Ethiopia Blames Egypt and Eritrea for Stoking Unrest

Ethiopia unrest
Playing the victim. Ethiopia accused Eritrea and Egypt for arming, training and financing groups that it blames for a wave of protests and violence in regions around its capital Addis Ababa.

By TesfaNews,

Ethiopia on Monday accused elements in Eritrea and Egypt for arming, training and funding groups that it blames for a wave of protests and violence in regions around its capital Addis Ababa, where protesters have targeted factories and accused the government land grabs.

The government declared a state of emergency on Sunday after more than a year of unrest in Oromia and Amhara regions, where protesters say the government has trampled on their rights in pursuit of development.

Speaking at a press conference in the capital, Addis Ababa, Information Minister Getachew Reda said that “there are countries which are directly involved in arming, financing and training these elements.”

“We have to be very careful not to necessarily blame one government or another. There are all kinds of elements in the Egyptian political establishment which may or may not necessarily be directly linked with the Egyptian government,” Getachew said.

He also said that “armed gangs” were receiving backing from Eritrea, though not necessarily have formal government support acting rather than “state actors”, AFP quotes him as saying.

Eritrea has a long-running border dispute with Ethiopia and Egypt has embroiled in a row with Addis Ababa over sharing Nile waters.

Egypt has dismissed previous accusations that it was meddling in Ethiopian affairs. “Egypt firmly respects the principle of non-interference in the internal affairs of other countries,” a Foreign Ministry statement said last week.

Eritrea routinely dismisses charges that it wants to destabilize its neighbour and instead accuses Addis Ababa of stoking unrest on its own soil.

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Defending the declaration of a state of emergency, the minister added:

“The kind of threats we are facing, the kind of attacks that are now targeting civilians, targeting civilian infrastructures, targeting investment cannot be handled through ordinary law enforcement procedures.”

Ethiopia has been ruled by the the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) coalition since the overthrow of long-serving ruler Mengistu Haile Mariam in 1991.

It won all the seats in the May 2015 parliamentary elections which were denounced as a sham by the main opposition parties.

* MGAfrica, BBC and Reuters contributed to the story.

40 thoughts on “Ethiopia Blames Egypt and Eritrea for Stoking Unrest

  1. “Ethiopia ‘ready to help Eritreans topple regime’”
    I think this kind of public threat was more than enough for the GoE to “MESS UP”,not just to topple the TPLF Gov….directly, not just by proxy.
    kemishadey hanquiluni.
    BTW,we heard rumors that the State Department warned,not just advised Eritrea, NOT to interfere with/in the current mess in Ethiopia even though Eritrea has had a legitimate reason to take over Baduma or even to take “a proportionate or even a disproportionate” action and pay in kind to what the TPLF Gang has said on and done to Eritrea

    1. Shut the fuck up you idiot agame, unless you getting paid to blog,why don’t you go do some thing that concerns you.

      1. Alec I:
        U got a bad day man.
        My comment above can easily be understood by a second Grader ERITREAN Kid let alone by an Articulate Alec U!

        Read it again,Bro!

        Hope u have fully recovered by now and U r back to work or school!
        All the best!
        Safe driving in the future .

        1. ኣሌክ - Alec you · Edit

          Not finishing reading from top to bottom is the problem buddy, my apologies man. Oh, yea.. I thought u wer bing sarcastic or someone was impersonating u.. My bad bro. ???????? out of respect am deleting it. I guess fast reading can do that to ya. My bad again. ????????

          And ya.. am recovering very well. Thanks or are u bing sarcastic?? LOL..????????

          1. Come on Alec u:
            I ALWAYS wish the BEST of the BEST to/for my Eritrean Compatriot, no matter what and under any circumstance-during good or bad days…
            We have scarified more than enough to help and respect each other…
            Just let us learn to respect ideas and opinions of each other and by “narrowing” our minimal differences…and work very hard for one but ONE GOAL:
            -To see and a stronger, democratic, prosperous,UNITED and ONE Eritrea and Eritreans by hook or crook and by any means possible. and against all ODDs.
            Hidri Siwuatna Yiteghber!
            Siuatna yedebessu!

          2. ኣሌክ - Alec you · Edit

            Nodded!!, Amen to that bro/sis, I like the sound of that. And thanks.

            “Hidri Siwuatna Yiteghber!”
            “Siuatna yedebessu!”
            Awet N’hafash!

  2. I have no any number idea that the Weyane gang have other option than to save their snack mask from Eritrea mind soul.We have no to do with Weyane Tigria.
    We mean it!!The fire is burn up out already and the flower are in the hand on Eritrea.

  3. Ethiopia points finger of blame at Egypt and Eritrea over Oromia violence

    Major towns and cities across Ethiopia’s Oromia region are experiencing unrest and widespread violent protests.

