Patriotic Ginbot 7 (PG7), Oromo Democratic Front (ODF) Formed an Alliance

Ginbot 7 ODF alliance
Going forward. A breakthrough agreement has been signed to form a military alliance between the Oromo Democratic Front (ODF) and Patriotic Ginbot 7 for Unity and Democracy (PG7)

By ESAT News,

After several candid discussions and careful considerations of the current political, social, economic and humanitarian situations in Ethiopia, and all the damages caused by successive regimes and the TPLF/EPRDF regime in particular on the welfare and national interests of the peoples of Ethiopia and the security and sovereignty of our country, the ODF and PG7 have made important observations and conclusions.

The longer the current regime is allowed to stay in power, the harsher will be the pain, suffering and humiliation endured by the peoples of Ethiopia. Therefore, both parties are fully convinced that a transition from the current TPLF regime towards a new and genuinely federal and democratic state is of utmost urgency.

Both organizations take note of the fact that millions of people in Oromia for the last nine months, and now in the Amhara regions, as well as in the south, coming out and protesting in massive show of defiance, just a few months after the regime claimed a 100 percent victory in the sham elections it conducted in May 2015, and the manner of its reaction to the legitimate popular protests, demonstrate beyond doubt that the regime has lost any semblance of legitimacy.

We believe that the mass killings, brutality, and inhuman treatment perpetrated by the TPLF regime against the peaceful protesters are enough indications that the Woyyane clique is determined to control all spheres of life in Ethiopia by sheer use of force and cling to power at all costs. The regime’s unwillingness to function in a multi-party political environment, provided for in its own tailor made constitution, and unabated repression and brutal killings in all parts of Ethiopia, harassment and persecution of the legal opposition, civil society and journalists, as well as gross abuse of power, looting of public and state resources demonstrate that the regime has closed all political space and avenues for reform.

Therefore, ODF and PG7 firmly believe that the people have no other choice to end this tyranny and humiliation, but to engage in a concerted and coordinated mass democratic movement, popular uprisings, and rebellion to bring an end to repression, economic exploitation, national humiliation, tyranny, and dictatorship.

ODF and PG7 are mindful of the long standing call of the Ethiopian peoples for unity of all opposition political organizations and their strong desire to see that the different political and civic organizations coordinate their efforts and resources to bring an end to the illegitimate and tyrannical regime.

Towards this end, the two organizations pledge to work jointly to bring all credible opposition political groups together into a broad democratic coalition.

Therefore, believing that a coalition of the Ethiopian democratic and liberation forces is the only alternative to get rid of the dictatorial regime and to create a truly united and genuinely democratic federation in Ethiopia, where justice, peace, equality, freedom, and economic prosperity prevail, ODF and PG7 have agreed on this day, August 11, 2016, to form an alliance on the basis of the following three cardinal principles.

1. Ethiopia being a multinational, multilingual and multi religious country, the state should respect and equitably reflect all its identities. The two organizations shall strive to build a truly democratic federal state, which promotes and guarantees the equality and unity of its peoples on the basis of social justice, equality, citizenship, economic prosperity, and protects and safeguards the sovereignty of the country.

2. Bring an end to tyranny, dictatorship, and exclusive monopoly of political and economic power in Ethiopia, and lay the foundation for a democratic system where political power at all levels of government is subject to the free will of the people. All member organizations of the alliance and future coalition shall agree that genuinely free and fair elections are the only path to power. The primary objective of the alliance shall be bringing an end to tyranny and paving the way and laying the ground work for a democratic transition of power.

3. The paramount purpose of the alliance is to achieve the prevalence of freedom, justice, equality and democracy in Ethiopia, and the empowerment of the people. Hence alliance and future coalition members shall not use minor policy differences to hinder these noble goals. Once they are empowered, the people shall be the ones who decide on alternative political, economic and social policies. The alliance and coalition members shall promote a culture of tolerance and dialogue and resolution of differences through frank and open discussions.

Both organizations, ODF and PG7, have agreed to form a joint working group, composed of representatives from each organization, to undertake all duties of coordinating different tasks as assigned by the agreements between the leaderships of the two organizations.

Justice and Freedom for all!


