Ethiopia: First Donkey Abattoir Shuts Down

Bishoftu Donkey Abattoir in Ethiopia closed
The Chinese owned Shandong Dong Donkey slaughterhouse in Ethiopia has been order to shut it down three weeks after inauguration.


Just three weeks after becoming operational, the Bishoftu City Administration has shut down the first donkey abattoir, Shandong Dong. Located 48Km away from Addis Ababa, the slaughterhouse has a capacity of slaughtering up to 200 donkeys a day.

The company is considering to take the case to international court, according to some sources who are close to the case.

Before the abattoir was shut down, the plan of Shangdong was to ship the meat to Vietnam and to export the hide to China, where the hide is an essential ingredient to make medicine.

The company has slaughtered more than 300 donkeys so far, according to a source.

The commissioner of Ethiopian Investment Commission made it clear that such investments were not welcome.

“Except those which registered before 2014, we don’t accept such investments anymore as they are against values and culture of the society,” he told Fortune three weeks ago.

56 thoughts on “Ethiopia: First Donkey Abattoir Shuts Down

      1. Are you sure it’s not the woyane who are sacrificing the donkey for their evening diet…?? Addis is for lions not Monkey and Donkey. Lol

    1. Sometime ago I heard they open donkey’s hospital now donkey’s Slaughter house, who knows if they reopen again, they will never be hungry. Just like WEST Africans, who eat anything that moves.

  1. free Ethiopian maid for the winner ….

    Anger over Ethiopian housemaid as contest prize in Bahrain

    (ESAT NEWS) – A Bahraini domestic workers recruitment agency came under fire after it posted a newspaper ad about a contest in the month of Ramadan in which the winner will be awarded an Ethiopian maid.

    The Dubai newspaper, Al Arabiya English, reported that authorities suspended the agency as Bahrainis expressed anger over the offering of a human being as a contest prize.

    Authorities acted immediately to penalize the agency and suspended its license until the result of an investigation is out, the report said.

    Authorities have also filed a case of human trafficking against the agency’s owner and management, according to the report.

    1. This is embarrassing and very sad at the [same] time. Ethiopian women are strictly considered as slaves in this part of the Arab world. They can be sold in an open market or given as gifts. Most end up killing themselves. Thier masters do not care and in fact they just pull a camera and start recording them while committing suicide. This is sickening. But who is to blame for this madness? Woyane regime or the lack of awareness by the Ethiopian girls? Any way it is really sad.

        1. “our sisters” which ones are you blabbering about, don´t you have feeling and empathy to the victims of the brutal regime in power. Ask that very question to your cousins in TOL or the other sordid sites.

          1. Working as a maid for a ladies has physical and psychological persecution. Eritrean ladies are human beings they come from all sorts and classes of the society so facing the same problems to what the the other nationalities are facing is natural. Our brothers in this web site are caring to Ethiopian problems than the tremendous problems our people and country are facing.

          2. You see you are not an honest person. You came here not because you are concerned about the women but you came here to belittle us. Read what y wrote and analyze with the comments given to you.

            (1) Many wives of our martyrs are passing in the same condition in GCC countries.

            (2) …… you don’t possess any human value and it is not strange for people like to support a mafia regime.

            (3) Charity starts from home, what about our sisters which are in the same condition.

            The response given to you:
            –u have no human value so maybe thats why you’re feeling this way.
            –Can you provide any evidence for what you claim??

            So be honest to yrself. Don’t come here with trash comments and rumours! Come with constructive criticism. We learn one another!

          3. “our brothers” really be it as may, Eritrean issues are only for Eritreans to discuss, argue to come to conclusion etc…, no Ugum or other EQL have that right to discuss, you should worry about your Kilil if you are smart enough Eritrean has its sons and daughters who paid and are paying the heavy sacrifice in order to make the dream of generations to come true. You are though free to dream your dream but not about our Eritrea.