    By David Sim,

    Ethiopia has accused Egypt, Eritrea and other states of arming, training and funding groups which it blames for a wave of protests and violence, forcing authorities to declare a state of emergency. Government spokesman told a news conference the six-month nationwide state of emergency had been declared to better coordinate security forces against “elements” intent on targeting civilians, infrastructure and private investments.

    Last week, protesters damaged around a dozen factories and equipment mostly belonging to foreign firms, which demonstrators accuse of purchasing leases on seized land. The unrest has cast a shadow over Ethiopia, whose state-led industrial drive has created one of Africa’s fastest growing economies but whose government also faces criticism at home and abroad over its authoritarian approach to development.

    Major towns and cities across Ethiopia’s Oromia region are experiencing unrest and widespread violent protests from people demanding wider freedoms. Some businesses have been targeted because of suspected links to the government. The state-affiliated Fana Broadcasting Corporate said attacks on factories in Sebeta town on the outskirts of the capital, Addis Ababa, affected more than 40,000 workers. Textile, plastic, cement and bottled-water factories were targeted.

    Rights groups say more than 500 people have died in clashes with police and other confrontations in the Oromia and Amhara regions over the past year. On 2 October, more than 50 people were killed in a stampede after security forces opened fire on anti-government protesters during a religious festival in Bishoftu, southeast of the capital.

    Reda told journalists there is “ample evidence” that Egypt provided training and financing to the Oromo Liberation Front, labeled a terrorist organisation by Ethiopia. He also named Eritrea, which has a long-running border dispute with Ethiopia, and Egypt, embroiled in a row with Addis Ababa over sharing Nile waters, as sources of backing for “armed gangs”, although he said it might not come from “state actors”.

    Egypt has dismissed previous accusations that it was meddling in Ethiopian affairs. Eritrea routinely dismisses charges that it wants to destabilise its neighbor, and instead accuses Addis Ababa of stoking unrest on its own soil.

    1. “One of africa’s fastest growing economies”,.. really? Money, of course comes in into Ethiopia by the billions. Mostly aid money. But how is it distributed? “Analysts”, like these, always sidestep the ethnicity virus, the weyane is infected with, hence, a faulty analysis.

  4. It is Ethiopia it doesn’t have to make sense. Like economic growth 15% famine affected people by 20 million does that make any sense or we have a democratic country and we have won the election by 100% even their Patrone has a laughing moment on this one. I can go on infinite counting the contradictions.

  5. The minor criminal junta in Ethiopia the sooner leaves power, less damage will occur i guess, else the big majority of Ethiopia (Amhara & Oromo) are not going to give chance to govern other semester. The international institutions should start acting to avoid total chaos and approach the opposition party for the transition of power as they have consensus of People.

  6. The “Fat Slob” Getachew Reda can blame it all on anything he thinks will help deflect attention, but the whole world knows that his organization, TPLF, is to blame for the current havoc and mayhem ravaging Ethiopia and the region. TPLF government needs to hand power to the people and exit the scene before more harm is done. Let the people of the Horn live in peace!

  7. Terrorism law a on local journalists, politicians, students and blogers. The judiciary is influenced by the authorities. Weyane wins 100 % in the election. They appoint only Tigraians for high ranking military personnel. Tigraians control all economic and government institutions. They steal land from neighboring provinces. Instead of adjusting their political problems and policies they resort to blame game. They are full of empty heads.

  8. Egypt’s ambassador to Ethiopia discusses Egypt’s stance on the Oromo people

    Egyptian ambassador to Ethiopia Abou Bakr Hefny met late last week with Ethiopia’s state minister of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to discuss the situation of the Oromo people, an ethnic majority group, in Ethiopia and Egypt’s stance towards them.

    The Egyptian Foreign Ministry released a statement on Sunday in which its spokesperson Ahmed Abou Zeid said that Hefny stated during the meeting that Egypt doesn’t intervene in the internal affairs of other countries.

    Several media outlets reported on Sunday that the Ethiopian Foreign Ministry summoned Hefny; however, the statement said that the request came after a video showing members from the outlawed Oromo Liberation Front sharing a stage with what Ethiopian media described as Egyptians. The Oromo people are an ethnic group that primarily live in Ethiopia and neighbouring countries.

    Earlier this month, about 55 Oromo people died in a stampede while they were protesting. Ethiopian activists claimed that the security forces opened fire on them. The protests of Oromo citizens started in November 2015, when the government planned to expand the boundaries of the Ethiopian capital of Addis Ababa. The Oromo people claimed that this would lead to forced evictions and the demolition of their culture and language.

    Earlier in July, two Oromo who were seeking asylum in Egypt set themselves on fire in front of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), after they held a protest demanding their right to asylum. The sole mission of the UNHCR is to determine the status of refugees in the country and safeguard the rights and well-being of refugees.

