Ethiopia Wins Non-Permanent Security Council Seat

Security Council voting
The United Nations General Assembly elected Ethiopia for a two-year term non-permanent member of the UN Security Council replacing Angola by the end of this year

By TesfaNews,

Ethiopia officially locked a two-year, non-permanent seat on the United Nations Security Council after 185 of the 190 UN member states voted in favor of its membership today during a secret-ballot poll held at the UN General Assembly.

Despite the full backing of the African Union, Ethiopia lobbied hard to garner the required two-thirds of votes from the 193-nation General Assembly to win the African seat that will be vacated by Angola by the end of this year.

Bolivia and Sweden are also elected. All the newly-elected members will begin their two-year stint on January 1, 2017.

Egypt and Senegal have the other two seats reserved for Africa and they will be stepping down at the end of 2017 when their two-year term comes to an end.

In addition to five permanent members — France, the United Kingdom, the United States, Russia and China — who have the right of veto, the Security Council consists of 10 non-permanent members representing five regional blocs for a period of two years.


Q : What privileges exist while holding a temporary seat on the UNSC?

Answer : Like the permanent members, the non-permanent members participate in decisions at the council that can authorize the deployment of troops from UN member countries, mandate cease-fires during conflict and impose economic penalties on countries. But only permanent members have veto power over decisions.

Q : Can members of the UNSC bring up “their own issues” at the council?

Answer : Any UNSC member can bring up an issue for discussion if nine of the 15 members agree to do so. In order to adopt a resolution or decision, at least 9 members (including all of the five permanent members) must vote for it.

284 thoughts on “Ethiopia Wins Non-Permanent Security Council Seat

    1. Non-Permanent Security Council Seat is given to the elite House Negros (aka Bitches) from the 188 (193-5 permanent members) non-permanent members.

      1. The vote for Ethiopia was almost unanimous. The Ethiopian foreign ministry has done its womework and deserve a bat on the back. The Security Council has to change its structure and has to have a permanent seat in the council representing Africa and Ethiopia is well suited to have that seat; this has to be the next stop for Ethiopia

          1. Well said. Mr Woayne Goji also believes the Woyane foreign ministry did”its womework” Does that mean they slept with their handlers:))

        1. Ethiopia was contesting against itself for the African seat since no other African country was competing against it anyway. It’s selection is, therefore, a foregone conclusion. So if you want to call that ‘unanimous’ then go ahead.

          Ethiopia as a non-permanent member of the UNSC is a threat mainly to Egypt than to Eritrea as Egypt recently threatened to take its dispute with Ethiopia over the Nile to the Security Council. Ethiopia’s accessation to the UN is, therefore, not a coincidence or with out plan.

          The good part of it is that Egypt will remain one of the non-permanent UNSC members until the end of 2017.

          The U.S must have played a great deal in this scheme mainly by forcing Kenya and Sychiels to withdraw their candidacy for the UN seat as a favor to Ethiopia so that Ethiopia to contest as a sole candidate.

          In other words, the seat is a direct gift from the good old USA as their food aid is.

          As for Eritrea, Ethiopia might try to influence the Monitoring group in its reporting by trying to link up the Eritrea based rebels with regional destabilization bla bla. .. as the Al-Shabab attachement is now a past of old and discredited story.

          1. Egypt has a stronger diplomatic and strategic partnership with the US AND EU than Ethiopia. Egypt is indispensable ally for the west. Egypt has already served four (4) times on this position and currently on the fifth (5th) term.
            Regardless Eritrea will put the situation under consideration and work to neutralize any attempts by Ethiopia to exploit this opportunity to do further harm by cooperating with Egypt and other member states. Every move by Ethiopia at the council should be scrutinized closely and any ill treatment or plans against the state of Eritrea has to be addressed at the sight of the first incident to avoid future headache – just like a weed.

          2. Woyane did a little bit better this time. I don’t think they will target Eritrea though. Like you said there are many real enemies than Eritrea. That’s what I would like to think as an Ethiopian.

          3. Weyane never have had a real his own agenda. It is a puppet clique he will be there to serve his master/America in order to stay in power, and subjected the Ethiopian people until thrown out. In any event no body should undermine the people’s power.

        2. A bat on the head would be better lol if it doesn’t kill them the wey-ane dedebit trolls may actually learn how to spell.

          1. Yes when a child is very nuissance parents give the best to this child to make him think better. The same was done in schools children were named head boys or girls or ‘aleka’ in the class. When Mengistu regime reached intolerable he was convinced to leave the country with all precious things which will allow him to leave in exile without problem. I just thought the same that this seat is given to woyane to behave, develop confidence and be themselves because serving to others is blessing and y get a lot of experience eventhough I personally believe they don’t deserve it. I feel we are step children to westerners for we suffered the consequence for 50 years. They treat the bad guys very well while us treated unfairly.

    2. Some countries are isolated even from their neighboring countries…..Amel yawetal kemehal…..It is not about repeating what others say or do but rather how to make others listen to what you say….it is smart leadership….or diplomacy….You cannot just brag that you are smartest while you are the dumbest of all…..You need to have an insight so that you will tell them and they may share your idea….it is not a matter of hiding your huge wounds in your buttock…but rather to know how to solve immediate and feature challenges of your region and the world as whole. It is not a matter of putting lies on top of lies in the present technology reinforced world but rather to understand what to do in order to produce an idea that can put others in sympathy with you……when you lead a country you cannot just brag about your little burnt bread but rather you need to understand the things that they have but you don’t …. and be able to make them understand you that you have an idea so that you can cooperate with them for mutual benefit…that will at least will enable you save…. from losing 100% of your healthy and young individuals into Mediterranean sea……..please, make better choices….. my east African modern apes…

        1. Yes I am talking about Meles Zenawi who enable Ethiopia detach itself from the causes of poverty…which you very well know…Meles also defeated Egypt which was using Nile only for itself……thanks to Meles today Nile is not our soft muscle…..but rather it is the other way round…..Our close friend both in blood and geopolitics Isayas sided with Egypt but we prevailed he lost……history is in recorded…

          1. Do y know what y r talking about? I think y r confused. Y need to reread what y wrote. Weyane has back stabbed not only Eritreans but his own people. Working in good relationship with respect and love is better than going around the bush. Good intention to other people is good because in return that good things come to you but if y do bad it turns back to y. “Sera leserwe eshoke latarewe”

          2. Are you that stupid or did they teach you everything wrong in Ethiopia. 1) PIA always stood for United Ethiopia. He’s on record 2) to show friendship to Ethiopia, PIA let Ethiopia use Eritrea ports for almost nothing. 3) We have a working relationship with Egypt like all countries. 4) PIA was one of Meles advisers. Ethiopia backstab everyone include Eritrea for its own self-serving interest.

          3. My sawa grad, please try to correct few facts. Shabia has NEVER stood for united Ethiopia or anything good for Ethiopia. TN is not ESAT. Second, showing friendship is not exporting coffee without planting a single seed and calling it made in Asmera. Its out port for the record but hey thats for another day. Meles is the one that thought Ethiopians how to live without evil eyes in peace. We are thankful forever.

          4. Just wait a bit sentuq, your TPLF junta started to run away in a slow mode and will be intensified in few period of time. The rats started to jump out of the sinking ship, just wait!!!

          5. Don’t assume anything and learn how to argue. I’m not a Sawa graduate. But I should send you over there so we can uncork and re-program that brainwashed brain of your’s. Like I said, before even the former Ethiopian diplomats will tell you PIA always stood for United Ethiopia. You don’t have to take my word for it. Meles taught the TPLF, how to rob and steal. The dude die more than 3 billion dollars rich. Let’s not forget the mass crimes he committed. He didn’t teach anything about peace. Every 10 – 25 years, Ethiopia has a new leadership. New leadership is coming to Ethiopia whether you like it or not. It’s just a matter of time.

          6. You dumbo exporting coffee withoit having a sing tree is not about friendship but BUSINESS that coffee was paid for…second it is our port …you guys are like a child who still waiting for the lolly witha big eager eye….only mutual respect and understanding between the two countries will allow the use of any of Eritrea’s port anything less go to somali land …what green eyed monsters we have as neighbors….why can’t you let the people live in peace…Eritreans never have been and will never have evil eyes toward our neighbors…
            It starts in the neighborhood you live and we are known for the good nature and generosity…ask Mola….lol…you keep dreaming when you wake-up one day you will learn how your ways harmed an entire nation and your own people….time is on our side we have been patient and will be for a bit until you come to your senses and in the meantime will wait in the treanches…to wait for the green eyed monsters or shall i say innocent peasants….bruke kine.

          7. Of course you’re stupid! You must be from apes planet. The product produced in china, Vietnam, India, Bangladesh, and so on…where do you think the seeds planted? Since you love a little midget so much and miss his little d… what don’t you allow yourself to be buried next to him with some quenty on top.
            TN is an eritrean, and he should never been mentioned by loose cannon such as you.

          8. My ignorant brother think before speaking…..countries you mentioned above add values to any natural product they obtained from another country but they don’t ship it as it is and brag that they are the smartest in Africa…..your foolsh brag just brought you dwon a hill and nothing more… need to sit down and learn from others how to build a country……

          9. Repeating the old tired and easily disprovable lie about coffee. If you say the Weyane did that by stealing it from the coffee growers in the south and selling it in the world market, everyone will believe you. Eritrea has never exported coffee and I myself have looked the data from the appropriate international organizations for the years 1991 to 1998 when you and your government began to shout until your throats bled! Show me the proof and I will believe you. By proof, I do not mean Weyane forged proof.

            Your government and people like you keeps on forging evidence like pictures from the internet, bombs you plant yourselves but accuse others of doing so, people you assassinate but “investigate” etc. etc….


          10. Those who lack ideas jump for an insult….its ok I understand that…Which I don’t understand is some shabiya supporters like you always say Woyane backstabbed you…… but m question is Wyane heroes fought your independence at various war fronts and you obtained what you wished…..then what was your wish more than that?….Do you think they can let you loot Ethiopia forever? No! They cannot do that! Once you are separated ……you have to stand on your own because that is what independence means….. Pease, be strong to stand as a country on your own but you need to work hard for mutual cooperation…..and mutual benefit…..

      1. Your masters have weakened you such that you cannot live without them. What you call “smart leadership,” ‘insight,” “diplomacy” … is what you do because you have no choice as a servant regime for the West and the good will your masters afford you as rewards for your loyal servitude (besides the billions given to your government for the same).

        When talking about technology, if you knew that, what makes you feel that the various false, forged, photoshopped and stolen pictures from Eritrea and elsewhere on the internet cannot be discovered?

        As a proof let’s take the “smartest” person you have had–Meles. In this day and age, he claimed the “color of their eyes” excuse to justify the deportation of Eritreans! If it were not for his servitude, he would have been labeled as the “African Hitler” and prosecuted for war crimes, just for saying and doing that! His “smart leadership” was revealed when he insisted that he would fight (and he did by lying that he was attacked first) all throughout the 1998-2000 war and the one just that. However, later he addmitted that his country did not gain anything from the war, so “Please Master, please, do not ever let the EEBC decision be raised in the Security Council ever!” How about claiming that Ethiopia has won all of the territories it has requested, including Badme and it accepts the decision and Eritrea better accept it–remember, “the rule of law must prevail over the rule of the jungle.” Later, it cried and cried its heart out until the British told you that you should claim that, “You have accepted it in principle, but want to discuss it again.” We can go on with many examples fro the past years, but neither time nor space will allow it. So much for the Weyan smartness!”

  1. LOL … QUENTY GURA coming your way …
    Now that Woyane are among the “elites”, one would hope they will be able to feed their 14.8 Million hungry people 🙂
    Tigrigna Saying: Haqqi Zey’Bla MeAkor’Si May Set’ya TiTerT
    P.S. It would have made Africans proud of Woyane’s selection, had it been based on meaningful performance and awarded by a “worthy” organization like UN.

        1. Stuck in first gear, going nowhere in your thinking. Look for something. we won the natural disaster battle to save lives, 15 million of them incase you don’t know.

          1. You didn’t won .they dumped millions tons of Canadian and American wheat at your face like puppy. you didn’t even able to pick it up on time. Loser!

    1. Can you imagine what 185 vote out of 190 countries mean? Guess the rest 5 countries! So don’t try to cover your weakness by blaming the U.S.

      1. That means that 185 countries want favors from Ethiopia’s PIMP USA. Please stop flattering yourself cause your handler gave you some crumbs for 2yrs.

        1. Two years is pleanty of time to use bread cumbs to make an excellent food my black Italian friend. Dont you know cumbs are used in more than 20 Italian dishes? Without it, its not possiable to complete the meal. Stay tuned, we will update you on the recipies.

          1. LOL. what is your recipes ? are you gonna push for a Greater Tigray statehood! ? it seems really funny but you guys are unpredictable who knows we will see then how you fit with UN systems to be a player not to mention your awkward and uncivilized arrogant behaviors.I can predict that the more you close to the UN systems the more will be expose who really you guys are for international community. you should thank to your white masters for hook you up with a fork and for covering up all the past evil deeds.

