2017 African Continental Championships: Eritrea Wins Men and Women Elite TTT

A record 7th consecutive victory title and 8 Gold Medals – Eritrea’s Valentine’s Day Present

Eritrea wins 2017 African Continental Championship TTT
Eritrea national team wins the 2017 African Continental Championship TTT for the seventh consecutive time in the Men’s elite team and the second time in the Women’s elite team.

By TesfaNews,

The 2017 African Continental Cycling Championship that starts today in the Egyptian city of Luxor witnessed the extraordinary performance of the Eritrean National Cycling team that comfortably won the 57.8Km Team Time Trial (TTT) both in the elite men and women.

Neither Luxor’s sweltering heat nor the participation of the continents finest cyclists can deter the indomitable Eritrean riders from scooping the available 8 Gold Medals of the day.

Winning this edition of the African Championship was another great milestone for the Eritrean elite men’s team as it turns out to be their unprecedented record 7th consecutive victory.

For the Eritrean women team, it is their second victory of the championship since they scooped it first time in 2013 in Sharme-el-Shiehk, Egypt.

Ever since 2010, the Eritrean national team dominates the African Continental Championship competition and yet, no other national team on the continent was managed to upset their absolute dominance.

In this edition of the time trial, Eritrea was represented by Meron Abraham, Meron Teshome, Amanuel Gebregziabiher and Awet Habotm in the Men’s elite group. Wehazit Kidane, Mossana Debesay, Bisrat Ghebremeskel and Wegahta Ghebrehiwet represents the women’s elite team.

A total of 24 African national teams have participated on the time trial today. The Ethiopian and Egyptian national teams finished second and third in the women’s elite race while Algeria and Rwanda in the men’s competition.

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      1. The loss is hers. She would be missing out a lot. She took the wrong decision. No doubt she has the Eritrea resilience, hence hope to her victories in some way soon. Awer Nihafash

  1. We are becoming spoiled. Too many gold medals. 7th year in a row as African Champs. That’s just awesome! It’s very difficult to accomplish. And mind you this current Team Eritrea that won this year in 2017 does not even include Merhawi Kudus, Natnael Berhane or Daniel Teklehaymant. My Gosh! We are Africa’s POWER HOUSE. No ifs or buts. Happy Valentine’s Day Deki Ere. The #1 love of Eritrean is E R I T R E A.

  2. እልልልልል! ኣሰየ! ኣሰይ! ኣሰና!
    እዋይ! እንቋዕ’ባ እዚኣ ረኣና!
    ደም ክጥዕሞም ጸላእቲ ሃገርና
    ኣናብርዶ ክብለኩም ኣናብስና፧
    ብረሃጽኩም የሐቢንኩም ዘዂራዕኩምና
    ኣንታ ክንደይ ተዓዲላ ‘ዛ ኤርትራና
    ኣዋልድኩም ኣወዳትኩም ሻምፕዮና!
    በሉ ሕጅስ ኣኻእልኡ ደኣ ይሃበና
    ‘ምበር ኣጸቢቑ ክወግሕ’ዩ ክርህወልና!

  3. Congra.our champs,Imagine this victory is without our Elite cyclists Daniel,Natniel,Merhawi.I hope they win it all by Sunday Feb.20th.

  4. Congrats Deki Ere.. ጅግና, እጉ ስ, እዙዝ ህዝቢ with enormous untapped potential., You deserve much more! You deserve better,,,

  5. ሰምብረ…

    ኣገናዕ ሃብሮማት
    ሰብ ቅያ ሕቡናት
    ሰምብረ ቡሉጻት

    ሉኡኻት ሃገር ሉኡኻት ህዝቢ
    ትፍጽሙ ዝተዋህበ ሕድሪ
    ይበል ስራሕ ንኡድ ክብሪ
    ዘይርሳዕ ዘልኣለም ተዘካሪ

    ልዕሊ ኮፓ ልዕሊ’ቲ ወርቂ
    ክንዮ’ቲ ሻምፓኝ ምትኳስ ርቺ
    ስምካን ስም ሃገርካን ምጽዋዕ’ዩ እቲ ዝዓበየ ክብሪ
    ባንዴራኻ ምውልብላብ ኣብ’ቲ ቀጢን ዘንጊ
    ኣብ ታሪኽ መዝግብ ወርትግ ተነባቢ

