Eritrean American Community Expressed Outrage at Latest State Department Action

State Department Yemane Gebreab
US State Department urges Yemane Gebreab not to host public meetings in the US. Seriously?

By The National Council of Eritrean Americans,

The National Council of Eritrean Americans (NCEA) is dismayed to learn about the cancellation of the public meeting that was scheduled to be held in Washington, D.C. on Sunday, October 2, 2016 with members of the Eritrean government delegation.

It has also learned that the forum organized by the Atlantic Council where the Political Advisor to the President of Eritrea was invited to address was also cancelled. Various think tanks, civic organizations, and media outlets were invited to participate in the event.

These actions taken by the US State Department violate fundamental rights of Eritrean Americans as citizens of the United States, including their freedom of assembly.

It illustrates this Administration’s contempt for the Eritrean American communities across the United States, and contravenes international initiatives to foster closer relations between states and their Diaspora populations.

This latest unprovoked act by the US State Department is a continuation of the unjustifiable hostility against the people of Eritrea. This is yet another obstruction to the much needed constructive engagement between the two countries.

The NCEA will closely follow the developments and issue updates.

The National Council of Eritrean Americans
Washington, D.C.
October 2, 2016

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76 thoughts on “Eritrean American Community Expressed Outrage at Latest State Department Action

  1. The Eritrean Quislings League (EQL) site writes the following regarding the above story ….

    […] Whenever Mr. Yemane Gebreab has visited the United States, Awate Foundation, along with many activists in the Eritrean opposition, has reminded the Government of the United States of President Obama’s Executive Order: sometimes in an editorial; sometimes via phone calls and emails. Sometimes, our concerns were addressed, and sometimes they were ignored, and Yemane was allowed to roam freely in the United States and indoctrinate Eritreans.

    This week, Yemane Gebreab had two meetings scheduled. One, along with Foreign Minister Osman Saleh, was a much-publicized “public seminar” in the Washington, DC area for today. Another, unpublicized, was a meeting with The Atlantic Council on Wednesday, October 5.

    Both meetings are now cancelled, following intense lobbying by Eritrean activists in the United States.

    It is unclear why Foreign Minister Osman Saleh, who was also scheduled to present at the “public seminar” (but not at The Atlantic Council) is unable to do so.

    1. Once they realize that Eritrea’s potential strength as a unified country is breaking the chains of dependency, empower people through education, health, food, mass movement of constructing the infrastructure, self-reliance, and organizing citizens abroad to participate in building their nation, they are compelled to take an irrational measure that is unwise and misguided decision. Because we are a Bad lesson(example) to neighbors.
      As the geopolitical and economical situation in the Horn of Africa and middle east is changing rapidly, the USA is losing their grip Miserably, and they are blaming to this “tiny Nation” called Eritrea.
      In other words, Ethiopian unity must be protected at the cost of Eritrean suffering ( sanction) and humiliation (North Korea) to secure their interests in the region.

      1. I think this has to do with the Jewish lobbyist. Come to think of it. Martin Plaut, Mr.Cohen, and many more that have been hostile to Eritrea are all Jewish. For some reason, they think the existence of Eritrea is threatening. I think the Jewish lobbyist are our biggest enemy. They even turned the southern Baptist Church against Eritrea. We should wake up and not let our enemies to use our weakness against us.

    2. As long as they have a valid visa to stay in the USA invite
      them as an attendant Berhane and the embassy staff and maybe some local guys
      can be a presenter and leader of the meeting (the gathering.). Our leaders (present/participate
      as an audience) can entertain/participate us/with-us during a Q&A seasons

    3. I don’t believe it was cancelled because of the riffraff, good for nothing power of lobbying. Even though they are financed, encouraged by the US Dept. of State, and subservant Weyane. It’s the USA’s policy “With us or against us,” “ምሳና ወይ ኣንጻርና” “ዝበልናኩም ወይ ኣብኣ ትረኽቡዋ”ዝዓይነቱ ፖሊሲ እዩ። We can see and look what America is doing around the world in different countries and regions: Blackmailing, intimidating, distracting, destabilizing, killing, and conspiring etc. Eritrea is a victim of its policy. We know what they done to Cuba and to many others.