          2. Lol. No need for stathood, when we say Axumawites, its the entire Ethiopia, add Djibouti, Somaliland while you at it. But out of all people, you should know by asking your grandparents, parents Ethiopia didnt/doesnt have white masters, Akele people/Zeri Deres our witness. Thats your blood lines as well, please embrace it. Its one happy family when all said and done.

          3. You are so delusional man ! how come you forget so soon your country owned ,colonized and inslaved by white masters ,England and US America in the day light of 21st century .do you want me to believe all that trillions dollars and pounds every years you get for nothing ? I didn’t even count the food stamps and all that stuff you have received so far. Zeraideres is an Eritrean legend hero of ant- fascism against discrimination over his people.I would like to remind you have already the taste of many Zeradersean in present Eritrea !!!!

          4. Zerie Deres? Learn history. Y reminded me of articles in yr paper sometime in 1994 written “hamasnune …… awredo ….. teshome. ……is given a high post to …… It was far from 1998 but my people if once trust they trust. No back stabbing like y guys! I believe many Eritreans read what y keep on writing and this is an alert repeating the old mechanism!

          5. White masters? Was that why Yohannes sold Tewodros away to the British for some rifles? Do not start a pointless childish argument! But this is Sentek, that is why you come here–for childish tantrums!

      2. What choice is there? Ethiopia was the only African country from the Africa group and one African country had to be elected. What is surprising is why the rest 5 did not add their voice for the ONLY African candidate!

    2. It doesn’t make me feel good to see ” Woyane lead Ethiopia ” sit in the Non permanent SC.
      But I wouldn’t choose to add unnecessary language to make it look ugly or nothing worth.
      I would actually choose to analyze and know how will it affect our interest, and what would it mean to further relations of both leadership of Eritrea and Ethiopia? What do we expect from this vote, and how should we be prepared to respond for any eventuality added to this new calamity? Will this vote encourage Woyane to handle Badme to Eritrea? Could this be a blessing in disguise…? How should we face this new phenomena? what is the worst scenario?
      Are matters going to be lighter or should we expect tight and tougher challenges ahead?
      What is expected from our leaders? Ad hock measures as usual or well studied and well planned
      Country map which involves the people, an open people’s platform, blended by Eritrean vision and peoples will inclusive move? No rock should be left unturned!

        1. “The Ethiopian foreign ministry says it wishes to use its non-permanent seat on the Security Council to “promote peace and security through dialogue and peaceful conflict resolution.” This prompts the question why Ethiopia has been so belligerent in its recent border clashes and verbal exchanges with its neighbor Eritrea.

          In the promotional literature for its candidacy, Ethiopia said it “wanted to expand the role of regional security deals.” So why then does Ethiopia ignore the ruling of the Boundary Commission defining its border with Eritrea?” ….

          Extracted from Deutsche Welle (DW)

      1. Selam @adhere
        What Eritrea needs si:
        (1) The immediate demarcation of Eritrean Ethiopian boarder
        (2) The lifting of the unjust sanctions and
        (3) The ceasing of UN harassment in the name of human rights
        Question: How would the selection of Woyane to non-permanent UN security council affect Eritrea in the above three (3) cases?
        What I think: It would not affect it at all, because:
        (1) Only UN (aka USA) would be able to peacefully force woyane to demarcate the boarder
        (2) The continuation of the sanction on Eritrea is only due to the veto power of USA
        (3) If the UN (aka USA) was truly interested on the human rights of Eritreans,
        … (a) The US government would have apologized to the people of Eritrea for the suffering the USA started in 1952
        … (b) The UN (aka USA) would have investigated violations of human rights in Eritrea starting in 1952 until 2016 and
        …. (c) The UN (aka USA) would have been busy on the fight of human rights for other Africans, (Djibouti, Somalia, Ethiopia, Central Africa, Libya, Egypt) before they worry of Eritreans
        The way forward:
        … (a) We should do our part to strengthen Eritrea and PFDJ
        … (b) Continue to help Ethiopian opposition
        … (c) Convince USA that they are better-off with being simultaneously friends of Eritrea and Ethiopia (without WOyane).

        1. Spoken like a true shabo, my IQ62 friend. “The way forward” has been put my Meles since 2002, use it or keep waiting for us. Badme is not a big deal, we will hand it over once a responsiable gov is in place. Working with our terrorists might not be smart but if you think Abebe Gelaw or Tamgne would advance your cause, more power to you. The last point you mentioned, Eri and Ethiopia can no longer be friends, you have nothing to offer anymore. Woyani is Ethiopia, respect or stay there with wedi afom, its been peacful.

          1. Woyanay
            Getting enough food via Djibouti port?
            I always pray that you are not one of Woyane made hungry Ethiopian.

          2. Shabo, who do you pray to? Wedi afom? The food has been delivered, thanks for asking. We were going to send it to Asmera but your people couldnt get money out of a bank, the line was three days long so we are keeping it till you guys are ready. Anytime now, we have a dam to build.

          3. The hatred you have toward Eritrean people is amazing. It demonstrates itself in every incident occur around the world. Debating the news, agreeing or disagreeing on the situation is healthy and needed to move forward. You seceded to move beyond and above to brake and kneel your close neighbor believing that Eritrea’s crush is your pass to ultimate success. That is a moral bankruptcy.within your sole. when the sole is bankrupt and become so dark that blind you to see you are in your last stage of ruling. The moral corruption is the ultimate death penalty someone declare on to himself. When you prostitute and short cut your way all your time, what you are doing is a cosmetic change, but rather you are in desperate need of structural change in politics, economics, and social life of your people.So my corrupt neighbor use your new power properly, and for us as usual we born in defense, and will survive in defense

          4. Correction sir, we have no hate for the people just your backward gov. The people are living with us, we actually need more Akele people, set them free or implement the consistution.

          5. Aye sintiku you think you can divided Eritreans with simple words….you sound like those empty souls from TOL where every topic is about Eritrea and how they wish to see Eritrea and had their wish come true ooo man we would have been dooooomed..pls just go away…or come in peace mr cadre…btw weyane isn’t Ethiopia…..if different types of events in the last 25 yeara are scrutinized..just stay Ethiopian …..Another topic.

          6. Are you in payroll for being in eritrean website? You see for me i don’t like to be at any place with the people don’t get along with or look at me down and treat me not like human being. What about you?

        2. Amahadari ayfalkan!
          The three Eritrean needs you mentioned above would profoundly affect Eritrea when Woyane seats in the Security Council. If you don’t think that way then it is a very wrong thinking!
          1- First and outmost the issue of demarcation/Badme is in full hands of the security council where woyane is seating with some power now.
          2- The sanction on Eritrea to continue or not is always the mandate of the Security Council where Ethiopia is becoming the Non permanent member and has more say and access to lobby and act.
          3- The recommendation of the CoI to Eritrea is going to be finalized and decided by the Security Council where again Ethiopia has full membership now and to go on for two years.
          If you are waiting USA to apologize, B.Adal don’t day dream.
          a) Strength Eritrea, YES but PFDJ is not helping to strength the country but spoiling #1.
          b) Give Power to the Eritrean people, let Eritrea be administered by elected Eritreans!!!
          Ethiopia is in better situation to hurt or to heal the situation. If you don’t think so what better way is there to see the light.
          Work hard and unite the people of Eritrea for better solutions!!!

          1. Mahdere,
            ** Our differences seems to be in how we see Security Council versus USA.
            From my understanding, you seem to think the 15 security council members collectively would make a decision on Sanctions, Border demarcation & human rights accusation. I on the other hand thinks, Yes, the 15 members would vote, but if USA thinks it should be demarcated and sanctions lifted, the remaining 14 members would not oppose the sole super power USA.

            * As to your apology by the USA comment, stop your non-sense comment.
            “If you are waiting USA to apologize, B.Adal don’t day dream. B.Adal don’t dream”
            Who told you I am waiting (even if your statement starts with an “if”).
            You may need to read carefully what I wrote to understand what I said.
            No sane person expects the US empire to apologize for any of their mistakes.
            The US empire does not apologized even for the Slavery and use of 2 Atomic Bombs.

            * Again, Ethiopia’s position has not changed regardless of many lip-sticks it buys from their masters. The master always decides and this master has become the master of even the other “equal” masters (Russia, China, France & UK).

          2. USA was powerful before and powerful now, and for the coming near future for sure. If you are not expecting USA apology then there is no problem! There are no equal powers/masters but relatively powerful nations Permanent members of Security Council. What has changed there or what is there to know as new phenomena? The world is the same as it was after IInd WW, USA leading as Super Power!!! Then the HW, does Eritrea need confrontation towards this power or any other possible alternative approach? Why is woyane a messenger or a conduit while we can deal with it with pragmatic and flexible approach instead of empty bravado? You said it “convince USA” How will it be possible with the policy PFDJ is following today? We need other means, flexible and tangible people inclusive progressive and timely action….. By the people to the people of Eritrea Act… move forward in peace and Unity!!

          3. For the leaders of an African country, there are only two ways to convince the sole super power, USA. This means, PFDJ has to either accept the role of house Negro or strengthen Eritrea and Ethiopian opposition. USA would prefer the House Negro role, but when there is no choice, they will gladly accept the winner. For now USA is “convinced” Woyane’s leaders are with proven “democracy” (aka 100% election votes) and “perfect” human rights records. Once the US is no more convinced of Woyane’s democracy and human rights, they will be thrown out like a used condom (aka Sadam of Iraq, Mubarek of Egypt, Saleh of Yemen, etc). So the problem with USA is not what’s Eritrea is doing, it is what’s Eritrea is not doing (pimping). Don’t overthink, the United States Policy is very simple.

          4. Woyane is Woyal and not ever for democracy or human rights! USA and the world knows that.
            They have the advantage of being in power in Ethiopia, and they are the best option today for USA. If PFDJ was leading Ethiopia the option would have even better than what Woyane is enjoying today. For good luck they were in Addis in the right time at the right place, but not the right people for the right motto!!! I don’t agree with your view even though I respect it, And I believe PFDJ is not following the right path of dealing with the USA to lead Eritrea to progress and liberty, they are not pragmatic and Realistic but xenophobia tic to western involvement and more closed/socialist and military/controlled minded leaders. Thank you for your discussion.

          5. Mahdere,
            I think our Eritrean views are not far away from each others &I confident our small differences could be improved if we were chatting was over Nice Eritrean Hot Tea, hopefully soon.
            Thank you for your civilized discussion.

  2. Congratulations. Can we just say Eritrea’s GO IT ALONE approach has proved itself worthless? Time to admit the world speaks only the GIVE and TAKE language. We need regional as well as international allies. How? It could be by learning the diplomatic language of give and take. We have what some of the big wigs need and by giving that, we can demand what we wanted; it could be political, financial, military or diplomatic leverage. That’s exactly what the TPLF as well as other regional puppets are doing. If that’s what it takes to live in peace, why waiting?

    As a starter, Is it time for Eritrea to take full membership in the Arab League or the Saudi-led Coalition? If NO, Why not?

    But it is high time to start fixing whatever needs to be fixed in our domestic issues, at the earliest, to help bring our people closer, to maintain our unity and improve our distorted image internationally.

      1. Selam Wedi Erey. Do you believe all those governments/countries who have been suffering around the world because of poor diplomacy? Does it look right to you to blame the victim?

        1. Raee,
          I think some people understandably are getting frustrated by how the corrupt UN system functions. We have to remember we are on the right path, regardless of how long it takes. I remember when a lot of people were getting frustrated during the long/hard/painful fight for independence … we made it !!! against all odds !!!.
          We are again at it in the same struggle and I have no doubt we will be victorious.

          1. I really respect your opinion and also know our history first hand basis.
            But what is missing in this picture is where is the path or plan to get us any fairness or justice.
            During the struggle, Eritrea has a clear and elaborate plan that made recognition as a nation and other things a reality. But can we use the same approach all the time? Or do we prescribe same medication for all illnesses? Or are we bringing a knife to a gun battle?

          2. The challenges didn’t allow us to breath fresh area. Everybody wanted everything ‘alga bealga’. We have had enough challenges but with all the challenges many things have been done sofar and I believe we r in the right track. We are performing well to avoid poverty while we do our “Mekete”.

          3. Do you think Eritrea should be in such a position locally and internationally after 25 years of independence?
            Eritrea needs to include all of its people with full heart and put its house in order and fight smart.
            We need to read the current geopolitics carefully and act accordingly to get our interest protected. Right now Eritrea’s rights are being violated with impunity by the weakest of nations.
            I have high aspirations for Eritrea than the current situation.

          4. Nick,
            I wish I had an answer to your question. I sometimes wonder myself too … with the same question. EPLF were great when they had many enemies that did NOT believe EPLF would eventually become victorious. Now it is a different (much harder & multi-dimensional) game, since our enemies know PFDJ (the EPLF of yesterday) is not only strong, but with proven record to change many neighborhoods of our planet. The only answer I have for you is to trust the proven leaders of yesterday and to contribute as much needed help since our enemies are stronger.