          4. ALthough I understand that you are socially sick individuals, but still I am hoping one day you will be yourselves by stopping to worship the predator Isayas to stand beside your people.

          5. Ayti Zafu
            try to sell your cheap piece to your compatriots no one will be fooled by your crocodile tears we have seen too many try another one, next time pay a visit just a click to your cousins sites they seem to deserted since the editor him self is glued in Eritrean sites 24/7, may I say it I hope you get it though the IQ stuff must be considered too.

        2. Uhu not at all! Eritreans left to Arab countries for work. To make your comment fureshe, let me tell you there was an interview in BBC where Eritreans were said to be very honest and dedicated workers. At work a girl face such kind of situation in every place but it is the individual’s weakness that put her into this bad situation otherwise generally speaking Eritreans are not accused of this situation.

          1. You don’t know what the hell you’re talking about. You need to get in touch with Eritrean communities in Arab countries. They face the same exploitation and abuse. Arabs are racist toward all Africans and Asians.

          2. Saba,
            Please just travel just a bit in the same Arabs countries to see what the hell you are talking about. Just last week, Saudi gave 90 days to leave if your paper work is no in order or illegally there. Ethiopia just received 200 and 4000 just received their paper work to go back, out of those Eritreans girls are begging to be sent back to Addis and few in Uganda. You sit here and making political statements just to support your failed ring leader. Shame on you. If you also get a chance to go to Addis, I swear to you, there are enough of your cousins working as street girls. What a joke.

          3. Openly speaking, there is a big difference between to let yrself act as a commodity or else somewhat like a prostitute and to serve as an assistant i.e a maid. The issue here was they are sent deliberately. “face the same exploitation and abuse.” It is according how y handle it even if you work in an office if your boss is a very crooked one he can exploit y. Ask yrself the Eritrean communities how the situation is. I ve enough information. Y can find if one let himself deceived by the master the wives would be against the women so don’t tell me that I don’t realize or analyze situations. I do not know generalizing is not good but Arabs have bad mentality even here they want to put y down. I believe being polite and discipline matters also it depends according to oneself to keep its pride. There is an Ethiopian proverb “eskialefe yabatehe baria yegezahe”. Mind y not taking their husbands.

      1. “awareness by the Ethiopian girl”. I think it is the poverty level. This is replicated again because during the King’s regime many beautiful girls were said sent to Italian factory owner. Also whenever there is high officials meetings in AA this was occuring. The gov’t uses this opportunity for political reason.

          1. Weyaneland is best characterized as a laughingstock for the outside world, and a land reduced with statislies. A few days ago this “project” was promoted by one of MLLT trained zombie who frequent here with an alias, as yet another success story like all the previous ones. It was boasted to bring to the Weyaneland Billions and he went on extra mile he bragged it will last for generations. As customary and as a well know mode of operation of the regime and its surrogates they lie and pick figures from left and right, we began to lose counting the “many billions” and ” industrial Parks” here and there.
            The very “promising” project which was expected to “bring billions” and “sustain for generations” has come to a halt. It sounds fishy?

        1. Aytenesh Zafu
          Your comments could only be qualified in the below average and characterless sites which knows no boundaries when it comes to hate mongering and browbeating. Shall we recommend TOL. AIGA. WALTA. etc etc, you can find there the kind of attention you desperately are seeking with all of the apostles of hate and misery.
          Your aim is too transparent to merit further elaboration

          1. I am not sick racist, sectarian, person like many of you here in this web site, your spend your time on name calling and insulting an entire people of a region in your neighboring country Ethiopia and if an Eritrean commented on the problems of his country he is characterized as Weyane and agame so racist individuals like you don’t possess any human value and it is not strange for people like to support a mafia regime.

