Ethiopia Blocks Social Media Ahead of Exams

Ethiopia social media blocked
Paranoia. Ethiopia blocked social networking sites Facebook, Twitter, Viber and Instagram fearing a repeat of last month’s national scandal after University entrance exam question papers were leaked and posted online.


Ethiopia has blocked social media sites for the next few days, after questions from end-of-year exams were posted online last month, sparking a national scandal and leading to to the cancellation of the entire exam.

A government spokesperson said the ban was aimed at stopping students taking university entrance exams this week from being “distracted”.

The most popular social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Viber are inaccessible throughout Ethiopia since Saturday morning.

“It’s blocked. It’s a temporary measure until Wednesday. Social media have proven to be a distraction for students,” government spokesperson Getachew Reda told AFP.

Ethiopia is one of the first African countries to censor the internet, beginning in 2006 with opposition blogs, according to experts.

The blockade has been criticized by Ethiopian internet users who have found a way around the ban by using the VPN (virtual private networks).

“This is a dangerous precedent. There is no transparency about who took the decision and for how long. This time it is for a few days, but next time it might be for a month,” Daniel Berhane, a blogger and editor of “Horn Affairs” told AFP.

He added that they believe the Ethiopian authorities are seeking to test new internet filtering tools and also the reaction of the public.

Ethiopia filters internet regularly using firewalls which often slows network access.

Problems of accessing social networking sites had been reported in some localities of the Oromo region during the anti-government protests, but blocking all sites nationwide is unprecedented in the country.

Last week, the UN Human Rights Council passed a resolution considering the restrictions of internet access as a violation of human rights. This was a few days after the election of Ethiopia as a non-permanent member of the UN security Council for a two year term.

50 thoughts on “Ethiopia Blocks Social Media Ahead of Exams

  1. Woyane are resorting to what they are only good at, censorship. I’m sure the corrupt Woyane officials will be emailing exams questions with corresponding answers to those students who are willing to pay $$.

    1. What about Eritrea you can’t never use this media because the internet is the slowest in Africa , Somalia have better internet then Eritrea, thanks to the freedom privet companies enjoy. But you supporters never want to see how bad things are in Eritrea, but have endless subjects on how bad Ethiopia and the rest of Africa is..what do call that ??

      1. You are right the Internet in Eritrea is very slow, at least to my taste. So what? Was it supposed to be fast? And what have you done to help make it faster? We don’t have ATM cash machines either!! In fact Eritrea has more it doesn’t have than it has. That’s why countries like Eritrea are called developing countries.
        Do you know what is unique about Eritrea though, especially in east Africa (Ethiopia, Somalia, Djibouti …)
        Eritrean government is the only one capable of generating FOOD for all of its people in the neighborhood (during drought!!) and that’s why you don’t hear/see/read of hunger in Eritrea.
        So, What’s is messed up in not the Internet in Eritrea, but your priority.
        What do you provide first in your own home, food or Internet? Don’t be a fool.

        P.S. Somalia => No safety, no food, YES fast internet => Do you think Googling for food and safety will solve their problem?
        P.P.S. Ethiopia => One meal per day is a future Millenium goal for 18.2 Million of its Woyane made hungry Ethiopians.

        1. I guess you have havent been in Eritrea for long time, all this propoganda about no drought in Eritrea is a pure lie, because i was there!!!!!!!!!!!!! The governmnet doesnt acknowledge that there is a drought doesnt mean it doesnt exist. Even the evil Haileslase did lie about a drought in his country which the world found out later. So the truth about the drought in Eritrea will come out sooner or later.

          1. Don’t worry. If you guys behave yourselves and ready to catch up with new systems, Eritrea will teaching you how to use your natural resources effectively to be food sufficient nation .

          2. We never denied there was drought last year,that is nature made there is no shame in that,but the GOV.bought enough food ahead of time to avoid starving.And that my friend is the difference between Eritrea and your country Ethiopia.