    ኮሪዕና ብኣኹም
    ቀጽሉ ኣጆኹም
    ኣበርኹ ስምኩም
    ኣጸዉዑ ኤርትራ ሃገርኩም
    ደቂ ፈንቅል፣ ዉላድ እግሪ መኸል ኢኹም!

  6. Congratulations to Our Young Men & Women Eritrean Cyclist.
    Our young men cyclist have immediately & responsibly taken the challenge of Championship role of our yesterday’s African champions ( … Merhawi, Natnael, & Daniel) who are currently pursuing championships beyond the continent of Africa. Eritreans all over the planet, including our cyclist who are competing outside Africa, are very proud of you. Our Eritrean beautiful Ladies Cyclists, what a Golden start, keep it up.
    Kudos to our Excellent Cycling coaches, you are producing Golden Eritrean Women and Men cyclist.
    ==> Long Live Eritrean Cycling Federation,

    1. It is awesome to defend the championship for a decade long, it is simply amazing. The other even more impressing victory is that of our Eritrean sisters who have managed to win the African Continents TTT Womens Elite 2017, rewarded with the gold medals. It is the fruit of a hard and disciplined work it is not just a dream which happened to be true.

  7. ~
    “ምዎልትዎ ቢየንየ!” ድዮም ዝብሉ ዝነበሩ በዓል ኣቦ ሓጎይ፧

    ሾመንተ! ! መዳሊያ ወርቂ – – – እንታይ ኢልና ዘረባ ክንውስኸሉ፣ ብታሕጓስ ዝኣክል ትዕበስ ድኢኻ’ኸ “ደቀይ”፧ – – – መስደምም።

    1. That’s what happen to me right now. I can not thank them enough as I am speechless. Now that they are entering in to the most difficult and challenging race, that is individual time trial (ITT) and the final Road Race. The other races like king of mountain, under 23 champion won’t matter to keep our 7th successive win over the African championship. Let’s hope our boys and girls will come out victorious in the above two most crucial races.

      All the best. Viva deki Erena

  8. Congratulations! You are riding the wave of success! The most amazing thing that has happened this year…Fenkil & its your Victory… All of you are the best & We the Eritreans are very proud of you…You don’t always get what you wish for…But you get what you work for! Congrats…long live EPLF…Long live Eritrean People….

  9. Did you guys noticed the riders from Ethiopia are all coming from one region – Tigray? Is it because there are no cycling talents other than in Tigraya or is it the usual ethnic and regional politics or nepotism? I don’t know …….

    1. I do not think so the other regions lacks talented riders specially the capital city and its surounding. But the privileged region right now is Tigray the Wayanes darling and foothold before the storm around the corner washes away some time soon.

  10. History repeating itself again and again.
    Let the world be aware about Eritreanism.
    Wesde wedi erey jigna—wesede
    -wesidiwa,wesidiwa…ewe wesidiwa.

  11. what about in single result · Edit

    በግብፅ እየተካሄደ ባለው የአፍሪካ ብስክሌት ሻምፒዮና ላይ ከ18 ኣመት በታች ኢትዮጵያውያን የወከሉት ሴት እና ወንድ ተወዳዳሪዎች
    ሴት ብስክሌተኞች
    √ፃድቃን ገ/መድህን ~የወርቅ ሜዳሊያ
    √ ዛይድ ሃፍቱ ~የብር ሜዳሊያ ሲያገኙ
    በወንዶች ደግሞ
    ክፍሎም ገ/መድህን የነሀስ ሜዳልያ አግኝቷል።

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