Ethiopia Awards Potash Mining License to Circum Minerals

Ethiopia approved potash mining license for Circum Minerals
Circum Minerals Ltd. announced its application for a mining license for the World Class Danakil Potash Project in northeastern Ethiopia has been approved.


Circum Minerals Ltd. is pleased to announce they have been advised that their application for a mining license for the World Class, Danakil Potash Project (the “Project”) located in the Danakil region of northeastern Ethiopia has been approved by the Council of Ministers of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia.

The mining agreement (the “License”) provides exclusive access over the 4.9 billion tonnes NI 43-101 compliant potassium resource contained within the 365 square kilometers license area for an initial period of 20 years and is renewable indefinitely for further 10 year periods, provided that financial viability continues to be demonstrated.

The License allows the exploitation of potassium-bearing minerals which exist at relatively shallow depths within the vast license area. The minerals will be exploited by solution mining, the lowest risk mining method suitable to this region, and will be processed by crystallization in solar ponds prior to final refining in a process plant. The combination of these techniques, which have already been proven by field trials in the license area, will return operating costs projected to be among the lowest in the global potash industry for both potassium chloride (MOP) and potassium sulphate (SOP).

The award of the License follows the submission of a comprehensive set of pre-requisite data which included a definitive feasibility study, a social and environmental impact assessment (ESIA) and associated management plans and detailed production and financial models.

The Chairman and Co-founder of Circum, Stephen Dattels, commented:

“We are delighted that the Ethiopian Government has approved the Mining License for this world class project. This represents a significant milestone for both the Company and the Country. We now have a compelling investment case that supports the development of this project given our discovery and proving of its vast resource, our demonstration of its outstanding financial viability, the successful operation of our solution mine and subsequent production of potash products and most importantly, the strong level of Government support we have been afforded which is demonstrated by the award of the Mining License.”

Circum worked very closely with a number of Ethiopian Government Ministries throughout the approval process and is sincerely appreciative of both the engagement and support that has been given to the Project as it has advanced.

potash project in Eritrea and Ethiopia
Primary SOP projects that are scheduled to come into production over the coming years

About Circum Minerals Ltd.

Circum Minerals Ltd. is a private company focused on the development of a significant potash deposit in the Danakil Basin of Ethiopia. Through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Circum Minerals Potash Ltd., the Company holds a 100% interest in a mining license covering 365 square kilometers.

76 thoughts on “Ethiopia Awards Potash Mining License to Circum Minerals

    1. When a new seemingly nationalistic Somali leader is chosen, like clockwork the “pirates” come to life. Who benefit except those who wan to fragment Somalia? Woyane and Kenya. Very suspicious of timing.

  1. “Hurry is only good for catching flies”
    Because Eritrea signed a deal, they have to sign a deal, Eritrea plant trees, they have plant a tree…etc. but they can’t build resilience and harmony to their nation. This is a rush-rush to exploit Ethiopian resources before the doom’s day.

    1. This award is only good on paper. The reason I say this because it cost too much to build and maintain that it will never turn profit. The logistics challenge alone is an investment red flag to any major financial or investment house. Paying tiny Djibouti their cut and storage alone will be an arm and leg in hard khat currency… and don’t forget those loans to construct fancy facilities, roads with Chinese loans must be paid back with interests.

      Ethiopia will find difficult to become a competitive industry potash player. They can say it will be world class, but if you don’t have the quality, logistics and longevity then you are just a false-PROFIT.

      Good luck because they will definitely need it.

      LUCK for Eritrea stands for Labor Under Correct Knowledge!

      1. That’s exactly the point. On top of that, they gave 100% ownership of the mine to make the investment desirable by foreign companies. A stone throw away, Eritrea owns a similar project with 50% ownership.

        1. Ezana Becomes Ethiopia’s Second Major Gold Miner ( March 6, 2017)

          ( Unlike your Bisha which is 60% owned by Nesvun Canada , EZANA Mining is owned 100% by Ethiopia’s (EFFORT) is it is a 1.4 billion total investment)

          After a decade of exploration and building a gold processing plant in northern Ethiopia, Ezana Mining has become Ethiopia’s second large scale gold mining company. Named after the popular Ethiopian king from ancient times, the company plans to start trial operation this month at its Terakimti facility, in northern Tigray region, near Shire Endaselassie Town, 1067km from Addis Ababa.