          5. I would not trade the EPLF’s strength and meticulous process for anything. But I do not think that experience is being used now at all.
            We need to bring our people closer to defend our country efficiently from danger lurking and waiting for an opportune time. Let Eritrea make a bold step forward and get its people together.

          6. I am in, Let us help the best way we can, even if we are living away from Eritrea.
            There is no small help, it counts !!!
            Thanks Nick.

        2. Of course not Raee, how would it be right to blame the victim? What I agree with is that we have to strengthen our ties especially with China and Russia, thus at least, we might have some strong position or voices. I know, it’s sounds a bit odd but I believe we need to do something.

          1. Russia and China are in the same situation as Eritrea is. They have been harassed everyday. They are both trying to defend their territory and interest from the elephant. Russia is sanctioned, China is harassed at its doorstep everyday. No one is spared from the rampage of the elephant. Everyone is at America’s mercy. As George Bush said “either with us or against us” situation. and we should not forget to revisit our Eritrean history. It seems history is repeating itself. In any event we all need tsinaat.

          2. Despite America’s military strength in the world, everything has a limit including US military mighty. Indeed China and Russia have been harassed in a daily basis like us but through resilience and wise strategy the US can be challenged. When it comes to our case, the only solution we have as usual is UNITY, having saying that, our diplomacy should continue working tirelessly, our communities in diaspora should enhance unity and resilience more than ever before. So, that had/has been our best weapon to fight against all odds yesterday, so should continue today and tomorrow. There is no doubt at all that we will go through all odds again and again since challenge and resilience have been part of our Eritrean Life Style.

    1. Finally you are admiting the failure of Issayas diplomacy. It all started on 1993 when he held a naive speach at AU!!!! We are paying the price of one mans big failure and childish behavior.

      1. Dude, get over the speech. The speech was spot on! African leaders and AU have not done squat for Africa besides take western nations money and live in Luxtury. I’m glad he called them out for their childless behavior. It needed to be done.

      2. Truth hurt! What diplomacy are you talking about? Prostitution? You seem to have a shallow memory of Eritrea’s history. Leave it to those men and women who can handle it with steadfast.

    2. TN, that should have been the approach and the right diplomacy from the get go. You can’t just sit and cry why everyone is against you when you are not willing to play the game every nation has played for centuries. I think the government need to build the nation, create the economy and political life that was promised, and make ourselves an example. This way we become an important partner to other great nations, a partner built on win-win relationship. All these need to start by fixing the domestic issues first, getting the people to march towards a common goal that is prosperity and political space.

      1. “need to build the nation, create the economy and political life”
        I wish yr verbal comment as easy as y said it. Isn’t the gov’t tried its best with meagre income to build the nation. Isn’t having healthy nation with better education were the policy? Isn’t involving our youth to build the nation is blessing? Isn’t reserving every drop of water and awaring and agitation on the consumption of water building a society? Isn’t building dums building a society? Isn’t reserving food items beforehand building a society? Regarding political life much have been done but our self-reliance is not appreciated.

        1. Saba sabena, why dont you go back to live there and sing that song? They will need more people in the front line anyway.

    3. Arab League has its own problems and I don’t think full membership would help Eritrea in anyway, it might even hurt.
      Instead Eritrea could push for the establishment of a new regional organization with the Red Sea coastline countries. The countries would include Eritrea, the Sudan, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Yemen and Djibouti. May be even Somalia. I believe this would counter the Woyane infested IGAD and Eritrea could get its voice heard loud in regional and international venues!

      I say let Eritrea organize a conference in Asmara and invite scholars from these countries to discuss such kind of idea.

      1. Sorry, but Eritrea is not in a position to create “a new regional organization”. It doesn’t have the political influence or the economic power to pull something like that off. And in any case, just look at the countries you’ve just mentioned. Israeli is probably the only country in the world in which anti-Eritrean sentiment is comparable to what it is in Ethiopia. Sudan is currently an ally of Ethiopia, and Eritrea doesn’t have anything to offer Sudan that would persuade them to drop their alliance with Ethiopia. Jordan is irrelevant to East Africa, and Yemen is a failed state. Djibouti may or may not want to join this alliance of which you speak, but it is so small that Ethiopia would be able to bully it out of engaging in improved relations with Eritrea. The Saudis may well oppose Ethiopia, but they also do business there, and more importantly they are a tight US ally, which is in turn a tight ally of Ethiopia, so Saudi Arabia is not going to join Eritrea in an anti-Ethiopia alliance. This leaves Egypt, but Egypt and Eritrea already have amicable relations, and there’s no reason to think that they are going to get any closer, except maybe in the case of a water war between Egoypt and Ethiopia, in which Egypt would want to get Eritrea to fight Ethiopia on Egypt’s side.

        1. Ethiopia have political influence and economic power in the world but it took her 71 years to get here. that’s interesting, isn’t it

      2. FYI, Eritrea, Egypt, Jordan, and Israel can only form an organization the others are in no war no peace with Israel.

        1. zagir and Irving,

          I know several of the mentioned countries are among each others cases. That is why I suggested only scholars to convene in Asmara for a purpose of finding common ground. Initially, it might be all academic exercise.

          At the end of the day, it shouldn’t matter if some refuse to join. The purpose is to bring a critical mass together and creat a nucleus. This is a long term project.

          Let’s hear your alternative.

          1. The alternative is for Eritrea to make alliances with important and powerful countries on the basis of their shared interests. It is up to the eritrean government, and not me, to figure out what it is that Eritrea can offer countries like Israel or China or the US in order for them to back up Eritrea, and help Eritrea secure it’s national interests.

          2. Well, a lot of people would consider the Red Sea as a high steak interest to these countries. When materialized, it will be a very important and powerful alliance. Eritrea needs to push for such an alliance.

            Some one said “sit down”‘if you don’t have ideas……

    4. joining any organization or coalition will not do us any good unless our internal problems are addressed and solved first. If the PFDJ leader is ready to implement the rule of law and unite the people, all things can be sorted out step by step in due time.

        1. I Probably was sleeping for long time but i woke up to sense the grave danger my country is heading to, how about you?
          Don’t you see not addressing and solving our internal problems and uniting our people is making us a play ground of all. Even countries like Djibouti and Somalia seem to have stopped taking us serious let alone the big countries.

    5. Have you lost your marbles? Take it easy. Ethiopia’s non-permanent membership at the Security Council means nothing. The Security Council is a playground of the Big veto-carrying Boys. Ethiopia just replaced Angola. In two years, Uganda might be the one to replace Ethiopia.

        1. Let alone two years even two hours in The Security Council is very crucial for any one who can use it with brilliance. Liberate yourself from denial and blindness! This kind of mentality is not bravado and not helpful to anyone with good intentions and love to Eritrea! You need to grow and wide open your eyes to move forward.

    6. Arab league is the most useless organisation in the world. Absolutely useless. Not to mention we ARE not Arabs and joining Arab league will not get a good reaction especially from the Christian Eritreans. It is virtually impossible.

      Joining Saudi led useless coalition is much better.

    7. Brother Tesfa, I respect you very much, but you are overreacting to this news. Woyane is powerless.
      Give and Take you say? Eritrea always advocates in WIN-WIN, but the West is only interested in taking.

      1. Am I overreacting? Could it be because I can imagine the danger coming out of an enemy regime with a voice at the Security Council while you don’t?

        If you think Security Council seats are not that IMPORTANT, ask yourself why many countries vigorously fought for it?

        Do I have to remind you that we have two serious pending issues with the Security Council that so far we have failed to tackle? Why we failed? Because we don’t have a voice, an ally, a serious and influential ally. You can ask why we failed to earn ONE regional or international ally all this time. It’s not because we don’t have what it takes but because we don’t know how to GIVE. You can’t take with out giving.

        Allies revolve around their interest. UAE is now our ally because we gave them what they badly wanted – a military base right at the Red Sea. Can we do the same either with the U.S. or the Chinese or Russians or etc …

        Now, TPLF thugs are inside the Security Council and in the absence of such an ally, no one will stop them to play around against our interest; be it in lifting the sanction or playing around with the reports of the monitoring group or probably with the upcoming human rights stuff.

        Am I still overreacting? Well why don’t we let time prove one of us wrong. For the time being, please STOP playing the denial or underestimating the consequences of a TPLF inside the UNSC.

        1. Can you explicity explain how this will give woyane an upper hand more than it already has? Especially, when it is by U.S demand that eritrea is sanctioned. And it is by US life-support that woyane&ethiopia still exist, where the U.S has literally been breathing life into a decaying corpse. Ethiopia has always been a tool for US interests in the region. A beggar will always be a beggar even if they are dressed like a king.

          1. Well said! Weyane has been the 11th non permanent members for quite some time and now it doesn’t make that much difference for being the 10th members weyane has more than enough internal problems and would be lucky if they make it the next two years. I wish our people refresh their minds to revisit the deplomacy fallouts with our neighbors and especially with US why and how came to this end.

          2. Here is my concern.

            Previously, an African face within the Security Council was used to slap and maintain sanctions on Eritrea. First they use “Uganda” to table the nastiest resolution to impose the first sanction in 2010. Then they used “Gabon” to draft the second resolution specifically targeting the mining sector. Thanks to South Africa, at that time “a non-permanent Security Council member”, along with China and Russia, the mining sector was spared from being sanctioned and instead they hacked the 2% diaspora tax.

            Now if you really like to see how the TPLF thugs can influence the existing two sanctions on Eritrea, you have to wait until October when the SEMG present its annual report. It’s going to be about Ginbot 7 and Ginbot 7 only. Since the sanctions have no relation to our conflict with Ethiopia (?), it will be regarded that there is no conflict of interest for Ethiopia (with the blessing from uncle Tom, of course) to draft the next ERITREA RESOLUTION (call me a liar if this won’t happen!).

            My second and most pressing concern is the COI report issue (we will know more about this tomorrow when the Human Rights Council release its final resolution on Eritrea.)

            Although there exists a general consensus among council members that endorsing the COI recommendations as is will worsen the human rights situation in the country than helping it (as we have seen it yesterday from the draft resolution tabled by DJIBOUTI), the Council is however in favor of transmitting the COI report to the UN Security Council with a note attached “for Consideration” [not for “action”].

            Since the ICC is already a more politicized issue in Africa, Security Council will not be expected to heed with that and that is why the “wording” is improved from ICC to some sort of an “accountability mechanism”. What is an accountability mechanism? It could be an IGAD-led or an AU-led tribunal and the purpose is to bring the “perpetrators” to justice [not necessarily PIA though]. But this will be done either on September / October (the General Assembly) or at the beginning of the new year, that is after Ethiopia assume its new chair at the Security Council. One thing most people should understand is, such things do not happen by coincidence but by sheer planing.

            The game plan is still the same. With the U.S. blessing, Ethiopia can get the chance to draft the said resolution on the so called “alternative accountability mechanism” to try our leaders at an African tribune. I could be wrong on some of the wording but trust me the game plan can not be different.

            China or Russia can still kill such resolution by using their VETO power but I haven’t seen them using it to protect Eritrea in the last two rounds of sanctions than “abstaining”. But we never asked for their abstain vote at any time. This will lead us to my original argument, which is the need for an ally. In the absence of a meaningful ally, Eritrea can not do anything than shouting and whining at every corner, even if truth is at our side. But nobody in this freak world care if TRUTH is by your side.

          3. That China is a firm backer of Ethiopia goes without say, and in fact the US and China are both jockeying over influence in Africa, but especially Ethiopia, right now, so it seems unlikely that China would step in to veto anything. As for Russia, they’ve always been allies with Ethiopia, and the recent debt forgiveness they gave Ethiopia is evidence that their alliance hasn’t yet faded.

          4. I wouldn’t say they are allies of Ethiopia, but more so friendly with Ethiopia because that’s where the AU is located. They have immediate access to all those African leaders in one location where they can influence and twist. It really takes a lot of strong social encourage and honesty to do what Eritrea is doing by standing alone to fight this battle Africa should be doing. But you are right, they are playing chess and we need to play it. What’s obvious is that someone is helping Ethiopia play this game. I just think they are bright enough to play it on their own.

          5. Tesfa news just chill why go on the bush while the solution is easy(i.e if you really want the solution). here it comes:-
            1. solve the the final border rulling by negotiating with ethiopia and get your land and have a peace of mind.
            2. stop supporting different type reble group that distablise ethiopia b/c no won in the world including powerful contry like permanent members of security council want state like ethiopia the back bone of horn of africa with 100 millions people distablise by the work of 5 million of eritrea and eritrean leadership.
            Whether eritrea like it or not ethiopia is by far faverd by any major power b/c of so many reason so eritrea past and future problem you mentioned above can have a solution only through peaceful coexistence amd by being closest alliance with ethiopia.