    1. Com’on, this is simply a public relations gimmick on part of the TPLF, and an elementary one to say the least. Think about it, blaming Egypt is intended to muddy up the waters of responsibility by providing a sensational story to the lazy western journalists in Addis Ababa. In my opinion, bringing Egypt into the fray will only speed up their demise. Egyptians are know for BS propaganda and way ahead of the Woyanes. If the Egyptians decided to engage in a tit for tat propaganda, the Woyane will regret it. As for me, I would like to see the Woyane-Egypt propaganda battle …. I know it’s going to be “beautiful” to watch.

  9. The Ethiopian people can not be fooled by weyane’s lies anymore. Besides one more infantile move by the tigrays weyane will only accelerate their pace to their oun grave yard. They have,already, got 90 plus million enemies and can not afford to add one or two to their plate.

    1. Pre-1991, when Woyane itself was helped by Eritrea, Sudan, Libya, Egypt and others, and why today the Ethiopian peoples do not helped by these countries ? Woyane became rabid dog and has biten the hand which has fed it, the Eritrea and Egypt. So, it not sin if Eritrea, Egypt and others help the Ethiopian peoples to get rid of the man-eating ( ghoul ) Woyane.

  10. Egypt can support Oromo cessation but the Oromo people have any control on what Egypt needs, Nile water. Nile and 99% its tributaries empty their water to Amhara region part of the Nile section of the river. The Egyptian has not yet figures it out yet who controls what but Egypt wants to use scare tactic to contain Ethiopia. Ethiopia has another plan that can most likely control the Nile water as Egypt continues it old age political move to distract Ethiopia. The next phase of Ethiopia project’s will take the OROMOS out of Egypt and Egypt out of Eritrea, just watch. Ethiopia’s next biggest dam will be in south part of Amhara region between fitchie and Debromarks going south to Nekemet. The plan is going to be contracted out to Turkish company to build the dam the irrigation potion of it is given to Israel company. Not Oromo people, not Eritrea for that matter no one control the Nile water in Ethiopia but the Amhara people and Tigray people. The Oromo politicians and Eritrea are just milking Egypt out but at the end of the day Egypt will not get a drop of water from these people it is supporting to contain Ethiopia.

    1. If it is not Sentek, it is Erta, if it is not Erta it is guest all the same lousy comments, that is beyond any decent human beings comprehension!!!

    2. Erta aka Sentec
      Woyane, before becoming friend with Amharas, give back the stolen Welkait and parts of northern Wollo area of Ashange Lake. Otherwise, no Woyane fake plan will separate the Amhara and Oromo peoples who are blood and flesh. Oromos are not cessationist, they are going to kick out Woyane to bring equality for all Ethiopian peoples.

    3. i think you need “tsebel” you are a zombie . you keept on predicting doom.and that Ethiopia will smash Eritrea soon bla bla blah…. all i see is turmoil in your Ethiopia because of the likes of you in power. you have a an issue of grandiose which is a disease diagnosed as a complex in your case inferiority – the day you free yourself from mental slavery is the day Ethiopia will achive miracle. pls go away and clean your dirty soul with prayer and i will pray for you and Ethiopia to come your senses.

  11. ኣሌክ - Alec you · Edit

    Hahaha.. Woyane-Tigray u are going down hard. Blaming Eritrea or Egypt will not save ur Agame behind. And besides, why would Eritrea or others want to mingle in ur already failed state colony… U did that all by ur-selves Agametat, For God sakes u won a 100% in the election, when 90% of Ethio-ppl wer against u, and of-course Woyane-Tigray put every Tigrayans/Agame in high places. And let the other Non-Tigrayans rotten by poverty. So u can’t blame the ppl for raising up and coming for ur heads. So Woyane u are the owners of ur own demise!! U better leave in peace, cuz if u poke us this time.. We’re going to make Mekele ground-zero. And this time without ur cannon-fodders the Oromo and Amhara well let’s just say Israel’s 6 days war is going to be beaten!! ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  12. በኢትዮጵያ ለተፈጠረው ቀውስ ተጠያቂዎች በሽብርተኝነት የተፈረጁት ሃይሎች ናቸው

    VOA Amharic – ለአለፉት ወራት በሃገሪቱ ውስጥ የተፈጠረው ቀውስና ሁከትም ሆነ በሕይወትና ንብረት ላይ ለደረሰው ጉዳት መሪውን ሚና የተጫወቱት ″የውጭ ኃይሎችና በሽብርተኝነት የተፈረጁት ኦነግ፣ እንዲሁም ግንቦት ሰባት ናቸው″ ሲሉ የኢፌዲሪ ፕሬዘዳንት ዶ/ር ሙላቱ ተሾመ አስታወቁ።