          A top official at the company told Capital that they will begin full scale production during the third week of April after the trial is evaluated.

          They expect to produce 4.5 kilograms of gold per day, which is considered to be a good start for Ezana, according to experts.

          The company has already finished a gold processing plant near the outskirts of Shire.

          “Most of the equipment is imported from South Africa and Austria, and it will be installed by Mesfin Industrial Engineering,” a source at the company said. Both of them are under the Endowment Fund for Rehabilitation of Tigray (EFFORT). The plant installation process cost 700 million birr and the installation work took 18 months.

          1. Good for Ethiopia…but wait happens…the above news says they will start soon and 4.5 kilo is not bad but not a lot considering it is the “second largest” but still bravo for owning it 100% and not comfotable tho…100%owned by EFFORT ? Very fishy and i hopr poor people of tigrai get some benefit.

            I also hear raya beer is giving money for a stadium huh? and your government is begging money from abroad for “food” please enlighten us the wisdom of these events?

          2. Rookie Alula, I dare you to prove it to us that EFFORT invested 1.4 billion? Show us their books for years 1991-2014. Send it to TN. I am holding judgment for now b/c there is a good chance your Woyane junta in Mekele are dumb enough to do it.

          3. $1.4 billion?? You don’t know what you are talking dude. Where is your common sense? For your own sake, compare Nevsun’s initial $400 million investment on a world class Bisha mine with that of Ezana’s inflated $1.4 billion (??) investment. Then you will see how ignorant you are.

          4. They are leading experts on Weyanomics and weyanostatistics it is a syndrome to inflate figures at least four or five times. It is simply cooked up figures in a MLLT laboratory.

          5. TN !
            I did not say the 1.4 billion is in US $ . It was meant in Ethiopian Birr. At the official exchange rate ($1/ 22Birr) this amount will roughly convert to $ 65 million. I know what I am talking about and empty bragging , exaggerating and “gura” is not in our blood. We are Real and almost always deliver.

            Please refer to the news-article below


          6. What about the dubble digit faire tale and the space program, by the worlds poorest country which can not sustain a single day with out the benevolence of the west, what du you call that?

          7. TN,

            Nesvun’ Bisha አንድ ለእናቱ investment in Eritrea 🙂 ) is entirely a Canadian Investment venture and your government only gains a penut ,40% of total proceeds whereas Ezana is 100% owned by a local Ethiopian company EFFORT with 100% proceeds retained home by the same conglomerate. Besides, unlike yours, Ezana Mining represents a very small fraction of total local & foreign investment activity in Tigrai State and in the end what matters most is what you keep in your pocket as a profit not the amount of initial capital investment made by Mr X or Y , so you will not be able to convince me or anyone in their mind that your economy and people are better served than ours.

          8. You are mistaken, maybe because you don’t know how mining is done in Eritrea.

            The 40% is only the share for ENAMCO, but on top of that Nevsun is taxed 38% (one of the highest in the world), plus the 3-5% royalty. Overall when everything is said and done well over 70% of the money stays in Eritrea.

            As far as your mining endevours, I hope you succeed. Eritrea will be happy with a prosperous and stable Ethiopia that is at peace with itself. Good luck.

          9. Ayte Alula are you too our new clown send by your bosses to troll and entertain us, you are merely exposing your ignorance like your buddies with convoluted logic. Regardless your ability to analyze the financial and structural set up of the Nevsun ventures in Eritrea. I was just caught just by your brazen statement ” Ezana is 100% owned by a local Ethiopian company EFFORT with 100% proceeds retained home by the same conglomerate.” Wow really in the land of MLLT yes the eremite company you referred as EFFORT is a Weyane conglomerate which is owned by few elites. You do not even have an iota on how the inner workings of the ” local company” let a lone to figure out the business relationship between Nevsun and Enamco. The question of whether EFFORT is a locally or Weyane owned, will get its proper response after the real Ethiopians retake their country, have a little patience, in the mean time try to feed your hungry fellows at least one meal a day.

