Ethiopia Offers Electricity in Exchange for Dialogue: Minister Osman

No nation, big or small, rich or poor, can get away by militarily occupy a sovereign territory of another nation
No nation, big or small, rich or poor, can get away by militarily occupy a sovereign territory of another nation. NEVER!

By TesfaNews,

Eritrea’s Foreign Minister, H.E. Osman Saleh disclosed that his country politely declined Ethiopia’s latest ploy to seduce Eritrea into negotiation with a 250MW free electric power offer.

In a seminar he conducted last week at the annual festival of Eritrean community members in London, Minister Saleh explained that Ethiopia tried very hard to sell the proposal through Russia, Qatar and Turkey.

Minister Osman, however, clarified that Eritrea’s one and only one condition to enter into dialogue or normalize relation is for Ethiopia willingly vacate its troops out of sovereign Eritrean territory including the town of Badme.

As President Afwerki made it clear through its envoy at the African Union on the January 28th AU summit, normalization of relation can start in the afternoon as long as Ethiopia withdrew from Eritrean territories including Badme in the morning hours.

Minister Saleh further underlined that the problem with Ethiopia has nothing to do with the issue of “political will” or “dialogue” and cannot be characterized as a deadlock as the border dispute between the two countries has been resolved through Final and Binding arbitration ten years ago. What is left now is to see the end of Ethiopia’s occupation of sovereign Eritrean territories as it cannot be justified legally or politically.

The minister finally concludes that the various ploys played by Ethiopia and its handlers to frustrate Eritrea into submission with sanctions and threats of sanctions has been futile in the past and won’t do so in the future.

89 thoughts on “Ethiopia Offers Electricity in Exchange for Dialogue: Minister Osman

  1. Let them leave our land, we dont need their electricity. if it was not for his western backers, we would have long route them to their adwa villages. one way or other they can not hold it forever as there is always time for everything. every dog has its own days.

    1. You are right! If the Americans and British backers didn't come with their troops, fighter jets and Tanks in support of woyane, their end was so guranteed. Our warsay and Yikaloo were devouring the rag tag soldiers of woyane in their thousands. But Alas! the westeren backers came all the way from America and Britain with all their Armour and troops to support woyane. It is very sad these western military were equipped with highly sophisticated weapons and started routing our soldiers all the way back to Tesseney. They killed about 45,000 of our brothers even though Issayas (PIA) tried to understate the number of causalities. Woyane are just good for nothing, they can't even defend their own fortification let alone launch any kind of attack on our troops, no body believes woyane have defeated our military and no one will believe it either.

      1. Tesfay,

        Are you just making up stuff that never took place?

        The west did support Weyane. But they never sent their army to battle in Eritrea.

        The casualty in Eritrea's side was 19,000. And that's a precious too many! But 45,000 is simply your wishful imagination, and not reality!

        Are you just misinformed, or deliberately making up lies?

      2. You,western backers and America know how the war by fought by our heroic brothers and sisters they thought you unforgettable lessons. You distorted the information to suit your agenda. You know that to invade Ertrea could cost your unimaginable Ethiopians your fellow men lives . weyans downfall imminent amen. Eritreans we do not play propaganda lifespan is short for your information, unsuccessful people bank bankrupt animal people like you can not sway the Eritrean people trust on their leaders,is that bad news to you ?in fact in your poor psychology can not dent Eritrean identity. I ask post your in the weyans website.

      3. Tewolde wedi Hamasen · Edit

        For our independence,the Ethiopian army also played great and critical role,we should accept that;however in the second round of show we lost more than 45,000 troops!We must be always realistic,nobody has won in that useless war.

        1. Tewolde wedi Hamasen,

          Using terms such as "our independence", "we lost…", "we must…", etc. doesn't conceal your true identity, and more importantly, your lies!

          Try a little harder.

          1. Tewolde wedi Hamasen · Edit

            The TRUTH is always BITTER! As the veteran I know what I'm talking about. We MUST accept that without the support of the Ethiopian ppl,we couldn't have achieved our goals. Why should we lie to our ppl?