        2. Brother Tesfa, I reread your original comment and reexamined my words. I stand by them. However I will try to address some of the points you raised.

          Why countries want a seat? Prestige. Real power is with P5 and nobody else. Therefore, whatever woyaner is Inside or Outside of the SC makes no difference, as the US controls the levers of power. Woyane is just a tool, chosen because of it willingness to be a Slave.

          You stated. “please STOP playing the denial or underestimating the consequences of a TPLF inside the UNSC.” Denial? Brother, not at all. I have spent too much time thinking about possible consequences for Eritrea, but you are immensely overestimating the power of woyane in the SC. They are an appendage. Nothing more.

          You stated originally, “Time to admit the world speaks only the GIVE and TAKE language.” As I pointed out in my response to you, Eritrea always advocates WIN-WIN. If I am wrong and Eritrea does not advocate Equal Partnerships and if it does not do its best in this regard, then I would like to know instances of that from you so I can learn.

          You raised a very important issue in regards to Allies. We all need each other, but some relationships are more toxic than others, in particular in International Geopolitics. Without economic entanglement among Nations, Alliances become transient anyways.

          Take our “Alliance” with the UAE. I accept this because there is something positive there. We give them something and they give us something. They are not trying to Lord over us.

          With the US there is no such thing as Give and Take. Never. Only a Master and Slave relationship. Why do you think they desperately want AfriCom to be in Eritrea? So that they can infiltrate our military and control us from the inside.

          Look at how they created the School of the Americas to help control, destroy and exploit Latin America for a century. They are doing the same in Africa, but Eritrea is fighting the good fight. However, I have no issue with collaborating with the US militarily only if it serves our National Interest. But do you really believe there is a Give and Take with the US in Africa? How?

          So then what is the way forward? Eritrea has survived and is on the verge of a great things.
          I believe it! Our 2 options are to either became slaves of the west or do it the right way. The right ways is always harder, but much better for future generations.

          I rather build where others have not built, rather than go where others have gone, to paraphrase the great and very wise St Paul of Tarsus.

          At the end of the day like you said time will tell. I am convinced that there is more that unites us than separate us, as both of us Love and want the best for our Homeland, Eritrea.

    8. What exactly are you looking for from the world community? You see the nature of the game being played, yet Eritrea still exists and is progressing, maybe not at the pace we desire, nonetheless the Bread&Butter is coming. There is only one major thing that Eri-gov needs to do, and that is to allow the diaspora an outlet to invest in Eritrea, you will see then how every complaint that is currently being made will fly out the window. The diaspora is Eritrea’s #1 asset and you would see an even stronger unity and nationalism if they were given opportunities to invest, which is what the majority of the diaspora has been dying to do for ages.

      As far as Ethiopia gaining a seat in the SC this will not change anything for Woyane or Ethiopia, at best it gives the regime time and desperately needed face.

      1. Roughly 40 percent of eritrean GDP is made up of remittances from abroad, so it seems the eritrean government is in fact providing an outlet for the diaspora to invest

        1. I doubt it’s 40%. It’s probably far less than that. And what’s wrong with that. There are plenty of countries that have remittances. Africa alone equals 25 billion in remittances every year.

          1. I wasn’t criticizing Eritrea. I was merely pointing out a simple fact. That a uniquely huge chunk of Eritrea’s GDP — some sources say that it is up to 50 % — is not in dispute by anyone. I say that Eritrea’s case is unique because it’s GDP is already very low. A country with an independently high GDP can make excuses if their already high GDP is supplemented by lots of remittances, but Eritrea seems to ony have subsistence farming, some mineral exports and remittances. There’s no other case like Eritrea, even in Africa

          2. I willing to disputed that 50%. Like I said, it sounds way to high giving the size of the population and the amount of people that outside the country. Remittances is not unique to Eritrea. What’s unique about Eritrea is that we actually have diaspora that cares more than any other African nation. More importantly, other African nations government budgets is 40-75% foreign aid unlike Eritrea.

          3. >I willing to disputed that 50%. Like I said, it sounds way to high giving the size of the population and the amount of people that outside the country.

            It doesn’t matter if these statistics sound too high to you. The fact is that they are true. We need to be clear about something: these numbers aren’t actually disputed by anyone in the know. But if it is hard evidence that you want, look below.

            Here’s one article written in 2007 by an economics professor at the University of Queensland (Australia) who also appears to be Eritrean himself (i.e. he got his B.A. at the University of Asmara). In it he writes “Eritrea’s small economy depends on remittances from Eritreans overseas. It is known that remittances from abroad are equivalent to 40-50% of GDP.” Here’s the link to the article:


            In this article, written in 2006 by Berhane Tewolde, a professor at the University of Asmara, it is estimated that remittances make up 1/3rd of the Eritrean government’s budget and 20 to 30 percent of Eritrea’s GDP. Here’s the link:


            According to this report published by the International Fund for Agricultural Development, which appears to be affiliated with the UN, remittances make up 38 percent of Eritrea’s GDP:


            According to this source, 32 percent of Eritrea’s GDP is made up of remittances:


            The Chatham House, a very prominent think tank based in the UK, says that 1/3rd or more of Eritrea’s GDP is made up of remittances. The report is worth reading in full, though:


            The main point here is that no one disputes the fact that anywhere from a quarter to a half of Eritrea’s GDP is based on remittances. Even professors at Eritrean universities concede that fact. I could easily cite more sources, but you get the idea.

            >Remittances is not unique to Eritrea. What’s unique about Eritrea is that we actually have diaspora that cares more than any other African nation. More importantly, other African nations government budgets is 40-75% foreign aid unlike Eritrea.

            Give me a break. Everybody loves their country, Eritreans aren’t unique in this regard.

            What makes Eritrea (or more specifically, its economy) unique, however, isn’t that so large a proportion of their GDP is based on remittances–although in the case of Eritrea the proportion probably is the highest or one of the highest in the world–as there are other countries where remittances also make up a huge portion of GDP. What makes Eritrea’s economy unique, is the fact that without remittances, its economy would collapse immediately. Besides remittances, Eritrea only has subsistence farming (more to the point, something like 80 percent of the population earns their living in agriculture or related sectors). But with the drought as it is, and the consequently steadily declining agricultural output that Eritrea has suffered for years when set against population growth, remittances seems to be the only thing that’s keeping a large number of Eritreans from starving to death.

          4. All your citations are older than 10 years! Way before the mining industry started exporting gold. I would not be surprised if remittance in Eritrea had accounted for more than 70% of its GDP more than 20 years ago. Remember, Eritrea’s economy started from scratch!
            This is 2016 and Eritrea’s economy has come a long way. And, yes it has a long way to go too.

            The relatively recent (2014) data from IMF indicates that Eritrea’s GDP is 3.888 billion. Total remittance was less than 400 million. Check the link below for yourself.


          5. as I said, nothing much has changed in the Eritrean economy since the time many of these reports were made. The mining industry in Eritrea hasn’t actually gotten off the ground yet, and Eritrea is a long, long way from exporting at its maximum potential, so mining is still an extremely small part of Eritrea’s GDP, although this will change in the future. For the rest, the link that you’ve referred to only gives an estimated number for Eritrea’s GDP, but there’s nothing there that speaks of remittances.

          6. “nothing much has changed in the Eritrean economy since the time many of these reports were made”. Pulling references older than 10 years was lame, to say the least. I guess this discussion with you ain’t going no where as your argument is determined to stay on an irrelevant data. “felitu zedekeses teneknekayo nesemie” koynu negeru.
            I couldn’t agree more with you that the mining industry is not at its peak. It has come this far already and I have no doubt it will get there shortly.
            As to the rest of your arguments – it is “bullshit” to borrow YapiYapo’s phrase!

          7. >Pulling references older than 10 years was lame, to say the least

            2007 is nine years ago, which is besides the point.

            The main point is that what’s actually lame is that you haven’t given one single reason–except for an irrelevant reference to the Eritrean mining industry which isn’t even generating any revenues at this point, given that it is still in its embryonic stage– why anyone should think that these references I’ve cited should be considered obsolete. No one is saying that economic conditions in Eritrea is exactly the same to what they were 10 years ago, give or take, but it is the case that they are similar enough that we can look at the data that’s available and apply them to the present day. In any case, third world economies are notoriously stagnant and bereft of any real transformative innovation, and Eritrea is undoubtedly a third world economy; moreover, Eritrea has been as starved as its ever been of foreign investment and access to foreign technology. Under these circumstances, we can say with more or less absolute certainty that the only think that has changed economically is that the Eritrean population has gotten larger.

            In any case, here’s a source from 2013 which says that remittances are 1/3rd of the ERitrean economy:

          8. I really dont know why you are wasting your time trying to explain simple economy to depi dapo and habeni but good job. As a matter of fact, there is nothing that changed from 2003-2016. Its not even called economy at this point. The way to measure it would be income and GDP. If the income is diaspora sending money to feed famlilies and you are not exporting, you have become Somalia number 2 but it takes being open mind to understand just that. Please implement the consistution.

          9. Like I said, referencing half baked studies by some third tier organizations won’t do the job. Where is the hard data??

          10. >Like I said, referencing half baked studies by some third tier organizations won’t do the job. Where is the hard data??

            The reality is that the Eritrean government hasn’t published a budget since 2003, so there is no “hard data” in the sense that you mean it. All of the economic data that we have on Eritrea is necessarily gotten through “half baked studies” from the kind of “third tier organizations” which you seem to deride, and their data are largely based on inferences based on rough estimations of the countries imports and exports, etc.

          11. Why would it be futile? I’ve provided sources that reveal a range of views on the question on hand. Some say that remittances make up as low as a quarter of Eritrean GDP and some say that it is up to half. I don’t pretend to have any definite percentage, I’m just saying that it is well-known on all sides of the debate that the percentage is high.

          12. irving,
            I think you know why it could be futile.

            It was wonderful discussing the topic with you. My apologies if I stepped out of line at times while…..

          13. No, I don’t know — that is why I asked.

            Relatively accurate general estimates can be made on the state of the Eritrean economy, and that is what we all must rely on until the Eritrean government releases its own official economic data.

          14. Eritrea’s economy is the worst in Africa, privet company’s are almost illegal , co nstruction have forbidden for 14 years now, all eritrean bussinnes men have moved out of Eritrea and are to be in juba,Angola ,south Africa and kenya. Plz go and Africa and after words Eritrea the you will understand how low we have fallen,go go go…

          15. This is not true! stop lying. Its actually ranked ahead of a lot of countries. For example, Togo, Burundi, Lesotho, Leberia, Gamiba, Central African Republic, Swaziland…etc.

          16. 1.)The #’s on Eritrea’s economy since the early 2000’s are purely speculation since the Eri. gov has always kept such information like how much it receives in remittance under wraps.

            2.)I would like to state Eritrea, after independence, had the fastest growing economy in the world w/ substantial gains to be made in the future.

            3.) You say “third world economies are notoriously stagnant” in Eritrea’s case much of that has to do external Intervention. For instance Eritrea had already begun the process of establishing the mining industry well before 1997. Thanks to war and sanctions it was brought to a halt.

            4.) you say “Eritrea has been as starved as its ever been of foreign investment” this is absolutely true, but in no way is Eritrea’s to blame when it has opened its doors to investors who were willing to work with Eritrea. Many were willing like Nevsun, China, Australia etc, but were threatened from even attempting by an ever looming vulture.

            Lastly, slow and steady wins the race. Eritrea is alive and well, its potential has yet to be met in most industries, yet the wheels have begun to turn and just like a car that needs to warmup before being driven, Eritrea’s economy is being warmed-up right before it takes off.

          17. Again, I’m not blaming Eritrea for anything, nor am I saying external intervention is not an issue, or whatever. I’m just pointing out facts that nobody in the world disputes except for people like Haben

          18. I just wanted to give context to what you were stating, which WITHOUT context would come across to some as victim blaming. Eritrea’s economic issues or any issue for that matter need to be contextualized or else they are subject to extreme bias.

          19. I mean that the fact that a large percentage of Eritrea’s GDP is based on remittances isn’t some smear made up to tarnish Eritrea’s reputation or something. Eritrea is routinely used as a case study by economists who want to research the effect of remittances on receiving countries, for example. No one who matters, not even the Eritrean government, denies that a large percentage of Eritrean GDP is based on remittances. Indeed, as the sources I cited showed, even professors at Eritrean universities concede this fact.

          20. How do you know? You’re the one who says that it is “futile” for me to try and determine the percentage of Eritrean GDP that is made up of remittances given the lack of official economic data produced by the Eritrean government. And yet here you speak as if the official economic data were right in front of you.

          21. According to the figures given above, 400m and 3.888b, it is about 10.3%–large depends on your opinion.

            Pleas list some of the case studies “routinely used by economists” so that we can read them too.

          22. >According to the figures given above, 400m and 3.888b, it is about 10.3%–large depends on your opinion.

