctions, the COI, the 98 to 2000 war on behalf of their masters, the west, which by the way are Whites. Eritrea was the one that was shouting to free africans from the shackles of the west, by being self-reliant. And because of that Eritrea payed for it dearly. So pls, u can’t tell us about black-nationalism, when the ppl u defend are the mercenaries of the west/whites.

          So, Eritrea doesn’t have the choice but to stick it to TPLF thugs. Cuz the enemy of my enemy is my friend. And Eritrea’s interest comes first. So when it comes to Woyane-Tigray that black-nationalism it doesn’t have value. And Eritrea will do whatever it takes to get its land back.

          So, if u want to talk about, black-nationalism, first Ethiopia should opposed foreign aid. It’s just a simple thing and that’s stop taking Aid-handouts from its white masters. Cuz.. “He who feeds you, controls you.”????

          And stop being the mercenary of the white-man.????

        3. I don’t know who you’re and I hope your concern and desire for black “nationalism” is genuine, but WE don’t believe anything the Ethiopian govt says or does, in anyway is meant to advance black nationalism- because it’s based on narrow oligarchical interests and meant to satisfy tgrayan chauvinism and pockets.

      3. Thanks for the support but I see, they didn’t send you to school. Fiscal year of 2017/18 has us paying 380 million for port, down from 700. Fiscal year 2015 Ethiopia export electricity and got 124 million. We didn’t even start yet, add it up. Not only it pays for itself but the Horn will ended up paying billions by the time we are done. Then, Berbera will be open and who knows what the future holds on the third option, wink wink.

        1. hahahah; i rather be not in school than be educated beyond my intelligence as you are. sunshine; can you put a price at the disruption of the ecosystem and the confrontation with Egypt that will result at the completion of this dam? dedebit is always dedebit. I know you never think besides of today but trust me, there is something you don’t understand future. face the truth, your government can’t even save its citizens from being crush with pile of garbage let alone a military confrontation with Egypt. just the truth.

  5. Egypt should not trust weyane because it is a minority rule. Weyane rules Ethiopia not for the sake of Ethiopians but for the sake of its minority clique. Minority rule life time is short , as history has shown us, and soosn or later weyane will be replaced by the majority Ethiopians lead by Amaras and Oromos. Egypt should instead negotiate with Oromos and Amaras for the long term solution of the use of Nile water.

  6. This is the national interest of ethiopia. We are worried about ethiopian not for egyptian. that is upto them, period

    1. WediEre Swed,

      you nailed it firmly and rather I would like to call you The Lion of Nakfa. As you have said, TPLF is not building the GERD for Ethiopians. TPLF is only concerned about its minority Tigrayans and their tiny-barren Tigray region which can never survive without getting supply from other regions of Ethiopia, especially from Oromia and Amhara regions. Look, the Nile source comes out of Tana Lake situated in Amhara region and its most tributary rivers come from Oromia region, such as Didesaa river, Angar river, Dabus river and many other small rivers. Even the Shirkole river which flow from Benishangul into the Blue Nile, its source comes from the Oromian highland.

      The GERD is situated in Benishangul-Gumuz region, about 40 kms from the Sudanese border of Blue Nile region. Although the GERD is being built in the home of Benishangulis, 95% of its workers are brought in from Tigray and the rest 5% are from different ethnic groups. Not only that, also the workers of Shirkole area gold mining is situated in Benishangul-Gumuz ( few kms from Asosa ) and 100% of its workers are Tigres from Tigray. That is the main reason for which the Benishangul Liberation Front is raiding the mining constantly.

      Anyway, the GERD is not only going to affect the Egypt, also it will affect the Sudanese peoples who are depending on the Blue Nile river. The Sudan’s al-Roseires Dam, the twin town of Damazin and the al-Sennar Dam will be affected if the GERD building is finished and start working. But, the Sudanese authorities are never being aware of that danger by being absorbed in internal civil wars.