Leenco Lataa, President                                               Birhanu Nega, Chairman
Oromo Democratic Front (ODF)                                Patriotic Ginbot 7 (PG7)

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46 thoughts on “Patriotic Ginbot 7 (PG7), Oromo Democratic Front (ODF) Formed an Alliance

  1. With all the unity, alliance and love fest thats been happening for the last ten years, you would think they have something to show for it. After all the meat that went for kitfo, coffee ceremony, laptops for each fighter, webpages to haters of Ethiopia, PR firms to come up with logos everytime they change names, uber rides thats been taken to Embassy to switch flags, cameras to send back home for taxi drivers to document police actions, air tickets for Lencho and Birru Nega to fund raise few dollars for wedi afom, changing flights to hide from Ethiopian security and hotel rooms for every jerk with a lack of vision must indeed be painful to watch for its people. Would you please advise these idiots military alliance must including foot soliders arming themselves. With 600 soliders, its just not even possible to take on the number two force of Africa. FYI

    1. Suk bel asha—
      Look at the peoples’ anger….
      Nerver say never and check history where 3 Million people drove out 65 million …..the largest Black African Military included..
      65K rebel fighters vs 500,000 Well Armed Black Army equipped to its teeth from its west and east super powers.
      A single wave of a united peoples’ Riot will eat up overnight your Wayane junta and your Aga’azi Force.

    2. Burying your head under the sand like an ostrich is not going to save you from your demise the zero hour is fast approaching and I can not wait any longer to see your cesspool mouth to shut for ever!!!

    3. ሰራዊት ወያኔ · Edit

      ኣብ ግንባርት ዘሎ ሰራዊት ወያኔ ኣብ ሓድሐዱ ቶኽሲ ይለዋወጥ…

      ሎም መዓልቲ ካብ ሰዓት 1 ስካብ 4 ድሕሪ ቀትሪ ኣብ ማእከላይ ግንባር ኣብ ውሽጢ መሬት ኢትዮጵያ ቶኽሲ ንሰለስተ ሰዓት ዝኣክል ቀጺሉ፡ ተቃወምቲ ድዮም ኣጥቂዖሞም ነንሕድሕዶም ናይ ትግራይን ኦሮሞን ወይ’ውን ኣምሓራ ተታኹሶም ዝተፈልጠ ነገር የለን፡ ግና ናይ ኤርትራ ሰራዊት ከምዘይተሳተፈ ተፈሊጡ ኣሎ። ኣብ ዝሓለፈ ሰሙን’ውን ኣብ ግንባር ቡሬ ነንሕድሕዶም ተታኹሶም ከምዝነበሩ ተፈሊጡ ኣሎ።

        1. Why color TV? To watch Badme on TV? Hahaha… thanks to GOD Mr. IQ has accepted the truth on the ground at last. You understand the reality that your only chance to watch Badme is on TV…..

          1. I love it when Ugumesh with IQ63 tries to make fun of others.
            What do you think we are responding to? … If you are able to, read the coments of @ሰራዊት ወያኔ.

    4. Ayte Sentiko,
      You have by your own choice become “Chemical Ali” of Ugumesh Land.
      Number 2 Air force in African?, Are you counting on your usual Mercenary pilots from Ukraine and Apartheid South Africa? Unless you have enough Ugumesh “pilots”, do not count on the true Ethiopian pilots … they will never fight for ugumesh leaders, in fact these time around, they might even bomb the Woyane army headquarters instead of just defecting to Eritrea.

      1. IQ, for the past 16 years, do you really think we were eating and sleeping? The “real Ethiopians has been sent to the best war colleges, stay loyal to the consistution and well paid with excellent gear under green, yellow and red. Let alone pilots, we are putting together jets. The question, concern is not shabo but Sadat bastards till Abay is done. We will update you soon.

        1. LOL … Did you say “Best War College”? sentiko, it shows your capacity with IQ63, typical Ugumesh. Your ugumesh soldiers were students of EPLF in the best war college of Sahel, Eritrea but failed miserably. Anyway it may be easier for your head to understand using images how your war college educated soldiers perform outside class rooms, that is, in real wars 🙂

      1. Omg,TN!
        How in the world did U pick up this PROPHETIC statement?

        Can U also Google and post what the same PMMZ said about PIA saying like:”If U listen to PIA for few minutes,U will learn a lifetime LESSON…”!