            I never gave exact figures for Eritrea’s GDP or for the amount of remittances it receives each year. If I thought I had reliable numbers I would have posted them, and I would not have cited so many sources from diverse places. The point that I was trying to emphasize was that though there is disagreement on the exact numbers, the one thing that no one disagrees on, including professors at Eritrean universities, is that a sizable part of Eritrea’s GDP is made up of remittances.

            >Pleas list some of the case studies “routinely used by economists” so that we can read them too.

            This book, published in 2014, isn’t written by an economist but by an anthropologist, but it does discuss Eritrea in the terms that I said scholars routinely discuss it where the issue of remittances are concerned, particularly in Chapter 1 (and it too proposes that just over a third of Eritrea’s GDP is based on remittances):

          23. Your growth after independence comes directly from Ethiopia, exporting our own and using birr, nothing more, nothing less but im more intersted in that car of yours still warming up. What is it? 1952 Jet? My shabo friend, cars take about five min to warm up, Ethiopian Air jets about 30 sec, your problem is there is no oil in the motor, starter gave up and the guy behind the wheel is completly clueless about cars. Its really time to see a dealer about junking that ps of sh..

          24. “Ethiopian Air jets about 30 sec” I know that, on behalf of Eritreans I would like to thank Ethiopia for those expensive gifts, loser. We’ll take a couple more sooner or later haha

          25. Also, check out the book “Eritrea at a Crossroads: A Narrative of Triumph, Betrayal and Hope” published in 2014 and written by Andebrhan Welde Giorgis, who was an Eritrean ambassador before having a falling out with the Eritrean government. In it, he quotes a source as saying that 40 percent of Eritrea’s GDP is remittances. This is on page 441.

          26. I don’t have anything to prove to you. The sources that I have posted are an invitation to you, and others, to examine this matter independently. In any case, I already know what the truth is, so I don’t need to “bring” anything for you, who is anyway seemingly incapable of reading and interpreting economic data.

          27. Irvin,
            Are you serious about that?
            What is wrong with scanning (even using your cell phone camera) and pasting it here in TN?
            If that is difficult, you should say so, otherwise saying “I don’t have anything to prove to you.” does not make sense. If that was the case, why even start telling us about the book?

          28. Well, I’m not the one who is trying to fraud with irrelevant data! I sense that you have an axe to grind here.

            As to the rest, it is your opinion. I would love for you to try me with hard data, cherry picked references.

          29. Habenye, i am with you on this one. I have been looking for the hard copy of Obama’s birth certificate just like Trump and still think he is a muslim and not born in thr US. We need hard reference when it comes to Eritrea economy. It might be moving in the right direction.

          30. I do not think that it is disputed, as far as I am concerned.
            It would be better if the GOE does the normal thing and show its budget, spending economic plan ..etc. Work needs to be done on this area – Transparency – why not openly talk about it and discuss it.

          31. Well, a quick Google search just proved that India has the highest remittances of 72 billion, follow by China, the Philippines and a bunch of other counties including France, Germany, Spain, and Belgium. I know Burumda has a high remittances from working with expats from that country. This whole remittance is unique to Eritrea because it has a limited economy is bullshit. As to the rest of your links, I will read them and get back to you. Keep in mind they are from 2006-2007. It’s takes awhile to build an economy that was completely destroyed. And remittances is nothing to be ashamed of especially, if larger and more developed countries are still receiving them. And these African countries would probably receive a lot more remittances, if it was not for foreign aid making up between 45-75% of their budget. Like I said, Africa receives 25 billion in remittances every year. That’s a whole lot of remittances developed African country or not.

          32. India gets about 70 billion dollars a year in remittances, which amounts to just over 4 percent of its national GDP. China has got a national economy that is worth over 10 trillion dollars, so the 65 billion or so dollars that they get in remittances is a literal drop in the bucket. As for the Western European countries, the number of workers they’ve got abroad is quite small, so the idea that the proportion of their economies based on remittances would be anything like Eritrea’s is absurd on the face of it, even if these European countries weren’t so independently wealthy.

            I can go on, but I want to repeat that I’m not criticizing Eritrea, so you shouldn’t be so defensive. I’m just pointing out facts that are actually disputed by no one. Eritrea or Eritreans shouldn’t be ashamed at these facts, but they should keep them in mind, because if things don’t change, Eritrea is going to be in for some hard times in the near future, much harder than anything like it is experiencing now.

            That many of these statistics are from 2006-2007 means nothing, given the fact that they are still true. It isn’t as if Eritrea has recently created any lucrative new industries in the interim.

            As for you calling my interpretation of these facts “bullshit”, I think you’ve misunderstood me. Let’s do some math: say that we have 2 countries, each of which has got 100 people. Let’s say that country A has got an economy with an annual GDP of 1 trillion dollars and country B has got an annual GDP of 1,000 dollars. Let’s also say that both countries get exactly 50 percent of their respective GDP from remittances. Do you see now what I’m getting at? Country A, even if you took away its remittances, would still have 500 million dollars, and with only 100 people, it would still be a phenomenally wealthy country, with a per capita GDP of 50 million. Take away country B’s remittances, however, and the 100 people living there would likely starve to death, if they weren’t starving already because of their already dismally low GDP.

            The point here is that Eritrea is unique because it is arguably much closer to the example of country B in the sense that it is already a very poor country with an extremely large dependence on remittances . I’m not sure that there’s any other country like Eritrea, except for maybe the handful that may exist in sub saharan Africa.

          33. In case it helps, Eritrea used to earn well over US $300 million from remittances before the sanction (Wikileaks) and according to Ambassador Girma Asmerom, in his statement to the SEMG, that figure dropped to around US $11 million.

          34. Do you have a link to the his statement? I’m only curious because his claim, if he made it, seems implausible on the face of it. Eritrea could not have survived had it lost $289m dollars in revenue so quickly.

          35. Ah, I see. I initially thought the statement had to do with remittances in general, but this just says that it was revenues from the 2 percent tax that suffered a decline.

          36. What I am calling bullshit is the fact you wanted to make this unique to Eritrea especially without taking everything into context. Especially, when you have countries like Timor-Leste, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Nepal, Moldova, Lesotho and even Gambia that receive remittances anywhere from 216.6% to 20%. I brought up those countries like India, China, and Spain into the discussion, to let you know, event those countries that are developed still receive remittances. As a result, remittances is nothing to be ashamed off. And if Eritrea had requested war reparations, from Ethiopia, Eritrea would have been further alone. I think it is the only country that never received war reparations. This not about being defensive. If you are right, then you are right, and if I’m wrong than I am wrong. But, I am not going to take you word without concrete proof. Like I said, I will take a look at the links you have provided when I get home from my travels.

          37. Look, I’m always up for having debates, but we aren’t going to be able to have a meaningful exchange if you continue to persistently distort what it is that I’m saying. I NEVER said that Eritrea is the only country that accepts remittances, or that Eritrea is the only country that relies on remittances for a large portion of its GDP. What I did say is that the Eritrean economy is unique in the fact that it is at once an extremely poor country with an extremely low GDP that is also heavily reliant on remittances, with estimates suggesting that remittances make up anything from a quarter to a half of its GDP. I did concede that there may be other African countries that I don’t know about that is also in Eritrea’s situation, but again, I think it is fair to say that Eritrea is unique in this regard. And as for the counter-examples that you put forward, I dismissed all of them because they were based on the kinds of misunderstandings that I outlined above.

            For the rest, you are making the same mistake made by Haben. You are demanding “concrete proof” but the fact is that the only people who would be able to provide us with “concrete proof” is the Eritrean government, but of course they haven’t released any official economic data, let alone a record of their annual budget, since 2003. So, strictly speaking, we don’t have any “concrete proof”. What we have are the numbers given us by independent scholars (some of whom are themselves Eritrean, as I’ve pointed out above), foreign banks, the IMF, etc., and inevitably it is on their numbers that we have to rely. But if it is “concrete proof” that you want, we’re going to have to wait for the Eritrean government to give it to us. Although, to be honest, I think that part of the reason why the Eritrean government hasn’t released any data is because a lot of the stuff that people are saying about its economy–e.g. that it is significantly reliant on remittances–is basically true, and they don’t want facts like that to be given official acknowledgement.

            In any case, I don’t think all is lost for Eritrea. But, if we continue to remain hard headed, and to dismiss facts simply because they would appear to undermine Eritrea’s reputation or whatever, we will go nowhere. Eritrea is a great country but it isn’t an insult to Eritrea to admit that it faces tremendous economic problems like the one that I have explained here in this comment section.

          38. Also, check out the book “Eritrea at a Crossroads: A Narrative of Triumph, Betrayal and Hope” published in 2014 and written by Andebrhan Welde Giorgis, who was an Eritrean ambassador before having a falling out with the Eritrean government. In it, he quotes a source as saying that 40 percent of Eritrea’s GDP is remittances. This is on page 441

      1. LOL,
        Even great leaders get frustrated … TN is no different.
        Just worry of your own nervous breakdown.
        Remember: TN is the reason all of us come to learn and come-down to chill whenever shit-hit-the-fun.

        1. “ፈላሲ ከይሞተ ፡ ስርናይ ከይሸወተ ኣይትእመን” እኮ ተባሂሉ እዩ። ታሪኽ ወዲ ሰብ ምስ ሞተ ጥራሕ እዩ መደምደምታ ዝህልዎ። ብዝተረፈ/Otherwise it can happen any thing in between. In the mean time, I am hopping TN will retract its unreasonable opinion/statement, and apologize to its audience.

          1. My message was crystal clear and you have every right to disagree with it. At the same time, you have to respect other people’s opinion too, even if it is not to your liking.

    9. TesfaNews, I would have expected you to invoke other pressing issues than the one above to say whether Eritrea’s approach in international affairs should be changed or not. Ethiopia got a sit in the security council, good for them, they are a member of the united nation and as any other nation they have a right and deserve to get a sit. When the time comes Eritrea may campaign and get a sit as well. What is the big deal? If the thinking is they are going to get more ears, I for one don’t think it is going to make any difference whether they are in or out, it is the bigger nation who are running the show and they will push their agenda using runner nation like Ethiopia, Somalia, Djibouti,…; by making them think or believe that the perks they are getting is not because they are runners but because they are good in diplomacy – what a joke?

      As to your question whether it is time for Eritrea to join the arab league sounds a bit of knee-jerk reaction to me. What has, the Arab league, ever done for its members? don’t forget Iraq, Syria, Libya, Sudan, Yemen, and Palestine are Arab league members; what have they done for them? What makes you think they will do anything different for Eritrea and that Eritrea will benefit from it? Please!! any other organization but the Arab league.

      I think the E government has to address certain issues with the Eritrean people, that are more pressing than the one mentioned above; joining this or that organization. Once the Eritrean people are united and their domestic issues are addressed, then there is no need for all the jumping through the hoops above. First and for most we have to come to terms with our own domestic problems, we have to own them, deal with them accordingly and we will be able to overcome anything as people and as a nation.

      No need to be myopic because of what others are doing or not doing.

    10. TN, you seem frustrated, this is what the woyane or the west waiting to happen. As the owner of this website you should have collected your emotion. Don’t delete my comment

      1. Seeing murderous, genocidal, backward and a rapist regime rewarded with high seats simply disconcerted me (if not to anyone).

        As for calling the Government to start fixing our domestic shortcomings at the earliest is not out of frustration but rather a noble call. The same with calling government to enter into some kind of strategic, regional or international alliances. Which ones? How do i know. I say why not even the Arab league or Saudi coalition as long as it serves our national and international interests. We need an ally of some sort and that is a no brainer.

    11. The Give and Take cards were and are always on the table with any country and politician , you just need privilege to see them.

    12. Congratulations: Tesfanews GOT IT ALL WRONG. With all do respect, you of all people knows better that Eritrea approach has never been “GO IT ALONE”. It was always based on MUTUAL UNDERSTANDING, MUTUAL COOPERATION/WIN-WIN COOPERATION. It has always been a GIVE and TAKE LANGUAGE( in other words WIN-WIN LANGUAGE) since time immoral. Our traditional ways as is with many indigenous people of the planet, has always been give and take. When we visit family/friends, do we come empty handed or do we not come with gifts(giving)? Gift is “GIVEN” for the love, joy, affection, peace, appreciation and thoughtfulness “RECIEVED”. SINCE DAY ONE(prior to independence), our leaders understood and acknowledged the “GIVE AND TAKE LANGUAGE/CONCEPT. SELF-RELIANCE does not mean relying on self for everything, it is not possible to be 100% self-reliance. Everything in nature, beings or non-beings are interconnected and interdependent. THE LEADERSHIP KNOWS THIS.

      Lets be honest, WE THE PEOPLE ARE WEAK(whether in Eritrea or diaspora). The quality of people being produced is WEAK, because we lack KNOWLEDGE OF SELF, this is a global phenomenon. Consequently, the “ideas, will, determination, creativity, ingenuity, innovation, etc” resonates at a lower frequency. Knowing self, will help us raise our vibration, thus, resonating at a higher frequency as a result the impossible becomes possible. WE WOULD BECOME VERY STRONG, VERY CONSCIOUS(of everything), VERY DETERMINED, ETC. Why do you think our ancestors were magnificent? If you are wondering “what the hell does this have to do with anything”, let me explain.