  7. ኣሌክ - Alec you · Edit

    It’s time to choke the Woyane-Tigray, thru S.Sudan, Uganda, Eritrea etc. Just like what the TPLF tried to do with Eritrea–The Unholy Trinity against Eritrea–>> the dead Sanaa forum. But Eritrea should be the guy in the shadows.????

    ከም ኢድኩም ተጋሩ, just paying it forward. ????

  8. The gerd is nearing completion. According to reliable sources based in the country the progress has been reached 84%.the government is not in rush to announce the stage of the construction lest to minimize the risk or pressure from out side. When the gerd is completed, the country will solve the shortage of power in addition it enables to sell electricity to neighboring countries including Eritrea at affordable price. Once PIA has told journalists he is ready to negotiate and buy electricity from Ethiopia.
    The main target of building the dam is not to sell electricity but to install and erect furnaces which need more power for melting iron ore finally to produce steel and finished metallic products .this will lead the country for transition from agricultural to industry.

    1. What?? TPLF has been saying GERD will be completed in 2018. This is the official time period they provided a few years ago. In fact, the current PM repeated this official timeline not long ago.

      Now, the question has always been, is this time period RIGHT at all? Many have doubts… and for a good reason –as the Woyanes have a history of lying, distorting, and exaggerating about everything. Even their die hard supporters tell you to take Woyane statements with a grain of salt, LOL.

    2. You are the mouth of the TPLF and you are telling the World 84% only 26% away from accomplishment soon is going to be finish.You can’t even think far away from your nose.You can’t even feed your people starving to death.

      1. This is to the guy who commented… ”
        The gerd is nearing completion. According to reliable sources based in the country the progress has been reached 84%.” Lol!
        This is almost similar percentage of people who asked weyane to extend the temporary emergency measures (Marshal law), according to the most reliable PM. You should watch the video, it is comical.

  9. The time of completion of the dam is irrelevant with regards to Egypt’s concerns. As long as the concerns are not addressed and settled in a fair and legal way between the two, the GERD remains a target under construction or after completion. Egypt will do what it has to do to safeguard it’s national interests.
    Woyane has milked this issue for political gain thus far but seems they are playing their hand a bit too much.
    Either they will succumb to Egypt’s requests and renegotiate the terms or they have put themselves a precarious situation. The current situation is untenable for Egypt and such publications reaffirm their worries creating pressure on Egyptian authorities. With no agreement on the table Ethiopia is not safe. The Egyptian’s response may take various forms – from a regime change to direct strike – to which all are with in Egypt’s capabilities if they are determined to do it.

    1. Additional Note:
      Imagine the economic impacts on Ethiopian wakening economy if Egypt simply ban the flow of Ethiopian bound cargo through the Suez canal and forbid it air space for civilian flights?

      1. more than 80 % of goods are imported from China,Japan and Korea via the Indian ocean .I don’t give a shit what you are talking .history is repeating it self ,your ancestors had been fighting along side with colonizers against African are inherted the disease from your ancestors. Read our past history to know what we did to your masters.

        1. The only history of Ethiopia that repeats & consistently is Hunger. Hunger is what you are known for, do something to help your people.

        2. Wedi Desalew is a complete joke and an embarrassment to say the least …

          ደንባራው ጠቅላይ ሚንስቴር ሃይለማርያም ደሳለኝ ወርቅ በሰፌድ ይታፈሳል እያለ ነው።

          ክቡር ጠቅላይ ሚንስትሩ የመንግስትን የ6 ወር አፈጻጸም ሪፖርት ለህዝብ ተወካዮች ምክር ቤት ሲያቀርቡ እንደገለጹት በመንግስት ኃላፊነታቸው ከሚያገኙት ገቢ በተጨማሪ በቤንሻንጉል፣ በኦሮሚያ፣ በትግራይ እና በጋምቤላ ክልሎች እየተዘዋወሩ ወርቅ እንደሚያመርቱ ተናግረዋል።