        2. Tewolde wedi pathological lier

          Your posting have not even a grain of truth for your information to measure success or fail in kind of war not how you advance to grab but those Eritrean fought cleverly to inflict the unmeasurable human cuasilty with those poorly equipped waves of human mine swepers . Tewolde wedi Timben

          1. Ethiopians in their history never stand themselves with out help of America and Russia but they gained nothing and lost their life for we never give our land to beggars

        3. @Tewelde, you are obviously not an Eritrean, using an Eritrean mask ain't gonna help you to misinform the Eritrean people, your capacity is limited to your own damb ass ethiopian people, Eritreans are beyond you and your masters capacity.

        4. Tewolde you must be a person with a brain of a 4 years old
          I don't even attempt to answer on your comment, because it
          is rubbish and childish. using a name like "wedi hamasern"
          are you serious? Do you really think any one fall for it?
          ERITREANS are well aware agame like you would try to divide
          us but to no avail. you dumb-ass tgraway couldn't get it?

        5. tewelde i dont think that you are eritrean and ethiopeand did nothing for the independence of addition wedid not lost 45,000 materyrs. try to write the wright information or keep your hands away from typing such un realistic words.

          1. @yohannes.I spent 19 yrs in the battle…lost numbers of friends, do you really knows what you're writing? We lost nothing less than 100,000 marteryrs! As I said,the TRUTH always is BITTER.

  2. This is really foolish…….this is another PFDJ propaganda. I hope to see the dictator and his puppets go to hell. Long live the Eritrean people and his friendship with Ethiopia and its people

    1. Where from shall come such a stupid offer, if not from the confused and disoriented fools to the south of our border.

    2. You're nothing but idiot, Abraham! You expect an aggressor who robbed your house, abused your family and still remain in your bedroom to come and provide you electricity? Bozo! Eritrean and Ethiopian friendship would be truly built when Ethiopians, no matter which nationality, respect our independence and sovereignty. Stop day dreaming! The only way out of this mess is to continue in solidifying our unity while become economically independent! And I wonder where this 45,000 number came from, just to prove your cheap propaganda. Loser Wahid!

    3. The true Eritreans are proud of our leaders, I want you to open your ears, open your blind eye, sharpen your dull, Yes:Yes:and Yes; we love our land and goverment unconditionaly today.tomorrow and for ever.

    1. Adem ,I like your comment.The only thing you guys has to do is pray for one day.Otherwise there is nothing you can do,you tried ones to take Badme by force, but we evicted you from our land and advanced to Asmara when Mr Isayas call the US,UK and the rest of the World to stop our advance.Now some of you try to discredited the US for the favor they did.SHAME ON YOU.

      1. KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK…US' favor, Manny!, while US was sabotaging the legally demarcated border for 12+ years and involving youth in an admitted human trafficking? Nothing but mental retardation with mental age of 4. Beggar, mercenary Wahid!
        Advanced to Asmara? Who stopped you then, Humanity?

  3. I believe Ethiopia's proposal is good for a long term neighborly relationship between the two people. They give us electricity and we will allow them to use our ports. However the problem is it is like placing the cart before the horse. They are doing this not to build good neighborly relationships but to take Badme for ever. That makes their offer disingenuous. Probably a strategy to alienate Eritrea from Qatar and Russia. As an Eritrean I strongly believe that there will never be peace between Ethiopia and Eritrea short of Ethiopia respecting the boarder ruling unconditionally.

    1. Indeed Azeb! Let the borders be demarcated, then we will see what they can do and we will provide what we have. First thing though, let their Addis Ababa get electricity before the solve our problems! Beggars cannot be providers!

  4. This is one of fabricated news by eritrrian officials, so foolish and stupid propaganda. I believe in 21 century I never heard such lie(250 mw for free). I Am really sorry to hear such news from high officials mouse

  5. Abraham and Many,

    "…Another PFDJ propaganda"?? Really? To accomplish what?

    Let's not forget that it's lost souls like yourself who churn out endless childish lies day in and day out. (Asmara University has been closed; The President has died of malaria; The president barely escaped an assassination attempt; The government has been overgrown in a military coup-d'etat;…)

    Eritreans and the rest of the world already knows who the liars are!

    1. Eritreans/EPLF fears nothing! There is no need to make up a story like this. You guys know this deeply in your hearts! We know that you wish your leaders were like ours–determined, visionaries, no-nonsense, dedicated, revered by their people, unselfish, incorruptible, ……., I could go on and on if it were not for time. Your leaders can survive only by serving the powerful nations interest instead of standing for the interests of the Ethiopian people.

