Eritrea’s Upcoming Travel Season

Flocking to the homeland for summer vacation ...
Flocking to the homeland for summer vacation …

By Bereket Kidane,

IF you are like me, you have struggled through this year’s tough North American winter. You are probably already thinking about your upcoming trip to Eritrea. Anytime is a good time to be in Eritrea visiting family, but the month of May is the best time to visit Eritrea and take part in its national holiday season. Quite simply, it is the best time to be in Eritrea to enjoy Asmara’s perfect 20 – 25 degree Celsius weather or the warm Red Sea waters of Massawa while rubbing shoulders with Independence Week revelers and partiers in the third week of May. 

If you go in June instead, there is the Sawa Youth Festival, which draws musical talents from inside and outside of Eritrea. Depending on how you score on the patriotic meter, you may want to make the trip down to Sawa in June to see your youngest relatives graduate from high school and become Eritrea’s brand new citizen soldiers, a rite of passage in Eritrea.

For Eritreans in the diaspora, traveling to Eritrea to celebrate Independence Day “Mealti Netsanet” has always been a way to express solidarity with the State of Eritrea and to renew our commitment to it. Independence Day is one of the few occasions that bring Eritreans from all walks of life together in a common celebration of a sovereign Eritrea.

For kids born in the diaspora, joining with Eritreans at home in celebration of the national holiday season has become a concrete link in forming a connection to the land of their ancestors. The shops and entertainment centers in Asmara can be a little crowded during the busy tourist season but that’s why there are cities like Massawa and Keren. Most municipalities in Eritrea hold public celebrations during Independence Week, with loudspeakers broadcasting popular music and multitudes joining parties to partake in the holiday spirit. But if you ask me, Asmara is where you want to be for the Independence Week carnivals and festivities.

During your stay in Eritrea, you may also want to get to know the countryside by travelling to battlefields of the Armed Struggle For Independence and pay your tribute to Eritrea’s fallen heroes who made it all possible.

So start planning your trip.

Happy Travels!

Africa Tourism: Eritrea 5th fastest-growing destinations by arrival
Africa Tourism: Eritrea – 5th fastest-growing destinations by arrival

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39 thoughts on “Eritrea’s Upcoming Travel Season

    1. going back home for most people should be an opportunity to see the real situation in eri, and the problems the people face everyday. anyone who claims that the country is doing great and the government is god sent is a bullshiting and they know it. i have been there recently and its depressing to see how the country has suffered under pfdj. i am not saying they havent done anything good but they have faild the nation and its people in general.
      and the saddest thing in reading tis articles in this website is that it is never mentioning the failures of the are we going to improve if we cant see our problems and face them. whilei was in asmara and around eri, i noticed the people have no passion any more, the work ethic of the young in asmara is gone, or even the students who tell you why should they bother since they will end up working for 400 nkf a month no matter how hard they work.

      come on people, see the reality and accept it, i am not saying we need govt change or anything dramatic but we need change, what we have going is just notworking

    1. Blen, I am sure you know the difference between a free loader beggar and s resourceful people / country who provide income generating tourism infrastructure and the services that go with it.

    2. Blen ayney, nothing to do self reliant with tourism…rather have to do mes melemman (handouts), mekeddam, mesgad ect..

  1. Thomas
    You think you are funny?
    We have enough electricity to electrocute you and enough water to waterboard you.
    I will pay your air ticket with Malaysian airlines flight 370.

    1. LOL. Very well said B. Adal. That is too funny and right to the point. I hope Thomas aka Geretsadiqu from Dedebit did not get a a bad nose bleed from that fierce combination but got the message very loud and clearxD

  2. I love to go to see my family and friends, but,what guarantee do i have they will not pick me up from the Airport and put me in jail? Some people with duel citizen ship are languishing in prison.A country where the law of jungle prevails over the law of the land.

    1. @GUEST
      If it is good enough for your family and friends to live in Eritrean, shouldn't it be good enough for you as a vacation? However, I would worry if I happen to love our cousins in the south more than our families in Eritrea.

    2. Guest, I must say if your second citizenship is a Dedebit Woyane, I would not set a foot in Eritrea and very soon you will run out places to hide in Ethiopia too unless you Camouflage yourself name as Aba Jiffar from Oromia:)

    3. GUEST!
      If you are commited a crime or killed some one in Eritrea, it is better if you stay where you are for the rest of your life. If you think you are the one of the so called opposition "Tegadelti of part time" in diaspora, I can garantee you no body tuoch you! beacuase they know that you are worth less TEQAWEMTI!! So you can go to your Eritrea!

      1. I am talking about Aster Yohannes,horror story,when i saw the video,it scares the hell out
        of me.What a cruelty ! At least they could have given her the chance to kiss and hug her kids.
        Who would not like to visit family members and friends as often as possible.

    4. dear guest that is your personal paranoia..feel free if you're Eritrean no one will touch you, it's already stated that Eritrea is one of the safest state in the world..Nay bahaki, majrat mechi yellewun..
      What you have in head is all proponganda.