          3. abbey delo gufuf eekka bejakka. I just came back from there, and I have personally witnessed it. I don’t think you are privy to locations I cannot access. You may even be one that hasn’t seen Eritrea for a very long time. May be your Woyane brothers and sisters that still live in Eritrea are hungry (cause that’s what they always are), but you shouldn’t mistake them for Eritreans. So, stop conning people in this site, and go to Aiga forum if you like to bs!

        2. Mr IQ, how come you comment on an entrance exam issues? You are not allowed to comment on university entrance exam. B/c you are ignorant what university entrance exam means! You can never understand it. Pls give comments only regarding to terrorism, refugees, Arabs….and i can guess from your comment that you are getting 3meals/day. But it is obvious that you are eating Wedi aker and meshella. You are proud of it, but here only the donkeys are eating it. Come and take enough.

        3. I have been a big supporter like you ones, until I saw other African country’s after staying to years in Eritrea, try something like that and you will understand, Ethiopia doesn’t have hunger but a drought that’s over and the effected people taken care of before it became a famine,and Ethiopia the biblical poor and miserable nation it was in the eighty’s and ninety’s doesn’t exist any more, as an example, the dump site in ADDIS were tousends of people collected food are now turned in to Africas first and biggest west to energy plant, go and see and learn. Africa have changed Africa is changing every day…

          1. I wasn’t a supporter until i went and see for me many african nations that cry cause are not able to pay back the heavy debt their previous and actual corrupted governments left them. And i learn that in weyan’s domain (17 bln, just to remind) just after 10 years this will be at least double. One case will happen after, the lender will ask any one will be in post in ethio to pay-back the loan. If you’re not able as the big majority of africans do, they get in to neo-colonial sub-mission and allow the lender to take advantage on their country.
            “Hanti neger, zeblechlech re iqa keyteqowen ab afrika, nay hade hade seb habti, ms me àbale hawawiskayo”

          2. When were you in Africa??? I am saying Africa is changing, African have the freedom, the peace and the capital to. Work for a god life just like the Asian have don it, nobody is standing in theire way. Most African nations have peace and economic freedom and now there privet and gov banks that pumps some capital beside the houge infrastructure housing projects by the gov that is also pumping capital to the economy and also a growing foreign investment, you don’t need more then that, so plz pack this outdated Marxist mantra oway, we leaving in different times now..

          3. As far as i know, the big majority of ethiopians are poor, so what you need is a system should prioritize the Masses and not the few, i don’t know were you locate yourself in this category, to the majority or to that of the elite alamudin’s? You acquire social justice by assuring food for all, health, education and not “glitter buildings”.. Except you’re from the cliche that is benefiting in the middle of social chaos.

          4. I don’t now what you talking about??? But if almudin opens a factory who will be working in that factory, rich people??? The gov are working hard build schools and hospitals, it university’s and colleges have a capacity to learn 500000 students that’s a lot.. Any way the gov can’t do everything by them self’s they also have to involv the privet sector..because no jobs no food, like Eritrea where all the college student run away because there is no real jobs for them, how do think China have grown so Strong ??? No Capitalism and no foreign investment that is Eritrea…the worst economy in Africa..

          5. China, before the reforms, made a fantastic work of increasing human capacity, that’s what Eritrea is doing, don’t b emotional to say “worst economy” forgetting to mention, is the only country that didn’t receive a cent since 2005 (aid, loan etc).

          6. Mr. Go and stay blind, do you know that your Aiga leaders have managed to incur 20+ BILLION dollars debt over the same years that they claim to be growing “double digits.” I think they were referring to the rate of growth of their debt ( I mean, your debt dedeb). I guess you can all go to Abay and drink / drown in it if you wish, but we’re talking about FOOD here, not a river when you can wash your teqmat–teqmatam!

    2. Wow, Wayane is getting better at manipulating things. First woyane posts the key/answers to the national exam on internet and make it seem as if it was posted by cheating Oromos. Secondly, Wayane uses the cheaters excuse to block the internet. All this is in response to the Oromo uprising. Wayne are little crafty evils, aren’t they? Wayne must be scared to death.