  6. This is not about money nor is it about 250mw it is about Eritrean sovereign territorial integrity. Until Ethiopia vacate ours land, no talk no access to the sea.

  7. Until Weyane Tigray, backed by United States, withdraws from all sovereign Eritrean territories and allows the border to be demarcated with pillars on the ground, there is absolutely no reason to entertain their "Hashewiye."

    No to dialogue on demarcation!
    No to Hashewiye!
    Ignore all Agame proposals meant to entangle Eritrea in Hashewiye.

  8. nice job minister Osman Saleh! the Ethiopians will try to tempt us like a devil, but the Eritreans are just and fair. if those " Ethiopians" want peace they will abide by the final and binding agreement.

  9. If there is one main reason I like and admire EPLF/PFDJ it's because of their clear path and stance. This shows us how our government is strong and principal. Guys the offer is just meant to disrupt our attention, distract us from reaching our goals. Viva shabia as usual seb metkel!!

  10. I don't think so Ethiopia to offer such kind of free for Eritrea,or not full statement, the negative relationship of two countries is too close to war than nogetiation for peace, unless Bedeme for Eritrea Assab for Ethiopia should calm down the tension…… ifso might negotiate officialy not in a small hall to espress……

      1. Ohh sure, why not? Infact why don't you throw in shilalo on top of badme, and we'll throw in massawa and land-lock our selves to please our delusional neighbs???hy not.. it's all in good faith . :$

    1. Are you saying the ERITREAN foreign Minister is telling a story ? You might be Ethiopian who is hopping for the war to break out ; We ERITREANS our past is our FUTURE ,The MEN and WOMEN of this LAND are too valuable, unlike of the south of the BORDER. >>>>>>>>

        1. I think YOU are the fool here. No one drove them out. THEY chose to leave, just like others are doing in more than a hundred other countries around the world. But your feeble attempt to politicize the issue says a lot about YOU. Fool!

    2. "Ye sew genzeb atimegn !" says the Good Book. Just leave our territory and get out of our face. Don't ever think of ASSAB again. It has never belonged to your dear Ethiopia. Greedy Weyane!

    3. be enetu the day dreamer! Take your 3000 years grandiosity somewhere in Africa! Assab is Eritrean, as well as Badme! Ertra atshetim atilewetim sibal alsemahim wey! Eritrea is not for sale, period! And we don't have to go to war to retrieve Badme. It will come on its own, at the right time. All the Woyane tantrum and lies come from Ethiopia's frustration. Eritrea, slowly but surely will outsmart the dedebit fools and mercenary beggars! Stop your daydream of Assab!

  11. By hook or by crook Weyane Junta must evacuate our territories. Once they leave our land we don't have any problem normalizing our relationship based on mutual understanding. They can use our 2 ports and we can still import there Electricity in exchange.The main beneficiary in a long term is Ethiopia not Eritrea.

  12. It makes me feel good to learn that everytime i woke up from my sleep, woyane land Ethiopia is still landlocked. Byeeeeeeeeeeee

  13. Shame on Russia ,Turkey and Qatar to bring this hollow , empty entertainment gimmick on table of peace , they really should be ashamed to represent their own professional identity or their countries to this cheap shot and low level .

  14. what a joke!!! this is the funniest none sense kids joke i ever heard. how anybody in the right mind offer this joke !!!!! this clowns must me smoking something!!!! They need to deal with Egypt and Sudan first.
    It is hard to believe!!!!!!! (is that an offer)?

  15. Why r all these idiots surprised by Ethiopia´s offer? Hasn´t their prime minister openly told us that Meles begged on his knees- was it 40 times or 50 I don´t remember- to talk to PIA?

    1. Do you think he did that on weakness or strength of ambition to have peace and build his country?? begging for dialogue is a credit for him, Yet as for the war he proved himself beyond any reasonable doubt he can play it extremely well. At the end of the day who is privileged on ground. This doesn't mean the Eritirean man gave in despite the humiliation, he knew well what it takes to destabilize his foe by exploiting the nascent nation building to his credit he outperformed the Ethiopians who tried to imitate him by grouping the dispersed Eritrean opposition groups with lesser commitment and resolve.

  16. This is joke Ethiopia, next to Niger second poorest country in Africa. How come samone get electric power from Ethiopia at this moment. In Ethiopia there is always blackout of electricity.

