TPLF Imposed Travel Ban on High Level Officials

Ethiopia corruption prosecution, travel ban to officials
The corruption prosecution con game of the TPLF is back – to knock each other out.


A travel ban has been imposed on high level TPLF officials, family members and accomplices suspected of embezzlement as part of the ongoing campaign against corruption in Ethiopia, which critics say has so far targeted small-time scoundrels and left top TPLF officials who are widely accused of pocketing millions of dollars untouchable.

The Ethiopian Satellite Television (ESAT) has obtained a list of the officials but has been withheld for verification.

According to a well placed ESAT source, the suspected officials were verbally told not to leave the country. Some were told on their phones to make a u-turn while on their way to the Addis Ababa Bole International Airport.

A number of family members and accomplices of the officials were removed from boarded flights as they try to leave the country, according to the same sources.

There is no court warrant against the suspects but the security and intelligence body that is carrying out the arrests on corruption suspects has just given verbal instructions to the officials telling them that they are not allowed to leave the country.

There are also officials under surveillance while property and assets of a number of business linked to the suspected officials have been freezed.

Of the companies whose finances have been freezed are Aser Construction, Gemshu Beyene Construction, DMC Construction and Yemane Girmay Construction.

Aser Construction is a share company established by a group of engineers, with the main shareholder being Arkebe Oqubay, who, as a board member of the Ethiopian Airlines, has allegedly awarded Aser millions of dollars contracts for the construction of condominiums and airport construction works.

Gemshu Beyene Construction, that also owns the Elilly International Hotel in Kazanchis, is associated with Abadula Gemeda, the Speaker of the House and Sufian Ahmed, the former minister of finance, whose cousin in Windsor, Canada has also been the target of the investigations, according to the source.

DMC Construction, owned by Daniel Mamo, is a business partner of Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn, whom the source said has helped Daniel Mamao obtain construction contracts for the Jimma asphalt road, the maritime and transit building in Addis Ababa that has not been completed after 10 years, according to the source.

Daniel Mamo is also stands accused of issuing bad checks to clients.

Yemane Girmay Construction, whom the source described as a front man and business partner of Abay Tsehaye, one of the men at the helm of TPLF, who as the head of the Ethiopian Sugar Corporation has allegedly awarded Girmay millions of dollars of construction projects without bid.

Girmay also obtained over 13 million dollars loan from the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia without enough collateral allegedly through the help of Abay, who is a board member of the Bank.

The number of suspects arrested so far has reached 56 but critics say it did not target the main culprits in Ethiopia’s corruption syndrome.

The highest official arrested thus far is a minister d’État of finance and economic cooperation, Alemayehu Gujo. The rest are former managers of government sugar projects and roads construction authorities among others.

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  1. In the first ESATNews uncoded ” Ethiopia : Travel Ban imposed on high level TPLF officials” bc East can have no News with out TPLF they dream I think ???? about TPLF day in and day out . But in the second News it says: “TPLF imposed Travel Ban on high level officials ” completely different Headlines This shows how EAST manipulates some fact news in their fantasy news especially when it comes to TPLF the readers will judge the difference in the headlines

  2. FYI ….

    Radio Eritrea and ሓሳድ Radio Ethiopia Still Battling on 40 Meters

    It was a now-familiar story in the July edition of the International Amateur Radio Union Region 1 (IARU R1) Monitoring System (IARUMS) newsletter, which reports that Radio Eritrea and Radio Ethiopia are still slugging it out i the 40-meter phone band. IARU Region 1 includes Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Northern Asia.

    “The hostile brothers were daily active on 7,150 and 7,175 kHz,” said IARUMS Coordinator Wolf Hadel, DK2OM. “Earlier complaints were not regarded. No change.” Radio Ethiopia has been deliberately interfering with Radio Eritrea on both frequencies by transmitting white noise, Hadel said.

    1. Hummm, this reminds of the old joke: How does a TPLFites know the aircraft has arrived? When both the engines and the pilot are drop dead.

      1. But how would they know the soon to be launched MLLT satellite from mekelle Space Center has arrived at the earth orbit??

      2. HI, You don’t even have workable flag carrier airline but here you are joking around the tragic accident of private owned pilot training company.
        Have some dignity please and first see the damage done by your king to your your DEAD airline and aviation industry OK.
        I never seen such a stupid joker like yourself.????

        1. I found his joke a lot funner than yours. Can you tell us how knew this was an accident, not the usual Woyaniay incompetence? I look forward to your detailed response, including the background of the pilot. Cheers!

        2. Ayte Ethio
          You seem to be irritated keep cool buddy this is only the beginning we will see more of such “joke” in the near future too. If you can´t tolerate reality then, you are advised to pay a visit to some of the egregious sites of your cousins, instead.

          1. I think the Airlines which doesn´t belong to MLLT is growing by double digit too. Ayte Sibagadis the Airlines is able to be “profitable” thanks to the industrious Eritreans who have contributed immensely until the wicked weyane disliked eye colors of those who made the airlines what it is today, of course the fair share of others non- tigrians Ethiopians should not be overlooked either. Are you a dedebit graduate do you have the balance sheet and income statements of ” all African airlines combined” shall we take this idiocy with a good dose grain of salt or is it the usual dedebit zeraf zeraf
            Don´t make silly statements which doesn´t hold water in the long run. Under the MLLT leadership every thing is growing by double digit in the weyAne land: famine prostitution, child labor, world class corruption,the dedebit lying machine the list is long and next time please spare us your unsubstantiated ridicule, send them instead to some of your muddy cousins sites the hate breeding Aiga,TOL, Walta etc etc…

          2. I love how Eritreans like to take credit for anything in that beautiful airlines. The kid should be humble enough to thank mama Ethiopia for the little success achieved, not the other way around. The story goes, the King felt bad for Eritreans and decided to educate your people, gave you the same opportunities as Ethiopians, in some cases more cuz slavery was a bitch. Your people were sent as their Ethiopian piers to study abroad with Ethiopian tax $$, not Italians. You gave back to the land that educated more than 4th gread, so much for colonization”. When years later mama learned how ungrateful you can be, those eyes didn’t make us feel safe, we shipped you away. After you left, came back uninvited, we still gave you home. The airlines, has tripped its worth and one of the largest in Africa, may be it was your people holding us back komal.