          10. Kkkkk.. When “real Ethiopians” take over… I find you folks very funny.. When could be that “when” and I wonder who were those Ethiopians perceived as ” real ” by our desperately jealous neighbours 🙂

          11. Ayte Alula the real Ethiopians are those who are marching to uproot your criminal cousins in short the oppressed Oromos and the marginalized Amharas. I hope you got the message or the real Ethiopians will make you get the information properly soon.
            In the mean time try to feed your dying people at least once a day.

          12. Keep Dreaming of the “Real Ethiopians” Marching to Mekelle or Aratkilo loser Shabo .. የናንተ ነገር ቀበሮ የሚወድቅላት መስሏት የበሬ አንትን ስትከተል ዋለች የሚባለውን ተረት ያስታውሰናል ሆኖም ሕልም አና የቁም ቅዥት አይከለክልም !
            Ethiopia is made up of the Afar, The Somalis, Gambellas, Southern people the Beneshangul and of course it’s birth place is Tigrai. Not just Amara and Oromo. If I was you, I would be more worried about your small country which is slowly dying and loosing its population at an alarming and scary rate. Every day 150-200 refugees most of them soldiers are entering Ethiopia through Tigrai ( over 3000 last month only ) and this has been just confirmed today in the Ethiopian parliament by HE PM H/M Desalegn.. and we have been able to feed and educate all of your refugees family members let alone looking after own . So wake up and do some thing to save your newly born but not growing dwarf county .

          13. Ayte Alula yes we know Ethioupia is a home for diverse ethnic entities but do you Weyanes consider your self Ethiopian or Tigrian. That is why the distinction between the real Ethiopians and you is fundamental. When your pipe dream of abay Tigray unravelled by the might Shabia you are forced to be baptized as the Ethiopians. However the day of reckoning is yet to come and that day could be ugly. By the way I am not impressed by the figures since you track record vividly shows you are prone to exaggerate figures out of proportion not to say you are have versed the art of cooking up figures out of blue. Wow did you say PM hum not so impressive either since he too is infected with the lethal MLLT virus : to lie to lie and damn lie. Ayte Alula irrespective the brag of helping others face reality feed your citizens at least once a day, until then stay alert for the real Ethiopians are on the way.

          14. While patiently waiting for ” that ugly -never-arriving- day of reckoning” pls get entertained with this art work made by our youth in Mekelle. Obviously the difference is visible ! While some vote with their feet ,leave their family behind and abandon “mighty” Shabias’ Eritrea in droves , Glory to Woyane-Tigray the youth South of Mereb could not ask for more 🙂

          15. We have high standard artists and music and you know it very well we don’t listen ugamish music so don’t waste your time by posting link.
            ” Glory to woyane-Tigray ” are you still Ethiopian???(confused)
            BTW could you update us what is going on with the only garbage slide death in the world

          16. Squatters blame biogas plant for deadly Addis Ababa landslide

            “In a bid to prevent such things happening again, people who were living in this area have now been taken to youth centres in other parts of the city,” City spokesperson said.

            Squatters living there blamed the tragedy on a biogas plant being built nearby.



            Ethiopia’s 50MW Waste to Energy Plant Could be First of Many

            The 50 MW waste to energy plant to be built in Ethiopia by UK based Cambridge Industries is to be located in Repe (Koshe) and could be the first of 35, according to a report by Capital Ethiopia. ( now the project is almost complete and will have its energy output capacity which is equivalent to total Energy production of your Eritrea 🙂


          17. Also, Aid money if pouring from every direction of local sources to support and rehabilitate victim families of theunfortunate landfill landslide.
            Among others, Billionare Tycoon Sheki Mohammed Al Amudin – 40 million, Raya Beer/Axum Hotels/ Semayata Marbel 3 million , Oromia & Amara regional states 5 million birr and still mor is coming…This is all without counting all the A.A city administrations financial and logistical support and other individual citizens companies. It is sad lives were lost but the survivers will be sorted for life with new condominium flats, jobs and free education. And today is the third last day of the natioannly official mourning day. But in the case of Eritrea, whatever sad thing happens to your citizens it will not even be mentioned in the national news and no one gets any financial or emmotional support from your government.