      1. I’m trying to show it to you how these defeatist Quislings League has transpired in to an irrelevant and immaterial entity that are absolutely nothing more than a nuisance. How about that?

        1. come on TN, the USA does not give a damn about opposition. The US policy is to intimidate and terrorize independent countries. Vote for Trump. As bad as he is, get the demon-octrat out of the WH. Now will be a good opportunity to sue this govt for depriving Eritreans of our basic rights for the last 60 years.

    4. If No freedom allowed at home, so why freedom of gathering and free speech in America. There is no double standard policy for dictators and criminals ….in other words for monkeys and donkeys or Yankees alike!!!

    1. Never mind—those Cowards will fail any way.
      But were is the democracy they are struggling for ?
      Double standard at its best.
      This needs an intensive lobbying and inquiry including a peaceful demonstration against this ABSURDITY, never heard of!
      If the USA allowed the one-sided and biased hearing, why can’t they even allow Eri-Americans to meet with their Gov Officials, no matter what and irrespective of their political back ground?
      Double standard?
      The Desperado Dr Susan et al—at action

    2. I will vote for D. Trump any time of the day. You can see him coming from miles away unlike the rest of the politically correct closet racist scumbags. Hence, Eritreans please vote for D. Trump. He may not like us or our kind but he told us so unlike the double timing scumbags:))

      1. Sometimes where there is no good choice,one have to choose the lesser evil of the two.What a sad world we live in.

    3. You say it as if your vote really matters. Guys, this is American Democracy, the decision has probably already been made to put Hitlery in power, we’re just going over the motions because Trump hasn’t gotten the memo yet. Besides, the Electoral College decides who is elected not our votes. In any case, I will also shamelessly take the bait and vote… Yeah, I’ll go for Trump in hopes the electoral college drops the ball and let another “rogue” candidate goes through (ala Jessie Ventura in MN)

      1. When you voice your displeasure about something, you are doing your part.
        It doesn’t matter if others follow you or not. But it is defeatist to accept that
        your voice doesn’t matter.

    4. It is a matter of 4 months before we see Obama wondering in the streets of USA. In a matter of 4 months, Eritreans should get ready to take Obama to ICC for human trafficking, more specifically of what he have done to scatter the Eritrean youth all over. Do not forget, Obama have openly declared to have established “human trafficking ” to scatter the Eritrean youth all over. Do not forget, Obama have openly declared to do that..

      But and but, if this fool is thinking Eritreans are the Libyans, or the Syrians, or the Yemenis, or the Somalis wjho go back to burn their home, then he has failed. For Eritreans to go back and burn the HIDMO that raised them. that AGDO that nurtured them and that ANNET that protected them; then he must a fool. The question is how in the hell does he expect Eritreans to go back and bomb their mothers/ Obama should know we are not Yibyans, we are not Syrian, we are not Yemenis, and most definitely we are not “kENYIANS”. For are Eritreans, the brother of YIKEALO and WARSAI.

      Stay course Deki Halal Meriet, it will not long to see OBAMA to leave office in disgrace!

  2. Ali Abdu, his bother at AWTE and the Woyane pimp Saleh Gadi are all hired CIA scumbags who wrote stories that were later found to be part of the US embassy leaked cable documents leaked by Wikileaks.
    The US has been murdering Eritreans since 1952 through their hired Ethiopian mercenary tribal leaders, including the ethnocentric tribal Woyane regime. Eritreans should not be surprised by this move. American Eritreans should find out the if the State Department is behind this and take the responsible party to court.
    They may not win the case, but dragging these murderer scumbags to the court of law that they peach all of us about will expose their hypocrisy.