    Power blackouts in Ethiopia severe

    ESAT News July 25, 2013

    The Ethiopian Electric Power Corporation (EEPCO) has secretly continued to provide power per shifts, sources at told ESAT. For the most part, since mid June 2013 in Addis Abeba, power has been cutting for over three days and even more at times.

    Power blackouts in Ethiopia severe

    ESAT News July 25, 2013

  17. Ethiopia’s latest ploy to seduce Eritrea into negotiation with a 250MW free electric power offer. This is just like ''tebelaw-yelat tkenanebew abart'' meaning (translation word by word), she don't have food to eat but she needs scarf,
    You can see video in youtube, THE RESULT OF DOUBLE DIGIT GROWTH IN ETHIOPIA

  18. This is a JOKE of the century. Very laughable……. …250MW???? No… it can not be real. I wanna know the next offer what would be hmm…………unbelievable.

    1. You can not hide your Woyanay identity with "WediAsmara" nick name. Here is the deal for you: የወጋ ቢረሳ የተወጋ አይረሳም!!

  19. Plaintiff Eritrea: Your honor, the defendant stole my gold watch and I want it back.

    Defendant weyane: Your honor, I found the watch laying on the ground, and according to the Ethiopian constitution there is such thing called “Finders Keepers” law which entitles me to keep the watch.

    Judge: I order this case to go to trail.

    United Nations appointed panel of judges rendered a verdict in favor of the Plaintiff Eritrea. The court ordered the watch to be returned back to its rightful owner, Eritrea.

    Weyane on national TV: “The court has awarded me the gold watch and lets celebrate the sweet victory! eleleleleeleleleleel I accept the ruling!! elelelel I accept it 100%!! elelelele I accept! ”

    Eritrea on national TV: “The court has ruled in our favor and justice has finally prevailed. However, it’s with great sadness that we move from this episode to another, because so many lives were lost from each side during the conflict which could have been easily avoided had the defendant weyane didn’t have sinister agendas other than stealing our gold watch.

    Weyane: “I changed my mind. My British masters have ordered me to reject the court ruling and only accept it in principle. My masters have also given me a 5-Point plan on how to return the watch back to Eritrea in exchange for something more valuable. ”

    Eritrea: Dear United Nations Police Department, I have UN court papers showing that I won the lawsuit and I need you to enforce the applicable laws in getting my watch back, legally.

    UN Police: If you give me $10 billion dollars, I’ll get your watch back.

    Eritrea: I’m a law abiding member state of the United Nations and I don’t pay bribes.

    UN Police: Can you give me some of your fertile agricultural land in Eritrea?

    Eritrea: NO!

    UN Police: I heard you got some decent gold and potash reserves. Let’s make a deal……..


    UN Police: What about some of your finest women that I can ship to my rich friends in Arab countries?

    Eritrea: HELL NO!

    UN Police: What about some babies that I can adopt (wink wink)

    Eritrea: ¡∩O⅄ ʞƆ∩Ⅎ

    UN Police: I’ll get you sanctioned!

    Eritrea: Do what you got to do, but you ain’t gonna get a single dime out of this self-reliant African !! GO TO HELL !

    UN Police: LISTEN YOU SELF-RELIANT NEGRO! Weyane have already given me billions of dollars from the aid money they received, big agricultural lands in Southern Ethiopia, half a million beautiful Ethiopian women and hundreds of thousands of lovely babies. If you can’t beat that, stop wasting my time! I will sanction you and tarnish your name and image in the media!

    Eritrea: ¡∩O⅄ ʞƆ∩Ⅎ

    1. Arba Gorash:

      Ha ha! It's funny! I like it.

      If you were to try to come up with a dog that represents both countries, they would be the following:

      1. Eritreans are like pit bull terriers: STRONG, LOYAL, PROTECTIVE, DETERMINED and STUBBORN.

      2. Weyanes are lap dogs. They are lap dogs of the West.

  20. Please do not be lose focus by those who do not wish Eritrea good. Dialog means let us change the final and binding verdict of EBBC. Ethiopia should supply electricity to her own people. The Hergigo electrical plant is due for renovation and expansion we can do it in our own term Ethiopian government should respect the verdict and leave the Eritrean territory.

  21. the offer of electric power supply was long rejected even before the war was broke for very good reason. Such strategic need of the nation has to be produced domestically. but at the same time, Ethiopia offer also shows their will to get into discussion to resolve multiple issue as they have been saying all along ……. politics is not a black and while issue………….