      If we know WHO WE ARE, WHAT WE ARE, AND WHERE WE ARE there would be NO DOMESTIC ISSUES as we know of them now. We would operate on a “MA’AT(balance)” mind set like our ancestors. We would know who the enemy is and why they are enemies. We would not need a constitution as we know of it now, when we can live according to the DIVINE UNIVERSAL LAW=TRUTH. There would be no distorted image of us, as we would work in unison to illuminate the truth. There would be no need to bring our people closer, because they would not be divided in the first place. We would know that we are BROTHERS AND SISTERS, and NO ONE will ever stand between us. Whatever problem arise, we will deal with it as a family. If we need consultation, we would consult friends not foes, because we would know the difference. The colonized and enslaved people of the world are held captive in their own mind, majority of the blame goes to white supremacy. At the same time we should look in the mirror.

      Many of us are lost in the ocean of propaganda, mis/disinformation, indoctrinations, miseducation, and so on because of “WHITE SUPREMACY”. The so called Global organizations and ORDER, is aligned and operates under the ideology and system of WHITE SUPREMACY. These organizations(UN, ICC, WORLD BANK, HUMAN RIGHT WATCH DOGS, AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL, RELIGION ORGANIZATIONS, IMF,ETC), were designed for the benefit of the enemy(WHITE PEOPLE). White supremacy operates on all levels in western nations(religion, media, entertainment, education, etc) and operates globally through these organizations. Before, our people were confined in their world(tribes, kingdom, etc). All their ideas, beliefs, etc., came from within, they knew who they were. Yes we interacted and worked with others for centuries, but never were we indoctrinated and brainwashed like we are now that causes us to behave like savages. In this GLOBAL VILLAGE we live in, if you do not know who you are, then you will be a prey. Eritrea government/eplf/pfdj and their principles are the manifestation of the ancestors ability and understanding of self. But they are too victims of white supremacy to a certain degree, and do not understand the enemy completely. THESE ENEMIES(WESTERN GOVERNMENTS) ARE DEVILS, POINT BLANK, AND WE NEED TO UNDERSTAND THAT.

      As I said before under the comment section of one of the articles on TN a while back, we should form the SUPREME ERITREAN COALITION consisting of all Eritrean organizations or groups (pfdj, ypfdj, nuew, society of engineers/doctors/etc, nueys, religious groups, etc.) and open FRONTS where it is needed. We are in the information age for goodness sake. Let us use the technologies and social networks to fight the war as they are doing. Each member of the coalition should have multiple account on each social network. I say we should all have 5 accounts on youtube, facebook, tweeter, etc. We should flood the airwaves with TRUE information. We do not need to lower ourselves by lying. Everyone should buy good camera’s and flood the internet with documentaries, videos, etc. We should hold seminars as often as possible. We should invite our friends and others to come to hear the truth while show-casing our culture/beliefs/etc. We should create ERITREAN CLUBS at schools and educate our teachers/professors/school mates/etc. We should create Eritrean businesses and build a community like Jewish community as far as business and building global institutions is concerned. Our little brothers and sisters who are on internet most of times anyways should help disseminate the truth. We should represent Eritrea in all possible ways. so that means get rid of the enemies clothes during special occasions such as wedding, baptism, etc. LET US FUCKING REPRESENT WHO WERE ARE DAMMIT. Forget the NOOSE(tie) and suit, the slutty clothes designed by our enemies that our GODDESSES/QUEENS are wearing. Do you see the things that our women/girls are wearing? They should be ashamed of themselves. They wear high heels but don’t even know why. It was the European men that were wearing high heels in the past, wearing wigs, putting make up, wearing tight pants. Did they forget what there mothers closet looks like. Some of us men/boys are no different, we talk about fashion, but are wearing cloths designed by homo’s. What in the world is a men(and women) wearing skinny jeans for? we don’t even give ventilation for our private area to breathe.



    13. Go it alone approach ? Arab league ? Full member of …..? Fix domestic issues? …to help bring our people closer ? እዚ ኩሉ መትሓዚ ዘይብሉ ዘረባታት ካባኻትኩም ኣይተጸበናዮን ። እንታይ ማለትኩም ኮን ይኽውን?

      1) ካብ ካልኦት ሃገራት ሓገዝ ክትረክብ ትኽእል እንከሎኻ ” ኣነ ንበይነይ እየ ዝጓዓዝ ” ዝብል ኣተሓሳስባ ኣብ ኤርትራ ፍጽም የሎን።
      2 )ኣበሮም ኩሉ ወዲ ዓረብ ስለ ዝፈልጦ ብዛዕባ ” ኣራብ ሊግ ” ብዙሕ እንተ ዘይተዛረብና ይሓይሽ ።
      3) ሳዕቤኑ ከይመመኻ ” ምሉእ ኣባልነት ልፍንቲ ንግስነት ስዑዲ ዓረብ ” ምሕታት ዋላ ሓንቲ ትርጉም የብሉን ።
      4) ቀንዲ ዘቤታዊ ብድሆ ሃገርና ምቅላስ ድኽነት ስለ ዝኾነ ” ፊክስ ንግበሮ ” ዝበሃለሉ ናይ ሓጺር ጊዜ ዕማም ኣይኮነን ።
      5) ዝተፈናተተ ባዕሉ ተፈናቲቱ እንከሎ ” ንህዝብና ንምቅርራብ ” ዝብል ሓሳብ ዋላ ሓንቲ ትርጉም የብሉን ። መንግስቲ እንታይ እዩ እሞ ክገብር ? ነቲ ተዓሲቡ ዘሎ ካብቲ ተዓሲቡሉ ዘሎ ቦታ ኣምጺኡ ኣብ ሃገርና ክተኽሎ ?

      ለባማት ቅሩብ እስከ ንሕሰብ!

    14. Well said Tesfanews. Our strength comes from within. I have great confidence in the people of Eritrea’s ability to navigate this stormy political landscape we find ourselves in. Eritrea is also blessed with capable and willing people to do their part to help their country. Eritrea needs to channel its people’s energy and propel itself in a path that is stable and respectable by its own people and the rest of the world. It is a bit disheartening and frustrating to see Eritrea sanctioned by countries like Djibouti and Somalia who do not even control their own destiny. Whether we like it or not, we have to adapt to the current global political atmosphere and do what is needed based on the best interest of Eritrea only – Eritrea First. Time is of essence – Eritrea needs to act quick or the diplomatic deficit will widen further putting us at disadvantage at all world stages.

    15. Sorry TesfaNews/TN Admin, you are off track this time around. Your emotion has overtaken the reality. መስሓቕ ሸራፋት!

  3. This is definitely designed to give them more of a say on the “Eritrea supports Ethio opposition groups” accusation that they were trying to peddle last time. Since they don’t have proof of the Al-Shabaab support, they will use this “violation” to prolong the sanctions.

    I don’t know why people expect fairness from the UN (or any other institution). The world has never operated in that manner – “life is unfair” as they say, and asking for justice is futile. In this world, it is all about who you know, how valuable you are, and how much money you have. To gain leverage, you have to learn how to play the game.

    Unfortunately, these past two years I’ve come to realizations about our gov and the inefficiency they exhibit in regards to our diplomatic and media campaigns. (for example, the unmotivational speech our ambassador gave this recent HRC meeting) I doubt PFDJ will lift a finger to help remove the sanctions before December 2016 (the next sanctions briefing). As someone previously said on TN, our gov is more about the defense than the offense. In fact, our people have done more to defend our country and bring awareness to the UN and the COI issues. They are given time to prepare, then the attack happens, and the rest of us citizens deal with the fallout via petitions, protests, and social media awareness. It is not our responsibility to curb Western aggression, but it is our government’s. They need to be making strategic diplomatic alliances. How come we don’t have one ally who defends us? I’m not going to be one of those Africans who blame the West for all of their problems, at some point a little introspection is needed. All we can hope is that they make some kind of deal with the West like Iran did, to get rid of the sanctions.

    1. Y get frustrated? Why? History repeat itself! Eritrea was able to feed its people while Ethiopia runs for aid. Self-reliance is interpreted as an arrogancy. Even TN discouraged! Why? Look when the English people voted no with EU things turned up the other way round but remember when Bush and Tony Blare ganged and toppled the Iraqi president Iraqi people were dispersed, when Cameron and the French president ganged and toppled the then Libyia PR Libyans suffered a lot and Libya became hell to other parts of African refugees that they are exposed to untimely death in the ocean and has opened business for human traffickers because there is no control. Libya has become weak. Refugees have suffocated Europe and life is becoming more difficult. Let Ethiopia be elected. Personally I feel as long as poverty level is not changed the election doesn’t bring any change in the life of the people. Life in Ethiopia is extremly different the poor becomes poorer the rich richer. The social medias have alerted Ethiopians and nobody is anymore cheated but the hatred for woyane has collaborated the Ethiopians. Let us be united and help our government in all capacities for example how to minimize the number of people who fled from Eritrea. We cannot help those who were in Sudan are now trapped in human trafficking hands so they are the one who are transported via human traffickers. At the end of the day we will be winners. I have no doubt. I have high trust in God the Almighty.

      1. Well said. Without the P5, the other 10 SC members are powerless. People are overreacting to this expected news, as it was in the works for a while.

      2. Well said Saba,the turth always prevail no matter what,so let’s un no worry for the seat at un coz mamma stobia is already seating on time bomb.

    2. Yes, the government does need to be more offensive with everything instead of always defensive. I totally agree with this statement, and I have been saying it for years. The government should be giving the enemy countries a taste of their own medicine.

  4. This shouldn’t have come as a surprise, it was already fixed. Whatever campaign Woyane claims have done to get the seat was pure drama.

    As far as self-respecting countries like Egypt, Bolivia etc are present in the UNSC, Eritrea should work hard with these countries to expose Woyane’s intentions for the Horn of Africa. If done properly, the next two years could be a nightmare for Woyane’s stay at the UNSC.

    Ambassador Girma Asmerom’s plate just got fuller.

  5. The UN Human Right Council has just finished literally editing the resolution tabled by the tiny-God-forsaken bantam state of Djibouti. In the absence of a strong ally, even worthless states like Djibouti and Somalia would dare to pee on us. The Council, however, help watering it down by taking out some of the nastiest wordings embedded in the resolution against Eritrea.

    Please have a look yourself to figure what type of resolution we are expecting from the Council by the end of this week.

    1. Jesus. Even a poor country with a population of 800k can draft a resolution… We haven’t gained any political clout at all.

      1. Don’t deceive yourself. it was not Djibouti or Somalia’s draft resolution. it was America’s draft resolution, and was not the first time they used these pawns for its hegemonic motive.

        1. I agree. House niggers lynched their kind at the behest of their masters.
          We all know this is what the US did to Eritrea in 1952. This is what they did to Syria, with its neighbour countries like Saudi Arabia pushing a resolution in the UN against Syria on “chemical weapons ” with the US pulling the puppet strings behind the closed curtain.

          The good thing, is that in this day and age, the majority of the people around the world know the morally bankrupt nature of the UN and its backers.

          The UN turned itself into a criminal organization with its noble beginnings and ideals long forgotten. The genocide in Rwanda where the UN simply vacated its peace forces and watched 800,000 innocent civilians getting slaughtered like pigs is a prime example of a criminal organization and so are the rubber stamping of the invasion against Iraq, Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, Yemen and the 60 years of violation of the fundamental rights and human dignity of the Eritrean people.

      2. Brother. the draft resolution made by US and hand over this tiny Djibouti secretly to assume that is an African initiative . you need to remember how they played to put sanctions on Eritrea first. it was all the US interest from the beginning to punish Eritrea and to do that , they manipulated these African countries to blame and accuse Eritrea of destabilizing their regional security and then push the case forward to the U.N .(US).now it seems they are following the same path to me.

    2. I don’t understand why government doesn’t give these countries a taste of their own medicine. Why is that so hard to do?

    3. What’s up? Don’t be frustrated. I have never expected from you: Time will tell, who will win at the end of the day. They can draft what they want. but never change the reallity on the Horn of Africa.

  6. አይቤልናን ዶ አይቤልናን ዶዬ።congrats Ethiopia.God bless Ethiopia and its heroic people.ሕጂ ዶ ሓይሽ ዋይ ዋይ።

    1. Lots of countries become temporary members of the UNSC. It doesn’t mean anything. You will never have a permanent seat. Only 5 countries have a permanent seat. You are replacing Anglola. What did Angola ever do with the UNSC position. Probably nothing.
      So Ethiopia’s representative is just going to be fetching coffee and printing materials for the permanent members of the UNSC.

  7. Just because you join the Security Council as a temporary doesn’t mean you can do whatever you want. It does not. Ertirea does have to improve its relationship with the United States, but it doesn’t have anything to fear from Ethiopia becoming a temporary member of UNSC. Ethiopia is still going to be a temp. It’s just going to sit to the side and observe.