    1. They are not our advocates. They are just responsible citizens sacrificing their personal interests to work for the betterment of their people and countries at large. Don’t try to inflict unnecessary argument. No one has elected or paid them to represent us. They do it out of their sincere nationalism and love. If you have the guts, join them and help your community. If not, either commend them or provide constructive comments. Ab quinat zeywiale belih keykewn

  3. Stop Bullying Eritrea · Edit

    This is probably the work of Susan Rice and the apparatus at Africa Desk. She’s just so hostile to Eritrea and very much pro-Woyane. This makes me want to vote Trump. If Hillay gets in, it will be more of the same. The bullying of Eritrea needs to stop.

  4. Didn’t the US just sent a new charge d’affaires, last week, to Eritrea? Shall we send her back home already? Just kiddin’ but what a contradictory signal the US is sending. It seems confused when it comes to Eritrea.

  5. This article doesn’t explain why, who and how it was cancel. Was it cancel by Atlantic Council because of pressure from the state department? Or they didn’t allow Yamane to enter Washington, D.C. and therefore it was cancel. Events just don’t get cancel. And even, if it was cancel b/c of pressure. They could have change the venue, held the meeting and invite the media.

    1. Read what the AT wrote !
      If Yemane GhebreAb is prohibited from entering Washington DC(all States but NY),why would we expect him to conducta Town Hall Meetings in other States?
      You remember that he was sent back to NY few years ago?

      1. If that’s the case then have someone from the Eritrean embassy conduct the meeting or conduct the meeting by video conference. And make it even more difficult for the American diplomats in Eritrea.

        1. Good point. It’s just people got used to meeting w/ their leaders in person. Also, while the other folks in the list seem to be arm dealers, Mr Yemane is a well-known and smart leader in the Eritrean Gov. It’s very bizarre seeing his name along those strange folks. But again, we live in a strange world of Obama-Trump. I just spoke with a chief of staff to a congressman and he stated he is never seen US policy on Africa this bad in his 33 yrs in DC. It is quite telling …

          1. Never trust France, Britain and the U.S. I cannot remember his name. But Obama is the second coming of a European born African descent leader that help the Europeans conquer Africa.

  6. That’s sad, the USA professes the right to free assembly. They even allow racist KKK organizations to assemble. The USA must be desperate to make such a move. Eritrea does not need the USA, there are other countries we can expand our relations with. Sooner or later after giving the USA the cold shoulder they will come around like they did with Cuba.

  7. My take on this is the U.S. is more afraid of the many Ethiopians that would have taken a course altering lessons from the seminar than what the Eritrean community will get. Another failed attempt by the surrogate U.S. to give a dying regime woyane a new lease on life. Woyane is dead and the U.S is nervous; that’s what I see. We are capable and they know it very well.


  9. Total frustration of the US administration about how a country not AIDED by the system can survive tall and strong while those breastfeed like “weyane” about to die..In politics this is called US total failure.
    In the case of the new diplomatic relation Eritrea should answer in kind. “Nezi oms lekeh kemta Cuba zegeberettom iya, kab ruhuq maedo iyu zehayesh”.

