Eritrea Tabled Draft Resolution to Counter COI

Eritrea draft resolution at UNHRC
In light of the unfairness of the accusations leveled against it and the gravity of its ramifications, Eritrea tabled its own draft resolution and called member states to support it.

By TesfaNews,

Earlier this month, Eritrea was accused of crimes against humanity by a UN Commission of Inquiry (COI) tasked with investigating allegations against the government. Unlike its first report last year, Council members approached the commission’s latest findings with caution as some of its recommendations have the potential to destabilize the country or even prolong repression, an issue that it was set up to prevent in the first place.

Eritrea challenged the commission’s findings as “legally indefensible” as the commission has failed to prove the “crimes” it alleges committed were indeed “persistent, widespread and systematic”. This means that the commission’s preposterous charge of “crimes against humanity” are untenable and are no more than a political accusation.

Besides, Eritrea successfully presented facts and figures to reveal the fundamentally flawed methods the Commission employed in compiling its research, a method that suffered with selection bias with no rigor and balance.

To undercut the destructive and condemnatory recommendations including a potential referral to the ICC, Eritrea tabled its own draft resolution, reflecting primarily its commitments and proactive stance to consolidate human rights.

In light of the unfairness of the accusations leveled against Eritrea and the gravity of its ramifications, Eritrea urged all member states to support the resolution with a fair, just, constructive and collaborative approach. Many countries have already responded to the call positively and the council is expected to come up with a hybrid resolution by the end of this month.

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To the complete dismay of the commission, the Council is expected to drop the option to refer Eritrea to the ICC as it is untenable under the current circumstance. Therefore, that specific recommendation will not be included in the final resolution.

Draft Resolution on the Human Rights Situation in Eritrea

The Human Rights Council,

PP 1. Guided by the Charter of the United Nations, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, International Covenants on Human Rights and other relevant instruments on human rights,

PP 2. Reaffirming that all States have an obligation to promote and protect human rights and fundamental freedoms enshrined in the Charter, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the International Covenants on Human Rights and other relevant instruments on human rights to which they are party,

PP 3. Reaffirming further that it is the primary responsibility of states to conduct investigations into allegations of violations and abuses of human rights and to bring those responsible to justice,

PP 4. Recalling General Assembly resolution 60/251 of 15 March 2006 and its annexes 5/1 and 5/2, which inter alia: stressed the importance of ensuring universality, objectivity and non-selectivity in the consideration of human rights issues, and the elimination of double standards and politicization; and recognized that the promotion and protection of human rights should be based on the principles of cooperation and genuine dialogue aimed at strengthening the capacity of Member States to comply with their human rights obligations for the benefit of all human beings;

PP 5. Emphasizing the primacy of the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) process for the promotion and protection of human rights,

PP 6. Welcoming Eritrea’s accession to most international and regional human rights instruments including its recent signing and accession to the Convention against Torture, Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment, the UN Convention against Transnational Organized Crimes and its Protocol to Prevent, Suppress and Punish Trafficking in Persons, Especially Women and Children, the Protocol to the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights on the Rights of Women in Africa, and its continued engagement and submission of periodic reports to the respective treaty bodies,

PP 7. Noting the publishing of new Civil and Penal Codes and their procedures and the holding of awareness campaigns for the public, government officials and law enforcement agencies on the provisions of the new codes,

PP 8. Noting also the steps taken by Eritrea in creating inter-sectoral coordinating mechanisms on implementing its commitment under UPR, Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW), Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC), Labour Conventions, as well as the rights of persons with disabilities and addressing the challenges of irregular migration,

PP 9. Noting with appreciation Eritrea’s active engagement in the UPR process as well as the recently signed agreement with the United Nations in support of implementing the UPR recommendations and the mainstreaming of human rights in Eritrea,

PP 10. Welcoming the engagement of Eritrea with the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, in areas of strengthening the judicial system, addressing the needs of persons with disabilities and enhancing access to clean water and sanitation,

PP 11. Welcoming also Eritrea‘s invitation to UN thematic mandate holders and treaty bodies to visit Eritrea,

PP 12. Noting the formal request for support by the Government of Eritrea to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) to strengthen the criminal justice system, including improvement of the penitentiary system,

PP 13. Recognizing the efforts of the Government in providing affordable and quality health services and free education for its citizenry at all levels, and in particular its achievements in the Millennium Development Goals,

PP 14. Noting the launch by Eritrea of the African Union Campaign on Ending Child Marriage in Africa,

PP 15. Encouraging the active role of the Government of Eritrea to combat irregular migration as well as human trafficking and smuggling in persons, including in the framework of the African Union-Horn of Africa Initiative, the EU-led Khartoum Process and the Valletta Plan of Action,

PP 16. Recognizing the need to promote peace and security among countries in order to ensure sovereignty, territorial integrity, political independence and the enjoyment of human rights and fundamental freedoms,