          “ይሄ የሚገኝበት መንገድ በተግባር በሚገባ ተረጋግጧል። እንደሚታወቀው ትግራይ ክልል፣ ቤንሻንጉል ክልል፣ ኦሮሚያ ክልል፣ ጋምቤላ እና ደቡብ ብሔር ብሔረሰቦች ክልሎች ሰፊ የወርቅ ምርት አላቸው። ስለዚህ መነሻ ገንዘብ ማምጣት የፈለገ ሰው ሰፌድ ይዞ ሄዶ ወርቁን አንጥሮ ብር ማምጣት ይችላል። እኔም ከዚህ የተለየ አላደረግኩም።” ብለዋል።

          የጠቅላይ ምንስትሩን የስራ ፈጠራ እና ኢንተርፕሩነርሺፕ ክህሎት በማስመልከት የተለያዩ የህብረተሰብ ክፍሎች አስተያየታቸው የሰጡ ሲሆን በመቀሌ ዩኒቨርሲቲ የሁለተኛ ዓመት ዩኒቨርሲቲ የማዕድን እና ኢነርጂ ኬሚካል ኢንጂነሪንግ ተማሪ ገብረወርቅ ኪዳነ ይገኘበታል።
          ገብረወርቅ እንደተናገረው “ጠቅላይ ሚንስትሩ ከመንግስት ኃላፊነታቸው በተጨማሪ በአነስተኛ እና ጥቃቅን የወርቅ ማምረት ሥራ መሳተፋቸው ለሁላችንም ትምህርት ሊሆን ይገባል።ወርቅ ማምረት በጣም ቀላል ሥራ ነው። የሚይስፈልገው ግብአት አነስተኛ ከመሆኑ የተነሳ ጠቅላይ ሚንስትሩ እንዳሉት ቤንሻንጉል ክልል ሰፌድ ይዞ ሄዶ ወርቅ አምርቶ መመለስ እንደሚቻል በጥናት አረጋግጠናል።” ብሏል።

        3. Ayte Desperate,
          You sound irritated by the fact that your fate is sealed.
          Woyane has bitten more that it can chew and your “shelela kererto” is not going to save you.
          Your history is well known to all – it is a history of war, deceit and lies. Ethiopia has never fought a single war on its own, that’s a fact. Even during Italian invasion of Ethiopia, you know who was brave enough to act against Italians – Moges Asgedom and Abraham Debouch. The likes of you who are ungrateful will suffer for long time to come.

          1. Nick. you are deluded and confused. BTW, I don’t surprise b/c I know you are brainwashed and the empty bravedo nature . I am not telling or asking u to tell me the benefits of spaghetti but….

        4. ኣሌክ - Alec you · Edit

          “history is repeating it self”

          Really history!! Girm eiba, LOL, Aren’t u the one that tried everything to destroy Eritrea thru ur white masters the West?! remember the 98 to war- to destroy Eritrea, remember the sanctions, the COI, how about Badme, etc.. Oh wait, but when Eritrea counter attacked u thru ur enemies.. it becomes a taboo right?! Haha ala Agame tigebra.. u burned that bridge and now pay the consequences. U are going to pay dearly.

          U let ur feet run wild. Thinking ur master will defend u, but the time has come as u all go down.

          And besides, u worked hard to destroy us with ur white handlers, West the worst enemy of Africans… Or have u forgot???? or is just the Arabs that are the enemies of Africa. Because the west is feeding u, and that makes them a good master just like in the past.. Right????? u know like when Haileslasie with Britain, Menelik with Italians, Mengustu with Russia/US, and now the beggars TPLF with US/UK.

          U know what they say.. when u get pushed u pushed back. So pls just **STFU**, u can’t deceive us Eritreans. ከም ኢድኩም ተጋሩ, just paying it forward. ????

          NEVER Again????????????????????????????????

          1. You do not know history pre 1991 . please, read and refer various historical books. You are concentrating only on sawa university historical books that were revised post 1991 .higdefites have been working hard day and night to distort history for the sake of their hidden agenda.I know you are die hard and blind higdef supporter .

          2. Which history are you suggesting he should read? Is it the history that is being rewritten by Woyane as we speak, such the Semein mountains belonging to Tigray, or is it the old Ethiopian history written by the previous rulers?