  8. Quote of the day:

    “If you have a critique for Eritrea’s resistance, then you better have an established record of critique for Ethiopia’s continued aggression. If you have no interest in defending Eritrea form foreign agression, then do not make suggestions to those who do. Sit down! ” – Kurubel Mobae (Facebook)

  9. The Ethiopian UNSC temporary position further solidifies that UN is a corrupted organization as other international diplomats from Latin America have stated in the past. To actually give a seat to a country that has committed genocide is beyond reproach. How much of the country did they sale to get a face lift. This reminds me of Meles Zenawin being included in the G20. What did that do for Ethiopia. That’s right nothing! Western nations are really looking for an African success story and Ethiopia is the choosing goat just like Ghana was a few years ago. How did that turn out? That’s right you guessed it! Eventually, they will get tired of Ethiopia and move on to the next country which mostly likely will be Rwanda.

    Let’s look at history. Remember how hard western nations tried to legitimized Khmers rouges regime in Combodia in-spite of the massive genocide that was going throughout the country. We’re talking about a regime that wanted to go back to the stone age. They literally had starving people working in the mines for free for Chinese companies. After Vietnam liberated Combodia. Western nations wouldn’t even recognize the opposition. They wanted the Khmers roughes back in power because they provided military bases for United States. This horse shit went all the way to the UN where they tried to implement power sharing between the opposition and Khmers rouges.

    Don’t get discouraged because the Ethiopian government is willing to sale itself. Western nations will gladly take a self-serving sale out.

  10. No no this is not fair…..Weyane is crowned at the morrow of the day Shabia is proposed to be crucified! how come, not fair…lol

    Tesfanews what happened to you? you are totally changed, I am so startled how can a person become matured & stop denying the reality overnight, ab hanti Leyti?

    But honestly speaking, among all the progressive diseases that have been sadly decaying the nation, I say international relations & diplomacy is in the top. 25 years for vain only crying like a child, scapegoating, insulting, denying the reality, undermining, provoking, destabilizing others…the diagnosis goes on, this has been the attributes of the government particularly the leader, this behavior is also symptomatic in some significant number of individuals both pro & against the gov’t.

    I agree with what Haile Duru at the last days before his imprisonment said, “We are part of the world & should know & go in harmony with whatever the world is .” If you do not know & internalize the characteristics of the contemporary political situation you are no more a politician. It is just like the foot ball game, if the national club in Eritrea does not understand & respect the international rules set by CAF & if the coach & other leaders of the club stubbornly say they will only follow their own rules while in the football field then how could the club play & win the match, impossible!

    Weyane/TPLF is persuading the world then that means Weyane is the one who correctly understood & defined the rules of the game about politics & diplomacy & that again shows the government is fit to be active player & get attention in the international arena, just like what has happened today.

    Had that not been the fact then, this country would have been marginalized like in the past. This is what has been one of the issues Eritrea has scored worst of all, the issues of international relations & diplomacy.

    1. And I am sure the current leadership would prefer to die to amending this problems since the deep rooted culture of the leadership & inborn & rigid personality of the leader is insurmountable!

    2. And I am sure the current leadership would prefer death to amending this problems since the deep rooted culture of the leadership & inborn & rigid personality of the leader is insurmountable!

    3. Majority does not always equal the truth. Sometimes the world is wrong and full of nonsense, it is self serving and pretentious. The treatment of Eritrea is an example. Or have you not noticed that?

    4. When Haile Duru was a baby, Eritrean leaders were at the UN trying to convince whoever would listen that Eritrea deserved to be independent as much as Libya, as one of the Italian colonies along with Eritrea and Somalia the fate of which was discussed at the UN. But most of the doors were closed to them. They didn’t want Eritrea to be independent. You see, Israel became independent in 1948 and there was an Arab-Israel war in 1948. This event was to have a major impact on the geopolitics of the Horn and Eritrea.

      Also, what Haile Duru might have told you along with the quote you gave is that the major powers define who their friends will be in relation with their geopolitical interests. In other words, when Haile Duru was the Foreign Minister of Eritrea he might have told the foreign ministers of major countries that Eritrea wished to have very good relations with them but, I am sure, they didn’t give a hoot. Why? Because Eritrea didn’t have what they wanted. Now, what did these countries generally want? A major country with a large population that would buy their products and an old country that is regarded highly among the African countries. In addition, it had to have elements that the Jewish State of Israel would like. Ethiopia fit this description. And that is why, even when Ethiopia turned socialist, Ethiopia was supported by Israel and the West. Israel and the West chose as a counterweight to the Muslim and Arab world in the Middle East and the Horn of Africa. Eritrea is too Muslim, numerically and culturally

      In short, don’t blame the Government of Eritrea for being spurned by the major powers. When you are poor, small and geo-politically less attractive, nobody wants your friendship no matter how hard you try. Yassir Arafat was a life-long example of this. Kissing ass is the easiest thing to do in life. This is an age-old modus vivendi that every human being learns to survive — particularly we Eritreans since we have gone through so many invasions by foreigners. Haile Duru didn’t need tell us this. But the person whose ass you are willing to kiss in order to get what you want has to choose you among the many ass kissers.

      1. When Durue was a baby! How old was you to say what you have to say?
        When Durue was in the field fighting since the 60s where was you dwelling and doing?
        How do you know Drue was asking for good relations for major countries and they didn’t give a hoot? Who are you to be sure about it? Which country on earth doesn’t want to have good relations with major or not major country? Where is your diplomacy book coming from? What do you kiss? The front of the ass? Are you ready to be the foreign minister?

          1. Mr. Dehando, Intelligent in a sense, some one whose mind is full of nothing but uncivilized & rude words? I respect your ideas in the first two paragraphs while in the last one the inside you disturbed you & finally exploded. Let’s learn to respect any body’s ideas until the ideas are ideas & try to respond in the same way.

          2. hahaha…Grandiose disillusion(GD)..hahahaha….Amlak mihret aynfegika ember zmela gerewegna do kemu ybl kenu!

          3. I’m digging what you wrote. I do wholeheartedly believe that Eritrea has spent invaluable amount of resources in it’s attempt to try and woo the west, and it has gotten us less than nothing. Perhaps it’s time we abandoned the west altogether, we certainly can’t do any worse.

  11. Thanks Tesfanews for breaking the news and telling the truth about what is going on the world and what we can do to adjust to the political environment. lets think reasonably empty bravado is taking us to the cliff.

  12. Ethiopia did not win it was just given by US. Regardless, no impact on Eritrea what matters is the winning on the ground that changes the whole story no matter who seats on Security Council.

  13. ምንም ቢያግእጡሽም ቢኩሉሽም ኢንዲይው ጦጣ ነሽ ።ለወያነ ላይም ቢስቕልዋቸውው ታችም ቢያውርዱዋቸው ወያኒ ናቸው፡ከብረቢስ ሁለ ኽብረቢሽ ነው።ኣራይ ኹዐንቲ ፡

  14. This is a blessing in disguise for Eritrea, we just have to play the diplomacy right, I will elaborate later in the day. TN don’t get frustrated this does not change the current dynamic and also does not change the diplomacy roots Ere is pursuing.
    This don’t mean nothing to the current situation of Ethiopia except a prestige. and that is it period! the rest is noise.

    1. Exactly !!
      Bragging Right Title.
      At the end of the day, the international community will still be feeding the Woyane made hungry Ethiopians.
      The only benefit for Woyane will be:
      A Tripple Digit Economic Growth 🙂

  15. I dont know why TN report an excellent news about Ethiopia to shabo supporters but good for you. To the people of Akele, sanction is to remain for another two years but please make it quick and take it back soon. We will always stand by you as you are making your final push. Good luck.

    1. There’s nothing excellent about this news for the rest of the Ethiopian population. We’ll standing by the rest of the Ethiopian population as they make their final push to replace that self-serving regime in Ethiopia.

      1. No need for name calling my shabo friend. How can you say we have no soul when we are taking care of 500,000 of your people and working hard to put a gov willing to implement the consistution for you? No shame at all..

        1. Eritrea will pursue to be in a state of chaos & turmoil internally & externally until the balloon inflated with arrogance, disillusionment, over-aggressiveness & rudeness deflates particularly the youth.
          The above characters are symptoms of lack of self confidence & emotional disorder. Believe me if the youth continues to act in such disgusting manner, the country will soon replace the fate of Somalia. Somalia people are one of the luckiest people in the world who are gifted to live in peace & harmony in the fact that the have more of similarity than differences among them but are the most piteous people on the planet. The situation in Eritrea has the potential for the same fate in the proviso that the youth as indicated in the last demonstrations, does not have any tolerance to accommodate differences lets forget with its brothers in Tigrai but even with Eritrean themselves. They use the word Agame (which does not give any sense but merely weakness) equally. I am so pessimist about the future of the nation taking the equation that both the pro & against-government forces have the same but uncivilized state of mind.

        2. I believe you means western foreign aid is taking care of 75% of Ethiopian population and feeding 15 million people everyday.

          1. You pull numbers out of your a$$ but if it makes you feel any better, why not. But, according to any data fom IMF, world bank etc gives us such a high mark, Axum is back, keep worshiping wedi afrom.

          2. I don’t need to pull numbers out my a$$ to make me feel better. I actually petty any country that follows a program(s) set by the IMF and the World bank. Have you ever wondered why European nations never borrow any money from the IMF besides maybe one or two.

            Axum was never Ethiopia. Auxum consistent all of Eritrea, small percentage of Ethiopia, Dijoubti, Yemen amd Saudi Araba. If anything it was more Eritrea than Ethiopia.

          3. Haha, you see why i called you sawa grad? “Feel petty for countries following IMF world bank programs”. First learn how economy works and come back to debate. This is why you have remittance economy. Ayyyyye none of the ignorance amazes me but AXUM homie, really? Wedate tega tega? Thats why we call you, the lost sheep. Zeri is us as well as Axum. If we didnt have him on tape, you probably claim Gen. Aman and Dr. Adhanom. Defar

          4. You are an absolutely an idiot beyond measures, if you think, your country will be successful following the IMF programs. “Remittance economy?” You probably didn’t know anything about remittance until you came to this blog. Let me help you understand, Ethiopia annual budget is made up of 45-50% in foreign aid. Ethiopia’s whole economy would collapse without foreign aid. All the best with your double digit economy…I mean starving people.

          5. Weather you like it or not Ethiopia is going to be very great.
            I have never imagined such a hatred heart from you people , but now I realised your true colour . mind your own business, that might help you a little. You just don’t even know where your Government is leading you, you seem like Israelis circling the mount seir in the desert for many years, may God have mercy on you and give you a direction

          6. Can you elaborate on how your country will be great with trillions dollars in debt and millions starving every day?

  16. Supposedly the last time Ethiopia represented Africa as a warm body at the UN security council was in 1989 – 1990 time frame. And 1991was the end of the criminal Mengistu regime. Can Woyane last into 2018?

    The tribal Woyane regime can table dance around its Western sponsors and handlers but this doesn’t change the simple fact that this mercenary tribal regime has been disrobed in the eyes of the majority of Ethiopians and it is a walking dead tribal regime. Warming up a chair at the UN security council will not allow them to do anything worse than their western handlers have done to Eritreans and Eritrea over the last 60 yeas history of the despicable and morally bankrupt UN organization.

  17. What a joke.. and a farce. When will African people not be with “non-perma” seats? We need a permanent seat at the table.

    Given the current circumstances i am sad that ethiopia got the seat. But given there was peace between us and Ethiopia didn’t violate Eritreans lands. I would gladly want to see them as the permanent seat. The sad reality today tho is Ethiopia is one of the biggest human rights abusers and as non democratic as you can get. A nation that has millions border line starving should never be happy until its house is in order. Too bad this day couldn’t be a happier day. I hope that this doesn’t embolden more adventurism on the part of woyane. Leave Eritrean lands and start a peace process of reconciliation. Lord knows the hate is palpable in the air.

  18. And what Eritrea and media like you is doing? Abandoning and demonizing key Eritreans like Menkerios and cry about not being treated fairly by UN. That is stupid.

  19. This is the pure case of ” The Tale of Two Cities” and the true manifestation of EPRDF/Woyane’s diplomacy supremacy and lobbying skills at its best !!

    When the tyrant , isolated & despot Isayas Afucherki and his buddies, the icons of our arch enemies and delusional folks with false self-understanding and -definition are in the process being referred to ICC to join the likes of Liberian criminal warlord Charles Taylor and Milosevic of Yugoslavia , Ethiopia gets elected and promoted to the helm of Security Council to rub soldiers with the most powerful nations on earth with an overwhelming majority votes , 97% when it actually only needed 2/3 of the total votes for the seat in question !!
    This is indeed a terribly bad & migraine causing News for the Shabia dogs and their “telalaki” Gim-7 foot soldiers who in recent months were dropping their hyena jaws and salivating on their own wild-dream that “Woyane days are numbered” , “TPLF won’t survive 2016′ and all their other bullsh**t wishful dreams to see TPLF gone so they can scavenge what ever is remaining and left behind .