          2. “Zafu” come out of the closet and declare your self who you are. I know you don´t have the guts. You are trained by your racist mafia cousin at the helm of power, with the help of the mighty Shabia, to troll in Eritrean sites and pretend to be genuine Eritrean so as to initiate a ” discussion” wow what an ingenuity. Have you forgot the speech of your diminutive leader gloating when he sent thousands of Eritreans from Ethiopian after robbing their livelihood because he didn´t like “the color of their eyes” what do you call that racist to the core action. Don´t come and and preach about humanity and civility here. “Zafu” the zombie keep that “charity” in your dried up tiny Kilil until the real Ethiopians knock on the door steps and ask you the big question.

        2. …Many ? How stupid y r? Going down to this situation is a matter of self decision. It has nothing to do with the gov’t. A person lives according to his capacity. Such kind of habits are not our mother’s type.

        3. Can you provide any evidence for what you claim??
          This is the kind of word that the corrupt Sheila ketharut filed her report
          Whiteout any shred of evidence

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    ባለፈው ሳምንት የመንግስታቱ ድርጅት የአረንጓዴ ፈንድ የቦርድ አባላት ባደረጉት ስብሰባ የተለያዩ ፕሮጀክቶችን ገምግመው ከሁለት ቢሊየን ዶላር በላይ ድጋፍ የፈቀዱ ሲሆን በበርካቶች ተቀባይነት ያገኛል ተብሎ የተጠበቀው የኢትዮጵያ ጥያቄ ውድቅ ተደርጓል።

  3. A little too late for the first 300 that are victims of tplf’s incompetence. Ethiopia under woyane has passed lowest moral ground ever. Shameful!

    1. Especially many Ethiopians use Donkeys as a reliable source of power and strength to pull their cargo. So in a ways, the owners respect their donkeys more then woyane’s shameful intelligence. haha

      RIP to the 300 Donkeys. Game Over Woyane!

      1. “woyane’s shameful intelligence” How stupid they r! Not respecting the value and the culture of their own people.

  4. The damage is already done. TPLF’s short lived fantasy of earning lots of dollars from the sell of donkey meat and hides, however, disappeared as in most projects in the country. The regime of Tigray is a disgrace to the good people of Ethiopia.

  5. Tigray has hardly any investment because of the no-war no-peace situation with Eritrea and investors are not generally interested to invest anything worthy in that region. So instead of closing down the donkey slaughterhouse, why don’t they move it to kilil Tigray? It’ll be a win-win. As we speak, Tigray region is dying in a slow motion because of its rulers reckless adventure against Eritrea. What do you say?

    1. I think better the donkey meat factory is as far away from Ere. Don’t want no smuggled donkey meat in tsorona and the border towns.

      The industrial area in Mekele will be finished soon and apparently will be prpducing textiles and etc…i guess we will benifit from a nock off of “brand” clothing and mekele will be awashed with brand clothing as it is far away from the port and taking ot to addis is also costly. I guess they will give it for free or next to nothing and subsidise using EFFORt money looted from the rest of Ethio.

      The build a cement factory in mekel and as demand in Tigorai is low they need to transport it to other parts but to stay competitive they have to sell it equal or below other suppliers in “mehal ager” but sell it a lot more expensive in tigrai to compensate the loss……dedebitoconomics.

      1. What a hate to Ethiopia…Why do not you mind your business Eritreans… i think we forgot you 20 years ago…do not try to bring your name to our attention….the forgotten nation…sad

        1. why are you on an Eritrean new site if you have forgot about Eritreans 20 years ago ? Dont you have a trash dump to sift through or something ?

        2. Dumb dedebeit! Ok shows how stupid you are. The coment above had no hate for Ethiopia even weyane but commenting the economics of weyane. Read between the lines. Did the donkey meat started working already?

      1. you’re totally wrong. Rather than spending money towards ill-constructed shiny towers/buildings of vanity like in Agameland, Eritrea reinvests in healthcare, infrastructure, education and resource extraction just to name a few all while fending off international sanctions and hostility. TRUTH !!!!!!