          18. Ayte Alula we care less about your tiny Kilil, but for you and your creepy cousins it has been a field day to visit our sites, this is a symptom of some thing worse. The day of reckoning that you never believe will coming is around the corner. Your ex butcher said too ad nauseum but suddenly it just happened. Your empty bravado aside no one is gripped about your ” development” fairy tail, it is just that, take care your unfortunate subjects languishing under the MLLT brutal rule and stay tuned for the impending change by of course the real Ethiopians.

          19. Face to face with the Eritrean exodus into Ethiopia !

            From the 12 entry points, Eritreans are taken to a screening centre for registration in the town of Endabaguna, 60 kilometres west of the popular tourist destination of Aksum. Then, they are assigned to one of four refugee camps in the Tigray region, bordering Eritrea.

            In February 2017, 3,367 Eritreans arrived in Ethiopia, according to Ethiopia’s Administration for Refugee and Returnee Affairs.

            “Sometimes we get more than 120 people a day,”

            “Living conditions in Eritrea are more dangerous than crossing the border,” says one of them, a 39-year-old who served 20 years in the military.

            “Our soldiers don’t get any sleep they are so busy at night collecting (Eritean) refugees,” says an Ethiopian major.


          20. TN,

            Also. Bisha initial Investment was $250 million not $400 as you are claiming. Later around 2013, an additional $110 million was brought in for the Copper expansion project when the gold deposit there was exhausted and now they, the Canadians, are going for the Zinc . After all the Zinc is gone , atleast you will have a massive hole left behind to use as a landfill “when” your economy grows and you find something to throw away 🙂


          21. Clearly the overall capital expenditure is well over $400m. That is $250m initial investment, then $110m Copper Exxpansion Project and in 2016 the Zinc Expansion Project was finished for about $80m which you seem to conveniently forget.

            As far as the rest of your claims too much hubris and no facts on your part. Typical.

          22. It does not matter what percent is owned by Ethiopia, Woyane will milk that 100% out of Ethiopia, the same way the stole the 30 billion dollars.

        2. Owning 50% is better than just receiving taxes or owning 5%. But Eritrea should be building plants to process the resource, package it and deliver it. If they don’t do this. Then we are still losing. It’s all about branding. West Africa produces the largest amount of coco beans. Name me a factory that processes or a chocolate brand from west Africa? You can’t think of any because it’s all process, package and branded in other countries.

          1. I agree w/ you 110%. There’re many benefits to processing our natural resources locally. However, a geologist explained to me once that to process potash at home requires lots of water, which Eritrea does not have at this time. The other concern I remember hearing was processing the ‘discharged’ waste water pollutants require even more water.

          2. Danakali has successfully reduced by over 60% water consumption requirements for its Colluli Potash Project in Eritrea. Reducing the water consumption requirements for Colluli by over 60% to 3.5 tonnes per tonne of product could improve project economics by reducing the size of the process plant water delivery system and recovery ponds.

            (READ : )

            Eritrea has no shortage of SEA WATER (that’s what you need) to process its potash resources.

        1. Just curious.

          The company says the potash will be exploited through SOLUTION MINING. This means, it needs a whole lot of WATER (sea water to be exact) to wash and bake the solution. You know Danakali is the hottest place on earth and to find an underground water that is enough to wash all the salts for over 20 years is a fool’s pipe dream.

          So do you have any idea where this water will come from? Forgive me if I am completely wrong on this ….

          1. Well, you have to read it again to fully understand. It clearly states, crystallization in solar ponds prior to refining it to the final stage, also has been tested in the field before any assessment or approval. Not to mention water mixed with chemicals and injection wells. Somehow, I don’t think you misread it or didn’t understand but being the usual misrepresentation of our beloved country.

          2. Now, the pumped out salt solution will be accumulated in several huge artificial ponds. The smeltering sun will help the solution to crystallize through evaporation process before refining it to the final stage. That is what ‘crystallization in solar ponds’ mean.

          3. Sentek and his Woyane bosses need to first understand how to PROCESS a hazardous pile of GARBAGE in Addis. For goodness sake, Ethiopians are dying.

          4. This is the worst news you have ever published TN. How come you destroyed their momentary fantasy just like that? Give them a chance to enjoy their ignorance.

          5. TN, Can they not divert Nile water towards the mine? Besides, Abay Tigray won’t be complete without somebody else’s territory.