        I heard him with my own ears saying this.

        Last week,I was debating with a PFDJ Official and he made me to … understanding …about PIA,positively, even though still I have serious reservations about his decision on the Constitution and the G-11 in particular and the Political Prisoners in general issue,the issue of Private Economy as well as the Baduma and Aseb issues.

      2. Its truly a shame our great son has been called names by hooligans without anything to offer their people. Being a shabo agent will never win them anything but few dollara from the West. Akonkuna woyani

        1. you mean like “the chihuahua from Adwa” 😀 (I think credit goes to haqqi.) What a perfectly fitting name. Even funnier is that woyane stooges are lost without him. LOL

      3. Meles, can you repeat the same words over and over again, even from your grave. The Ethiopians have heard it now and you can see the Weyane on the run towards where you are. May God/Allah give your sour mercy.

        Meles, you bet the Ethiopians are saying “EMBI” to the evil of Tigrai you left behind.

    5. History repeats itself. Mengistu and the Derg use to look down at woyane. Now, it is woyan’s turn to look down at the opposition. Woyane has not learned from the previous Ethiopian regimes. You can’t mess with Habeshan people.

      1. You are mistaken, one thing about EPRDF is that we respect even when we disagree but disagreeing doesnt mean we hate your guts. We take all these groups at their words amd never look down. Politics is like a soccer game, first we all agree on the rules, respect the ref even when we disagree and final goal results are final. The problem with these idiots, they were part of writting the rules(consistution) the rules we agreed on is hand ball is not allowed but any chance they get, its hand ball one aftet the other, when the ref gives them a red card, it must be cuz the ref is bias or bought with money? For that reason only, they are simply disqualified from the game.arat natib. Till we get better players, we remain hopful as we grow the economy.

    6. who said Weyane army needs force to eject it from the seat it forcefully continues to hold??? when it is actually the chiffra doing the job for the G-7 and the , my lips, there isn’t going to be war and misery with this racist miserable clique.they did it already.

      1. Aman, go back just few years back to 2005-07 of Ethiopian history. When that election was going on, the world saw, anytime EPRDF is challanged, we bounce back and came back stronger. Its the same movie. Back then, same people told us we were dead and buried, we dont need apology but at least respect the fact Ethiopia is not as weak as some shabo thinks. EPRDF is here to stay.

    7. መስደመም ጽሑፍ ሊቃውንቲ ትግራይ ኣብ ዓይጋ ፎሩም፣
      7. “ጉዳይ ኤርትራ ፌደራል መንግስቲ ዕልባት ይሃበሉ። እንተስ ብሰላም እንተስ ብኹናት! ኤርትራ መዐንደሪ ኣሸበርቲ ከይትኾን እኳ እንተተፈርሐ ካብዚ ሕጂ ዘለናሉ ሓደጋ ዝቕንስ እምበር ዝዛይድ ኣይኸውንን። ኣብ ወሰን ዶባት ኤርትራን ኢትዮጵያን ዘሎ ጉዳይ ልምዓት ተጋሩ ድማ ካብዛ ሰዓት እዚኣ ጀሚሩ ይተሓሰበሉ። እቲ ጣልያን ዝፈጠሮ ናይ ስነ-ልቦና ቀውሲ ኤርትራውያን (ዝሓሽና ኢና ዝዓይነቱ) ከፈሽል ብዝኽእል ናይ ስነ-ልቦና ልዕልናን ልምዓትን ተዳልዩ ይፅናሕ። ዳሓር ምስ ኤርትራውያን ዝህልወና ጎናዊ ማሕበራዊ ረኽብና ፅቡቕ ክኸውን።”..Aiga Forum

    8. This Historic alliance is God sent, call it the magic bullit, which will end all evils perpetrated unto the HORN OF AFRICA nations and people, civilians, the Ogadeni mothers and children, the oromios, amharas last but not least The ever vigillant Eritreans.sentek,

  2. Ethiopia is in a precarious situation by woy-ane’s sheer greed and inferiority complex and they have already dug their own grave, now it is on all Ethiopians shoulder not to let this golden opportunity to bury the woy-ane’s madness, once and for all and build a strong and united and also able to live in peace and harmony with its neighbours, the leaders of these parties should be true to their words to extricate Ethiopia form this woy-ane created madness and they should make sure history not to repeat itself and dedicate themselves to the cause of Ethiopia.