          3. ኣሌክ - Alec you · Edit

            ????Hahaha, really?! ናዓይ’ሲ ኣብ ሎቆታ በለት ኣንጭዋ. Higdef is the one that freed u from the shackles of Derg, Derg that considered Tigrayans/Agame less than an animal and in return u ppl stabbed us/Higdef in the back. And now when ur feeders are beginning to abandoned u, u are trying to pull that we’re brothers crap. This time we’re going to chew ur beloved Woyane-Tigray and spit them in to the dustbin. Tigray is going to pay for its beloved Woyane-Tigray’s sin.

            Oh, get perspective pls wedi tiny-Tigray .. do u remember the — The Unholy Trinity against Eritrea–>> the dead Sanaa forum– ur beloved Woyane-Tigray tried to choke Eritrea, with an Arab Yemen? And u ppl wer cheering for the demise Eritrea. But now, my my my how the tables have turned. ????

            Bye, Ugumesh.. everyone is coming for ur ሓመድ ድበ. And we, well, we’re coming to turn the ‘KNIFE’ u left in our back to its owner. And now, we’re going to stick it in ur forehead. Not in ur back like a bitch, cuz that move is TPLF’s move. ከም ኢድኩም ተጋሩ, just paying it forward. ????

            And we’re Shaebia/Higdef/PFDJ forever!!????????????????????????????????????????

          4. Ayte Ethiopia why don´t you embrace a proper MLLT names like Melsse / Legesse or other eerie Weyane sounding names. I realize is it the well know Weyane malady,to change name so as to change identity, poor MLLT boy. Grow up and discuss how to make your miserable Kilil to begin feeding its inhabitants. You seem to know very little history except the make believe one which is drafted by the junta with only emotion with our reflecting either geo or realpolitik. Ethiopia under the juntas rule is crowned as beggar nation number one while the despicable PM is announcing that the country has reached food security, that is your history proud of it.

  10. Am I the only one who thinks that war between Egypt and Etobia is inevitable? In my opinion, Ethiopia itself will not have enough water every year to fill-up the dam and operate the HEP station. All over the world mega dams are failing due to global warming, droughts and erratic rainfall patterns. Take a look at the fate of mega dams in Brazil, China, India and other places. If there is not enough water for Ethiopia to fill-up the dam consistently every year, there sure won’t be enough water for Egypt. Plus, the Blue Nile is not even in the top 100 rivers in the world in terms of flow. In my opinion, the possibility of war between the 2 countries is better than 90%.

    1. “Give war a chance”? On which side of the two are you planning to lead the war? How will the war then help fill the dam?

      1. I don’t plan on leading anything from either side. It ain’t my fight. I am an Eritrean. However, I just think war is inevitable b/n Ethio and Egypt. Actually, there will be lots of wars in many places over water. Water wars will be more and more frequent going forward, simply because water is vital to sustaining life, and yet it is a finite resource.

        1. Unfortunately, you MAY very well be right …. that some sort of “war is inevitable b/n Ethio and Egypt.”

          I agree there is a lot of pressure on the Egyptian side to do something, anything about this GERD. Besides, these two countries have a history too: they have gone to war twice over in Ogaden.

          In my view, it’s important to point out the TPLF junta decided to build this dam in climate of animosity… in which Meles said ‘he is going to teach them a lesson.’ Since, the TPLF junta has been telling Ethiopians that the dam has been under constant attack…which serves it well in the media. Clearly, the Egyptians have in boxed-in all along, and needless to say this is also a crisis of their own making as they’ve always refused to negotiate about it.

          My question is what kind of war is it going to be and what is going to look like? What would be the end game of the war?

    1. This is what is waiting the clique sooner or later, The MLLT trained cyber trolls are having a sort of crises meeting:-) to deny this did not happen. They will send apparently their poor foot solider by the infamous name Sentiko to give us of course ” alternative facts” while the other zombies try to salvage the devastation by intervening and digressing in every discussion forums.

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