        2. Mr “pop” pls enlighten us. Tell us the numbers from your side? The above article is [admin: direct from the company itself] . While i belive this is good for Ethiopia, please tell me the ownership structure? While you are at it tell me How much of Alamudines gold mine pay to the country? Just curious thats all.

          1. Blinded by the light…. when the right question is asked they always run to the walls and start commenting nonsense. The link he provided don’t say about ownership. Everyone abondoned this project and to make it attractive they gave it away with 100% ownership, curious the what the mining tax structure is? may be sintiku will divelge some info?????

            PS in weyane land everything is 100%.

          2. It’s not to make it attractive, it’s just called private sector. The state does have control over sectors like Tele, Power and Airline at 100% since the king era, once we know how to regulate it, its up for sale. The growth and innovation must come from the private sector, we refuse to be a welfare state.

          3. I don’t know why anything even gold that the TPLF touches turns into shit.

            According to the World Bank report (“Diagnosing Corruption in Ethiopia”), it identifies “seven areas of corruption risk” in the Ethiopian mining sector” including the “three main risk areas” of “license issuing, compliance with license conditions, and mining revenues”. The other critical areas of corruption include fraudulent practices in “compensations and obligations to local inhabitants, contracts with contractors and suppliers to the mining companies, falsification by mining companies of product quality, and theft of mining products and equipment.”

            In the area of “license issuing”, the World Bank report states that “officials may extort or be offered bribes by mining companies in return for issuing licenses, for issuing licenses more quickly, or for specifying less-onerous license conditions.” A related risk is that “officials may secretly have ownership stakes in companies to which licenses are granted; acquire land for which a license application has been made; demand a share in mining companies or in their profits; and manipulate license registration to give themselves or their associates prior registration.” In “license compliance”, “mining companies may deliberately breach mining conditions (for example, environmental, health, and safety regulations, as well as the extent or area of mining)” with impunity.

            In the area of mining revenue, “mining companies may deliberately understate output and profit and overstate costs to reduce royalties and profit taxes.” The regime has no independent means of verifying the revenues of mining companies. “Collection of royalties and income tax apparently depends almost entirely on the mining companies’ self-certification of output and profit because of the lack of resources at the Ethiopian federal, regional, and city licensing authority levels. It would, therefore, be relatively easy for the mining companies to exaggerate their capital and operating costs and understate their output and profit.” When “license operation and mining revenue breaches are discovered, the mining company may also bribe inspectors to overlook the breaches.”

          4. The World Bank report cites a 2008 Annual Performance Report by the “Federal Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission” (FEACC) documenting the mindboggling audacity of regime officials in stealing gold worth millions of dollars in broad daylight:

            “The budget year also saw a huge scandal at the National Bank of Ethiopia (NBE). It was dubbed by many as ‘the huge scandal of the year.’ Here is the trick. The NBE is by law entrusted with procuring and reserving gold. Some businessmen, who were allowed to supply gold to the NBE, supplied many kilograms of gilded iron, instead of gold. Some employees of the Bank, business people, managers and other government employees were allegedly involved in this disastrous and disgracing scandal. The government lost nearly 16 million USD to this particular gold scam.”

          5. You went the extra mile to say corruption exist in Ethiopia? Damn, let me agree with you and say, yes. However, there is not one country in the entire world without a corruption and please don’t say, Eritrea. If you go to the most corrupt countries, Ethiopia is not even close compared to most people with the size of people and economy, not not that a sense of pride. Truth, i wish we can eliminate it completely but notice how you didn’t offer an alternative but the same TPLF is bad. The way to fight corruption is not by point fingers but by educating, compensating well and tech that makes it nearly impossible. When we look at your country, you are no where to be an example since you can’t even show the public a budget and allowed the King himself to issue a license and work at the mine field himself. Shame on you

          6. you let PM Desalew speak, please ….

