Ethiopia: Top Security Official Arrested

His arrest may be a prelude to the arrest of Azeb Mesfin, aka “Mother of Corruption”

Her liutenants are being rounded up for corruption ... and it may be a matter of time before she joins them at Kaliti
Her liutenants are being rounded up for corruption … and it may be a matter of time before she joins them at Kaliti

By Ethiomedia,

A top Ethiopian security official has been arrested on corruption charges, a radio affiliated to the ruling party said on Friday.

The official, Woldeselassie Woldemichael, a close friend and confidant of Azeb Mesfin, the widow of the late Prime Minister Meles Zenawi, was thrown into jail as part of the ongoing hunt for officials who have amassed wealth on grounds of corruption.

Woldeselassie was a close friend of Gebrewahd Woldegiorgis, former deputy head of Revenue and Customs Authority, who has been in jail for months accused of corruption. 

Observers say the arrest of the ranking security official could be a prelude to the arrest of Azeb, who is billed “Mother of All Corruption” in the country.

“It is a matter of time before Azeb joins the ranks of the corrupt officials now behind bars,” a source said.

Azeb was recently relieved of her post as CEO of EFFORT, the business oligarchy that has never been audited despite comprising major multi-billion-dollar companies such as Sur Construction, Mesfin Engineering, Almeda Textiles, and nearly two dozen business enterprises that have been the cash cow of the Meles-Azeb family and their inner-circle liutenants.

When Meles Zenawi was alive, Azeb was the most feared and powerful woman who at party meetings lashed out at current security chief Getachew Assefa for corruption and extravagant lifestyle. Azeb had insisted that Getachew should be fired and her favorite, Woldeselassie, promoted.

The once powerful and aggressive woman is slowly turning into the most vulnerable following the death of her husband in August last year. She now doesn’t have any known official job. Critics have been blaming her for being corrupt on the one hand and incomptetent on the other that she can’t work as CEO of EFFORT. Though not officially reported, there were anti-Azeb protests at a number of EFFORT-affiliated companies that called for her removal.

Azeb has been counting on the political clout of Abai Woldu, a TPLF politburo official who is at loggerheads with the Addis-Ababa-based Getachew Assefa and behind-the-scene powerful man, Debretsion Gebremichael, who is deputy chairman of TPLF and minister of Communication and Information Technology.

In reality, many consider Debretsion as Number One in the power hierarchy, and his side leading the anti-corruption campaign means the days of Azeb as the spoilt brat of the palace are over.
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  1. Once an Ethiopian government opponent said"if the Tigrayans of Ethiopia are working very hard for the demise of Amhara people,i hope they are intelligent enough to figure out who will be the next"?So again, it is not difficult to figure out what consequences the domino effect will have on the… Eritreans.

    1. Whatever is going to be the effect to the Eri people, it won't. Be as bad as what it is right now, which has been done for the last 15 years. It won't be anything that we won't handle. But to see The weyane junta is getting close to dismantled, it makes all. Anti-weyane camps believe there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I hope you won't stay to see that.

  2. Baytewar or Bayto what do you mean ''gebta'' domino effect on the Eriteans, you mean the wife of President Hailemarjam Desalegn or Bereket Smeon. Eritreans we dont care about them

  3. Wedi Tikabo song "warsay gedim….betahti haseka belaeli baronsay " for Eritrea woyane' / Ethiopia issue is like haseka down dirty. We are dealing with the powerful counties in the world. Master deal with master not servant.

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  4. Mr. Hassan don't you know this, what they say in Amharic "tersefinchit" MEANING SHE IS SEXY. That is way LEGESE ZENAWI was get mad. Remember also LEGACY ZENAWIS X WIFE is Amhara and Welkayt-Tsgade. So you better change MANY TIGRAYANS TO MANY AMHARAS.

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