    To the dismay of all our nation’s enemies and adversaries this is by no means the only good news coming out vis-a-vis our country , people and government. Soon we will also see our educated, humble and charismatic foreign minister , Dr Tedros Adhanom will become the first African to lead the UN organisation WHO !!

    Long Live EPRDF & Eternal glory to our martyrs !
    ኢትዮጵያ ለዘለዓለም ትኑር !

  20. Dear
    Eritreans, Ethiopians and Woyane:
    Let us not get carried away with Woyane’s Non-permanent security council membership. First it is Non-permanent and second it is practically meaningless even if they get chosen to be Non-permanent member every two years, although not allowed for immediate reelection. Most importantly, what power would a non-permanent member have, to have any meaningful change on Eritrean affairs? ZERO!

    The former USA ambassador to the United Nations John R. Bolton have clearly told the world when he said “there is no United Nations… there is an international community that occasionally can be led by the only real power left in the world, and that´s the United States, when it suits our interests, and when we can get others to go along.” It should be very obvious (Palestine, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Somalia, Yemen, Egypt, Eritrea, …) to us that only on paper is the veto power of the 5 permanent members equal. In reality, the veto power of USA is better than the combined veto powers of the other 4 permanent members. This is because the four permanent members (Russia, China, UK & France) are either politically or economically dependent on the sole super power USA. What does it tell you when Saudi Arabia turned down their 2013 selection of non-permanent membership at the UN? How about Saudi Arabia leading the UN human rights council? How about Djibouti and Somalia drafting resolutions on human other country? If you don’t find the Saudi, Djibouti and Somalia UN tasks funny, then I won’t be surprised if you are too worried about Woyane’s new non-permanent title.

    At the end of the day, if we make a working “peace” with the only super power of the planet (USA), we will live in peace with the rest of 192 countries. Negotiating with USA is the only solution and that will be achieved once USA realize it is better to be on the side of Ethiopian opposition that are currently supported by Eritrea. There is no way 100 Million Ethiopians will continue to be ruled by a minority, ethnocentric low IQ woyane for too long. The people of Ethiopia are already fed-up with Woyane and USA is paying attention. We have to follow the Eritrean way, the right way, as sucking-up to useless veto powers, especially Russia and China will never bring us any meaningful change.

    1. “…if we make a working “peace” with the only super power of the planet (USA), we will live in peace with the rest of 192 countries.”

      True. Very well said. Now, how can we do that? What is the U.S. demand from Eritrea to re-establish full engagement? Are we working hard on that or some of the demands are simply unacceptable. How can we go forward?

      Remember the key word LOBBYING

      1. The US is not demanding much. They just don’t like it when their Eritrean employees are rounded up in the streets never to be heard from again (you remember Kiflom and Alamin?). They also don’t like their diplomatic pouches opened unauthorized. Is that too much to ask?

        1. That bugs me a lot actually. Why risk a relationship with a major actor for a number of individuals sake. What ever they have done is not worth losing the relationship. We need to interact with caution. Eritrea might be suspicious of the US administrations based on the past historical experience. However that was an act on US behalf to protect their interest. We have to see it from that perspective. Look the Japanese as an example how they resumed their relationship without even being any formal apology.(Apology came very recently)
          I have in the past suggested, before the second sanctions, to release the Djibouti POW’s as
          it will have no value rather just another excuse to slap a sanctions regime.
          Now that at least 4 were released we can see the benefit – being recognized already.
          I mean there are a lot of things that do not make sense even for the layman.
          We need to put our house in order and work with a planned and thought out manner.

      2. TN, I am going to try to answer your question, only because you asked me, not because I think I know the answer. Some of us might think the solution is obvious, but it is not, even to PFDJ who are experienced Eritrean leaders. What I will suggest might have been already tried by Eritrean government.

        A “working peace” now will be very different than what a working peace might have been before 1998 (prior to Woyane invasion). Before 1998, at least on the surface, the relationship between Eritrea and USA seemed ok. So based on that assumption, the Eritrean government could have made arrangement for USA to (1) have a military base in Eritrea and/or (2) open up to US/Eritrea trade agreement. This two choices are both bad and against the principles of our freedom fighters. The
        choices however might seem great, now in hindsight, knowing an invasion by Woyane.

        Now that we are in this big mess, what might be a “working peace” with USA be like? It is much harder now, because Woyane are proven to prostitute the whole of Ethiopia from its young women to Middle East, it most fertile land to India, its 15 millions stomach to food stamp of the white community, and its soldiers for USA “terrorism” missions in Somalia etc. Knowing the principle of PFDJ, there is no way they can match that kind of prostitution. This has been tried by the poor Palestinians leaders (Arafat, and now Abbas) for a very long time. They have prostituted for both Israel and USA for decades, and what did the Palestinians get? Unfortunately, more suffering. So once you are in a fight with an ally of USA, you are in a long fight.

        The only opportunity I see for PFDJ is making happy members of EU, since they won’t be requiring military base. EU members, although they usually follow USA’s track, can be very helpful. I would think there is some positive developments, thanks to Yemane’s & Co. diplomatic missions to EU. EU officials were welcomed to Eritrea to see the prevailing conditions inside the country. I don’t know what the discussions were with EU, but it seems to have changed a lot of EU officials perception once they visited Eritrea, so more of that should continue. Improving our relations with EU (by Lobbying) as well as having good relations with Middle East puppets of USA (providing them with port and other logistical support) is probably the only way to reducing the damages the US could inflict on Eritrea.

        Equally important would also be, PFDJ providing medium for organizing discussions with various Ethiopian oppositions, because the stronger the oppositions are, the harder it will be for USA to keep providing life support to Woyane. Remember, the strength of EPLF was the reason, although hard to swallow, the USA finally accepted independent Eritrea. Keep helping Eritrea and its leaders, keep helping your families in Eritrea, and with PFDJ, the best Pilots Africa has seen, I see a bright light at the end of the tunnel.

    2. I disagree with your naive and somewhat loaded sentiment of the situation that Eritrea finds itself in. what is the price you are willing to pay to have the “working ‘Peace'”? If America comes out tomorrow and states that Eritrea must cede precious land to the ethiopians in order for this “peace” to take affect, is it worth it?
      People on this forum seem to have forgotten that the single biggest obstacle to Eritrea’s independence was america…we’re talking all the way back to the 1950’s and through the 30 long years of our fight for our independence. To somehow assume that having a nice little chat with this empire will magically transform their foreign policy into leaving us alone is by it’s very definition insanity, because I’m almost certain that all avenues of diplomacy short of giving up what our people paid so heavily to achieve has been attempted. If the medicine is more deadlier than the disease itself, I pick the disease. I say it’s high time that we completely turned our backs to them.

      1. Selam Wedi Keren, (BTW I am Wedi Barentu).
        What happen brother?
        You are asking your self what a “working peace” BAdal might think and … refute it yourself that BAdal is completely wrong?
        It would have been much easier to ask me what I meant by a “working peace” with USA.
        If you are interested of what I think, I have responded to TN’s question that you tried to answer on my behalf 🙂

        1. I was out of line and I’m sorry. And also, if you could excuse my ramblings as well I would appreciate it.
          The point I am trying to make is that I am of the firmest belief that Eritrea has gone as far as it is going to go with the west. when taking into consideration the negative role that the empire has had with us, it’s about time we sobered up to the reality that we cannot continue to reach out to them and expect for them change.

          1. Wedi Keren,
            No worries. I had to respond to your comment, although I was almost sure we are in the same page. Now it is clear to me Wedi Keren and Wedi Barentu grew up eating the similar Gaba, TemRi, DLep, Neem, etc … 🙂
            Salaam & Thanks Nebsi.

      1. Our strength comes from within. I have great confidence in the people of Eritrea’s ability to navigate this stormy political landscape we find ourselves in if given the opportunity to unite and work together for a strong Eritrea. I encourage the GOE to take some concrete steps that are long over due and are Eritrean people’s agenda from the get go. Eritrea is also blessed with capable and willing people to do their part to help their country. Eritrea needs to channel its people’s energy and propel itself in a path that is stable and respectable by its own people and the rest of the world. We need to earn back our respect in the world stage. “United we stand, divided we fall.”
        It is a bit disheartening and frustrating to see Eritrea sanctioned by countries like Djibouti and Somalia who do not even control their own destiny. Whether we like it or not, we have to adapt to the current global political atmosphere and do what is needed based on the best interest of Eritrea only – Eritrea First. Time is of essence – Eritrea needs to act quick or the diplomatic deficit will widen further and will put Eritrea at a great disadvantage at all world stages.

        1. Agree with you Nick

          I think it is good that Ethiopia is non-permanent member of
          the UN Security Council. As an Eritrean it does not bother me at all; in fact I
          am hopeful that Ethiopians will stop bullying member states such as Eritrea, South
          Sudan, Somalia plus other African countries and live up to the rules and
          principals of the UN. No country is above and beyond international law. If Ethiopia
          is to become a reginal player for peace and stability they will have to become

          Meles made a historical leadership mistake to stab Eritrea in
          the back which will never be forgotten. The existing Ethiopian leadership has
          the opportunity to make peace with Eritrea and the neighbouring countries without
          bullying. The people of the Horn deserve peace and Ethiopia will need to come
          to terms with the fact that retaining peace with the neighbouring countries is much
          more important to the Ethiopian people’s identity, culture and history than the
          economic gains from the United States of America.

          Being a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council means
          it is their responsibility to abide by the laws and show respect. Ethiopia is joining
          the membership to the UN Security Council with all its’s bullying, disrespect, disruption
          of peace in Africa (in particular the peace of neighbouring countries, economic
          sanction to stop growth), invasions and occupation of Eritrea including the Tsrona
          attack this month.

          Accepting Ethiopia as non-permanent member will say more of
          the UN than Ethiopia, however personally I am hopeful that Ethiopia will not
          sit in front of all UN members with these ugly actions towards their neighbouring
          countries. I’m also hopeful that the membership might help the Ethiopian leadership
          to start to become a respectful and cooperative African country otherwise it
          will be embarrassing to all African countries including the AU and UN.

          I believe that the existing Ethiopian leadership have the opportunity
          to engage with all the Ethiopian communities, opposition parties nationally and
          internationally and play a positive role in the Horn. Having said that they
          need to get out of the Meles’ negative and revengeful mind-set in order to make
          a strategic exit from their existing policy which needs exceptional and radical
          leadership decision making guts.

          To my Eritrean brothers and sisters, could we please concentrate
          on our internal business and let Ethiopia do their business. We are doing just fine!
          Eritrea is looking for our business, education, health, agriculture, technology,
          tourism and fishery ideas.

          1. I would have to be blunt here – We are not fine at all. We need to do our home work and put our affairs in order. As a civilized people we should get the country united and work on tackling our problems in an organized and planned manner. I can not care less for what Meles said or TPLF does.
            Eritrea does not have to be the talk of the town for the wrong reasons. Eritrea can do much better than it is doing right now. What is wrong with the idea that Eritreans come together to defend their country?

          2. Anyone can talk the talk, but when it comes to the walk… Every Eritrean has a responsibility to build the country up.

    1. lol TN you must be drunk to tell the truth. Like they say, if you want a person to tell you what he really thinks, get him drunk.
      Let’s see how the useless PFDJ supporters react to your comment.

  21. TN,
    Now you are sober, you deleted your earlier frank comment. Funny.
    Does that mean you don’t stand by what you said?

  22. It takes a lot of social encourage and honesty to go against the norm and to be true to yourself. While the rest of African nations are falling inline and wiling to be exploited because they want to be liked. Eritrea is fighting. Let’s keep fighting as things will eventually turn around in our favor.

  23. Eritrean just chill why go on the bush while the solution is easy(i.e if you really want the solution). here it comes:-
    1. solve the the final border rulling by negotiating with ethiopia and get your land and have a peace of mind.
    2. stop supporting different type reble group that distablise ethiopia b/c no won in the world including powerful contry like permanent members of security council want state like ethiopia the back bone of horn of africa with 100 millions people distablise by the work of 5 million of eritrea and eritrean leadership.
    Whether eritrea like it or not ethiopia is by far faverd by any major power b/c of so many reason so eritrea past and future problem you mentioned above can have a solution only through peaceful coexistence and by being closest alliance with ethiopia.

    1. Live up to your Legal Obligation. You woyanes are the reason why there is no peace in the HOA. Stop wasting time by holding the HOA hostage with your servant behavior. Future generations deserve better.


    Ethiopia is very useful to the UN Security Council in fight terrorism of these days, that is, it is clear Ethiopian army is in paying sacrifice for this Godly issue of fight Islamist terrorists,demonic agents of nowadays. Based on this reality,we would like thank the UN officials for giving Ethiopia opportunity in being member of UNSC,thank you –

    Woyesa Wordofa.

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