      1. Makes sense.
        Let me interpolate what might happen next … Woyane will be giving National Exams to 1st, 2nd, … Graders …

    1. Did you realise you all have been saying that for the last 10 years? I don’t think a change of government from the south will do any better improving the relation. There needs to be a change of these “if we don’t like them we topple them” attitude.

  2. First, we didnt block the internet but “social media”, viber is not one since i use its daily. Second, there are 3% social media users in Ethiopia, i think they will be just okay if they dont get hear from Trump, Kardashian and Tamage/Jawar for few days. We are a country of love, no need to be distracted by toxic diaspora. Last, the great Meles has put it in such a great manner, nuff said abo.

    1. Aye sintiku yihun esky ahun endew min yibala ….eyaderk denezk….”we didn’t block the internet but “socialmedia””????

      1. Lol. Wayyy gud. Listen, if you go to most work places, certin sites are blocked but email and work related sites are open. Email is one part of the internet, does it mean internet is blocked? So yes, we blocked twitter, facebook etc but social networking is allowed, control panel, network security and “enable”. Learn please my sawa grad. Doma

    2. My favorite Chiwawa’s phase was,
      Three Meals Per Day.
      If he was alive, I’m sure he would have used part of his “earned” $11Billion towards the Three Meals per Day, a Woyane’s Millenium project.

      1. IQ, its hard to respond to you. The admin keeps deleting and blocking me. Its almost like, we asked Asab back eko, ewayyy. Cant we just debate issues? Oh btw, we go our food from Djibouti, thanks.

          1. Welcome to woyanes engineering might! Their space project is also on its way to shot the new TPLF rocket from Meqele. Woyane is truly the real joke of this century! Filled with inferiority complexes instead of trying to secure food for their hungry population.

        1. ጥንቡ (stinky) TPLF regime doesn’t only BLOCKED social media in this exam period but it also BLOCKED oromo teachers from supervising any of the exams. What a racists ጥንብ regime is this? Aren’t Oromo trust worthy people? Is that what this is all about? እግዚዮ

          1. Oromo are trust worthy enough, they are within Agazi in badme guarding shabo. But, in my country we have what we call a working document called the consistution. When mistakes are done at a regional level by few, the federal gov steps in to fix it. You shoyld try it, it works like a charm. And please dont insult people, we can agree to disagree. Dont they teach you stuff at sawa?

          2. Tesfish yarada lij, we are the first in Africa for most things but you were the first to report Jawar shamful act on this site. Our consistution reads, in the light of moral, cultural events the consistution is adaptable. So, amendments could be added on. Even the good old USA was adapted torture after 9/11. We are not different after all. I heard from a good source, Meles was laughing as he was explaining how to slap people to get info for the Americans when they were putting few black sites in those

        2. LOL — Poor sentek, “its hard to respond to you”
          Upgrade your IQ, Admin will not delete your comments.
          ok? 🙂

  3. How many years it take for middle regime in Eritrea to allow social media which is currently weakly available in few special places in the capital only.

    1. If it is available wouldn’t it mean it’s allowed? But weak and strong are an all together different matter. You may want higher speed access to chat, check email and I prefer the colleges, junior and high schools to tap into the infinite resources the internet offer as a virtual library. The government is focused on this and knows the positive contribution if utilized accordingly. But the leaked exam is a sign of resistance against the minority regime. Ethiopians are saying enough.

    2. B.Adal ab laeli, kemzi kebel mellisuwa: fast internet or even the service it-self, “nab kecha wey bani ketleweto eyteqe elen iqa” so, after we secure every matter which is prior, internet will be served. But b sure nothing will be shadowed as weyani-land do.

  4. The technically challenged regime of TPLF, in its futile attempt to block social networking sites, end up blocking most of its web portals including Ethio Telecom. LOL

    Most .et ending government websites are now DOWN and are proved impossible accessing them since the blockage decree effected.

    Please DO NOT LAUGH but some of the government websites that currently down include the website of INSA ( , the government agency tasked with protecting the integrity of the information and communication infrastructure of the country and the very agency that just shut down social media in the country. Ethiopian Telecom (

    At the time this writing, the website for the House of Peoples’ Representatives ( was also down.

    What a laughing stock.

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