    ለአለፉት ወራት በሀገሪቱ ውስጥ የተፈጠረው ቀውስና ሁከትም ሆነ በሕይወትና ንብረት ላይ ለደረሰው ጉዳት መሪውን ሚና የተጫወቱት ″የውጭ ኃይሎችና በሽብርተኝነት የተፈረጁት ኦነግ፣ እንዲሁም ግንቦት ሰባት ናቸው″ ሲሉ የኢፌዲሪ ፕሬዘዳንት ዶ/ር ሙላቱ ተሾመ አስታወቁ።

    የህዝብ ምክር ቤቶች የተለያዩ ድምጾች የሚሰሙባቸውና የሚፎካከሩባቸው እንዲሆኑ፥ የሃገሪቱ የምርጫ ሕግ መለወጥ እንዳለበትም ፕሬዘዳንቱ ዛሬ ለተወካዮች ምክር ቤትና ለፌዴሬሽን ምክር ቤት የጋራ ስብሰባ ተናግረዋል።

    መለስካቸው አምሃ ተከታትሏል። ዝርዝርሩን ከተያያዘው የድምፅ ፋይል ያድምጡ።

  13. ኣርባዕተ ነውሪ
    ደቂስካ ክትሓድር
    ኮሪዕካ ክትነብር
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    ወያነ ኣይትኹን!

    ዕድሜኻ ከይሓጽር
    ሓጐስካ ከይቅህም
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    ወያነ ኣይትኹን!

    ኣብ ስራሕ ትምህርቲ
    ኣብ ዳንነት ፍርዲ
    ኣብ ሂወት ላዕሊ ታሕቲ …

    ወያነ ኣይትኹን!

    ኣብ ቅንዕና ንቅንዕና ንበር!

  14. Nobody is going to buy these nonsense any more.
    It is TOO LATE for such excuses.
    The Oromo masses have woken up and nothing can stop them.

  15. Dear TN can you please forward this comment to our friends the likes of Senetk, Erta and others from their region as I found it to be entertaining and most of all how Ethiopians are being misled by the use of English language written in Amharic…..

    by Abay Rebel

    “I have question on the use of language for the public. The government media outlets use English written in Amharic? why? When you communicate the 100 million Ethiopians in different languages such Amharic, Oromignea, Tigrignea, Somalignea, Guragignea, … you have to consider all your audiences into account. You have to take into account everyone Ethiopians audience in the rural area, cities, towns, kebeles household level, work place, …. This means if the broadcasting is in Amharic ? it must be in Amharic. You have to use simple Amharic words so that making sure every audience understands what is being said on the media. You do not use technical Amharic words when you are communicating with the mass of 100 million people. The same when you use Oromignea. You do not bombard ordinary Oromos who do not know Amharic or tigrignea with English or Amharic or Tigrtginea,… you to make sure every single Oromos will understand the message and you to use simple Oromignea words. The same when you communicate in Tigrignea with the masses in Tigrignea. if you broadcasting in Tigrignea, you do not use technical or hard Tigtigneas words to convey your message to the mass. You to make sure the language you use is simple non-technical language so that everyone will understand your message.

    But what is what is happening in Ethiopia now is never seen before in Ethiopian history. The entire country population is bombarded with English written in Amharic to every audience. I was talking above about avoiding technical language to communicate with non-technical audience. But what is happening in Ethiopia is more than that. because not only English words, phrases are written or spoken mixed with Amharic to the 100 million Ethiopians mass, but technical English words are mixed with Amharic, Tigrignea, Oromignea, Somalignea, and other languages and thrown at the face of the non-technical audience. I have lived in many countries and cultures, never seen people who abuse and misuse their language. This is done across the board by all Ethiopians who claim to be educated including diaspora scholars and they are not able to use their own language properly and scientifically .

    I sometimes come across articles written with mixed English words in Tigrignea and Amharic and I take long time to figure out what the words is meant and I find out after re-reading many times and relating to English to understand the article or video. I wonder how the average man in Ethiopia can understand an article written English mixed with Amharic, Tigrignea. The most recent article I read is the one posted AIGA website from the Tigrai region government . In the article is the word theme is written in Tigrignea. It took me a long time to get what theme is in Tigrignea because I never expected a technical English words written in Tigrtighnea to non-technical audience . I am not talking about technical Tigrignea words written in Tigrignea; I am talking technical English words theme written in Tigrtgnea and thrown at the face of non-technical Tigrignea speaking audience . I was wondering how people who do not even know English would understand theme written in Tigrignea and thrown on their face? This is just one example, I have found many English technical words written and mixed with Amharic and Tigrignea always on articles written by government officials and diaspora scholars.”
    Thanking you in advance for your kindness and helpful manner to Ethiopians.

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