PP 17. Concerned by the content and recommendations contained in the second report of the UN commission of inquiry on Eritrea (A/HRC/32/47),

OP 1. Rejects the report of the Commission of Inquiry on human rights in Eritrea;

OP 2. Notes the response of the Government of Eritrea to the report of the Commission of Inquiry;

OP 3. Recognizes Eritrea’s development achievements as well as its increasing regional and international engagement, in particular its constructive engagement on human rights;

OP 4. Calls on Eritrea to enhance the promotion and protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms in line with its international obligations and commitments;

OP 5. Further calls on Eritrea to continue its cooperation with the UN Human Rights Council, the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights and other relevant bodies, including thematic mandate holders and treaty bodies;

OP 6. Urges Eritrea to expedite the implementation of the recommendations it accepted during its second universal periodic review, to submit mid-term report and to enhance cooperation with the Human Rights Council and the universal periodic review working group during its third cycle;

OP 7. Urges further the Government of Eritrea to investigate all allegations of human rights violations and abuse and to bring those responsible to justice;

OP 8. Calls upon the Government of Eritrea to ensure compliance with the Penal, Civil, Criminal Procedure and Civil Procedure Codes of May 2015 and ensure they are consistent with international human rights standards with a view to strengthening the administration of justice and the rule of law;

OP 9. Acknowledges Eritrea’s initiative to draft a new constitution and urges it to ensure transparency and wide participation in the process as well as conformity to universal human rights standards and the conventions to which Eritrea is a party;

OP 10. Calls on the Government of Eritrea to build upon the achievements of the Millennium Development Goals and to embark into the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development;

OP 11. Commends Eritrea for its strong commitment to the promotion and protection of women’s rights and encourages it to take additional measures to promote economic and social empowerment as well as to combat harmful practices such as early marriage and female genital mutilation;

OP 12. Calls on Eritrea to continue its efforts to combat irregular migration and human trafficking, including through the regional and international initiatives;

OP 13. Requests the High Commissioner to expand and consolidate the ongoing engagement with Eritrea and initiate the implementation of technical support to strengthen national institutions, including civil society organizations;

OP 14. Requests all member states to support the Cooperation Agreement of May 2016 between Eritrea and the United Nations to mainstream human rights, focused on the development and promotion of social equality, social services for an adequate standard of life, liberties, administration of justice, constitution, and international cooperation;

OP 15. Decides to support Eritrea to consolidate human rights through the UPR process, the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, thematic-mandate holders and treaty bodies.

52 thoughts on “Eritrea Tabled Draft Resolution to Counter COI

  1. Egypt re-elected to UN Human Rights Committee

    Egyptian diplomat Ambassador Ahmed Fathallah was elected to the committee in 2008 and will serve a new term for the period of 2017 -2021.

    1. Glad the recommendation of the ICC referral is going to be dropped from the final resolution. It never made any sense in the first place. Eritreans should be happy that an Egyptian diplomat will also be included in the HRC as Egypt is considered Eritrea’s ally. Good news overall.

    2. To the complete dismay of the commission, the Council is expected to drop the option to refer Eritrea to the ICC as it is untenable under the current circumstance. Therefore, that specific recommendation will not be included in the final resolution.

      To Admin: How do you know the above paragraph is accurate ?

      What are you sources ?

  2. I am happy to see this. Saw the list of nations who so far have put their names in the draft resolution. Disappointing to see only Sudan from Africa, but 6 nations from Latin America and 3 from Asia put their names.

    I like this because it is proactive and shows a certain level of diplomatic finesse. Our voices will be heard.

    1. That proves Africans have decided to remain poor and live with Aid allowing all God gift resources to be exploited by westerners. This was a good time for us Africans to stand for ourselves in believing working as partners with the other parts of the world is better than depending on westerners aid. In most cases we are blamed of theft , corruption and other ugly work while we have no less brain and resources than the whites. I thought this was a good time while Obama is in power. Yes Obama has excluded Eritrea when he invited other parts of Africa. This might have created fear among the present African leaders but prominet leaders like Mandela and others stand will never be forgotten. A pity for our African leaders in particular and AU IN GENERAL and good for some parts of Asians and Latin Americans who supported us. God bless you all!

      1. Sister Saba, you are right. But despite our disappointment in AU or African leaders, we should continue our quest for win-win, as in the end the Truth always is victorious. Steady and patient like a camel.

    2. African brain clicks on, if you only insert a coin on them just like a vending machine. Tigrayans bribes all AU staffers on purpose with some drinks and foods. so ,the useful idiots not expected their brain will function properly any time soon on this issue. no wonder Eritrea strengthen diplomatic and Economic ties with our Arabs neighbors. CLEVER STRATEGY!!!!

    3. I remember reading a book about Eritrea where the autor was saying that, Eritrea will pay big time, for the diplomatic failure of Issayas Afeworki in Africa (his first speach at AU) and this was before the war with Woyane. When was the last time he attended AU meeting and try to gain support?