  10. Welcome to the world of State Department’s hypocrisy. All the lofty words democracy, freedom of speech, human rights are nothing but an empty rhetoric used to hoodwink some unsuspecting people and turn them against their own interest and people. However, the Eritrean people and the diaspora Eritreans are too enlightened to be fooled by mere empty fancy words to handover their hard won independence and freedom to the sworn and historical enemies. The forced cancellation of Mr. Yemane Ghebreab and the Eritrean foreigner minister Osman Salih meeting with Eritrean American community by the State Department is simply an admission of failure and complete defeat. The agenda for regime change has always been to wedge division and turn the Eritrean diaspora against their own interest and people. Also there is this obvious frustration factor by individuals like Susan Rice, who are battling uphill battle to save their slave, the walking dead Wayane, from the wrath of Ethiopian people while the Eritrean people and its leaders are now having the last laugh. So, in away, the outrageous, weak, cheap and desperate action taken by the state department to cancel the meeting is a display of frustration and failure. It is directed more at the Eritrean American communities in particular and the Eritrean diaspora in general for standing for the truth and rejecting all the false accusations and hostilities toward of the Eritrean people and their principled government. Call it to punish Eritrean diaspora for simply rejecting the agenda to turn their country into another Libya, Iraq, Syria, Iraq,,,,,, So, how can one vote for individuals who say one thing but do completely the opposite. The Obama administration and his team are very dangerous for humanity and the world peace. That is why I am voting for Donald Trump. Despite my some reservations, at least the guy tells it like it is and deserves my vote.The professional liars, war, chaos, and destruction mongers Obama and his crew are very dangerous for peace of the world. Their resume and track record speaks for itself. So, I hope each and every Eritrean American and Ethiopian American, for sake of humanity and peace, follow the suit and vote for Donald Trump on Tuesday, November 8, 20016.

    1. You said it! United States is an imperialist country, they use democracy as a front to gain footholds in the country of their interest. Words like freedom, human rights…blah blah are design to paint a pretty picture and to not make them look bad in the public eye. When Europe was exploiting Africa. They painted Africa as a succubus and Europe as a beautiful women.

  11. ኣሌክ - Alec you · Edit

    I think this is the work of Susan Rice, it’s personal for her when it comes to Eritrea. Cuz our government want submit to her demands, and she felt humiliated by this tiny country located in E.Africa called ERITREA????????????????????????. And don’t start how our government outsmarted her by setting her pet=>(woyane-tigray) on fire by their own hands.. And now she’s outmaneuvered, so she have no choice but to play cat and mouse. When I say cat and mouse, like she want us to make a mistake.. Like get angry and expelled the New U.S. Embassy Chargé d’Affaires to Eritrea=>Natalie Brown, and put us in another unnecessary drama and make us look bad. To her that would’ve been a very tasty chewing chew on and on.. And in the process, to resurrect her pet/woyane from self-destruct. That crazy bitch is desperate. LOL.. ????????

    Our government should play it smart. Because this time the U.S is becoming irrelevant in E.Africa.. Cuz the game is changing in geopolitical perspective that is. And besides Eritrea moved on, it’s the U.S. that’s acting like a lil bitch. ????

    1. Stop. First think before you write please. I think my own take here is USA right now know more about your gov’t tirless effort to distablised Ethiopia inparticular and the horn region as a whole so after all your regim doing all that and you have the nerve to think US should welcomed your officals and try to present your regim false wittnes with open arm how stupid some people can be.????????????

        1. Poor you! USA only told you that your country is not fit enough to talk to them. They say to you first to settle u r problem with regional power country like Ethiopia without precondition untile then keep your regim official crap to your self in deplomatic way wink wink lol.

          1. You’re a jackass. Yemane was supposed to be there to talk to the eri diaspora, not the US govt.

            Huuurahh, for the advocates of “free speech”. Here is their true color.

          2. You really don’t know horn of africa regional power structure for US 96 million Ethiopia peace and integrity desurve much attention to stablise the whole horn region than yours 4 million country. So how come US should let your country officials the origin of all destabilization effort in Ethiopia these days and a country that reflect destruction for it’s huge nebour doesn’t deserve out of reality propaganda campaign on it’s diaspora citizens.

          3. Puppet 6% Agame doesn’t represent 94% of Ethiopians. You must be a dummy if you think Ethiopian concerns are on the mind of the USA. TPLF is a “yes” man. Whatever the USA asks of it, TPLF must respond yes sir. If TPLF says no then USA will not give TPLF any food, then you will starve.