        1. What a hate to Ethiopia…Why do not you mind your business Eritreans… i think we forgot you 20 years ago…do not try to bring your name to our attention….the forgotten nation…sad

          1. wrong once again ata donkoro. we have no issues with Ethiopia, we just like the color of Woyane’s eyes. Another fact, if you indeed have “forgot you 20 years ago” why are you on visiting an Eritrean website then smartguy ? now thats sad

  6. Don’t take it this issue out of proportion instead see it democracy is at work. Lets take the recent world example the US president Trump authorization to ban all immigrant from 7 majority Muslim countries was challenged and stopped by different US states legal system because its contradict the value of their constitution.
    When you come to Ethiopia case the federal government or ENC gave the license to the investment and the Chinese investor commission the investment but the regional government or especially Bishoftu city mayor and authority said no to the investment b/c I think they calculated the cost and benefit analysis and as we all know the city is top location for tourist destination so to allow such out of ordinary investment in the area where local & international tourist came to have fun enjoy the nature and the local people culture, belief towards to such kind business and also most importantly they don’t get 100% sure that how this donkey meat will not contaminate their local meat market. So, the way forward is the federal government and the regional government especially Bishoftu city authority settle their issue in civilized way by assuring the public trust and by maximizing the benefits of the local people. So, all is good cause democracy is at work baby.

    1. Ethio,
      Thanks for the democratic reasoning being the slaughtering of Ethiopian donkeys. It makes sense now. While you are at it, could you clarify to us the democratic reasons behind Koshe “Restaurant” and Al-Amoudi girls that are being sent to “work” in Middle East. Thanks.

      1. Adal
        This very zombie (Ethio) with the Dedebit higher education was one of those who gloated about this ” project “. He was provided certain figures by his master to write as one equipped with the latest Weyanomics tried hard to convince and surprise us with the typical Weyane analyses a lot of mambo jumbo. He had to manufacture a bogus explanation as to why the very promising project failed which should have delivered “billions for generations” after his masters have ” betrayed” him

    2. What do y mean? In the first place this shouldn’t be in place considering the value and the culture of the country. Your statement “instead see it democracy is at work” is not at all to be compared with Trump and the court decision. You should swallow the big damage made on the people’s integrity!

      1. Are you even Ethiopian to talk about our integrity? If US can export horse meat, Mexico can do the same, not for consumption but business opportunity, are we any different? Our Muslim and Christian people don’t want to eat pork, should we tell the rest to follow along religion lines or find away to separate law vs culture/religion? No one is asking you to eat it but if Asian countries want to eat donkey meat and Europe horse, who the hell cares.

        1. Whether Ketenes or Ethio the below Belese’s response is enough for you guys.

          Y don’t understand how “value and culture” is the most important aspect for a gov’t to look upon. There are bad habits used like a culture or else behaviour for example like female genital mutilation even that you don’t jump and put a restriction you should mobilize according to the language of the people to aware and understand the danger. “Enkone zenbobeshe endaweme teza neshe” Woyane y r at the verge!

    3. Do you really have to comment because ……………….?????I like your compare and contrast !! Comparing trump situation and Bishoftu mayor? /hahhahhah!!!Are they any mayors who can use his power to implement anything besides TPLF cadres in Ethiopia?? Well you have a right to dream(Daydreaming sometimes gets a bad reputation: Students who don’t pay attention in class end up having trouble completing coursework, and workers who spend meetings thinking about winning the lottery are probably not the most productive!!) Anyways my question is what was your major in school if you had one tho?? You said the business has stopped b/c “Bishoftu city mayor and authority said no to the investment b/c I think they calculated the cost and benefit analysis and as we all know the city is top location for tourist destination so to allow such out of ordinary investment in the area where local & international tourist came to have fun enjoy the nature and the local people culture, belief towards to such kind business and also most importantly they don’t get 100% sure that how this donkey meat will not contaminate their local meat market.”
      I though small/big company study the business before they put any investment!!Everything should be consider (all this stuff what you said) before any investment don’t you think Mr. Logic, not after you implement a company then you study cost and benefit!!!!

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