    2. TN. I know you have the right to do whatever you want with your site but why are you keep deleting my comment I never cross the site rules and conduct.

  3. Majority Ethiopians and me myself fully support the government effort to eradicate Corruption endemic from the roots.
    EPRDF says now the time to walk the walk not the talking and I must say hat off for that b/c that was the main grievance of the populous in recent years.
    For long run this is good thing for Ethiopia because these campaign has a very clear Warning⚠ message for future wanna be corruptionist If you embezzled and misused public money your position, status and patriotic past deeds won’t save you. It’s prison time baby.

  4. Getting rid of corruption is essential to any country’s healthy development. As such it is very crucial to get rid of corrupt officials. The problem with Woyane (and some other African governments) is, they are not interested in solving the problem, otherwise they would have first gone after the elite woyane officials. This is similar to Saudi Arabia, where the “Royal” families loot the country’s oil in $Billions, while cutting off hands of poor Saudis for stealing minor things.

    1. B.Adal for once see the big step taken by Ethiopian government positively because the effect of Ethiopia healthy position is good not only for herself but the horn as whole.

      1. Your audacity knows no bounds You are promoting backward behavior.corruption isn’t fair where 92% of all projects, buildings,properties, fertile land, licenses on minerals such as Gold and salt among others, issued license to importing of spare parts and exports such as coffee and other raw materials and of liquirative ventures; employments of ambitious posts such as Ethiopian airlines, university places on the basis of one’s familys political stand and views, as are scholarships that are awarded,and the overall selection based on ones race overshadowing their merit and eligibility on that basis; and not on ethnicity and belonging to that party. In TPLFITES LAND the last 25 years.every thing to live for will have systematically gone to The families and colleagues of a mafia organisations TPLF. Refrain from condoning is not the disservice Wey’ane goverments Ows to the people, it is the corruption scandals that is at the back drop of such a lunacy you and people like you conspire with- the evil doers that needs uprooting and a system that needs eradicated, high preach hate, while your excuses is same o “the rest of society are just lazy”.shame on you.

      2. Ethio, the current arrest of corrupt officials in Woyane Ethiopia is not new, it is a periodic thing that Woyane employs to eliminate unwanted (aka corrupt) officials. The stashed money of the Chiwawa along his wife should have been enough to remove Meles and his wife from the face of Ethiopia. You will see after these new wave of arrests, none of the architects of Ethiopian corruption will be touched. What I agree with you is that the elimination of corruption in one country will help the neighboring countries.

        1. Bro
          Corruption is a mince I think every one should agree upon that, the ongoing corruption in Ethiopia is not new it has been going at least since the coming of the weyAne juntas in power. The corruption is manufactured at Dedebit lab. and the main designers are the departed Chiwawa and the old dying guards, EFFORT is an ultimate epitomization of the ugliest face of the Ethioian corruption. The arrest of low ranking officials is only a show and cover the main structure of the corruption complex. The weyAne with all its tentacles show be dismantled if the deep rooted corruption to be stopped, any thing less than that is an insult to people´s intelligence.

        2. Ethiopia isn’t Eritrea, we need evidence to arrest people for anything, they all need a day or two in court. You know, it’s that thing the Western world calls, justice. His good name shouldn’t be mentioned by the likes of you, have evidence or respect the dead, it’s in the culture book you borrowed. How many things should we teach you people?

          1. Do you need more glaring example than the one mentioned earlier. The chuwawa family with the mother of all corruption is a vivid stature. But you have to have brain cells to understand what we mean. Please do your home works and then you can compare two distinctive nations the one small well functioning incorruptible and fiercely independent. And mamma Ethiopia under your cousins dysfunctional corrupt to the core ungovernable and above all dependent on hand outs,
            Do you need to hear more

      3. Come on Ethio and Balance..
        Speaking of Corruption:
        You know it better as to who smuggled the $13 billion to overseas.
        Did I hear that Semhal Meles Zenawi deposited about $ 5 Billion in NY banks with the full knowledge of the CIA and M16 per the British PM.Report.????
        The GoE fully disclosed the final net Bisha income…and there was a reason as to why it was not disclosed….go and figure it out.
        Here is the estimated balance sheet:
        -Eritrea spends about $250-300 Million per annum for Energy Source import
        -Eritrea spent more than $180 million for the Infrastructure(For Buses,Buldozers,Caterpillars,etc)
        -Eritrea supplemented more than $100 million to the fully restricted and scrutinized EU Aid and AfBD loans
        -Only the GoE knows how much is spent for defense, not to mention the Logistics for 300,000 Troops
        -What about the Budget for Health/Education,ect—
        I know Medrekh is gossiping about some money laundering by some officials and the Head but I do not believe it is more than a fraction of what the State spends…
        May be $50-100 million compared to the $$ billions the TPLF officials smuggle…
        The EU testified that it is only the GoE in the world that spends 100 % the aid it was provided with on the projects with 100% efficiency and it was even said that the GoE refunded back to the EU some Surplus Funds .
        My concern with the GoE is:
        -Power corruption and lack of rule of Law and strong Institutions.

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