  3. Bravery such as this is what Ethiopia need and indeed the region needs.
    The two can pull it off, The truth is unity was compromised at all levels by the very segregation of communities on the basis of federal system, (constitution-ed in 1995). after four years of provisional weyane government
    It was a weapon that the party EPRDF, which is made up of representative,and which TPLF selected and pulled together had mastered over the years in its quest to rule the whole country,nevertheless has divided Ethiopia and Ethiopians along ethnic lines, contributed for the unnatural desire(s) of ones differences accentuated to a point regarded as the others replant and vice versa,
    The territorial, political, and daily lives in general were shaken and history of these often intertwined with common culture and customs as bound by intermarriage societies was questioned, as if they have great significance and relevance to merit anything but fear- with often the TPLF actors playing behind the scene and displaying for example status of life size, reenactment and of a certain kings misdeeds was erected for the attention- to -create tension of daily gaze of ARESI (Oromo) inhabitants, where a case, of some historical mishap took place, in the hope that it brought forward space and time in the forefront and patriotism with negative effect would revisit the gullible 6th or 7th generation, It is one of many examples, perhaps Ethiopians had wizened as to it motive, still.
    Ethiopians need to have the dialogue, whilst fighting this regime,
    as the architects of this (TPLF clique, the Nazis of Africa, wanted to constantly create the atmosphere of animosity on the basis of little mishaps,skirmishes and battles from the past, of ones attack on the other etc, albeit in order to control Ethiopians by fear (which are often close and do shared customs, and inter marriage with one another).
    Fear was everywhere and unity in short supply, a fact owing to the TPLF ethic politics, aimed at divide control and rule,
    It is very heroic deed, and timely memo.
    awet N hafash.

  4. This is good news; PG7 and odf coming together for a good cause.The Ethiopian military is on 65% capacity due to the army being dispatch to contain riots in different part of the country. News coming form Ethiopia military hardware and supplies is not reaching to the army stationed in north. Due to lack of some supplies there has been infighting in side Ethiopia between army personals. The EPRDF government is going to trow the towel on badme the land that has been a source of dispute between the two country hoping Eritrea will not invade Ethiopia as things are going from bad to worst in Ethiopia. Egypt on the other hand has been working hard to make ready the Eritrean army for battle for sometimes now and on the Ethiopian side the recent cabinet netting in Eritrea is sending a wave of panic in all Ethiopian leadership level. some time one week or two week ago there was a rumor that the Eritrean army has been order to be on stand by for any order coming from army generals in Asmara. Fox WOYANE is done if all these stories are true . Remember there were some news flying around that there has been some confrontation between Ethiopian and Eritrean army last week in the border area. Unless the Eritrean army is 100% to win any confrontation this is not going to happen but if it happens Eritrea is ready for sure to take badme, even more. It seems to me the Eritrean government is making ready the political part of thee puzzle by joining the pg7 and odf. The moment of truth had arriveed after woyane messed up eritrean lives for such a long time.

    1. The Ethiopian government is becoming a laughing stock. If Eritrean takes badme and beat the Ethiopian army again this will be the end of the eprdf government because the moral questions of the eprdf government in the public eye is in questions and their leadership is in doubt. Eritrean taken action will just sink the EPRDF government

    2. I pray to God shabo doesnt use you for anything other than mining field or hard labour at sawa. If your sources are telling you Agazi has run out supplies, riots all over Ethiopia and Egypt is training shabo, you simply didnt get your money worth. Try again.

      1. ታዲያስ ኣያ ስንጥቁ!

        “ፈስ ያለበት ዝልያ (ዝያ) ኣይችልም” እንዲሉ ኣረካት ንግግሯን፣ – – – “you simply didnt get your money worth.” ብለሀ(ኸ)ዋል ብራዘር Gizeን ፤ – – – ምን ለማለት ይሆን።

  5. The downfall of the Oromo people is they dnt trust amongst themselves, why would ODF work with G7 when there’s the OLF?

    Oromos shouldn’t trust neither the Amharas or Tigrayans.