  3. I have to agree with the suggestion to travel to eritrea just before the Independence Day as far as whether enjoyment is concerned. I did just that in 2013 taking the whole family. If you have little ones it just makes perfectly sens. It was just the perfect temperatures. My kids played all day with other kids from the neighbourhood all day. Playing outside all day just like we did when we were their age. Withing 2 months they were fluent in tigrigna something that would have taken them years in diaspora. All we have to do now is make sure they keep it. I found it the best way to have them learn the language as well as other culture and norms. Now I don't have to stress out about how to go about that.
    My plan now is to go back home as often as I can afford to do so.
    Whether was so perfect in Massawa that we kept going back every second weekend.
    Water, electricity shortage is all none sense. You learn to adapt within a day or two and it never becomes an issue. The serenity, peacefulness beside the fun filled nights, is something that makes you want to go back right a way.

    1. Bella cazzate, I agree as hole cheers..specialy i like the say: water, electricity shortage is all none sense. You learn to adapt within a day or two and it never becomes an issue..True wedi Eri.

  4. My kids, husband and I always have a great time whenever we go to Eritrea. I don't get to go every year. I try to go every other year at least. My plan is to move back to eritea for good once my kids finish college. I am almost there. To me, the Mediterranean way of the good life is in Eritrea. No other place like it in the world.

  5. Where ever you there is no place for me better than eri. I have just to make sure my financial seurce once i have it, i am gone and good luck for you guys who wants to stay for ever in sidet. Me bye bye sidet. I am done what ever it comes i am gone very soon. Bye bye finito la musica.

  6. take an example from Hawiians,if tourisim is good for Eritrea.leave Eritrea as pristine as it is.Tourisim influences the society for bad.Do you want the Eritrean people ended up as servants?

  7. Massawa pearl of the red sea is our Sevastopol in historic significance and Miami beach in its business potential all in one. Think about having a good time in eritrea just open your eyes and imagine the possibility. Wind surfing ,jet ski, kayaking in massawa harbor. parasailing, beach volleyball, swimming and wind surfing, camel safari at ghergesum beach. Fishing,sailing,diving and snorkeling at dahlak island. Margarita or nice cold asmera beer at the out-door restaurants and cafes overlooking the beautiful Pristine red sea-coast…this is not south beach or southern california or va beach…its the red sea-coast the fun never ends year around….think abot camping at felfel selemuna eritreas Yosemite park and stay overnight at sabur hotel and lodge.then go to.mai wei our palm spring and stay at the fine hotel and lodge. imagine driving over the top of the.Mountains of igla demhina eritrea Appalachian mountains and touch the sky on your way to foro red sea on red sea-coast highway from massawa to asab and enjoy the magnificent pristine red sea. Or enjoy your cappuccino and stoned cooked Pisa at nice mountain top restaurant or cafe at arbe robe derfo watching the cable car go up and down the mountains..eritrea is beautifull….unlike our enemy's and the nay sayers have us belive er is in the right trajectory for sustainable developement. Think about the tourism industry bring to the country employment and tax beside fun and joy is enormous to say the list..think positive and dream the possibility it can be done let us do our part and make eritrea the peaceful turist destination it deserve.

    1. wind surfer,

      Eritrea is blessed with every kind of natural resource. Tourism, mining, marital riches, mountains, beaches….you name it. It's all there. It's a matter of developing it.

      I would love to run my own Tiki Bar by Gurgusum beach.

    2. All of these things are nice. They are the cherry on top of the dessert. The main reason people go home is to see their friends and family. It doesn't matter whether they are rich or poor. I rather be in Asmara than in Paris.

      1. In the 1960s many left their homes when their villages were bombed out by US supplied F3, 5s and 6s. In the 1970s many left their homes when their villages were bombed out by USSR supplied MIGs, tanks, Stalin Organ missiles etc. etc. In the 1980s most of such Eritreans became refugees in Sudan then to transferred to USA, Europe, Australia, the Middle East, Africa etc. etc. Then they defeated all those that chased them out of their country. Those who chased them out wanted to revenge their defeat and strangulated the Independent State economically, isolated it politically, and made life so difficulty that the youth flow of migrants through the Sahara occurred. Now that Eritrea is trying to stand on its feet, they are placing handicaps again. This too will pass. Those wonderful Eritreans who are going only for holidays will return and will build Eritrea up. Didi, go to hell !

        1. It is not enough to build Eritrea going only during the holidays, I repeat, definitely go in Eritrea since it's beautiful and good. Dear friend, it is convenient to live in the land of others seeking "political asylum", and Patriots on the web.
          I did not understand when you say "go to hell" you mean in Eritrea? My answer is no thanks.

  8. the dramatic increase poverty in eritrea is for tourist from Europe unconscionable.
    I was ten days from 2-12 jan. 2014 in eritrea as a backpack tourist, that was just sad thing, especially in rural area . too much poverty! I hope only good for those poor people.

    from Finland pawelowski

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