            ለልማት ተነሺዎች ተመድቦ የነበረው 100 ሚሊዮን ብር ለግል ጥቅም መዋሉን አቶ ሃይለማሪያም ደሳለኝ ገለጹ

            የኢትዮጵያ መንግስት በቅርቡ ለልማት ተነሺዎች መድቦት የነበረው 100 ሚሊዮን ብር በአመራሮችና በጎሳ መሪዎች ለግል ጥቅም ውሏል ሲሉ ጠቅላይ ሚኒስትር ሃይለማሪያም ደሳለኝ ሃሙስ ለፓርላማ አባላት ገለጹ።

            በሃገሪቱ የተለያዩ ጉዳዮች ዙሪያ ለፓርላማው የስድስት ወራት የስራ አፈጻጸም ሪፖርት ያቀረቡት ጠቅላይ ሚኒስትሩ ስሙን መጥቀስ ባልፈለጉት ክልል 100 ሚሊዮን ብር ለተነሺዎች እንዲደርስ ቢመደብም ለግል ጥቅም ውሏል ሲሉ አስታውቀዋል።

            አቶ ሃይለማሪያም ይኸው ከፍተኛ ገንዘብ አመራሮችና ተሰሚነት አለን የሚሉ የጎሳ መሪዎች ለግል ጥቅማቸው ስላዋሉት ተነሺዎች የሚገባቸውን የካሳ ክፍያ ማግኘት አልቻሉም ሲሉ ለፓርላማ ገልጸዋል።

            መንግስት 100 ሚሊዮን ብሩን ለግል ጥቅማቸው አውለውታል ያላቸውን የመንግስት አመራሮችና የጎሳ መሪዎች በቁጥጥር ስር ያውል አያውል አቶ ሃይለማሪያም የሰጡት ዝርዝር መረጃ የለም። መሰል ስህተቶች እንዳይፈጸሙ በቅርበት የሚከታተል ራሱን የቻለ ተቋም በአዲስ አበበ መቋቋሙን ጠቅላይ ሚኒስትሩ ተናግረዋል።

            በኦሮሚያ ክልል እንዲሁም በአዲስ አበባ ከተማ ዙሪያ ያሉ በርካታ ነዋሪዎች ከመኖሪያ ቀያቸው ለልማት ተብለው ቢነሱም ካሳ አልተሰጠንም ሲሉ ተቃውሞን ሲያቀርቡ መቆየታቸው ይታወሳል።

            ለግል ጥቅም ውሏል የተባለው 100 ሚሊዮን ብር ለነዚህ አቤቱታ አቅራቢዎች ሲሰጥ የነበረ ይሁን ሌላው ተነሺዎች የታወቀ ነገር የለም።

            ይህ በእንዲህ እንዳለም፣ ለበርካታ ሰዎች ሞት ምክንያት የሆነው በኦሮሚያ እና የኢትዮ-ሶማሌ ክልል ድንበሮች የተቀሰቀሰውን ግጭት እየፈጠሩ ያሉት ሚሊሻ ከሚሊሻ እና ልዩ ሃይል ከልዩ ሃይል ነው ሲሉ አቶሃይለማሪያም ለፓርላማው ገልጸዋል።

            ይሁንና ጠቅላይ ሚኒስትሩ የመንግስት የጸጥታ አካል የሆኑት ታጣቂዎች ግጭቱን በምን ምክንያት እያካሄዱ እንደሆነና በዚሁ ግጭት የሞቱ ሰዎችን ቁጥር ከመግለጽ ተቆጥበዋል።

            በሁለቱ ክልሎች የነበረው የወሰን ማካለል በአብዛኛው በህዝብ ውሳኔ ተፈቷል ያሉት አቶ ሃይለማሪያም በ26 ቀበሌዎች ግን ችግር መኖሩን አረጋግጠዋል። የአፍሪካ ቀንድ የሰብዓዊ መብቶች ሊግ በአካባቢው ለወራት በዘለቀው በዚሁ ግጭት ከሁለቱም ወገኖች ከ400 በላይ ሰዎች መሞታቸውን ይፋ አድርጓል።
            የኦሮሞ ፌዴራሊስት ኮንግሬስ (ኦፌኮ) አመራሮች ከሶማሌ ክልል ሰርገው የገቡ የመንግስት ታጣቂዎች የክልሉን ይዞታ ለመውሰድ እና ንብረትን የመዝረፍ ተልዕኮ እንዳላቸው ይገልጻሉ።

            ይኸው ግጭት ዕልባት አለማግኘቱን በቅርቡ ያስታወቀው የኦሮሚያ ክልል ምክር ቤት በበኩሉ ለበርካታ ሰዎች ሞት ምክንያት የሆነው ግጭት ማጣራት እንዲካሄደበትና ድርጊቱን የፈጸሙ አካላትም ለፍትህ እንዲቀርቡ ጠይቋል።

          7. Sintiku not so long ago you were arguing against the “privatisation” of everthing or at least opening the economy to private investors. But now your are telling is different story. “Wellfare” you say what do you mean? Ethiopia a welfare state? Ok, ok your own resource who am i to say thos or that. But what I was asking you is what is the tax and royality structure when the “100%” is done and dusted?