    1. ODF and OLF are different also this is smart because OLF has formed a coalition aka PAFD and there is nothing wrong working with the Gurage Berhanu. What all Oromos need is to be armed and ready to attack Ethiopian and Agazi troops. ODF/AG7 alliance is like the TPLF/EPLF alliance to free themselves from Mengistu Haile Mariam. Go ODF and let’s recruit the next generation of Oromo fighters in addition let the OLF as well work on recruiting more fighters.

      1. Please dont compare TPLF with these idiots, apple ans orange here. TPLF wasnt sitting at a coffee shop in the West using internet to bring change to Ethiopia. It was on the ground with its leaders fighting like true Ethiopians. We didnt march to the WH for change, we were the freaking change. Arat natib.

    2. Your can put lipsticks in a pig but still a pig. ODF, OLF is the same idiots. I still dont know which side of the fence you are? One day you are Eritrean, next Ethiopian, extermist somali. You probably dont have a dad that told you to be who you are or be a man but son, be a man.

    3. Oromo is a wise people and they know what is good for their people whereby Amhara, Tigrayans and all other ethiopians.

      Be in mind that.

      1. Ayta Sentekuwako,hafelfel ayitibel.

        If not for EPLF and Ethiopian peoples who have hated the Derg regime to the death, Woyane banditos couldn’t embark onto the power sadle. And after 25 years of bad exprience with banditos divide and plunder system, Ethiopians from every corner of the country started hating Woyane banditos to death. The struggle to tople the banditos is home work of Ethiopian peoples in general and in particular the work of every organization, be it OLF, G7 Partiotric, ODF, ONLF or PADM. But, the Ethiopian peoples know that the cornered dog ( Woyane ) can bite everyone who come across it for it’s last minute life survival. Time is very near that the Woyane fighting tool system will colapse and infighting will begin among them.

  6. America’s complicity in Ethiopia’s horrors (Washington post)

    It is true that, as the editorial board put it, “the United States has long relied on Ethiopia as a partner in the fight against al-Shabab’s terrorism in Somalia and sends the country tens of millions of dollars in development assistance.” But this characterization, which substantially underestimates the amount of aid we devote to propping up this tyranny, implies that we’re at least getting something in return for turning a blind eye to its crimes against humanity.

    In fact, when one considers that the regime’s leaders are faking their claims of economic success, covering up the extent of the biggest famine in the country’s history, secretly trading with al-Shabab, embezzling $2 billion every year, enforcing policies that have killed millions of their citizens through neglect and malfeasance, and have perpetrated outright genocide, it becomes clear that we’ve gained nothing that could justify our shameful complicity in this holocaust. Our policy is a strategic failure and a moral stain that history will judge harshly.

    David Steinman, New York

    1. TPLF lifeline is Al shabab so as long as al shabab is a live TPLF is alive too.

      Somehow we need to defeat Al shabab, we need to work together to stop the Arabian funds reaching al shabab.

      1. Not only al Shabab, but also the shaebias. As long as Wedi Afom is in power we r safe. That’s why we don’t want to destroy him. We are very comfortable with the no peace no war policy. Thanks to meles!

  7. 7. “ጉዳይ ኤርትራ ፌደራል መንግስቲ ዕልባት ይሃበሉ። እንተስ ብሰላም እንተስ ብኹናት! ኤርትራ መዐንደሪ ኣሸበርቲ ከይትኾን እኳ እንተተፈርሐ ካብዚ ሕጂ ዘለናሉ ሓደጋ ዝቕንስ እምበር ዝዛይድ ኣይኸውንን። ኣብ ወሰን ዶባት ኤርትራን ኢትዮጵያን ዘሎ ጉዳይ ልምዓት ተጋሩ ድማ ካብዛ ሰዓት እዚኣ ጀሚሩ ይተሓሰበሉ። እቲ ጣልያን ዝፈጠሮ ናይ ስነ-ልቦና ቀውሲ ኤርትራውያን (ዝሓሽና ኢና ዝዓይነቱ) ከፈሽል ብዝኽእል ናይ ስነ-ልቦና ልዕልናን ልምዓትን ተዳልዩ ይፅናሕ። ዳሓር ምስ ኤርትራውያን ዝህልወና ጎናዊ ማሕበራዊ ረኽብና ፅቡቕ ክኸውን።”..Aiga Forum

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