Eritrean Airlines Resume Flights to Jeddah and Dubai

Flights to Eritrea were getting increasingly expensive owing to the decreasing options. However, with the assortment of such growing alternative flights to the country, travelers would have a breeze and convenience traveling this time to Eritrea.
Flights to Eritrea were getting increasingly expensive owing to the decreasing options. However, the commencement of alternative flights starting this summer would make travelling to Eritrea a breeze

By TesfaNews,

ERITREAN Airlines this week announced to resume scheduled flights to the Middle East, connecting Asmara once again with Jeddah and Dubai with two weekly flights starting the first week of May.

According to the announcement, the national carrier will fly to Dubai every Tuesday and Sunday while to Jeddah every Monday and Thursday. 

Peak tourist season in Eritrea runs from May to September.

Eritreans from overseas return in their droves during summer holidays and took part in the various national holiday celebrations. Two highly expected festivals in Sawa and Asmara around mid-July and August; independence day celebration in May and Martyrs day in June are expected to draw tens of thousands of Eritrean travelers besides the growing number of foreign tourists during the season.

The airline also said that previous aviation agreements with Emirates Airlines, Qatar Airways and Alitalia will also help travelers to have ample connection flight choices.

Meanwhile, Sudan Airways also announce one additional scheduled service to Juba and Cairo direct from Asmara. Accordingly, the airline will start flying to Juba and Cairo every Thursday during this festive season besides it regular Asmara – Khartoum flights.

Another new entrant, Fly Olympic Airlines, a Stockholm based JAV operated airlines, will have its maiden flight to Asmara on June 6, 2014.

According to the ads the airline run on local media outlets, the airline would have flights to Asmara twice a week: Asmara-Amman-London every Saturday and Asmara-Amman-Stockholm every Sunday.

World’s most notable airline, Turkish Airline, is also expected to commence its maiden flights to Asmara on May 29th.

Flights to Eritrea have been increasingly expensive owing to the decreasing options. However, the convenience of such alternative flights would make travelling to Eritrea a breeze.

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  • Good News, on the right time( Travel Season)

  • Lalimba

    I hope this announcement will be the begning of sustainable air service and not the one that comes and go like shkui shkua baHri!

    • Elsa

      Lalimba Eritrea is only 22 yrs old comparing to most of the countries that has been independent a whole lot of more years, we still shine than most of them in every aspect. Eritrea founded 1992 with 0 in a bank account and devastated infrastructure. If our hands was not tied behind our back by so-called western nation, we could have reached the finishing line like a champions a while back. Lalimba how long have been out of the country, Are you a millionaire with a jet on hand, do you have a driver that drives you around,when you go to the restaurant do you order from the menu looking at the right hand side for pricing or you demand the best they have? I don't think so, If you where you would not have time to write a comment on this page. Think for a second If you can not reach to the top of the world living in the west for 30+ yrs, how do you expect Eritrea with 5 mil citizens can?

      • Dawit Meconen

        Lalimba's concern is valid, inferred from objective evidence.

        • Elsa

          who the hell are you to give validity you paid messenger agame.

          • Dawit Meconen

            Are you as cheap and ignorant in person as your writing projects? Speaking of agame: poor you, aren't you worshipping and defending them?

          • Elsa

            Oh Hash , There is a saying in Eritrea If you look into milk with out fleecing your eyes it gets dark, If I look in to mine and yours ancestors who know where they have originally came from. If you would like to know write your postal address I will send you a DNA analysis card,so I can tell you which tribe you belong to.

          • Dawit Meconen

            The hallmark and bedrock of a genuine Eritrean is his commitment and devotion to preserve and safeguard the Unity, Territorial Integrity and Sovereignty of his country.

            Conversely, the hallmark of the impostors, among others, is driving wedges between Eritreans veiled as ultra Eritrean patriots.


            Obviously, you are in the 2nd group , your statements attest. This group includes, EDA, asena, etc. who lament the current Eritrean plights while taking orders from our eternal enemies, woyane ,who have drawn up a Constitution for them that prescribes for the disintegration of Eritrea through ethnic referendum.

    • Aba Tirreg

      Lalimba, tell that to Uganda,Tanzania and other African countries who doesn't even have their own airlines. At least Eritrea is trying hard. By the way do you even own a bike ? Just saying dude !

  • eri-for-ever

    I hope this will help cat the flight price for Eritreans in the middle east.

  • Airman

    There are a lot of Eritreans in the gulf countries. This will definitely help ease the travel demands during the busy season.

  • merhaba

    WAW thank God blessed are you that delivering a Good news.I'm thrilled to hear this .Thanks TesfaNews

  • Hidat


  • berhane

    Eritrea is blessed with skilled man power. Many Eritreans are dispersed all over the world yet the govt did not show any interest to use them. Any way it is good beginning but it needs a determined interest to manage an airline. At initial stage many start up airlines do not own an airplane They only own skilled people . __

  • Berhane

    One can make profit by dry leasing an airplane and make use of the skilled labours

  • Eeeeeee

    For Eritreans living on the West Coast of the United States:

    Emirates is providing reasonable fairs of late. You can fly Emirates from Los Angels or Seattle or San Francisco or NY to Dubai and From Dubai now you can connect with Eritrean Airlines or Yemen Airways to Eritrea. But be warned, Emirates only offers one free bag per person.

    I don't know what the current prices are, but a friend (who lives on the West Coast) who bought tickets two weeks ago with Emirates said he payed US$1,780 for his trip to Eritrea.

    • wediasmara

      $1780.00 is not bad compare to 3000 -4000 with lufthansa. i like the service with lifthansa but too expensive.

  • Vic

    The price of a plane ticket has been a big issue lately rightly so, I wish Madote, Tesfanews…and others who might have access to the Eritrean Government or Eritrean Aviation Authority to ask them if they are indirectly influencing the price of the Tickets ?( i.e through charging the airlines in Dollars for parking /services they provide..or is it because of the Asmara airport location hence the insurance premium the airlines have to pay is high..or is it because they are not refuelling at Asmara…….).

    • Salina

      Where there is no competition, there is no need to reduce fares! simple economics is, supply and demand. Working with Yemen and Egypt now gives them the upper hand to monopolize the route and the fare which they have been increasing it almost weekly since Lufthansa's termination. Unless other flights start to operate, you will not see any price reduction not to mention it's a high season now. Thus, Government or Aviation authorities have nothing to do with it.

      • Vic

        Yes you are right because there is no competition but it is not the only one why the fares are so high.
        Charge less or none( for some of them) for the service the Government /Aviation authority provides as they are part of your fare e.g. 1 Airport fees for parking the plane,landing fee, and other services… 2 Usage of the checking desk and luggage handling …3. Negotiate the fuel charge….

  • gudguad

    why Eritreans must face this difficulties?i think it is only Eritreans who are paying the very expensive air tickets in the world today to visit their families and country.