    1. Together,

      Are you that naive, or do you really think you're fooling anyone?

      If it's pure naivete, then you may want to educate yourself a little. If it's the latter, good luck, but it's not going to work.

        1. Which "ideas" did you want to discuss? "Ethiopia's will that they want to resolve multiple issues", or the fact that you actually believe it? And what "multiple issues" are you referring to? Before we even get there, what do you suggest we do with the International Court's and EEBC's decisions?

          Since you've mentioned what Ethiopia has "…been saying all along…", can you tell me what Eritrea has been saying all along?

          Again, are you just naive, or do you have some other sinister motive?

          Also, are you an Eritrean?

          1. any country offers to discuss any issue with us we should welcome it and discuss it from the position of strength.

            if you have problem with my suggestion getting into dialogue with enemy and resolve 15 years old problem then good luck man. I am not going to get into this nonsense questioning nationality…… do you think I have to be non Eritrean or naïve to advocate for peace through dialogue. your emotions are getting in the way …….. we need dialogue not only with Ethiopia but most important with in ourselves and others.

          2. Exactly my point! But there's a time and place for eventing, including dialogue. After wasting the lives of tens of thousands of youngsters and after losing the case in court, and then refusing to abide by the court's decision, is not the time for dialogue. Whoever asks for dialogue at that point clearly has other motives (eg. Weyanne), or is very naive (eg. A few poorly informed Eritreans). This degree of naivete in fact treads on the border of stupidity.

            So, no offense intended, but which one are you?

            Also, please read W'lad Eri's reply below. I tend to agree with him, because you don't seem that stupid.

          3. you can call me what you wish; however, would not allow myself to get down to the level of calling names to those who may not agree with my idea.

            anytime is time for dialogue; we can not live in the past we can only learn from it. War is won in the battle field; and peace is on the table.

            take it easy! we all need to cool down and think about those who are paying huge price for the lack of peace between these brotherly people.

            good luck!! end

          4. Peace will indeed come, no thanks to the likes of you!

            Next time, try aigaforum or awate. I'm sure you'll find quite a few people that'll agree with your ideas.

        2. @Together, he doesn't have to make any point, it is obvious, EEBC"S decision has to be done before any kind of dialogue. like my bother is asking you ,are you that naive ???? i would say you are not that naive but you are trying to misinform people here by pretending as if ethiopia has a good will to solve any issue that my have with eritrea, thats is simply bull crap. keep your ethiopianism to your own people, not to us. if you think weyane has good intention, simply that shows who you are.

  22. I need help!

    Why is the Woyane juntas in south of our border always come up with the "Electricity" shit each time they felt threatende?? Last time we check they do the same to South Sudan and North Sudan to bring them to their fold. Kenya and Djibouti, both port owners, also seduced by electricity suuply offer.

    When Egypt threatend to turn their cash strapped renaisance dam in to a pile of rock and concrets, they quickly jump to offer electricity if they let them finnish the dam even if that puts the Egyptians between a rock and a hard place.

    Who in the right mind allow his electric ON/OFF swith on the side of his worst enemy's wall??????

    1. Great observation Asmerom. For me, accepting an electric offer from Ethiopia at a cheaper rate or free is like a joke. It reminds me of the situation the South Sudanese finds themselves right now with the North because of the pipelines and installation for exporting their oil are located in the North.

      Sudan can shut and open the transit line at will leaving the South to beg and suffer at the time they need the oil revenue very much. The switches to open and shut the pipelines are on the North Sudan’s side and they do whatever they will irrespective of South’s cry. Imagine that we rely on Electricity from Ethiopia and they just turned ON and OFF at their will? That is not acceptable…

      Let them toast themselves with the 250MW power … we ain’t sit before they take their shit out of the occupied land.

  23. I am so tired of hearing about electricity. Tired of it. They should supply electricity to their own people first. Why are there frequent blackouts in Addis Ababa?

  24. Libi Tigray, tiwyway why they always chose the back door while they can easily and degnifingly knock the door through the front. loosers are always cheeep

  25. ኢትዮጵያ 250 ሜጋ ዋት የኤሌክትሪክ ሃይል በነጻ በማባባያነት ለኤርትራ !!* ባድመን መልሶ ለማስረከብ ድርድር….