          4. You are simple minded person. Ethiopia government run it’s own affairs when it comes to fighting terrorism in the region US give a helping hand to Ethiopia and AMISOM force that is called mutual benefit. When it’s come to internal affairs Ethio gov’t track record says all by saying NO to liberalization of the Bank, telecommunication, electric power, air transport and others important institutions by powerful lobbyist interest group of US and EU.

      1. ኣሌክ - Alec you · Edit

        “your gov’t tirless effort to distablised Ethiopia”

        LOL.. Pls stop it!! Haha.. It’s ur beloved woyane-tigray that’s doing the destabilization all by itself. Do u think all the bullets that is raining all over the Oromo, Amahara and other non-Tigrayans Is done by My Eri-government?! LOL.. Agame please. ????

        And besides, i thought u had the largest security intelligence second in Africa and largest army. How would “tiny” Eritrea be such a threat? Its like ur contradicting with yourselves. On one had, u Agame ppl say “no war, no peace” solution is working well. Then u promote action a young nation u claim to be isolated, sanctioned, with internal domestic issues and human rights. Make up ur mind Ugumesh. The government of Ethiopia>(woyane-tigray) has no evidence on the ground that this is the works of Asmara. **just wild accusations without evidence** And ur beloved woyane-tigray is well aware of that. So again pls just… ????????????????

      2. You are delusional. always taking the side of your masters selling the people of the horn for expired gmo corn. Shame on you. Well it is 1991 all over again. But this time it will be the final nail on your coffin. Dedeb retard. Enjoy while you can.

        1. Come on man don’t be stupid smartass. Where is OLF base i.e the won who disturb peaceful Oromo people IRRECHA festival & coused the loss of life of 54 innocent people and injury to many peoples. The whole world know very well Eritrea is the base of OLF and every other region liberation rebel group that want to destroy Ethiopia.

  12. We the majority Ethiopian don’t want to see our internal affaires being violated by another country so Eritrean regim should stop all these nonsense medlling around in senister move to distroy Ethiopia. B/C we are God fearing, love giving and compationet people. But our country integrity comes first to none, So the majority ethiopian peationt is going thiner and thiner by the day please for the sake of your people lives stop your inflated ego b/c the day gungle rebel movement is over and you are on your own act like civilized gov’t for once.

    1. speak for your self agame. you do not represent the majority of Ethiopians least of all the Oromos, Ogaden, Sidamo, Benshangul, Debub hizb, and Gambela. Agame will pay for what they have done to the regions.

  13. American hypocrisy at its best! this also goes to show that Eritrea is winning the diplomatic war…it is embarrassing for the USA a superpower to go this low. Compeling evidence who is “isolated” and who is the “isolator”. and also this shows that Eritrea need strong lobbying group.

  14. Asmellash Gherinichiel · Edit

    ኩሉ ጊዜ ከም’ዚ ዓይነት ኩነታት ክፍጠር ከሎ ቁሩብ ስኽፍክፍ ክብለካ ይኽእል እንድዩ !! እንተኾነ እቲ ቀንዲ ተዋሳኢ ናይ’ዛ ክብርቲ ሃገር እቲ ንሕና (ብደገ ማለት ንሕናን ሰባት ዝርእይዎን ዘይኮነ) እቲ ኣብ ልብና ዘሎን ኣዘውቲርና እንሓስቦን ተወቒሩ ዘሎ ኣብ ኣእምሮናን ኢዩ እቲ ዘገድስ ። ሓደ ሓደ ጊዜ ኣብ ደገ ዝፍጠር ድሓን ዝመስል ዝምድናታት ብገለ ክፋሉ ከዘንግዓካ ስለ ዝኽእል ! ኣብ’ቲ ንሕና ክንገብሮ እንኽእል ከነስተብህልን ኣበርቲዕና ክንሰርሕን ኣገዳሲ ኮይኑ እስምዓኒ ……..

