Eritrean Delegation Concludes 4-Day Egypt Visit

“Eritrea’s high level delegation winds successful working visit to Egypt. Scope of Eritrea-Egypt bilateral cooperation encompasses fisheries, agriculture, trade, renewable energy, health, banking and financial resources. They also agreed to enhance their structured and periodic political consultations for greater coordination in international forums.” – Yemane G/Meskel


Eritrea’s high-level delegation concluded a four-day working visit to Egypt yesterday with a wrap up session between the two sides.

During the visit, the Eritrean delegation held talks with Egyptian Foreign Minister, Mr. Sameh Shoukry and with several business people. The delegation also visited the large scale national project for fisheries and aquaculture, the Cairo International Fair for Egyptian Products and a number of other enterprises.

The bilateral talks centered on strengthening existing economic and trade relations between the two countries with special focus on the sectors of marine resources, agriculture, renewable energy, health, as well as banking and financial services.

In this respect, the two sides agreed to initiate at this stage concrete cooperation progammes in the sectors of marine resources and agriculture through the establishment of a fishing project as well as a joint model farm in Eastern Eritrea. They also agreed to boost bilateral trade, particularly in terms of increased Eritrean imports and mutual investment, starting with Egyptian investment in Eritrea in identified priority sectors.

Furthermore, the two sides agreed to enhance their continual political consultations and joint efforts aimed at greater coordination in regional and international forums. The agreement encompasses cooperation and joint work to combat terrorism, piracy and human trafficking.

In his concluding remark at the wrap us session, Eritrea’s Foreign Minister, Mr. Osman Saleh, expressed his appreciation for the warm hospitality accorded to his delegation by the Egyptian Government and officials of all the Egyptian institutions. Mr. Osman further underlined that the Egyptian high level and multi-institutional delegation’s visit to Eritrea in the past month and the Eritrean delegation’s current visit to Egypt “underscore the determination of the two countries to develop their bilateral fraternal ties into a solid, multi-faceted, partnership that is mutually beneficial”.

The Egyptian Foreign Minister, Mr. Sameh Shoukry for his part asserted “Egypt’s willingness to strengthen bilateral relations between the two countries in all fields, for which there is great potential”.

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  1. In his concluding remark at the wrap us session, Eritrea’s Foreign Minister, Mr. Osman Saleh, ……
    “wrap up” bTsai. Tnx.

  2. It has been 20 years of high level delegation going to Egypt begging for more and more but there hasn’t been anything to show for it. Egypt economy has to be lifted before helping a country that can’t even trade with neighboring countries. 20 years of gun trafficking and giving false hope to supporters by mentioning sectors the lion of Nakifa has barely any understanding about. How can you talk about health care when doctors are nowhere to be found? Banking sector? Iway, don’t you have to circulate that Nakifa properly? But hey, this might keep the lion of Nakifa one more year, less if our prayers made it to heaven. Best of luck!

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  3. I feel like something is brewing. You don’t make repeated high level delegation visits for no reason. You only do it if you are in the processing of buttoning-up the last details of an economic or security agreement. We’ll know what the trips are all about in the not too distant future I am sure.

    1. I think so too. At the invitation of Pres Trump, President el-Sisi will make his first state visit to Washington next week. Note: Pres. Trump trusts Pres. el-Sisi. This relationship may be a game changer. For now, let’s just leave it at that.

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      Eritrea, eventhough anti- terrorism- is not an instrument for the US to use, to clean up the mess it created in the first place.

      US- respect our sovereign borders and have the weyane respect it and evacuate!

    1. Why would this scare us? US doesn’t have the ill towards Ethiopia, just the Arabs doing work for Egypt. As a matter fact, I wish you work hard by releasing some prisoners and have them there for the sake of the youth. Not to mention, every intel from CIA on high level shabab fighters land on our desk. But, my fear is Wedi Afom himself might be hiding few of those underground, that might be a conflict of interest.

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