    * ባድመን መልሶ ለማስረከብ ድርድር….

    ተስፋ ኒውስ በሚል የሚታወቅ ድረገጽ ኢትዮጵያ ኤርትራን ለማግባባትና ወደ ድርድር ለማምጣት 250 ሜጋ ዋት የኤሌልክትሪክ ሃይል በነጻ እንደምትሰጥ የኤርትራን የውጪ ጉዳይ ሚኒስትር አቶ ኡስማን ሳለህን ጠቅሶ ዘግቧል።

    ለንዶን በተካሔደ የኤርትራ ተወላጆች ዓመታዊ ፌስቲቫል ላይ ሚኒስትሩ ተናገሩ የተባለው እውነት ከሆነ ኢህአዴግ ባድመን ጨምሮ ኤርትራ የኔ የምትላቸውን ቦታዎች ለማስረከብ መስማማት አለበት። የኢትዮጵያ መከላከያ ሰራዊት አባላትንም ከስፍራው ላመንሳት ይስማማል።

    ኤርትራን ወደ ሰላም ንግግር ላማምጣት ተደረገ በሚባለው በዚህ የማግባቢያ ስምምነት ላይ ድረ ገጹ ከኢትዮጵያ ወገን ማረጋገጫ አልጠቆመም። ወይም አሸናጋይና ሃሳቡን ያቀረቡ ናቸው ከተባሉት ሩሲያ፣ ቱርክና ኳታር ወገኖች የተሰጠ ነጻ አስተያየት አላካተተም። ኢህአዴግም ዜናውን አስመልክቶ በይፋ ያስተባበለው ነገር ስለመኖሩ የተሰማ ነገር የለም።ይሁን እንጂ የኤርትራ የውጪ ጉዳይ ሚኒስትር በሎንደን ከወገኖቻቸው ጋር መሰብሰባቸውና በተለያዩ ወቅታዊ ጉዳዮች ዙሪያ መናገራቸው እውነት ነው።

    በኤርትራ የኑሮ ውድነትና ችግር በቃላት ሊገለጽ ከሚችለው በላይ አስቸጋሪ ደረጃ ላይ በመድረሱ ሻዕቢያ ካትዮጵያ ጋር ያለውን ችግር ለመቋጨት ከመቼውም ጊዜ በላይ ፍላጎት እንዳለው የሚገልጹ ክፍሎችም አሉ።

      1. sorry bro, she is just posting the amharic version of the news, just for the ethiopians incase they are not understanding english ,but she is one of our best true Eritrean sister at this forum, if you don't know her, please go and check her other comments.

        1. Oh I know! I've read her other comments. That's why I was surprised she posted that "Amharic" version. I'm not sure if she's read the last paragraph. It's more of a Weyanne than an Amharic version.

  26. I suspect woyane brought the electric issue with eritrea hve some relationship with the naile and the dam they are building right now. if eritrea get cheap or free electricity from the dam or any other existing hydro power projects they have it is eritrea to side with ethiopia to maintain its interest and object egyptian claim to bomb the dam. they have done so with Sudan and sudna has already objected egypt to subotage the construction. I should call the woyannus retarded stupid if that is what driving them to go after the proposal.

  27. According to the World Bank, 92% of Ethiopians live without electricity. I wish the weyane apartheid regime would offer 250MW of electricity to these people living in total darkness, but I doubt it.

  28. the proplem with ethiopia is that it gets advise from U S A & UK so as long as ETHIOPIA moves that way there is no dialogue before the BORDER wor ETHIOPIA left from using PORT OF ASSAB they use to have their owen office they where in control of evry thing pass thru assab then when they get the offer THE AID from U SA & UK to distroy ERITREA they jamp on it so even now if they are going to fllow the way they are going ERITREA is not going to listen to any dialogue

  29. the WEYANE ETHIOPIA shulde think be fore listeining to USA & UK abaout distroying ERITREA weyans whre thinking only the HANDOUT AID they will get from USA& UK

  30. I can never ever, ever, forgive Ethiopia and never will and would not feel comfortable having Ethiopia use our ports or having any type of activity in our country. They never had respect for our country and still do not. Come on, they started a war during the month of out Beloved Independence where we celebrate our independence as well as remember out brothers, sisters, cousins, uncles, aunties and parents who fought and died in the war. They still have a habit of doing some sort of hostile act towards us during out months of independence.

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