  15. ዝምታ’ዶ ዑቁባ፧
    ዝምታ’ዩ ብቐትሪ ምዓልቲ
    ለላህመቱ ሰርሑ ዘፍሪ
    ዝተማህረ ወጻኢ ዘይደሊ
    ምትብባዕ ኣብ ስደት ክበሊ

    ሕሰም ሽግር ኣብ ሃገር ፈጢሮም
    ይስድዕዎ ብጠቕሚ ሓቢሎም
    ክርሕሮሖ ንዘምሃረ ህዝቦም
    ሑሱር ጉልበት ክሃንጽ ሃገሮም

    ሃገር ከየማዕብል
    ማዕሪኦም ከይስጉም
    ይፈጥሩሉ ህጉም

    መሲልዎ ሓቂ
    ይጥንጥኖ ዓዲ
    ክኽደም ንኸብዲ

    ረቂቕ’ዩ ተንኮሎም
    ኩፉእ መጋብሮም
    ብስም ዲሞክራሲ ኣዳህሊሎም
    ሰብኣዊ መሰል ዘሚሮም
    ይረግጹኻ እግሮም

    መዓስ እዚ ጥራሕ፣

    ንህዝቡ ዘብከየ
    ሃገሩ ዘድመየ
    ገበነኛ ኣውሬ

    ይብልዎ ንበር ክበር
    ኣገናዕ ስራሕ ህጠር
    ካብ ፍርዲ ተኸወል
    ዝደለኻዮ በል

  16. Here is the answer for those idiots always asking about constitutional right, freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, and so on…
    For real eritreans the decision by the US not to meet with our officials would make us stronger and closer

  17. A lot of very good comments – but action speaks louder than words – The November general election is right around the corner – All legal Eritrean residents in the USA should exercise their right and vote their conscious so that we will never have to deal with Rice and Powers again….

    That should be the campaign of NCEA instead of telling us that “they will be following the situation” going forward.

    Estimates are 75-100K legal Eritrean Americans who can affect the outcome of the next election!! American residents in Israel are doing the same ….exercising their democratic and constitutional rights.

    In fact holding a big rally in opposition to the current administration’s misguided policies will be worthwhile in my view.

      1. It is pretty obvious for some people and difficult for others to understand the first time they compare and contrast the choices available for the next general election –

        There are a lot of other issues to consider but for Eritrean Americans the main issues becomes whether to keep S Rice and Samantha Powers the disastrous duo “US foreign policy architects” under Hillary who considers these two as experts in everything and pushing US foreign policy to the Cliff and US interest with it.

        Hopefully by electing new people to the sate department may be we will have people with some brains for once in a life time…

  18. Ato Yemane shouldn’t be upset by this single incident. He has been violating eritreans’ rights to assemble every single day for over 25 years.

    1. The sad part is you don’t even know when your rights are trampled upon. I think you need assembling rather than assembly. You have failed my friend, have a lollipop!

    2. Your master weyani is going 6 feet down and you too together but Eritreans are going to shine every day as usual . Wedi may teslamit Traitor like your ancestors.

  19. We all know now the emperor has no cloth. America is becoming a pariah state and will be isolated soon. Even Israel is ditching it. Well not to worry, they will still have woyane.

  20. I hope they will come to their senses .State department never change their policy for 7 deiced for the interest if America policy, the Eritrean people have to suffer .Why are they sanding an Ambassador to Eritrea then?????

  21. This is one of their bullying and pressuring the Eritrean Gov. in accepting their orders,which at this time,not to support the Ethiopian opposition groups.In order to save their adorable PUPPY the Weyane.What they don’t understand is with or without Eritrean help,The Ethiopian people have risen to topple their loyal servant.After that the USA will come knocking our door for our help to stabilize Ethiopia.To help them clean up their mess and blunder.Eritrea never kneel down.

    1. That right your getting my point. If Ethiopia Disturbed there will be no Eritrea on matter fact there will be no Horn of africa. So, be wise stop your gov’t that act like a child.

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