            Please tell?

          8. Yes indeed they are infected by the deadly virus: 100% lie, 100% election win ,!00% democratic 100% constitutional on so on and on.

    2. If ethiopia had copied eritrea’s economic plan, ethiopia would have zero dams constructed, zero sugar factories, zero ailway, zero industrial parks zero airlines, zero fertilizer factories, zero irrigation dams. By the way ethiopia’s Potash mining will be 4 times bigger than eritrea’s soon which is going to have a big market share than eritrea’s projected potash market.

      1. You said “Ethiopia’s Potash mining will be 4 times bigger than Eritrea’s” well you forgot Ethiopia’s population is 20 times bigger than Eritrea’s.So do the math who will be getting a bigger share of the pie.When all our natural resources come to production it will be more than enough for our 6 million population to live comfortably.

  2. Do not worry. It is not going to be long before Circum abandons the project like its predecessors. TPLF knows what the problem is and it failed to acknowledge and correct it.

    1. No no no the MLLT scientists who troll here 24/7 the Sentikos, the Sanchez, the Alulas, the Luul the Abels and other countless zombies are in Dedebit designing a master plan how to transport the bulk of potash by the soon to launch satellite directly the end consumer- an engineering ingenuity a la MLLT

  3. 100% interest, eh? Typical African negotiating: give away everything and then beg for aid. At least make it 70-30 so your people can receive some benefit.

    This is one of the issues where I give our government full credit. Eritrea is one of the few African countries that demand partial ownership of natural resource exploitation.

  4. My concern is how the company will deliver to final consumers? by donkeys straight to tiny Djibouti? or they have plan B to bring it down to Berbera? In big proportion is like to go from EU to ASIA circumnavigating all Africa instead crossing via Red Sea. Aya baàl Mehrey Aregawi, naàna zehasebo o, temelisu nab en tetewiu..Lol.

  5. Good start TN. B/C for wance your are not reporting glooms and dooms day of Ethiopia. Don’t worry everything won’t be the same forever things will be changed for good. First thing first though, advice your government to change its outlaws foreign policy for the sake of its citizens.

    1. Dear Ethio
      May we say the same you advice first yours if you have a government you trust to abandon its wild nature and convince them to get civilized and cease with stabilizing policy and so on. I don´t wish any thing bad to happen to Ethiopian but it is not blessed yet with wise leaders and suffers from its own criminal children both in a form of leaders or intellectuals.

    2. Childish or “weyane” cadre to say the least. “Outlaw” huh? FORGET Somalia…What do you think happen in South Sudan? BTW your “dedebits” wrre outplayed by the new nation. Lol you were qick to sign “security” pact. May be Shwiya should donthe same bring Egyptians soldiers into the country in the name of “peacekeepibg” may be then you will know the vertues of “outlaw” foreign policy! tell me pls mr dedebit.

  6. people are tired of hearing dooms day news from Ethiopia on a daily basis already…

    Ethiopia: South Sudan gunmen kill 28, kidnap 43 in Gambella

    Gunmen from South Sudan have killed 28 people and kidnapped 43 in neighbouring Ethiopia, a government official told Reuters on Wednesday.

    The raids on Sunday and Monday occurred in Gambella’s Gog and Jor areas, which border South Sudan’s Boma region, said Chol Chany, a regional government spokesman.

    “Murle bandits carried out the attack. They fled along with 43 children,” Chany said, using a term for a local ethnic group. “The (Ethiopian military) is pursuing them. The assailants haven’t crossed over to South Sudan yet.”

    1. TN, these drip, drip, drip drapity drops are simply revelations of what to come in TPLF Ethiopia. They are still in early stages of the crisis. Unfortunately for the Ethiopian people, more and devastating news are yet to come.

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