      1. I also remember that PIA has openly spoken both in AU and UN meetings what should be done to bring equality and justice without prejudice. So personally I feel there is controversial in what is advocated i.e freedom of speech. When one speak his/her mind would be accused or else ganged at her or him for suggesting what should be improved. If it is believed that there should be equality among human beings identifying and bringing the problem on the table and holding open discussion would definitely narrow differences but the reality on the ground is completely different. In most cases (Libya, Iraq and Syria are good examples) it is hatred or else power struggle which is exercised hierarchicallly.

    4. Why is the government wasting it’s time with a draft resolution when they should be taking the COI to court for over stepping its mandate, the methods they used to collect the evidence and for releasing the report to the public, before it had an opportunity to responsed. Settling for a draft resolution sounds like a trap to me. And why hasn’t Egypt signed the draft resolution, if the Egytpian diplomate to the HRC is supposedly friendly to Eritrea.

      1. I recognize that it could become a “trap”, but to me it is never a waste of time to “engage”. It takes away one of the major excuses against the gov. It encourages some nations to hear Eritrea’s case. Also it allows Eritrea to help set the agenda. So it is not a waste of time.

        I agree with you about taking to court the shameless coi, however my strategy of engagement is a dual track. On one hand we “engage” with the hrc and on the other hand we put the coi individuals under the microscope, with a legitimate legal push. One should not exclude the other.

        1. You make a good point. But I feel the government has already being engaging not only with other organizations about human rights development, but also with the COI. Plus they already state they’re willing to engage further, if it wasn’t a witch hunt. And besides when do you get pentalities for not engaging.

  3. PP 3. Reaffirming further that it is the primary responsibility of states to conduct investigations into allegations of violations and abuses of human rights and to bring those responsible to justice.

    This is the nucleus of the resolution and all the rest revolves around this clause.

    1. Good point. it is primarily the responsibility of the STATE not any other organ to bring perpetrators to justice.

      Empowering the judiciary system in the country needs outside help specially the UN and no wonder if the upcoming resolution calls for the UN to assist Eritrea at the earliest to establish a functioning judiciary system by helping complete the remaining two codes. The delay in developing these two codes out of the five that are required to establish the Constitution was a real challenge. We are getting closer any way. Go Eritrea Go.

      1. Well Folks:
        It is a long process and as long as the big powers are behind the COIE,do not expect an easy way exit.
        Look at the African States!
        I mean….and they are expediting it deliberately to take action within few months compared to 2 years of process,which the PFDJ thought will have enough time to prepare and manipulate things.
        There is an INK Way to get out of this:
        -Immediate Declaration of Amnesty and True National Reconciliation followed by the Implementation of the newly Revised and Inclusive Constitution in a way that will not and cannot compromise the ERITREAN National Security Interest and Sovereignty,and the sooner the best.
        Then the PFDJ shall have at least a year to prepare if if it declares the above.

          1. This my own pure speculation: I believe the PFDJ might have delayed the implementation of the constitution as a back up plan for the anticipated move of our enemies. Hopefully by the new year (Geez new year ); the GOE will be declaring new direction for the country.

          2. Eritrea doesn’t follow Geez New Year. You have a sick mind, by the way. Eritrea does things on its own timetable.

        1. “Hope Hzbawi” PFDJ bla bla…Stop mind-bending puzzles,and twisted storyline that will get you nowhere,to know the political game follow-up to the Eritrean way,is now carry on doing urgent measures to be taken in tymely manner and according to our highest key-priorities

          1. Selam Ayte terry:
            Gheder yitertirka!
            What is priority to you ,btw?
            National Security Interest?
            1)implementing the Constitution vs Anarchy and chaos?
            2)Youth Empowerment vs Youth Exodus?
            3)Economic development vs Economic freeze?
            4)Family Values vs family disruption
            5)Free and Private Education System for ALL,not just for 15 % High School Grads
            6)All of the above
            7)None of the above?

          2. Aythereq,aysterfekan ye dhul slezkhonka.
            Mr.”honest political broker” I think you are somewher between hope and despair.
            In the sense of the above mentioned 5 questions,it is unbleivable and funny,go in to get profound knowledge about the system first.

  4. Good news and a proactive stance on GoE part. BTW can the State of Eritrea take U.S. to International court for unwarranted sanction since UN monitoring group proved no evidence of al shaabb support? We need minimum $10 Billion financial reparations. We must demand this before we let U.S. ambassador in Eritrea.

    1. Eriblood- ma brotha, that only happens in a fully-righteous world. In this world? Forget it! In this world, unfortunately, only might is right. The US, hasen’t as of yet, even compensated its black population for slavery or its native-american population, for extermination.

  5. The game’s not over yet so we must stand tall to protect our country the world need to understand not just who we are but We will never let Eritrea fall.

  6. Not sure about the source but interesting take on the subject:

    “Understanding the gravity and magnitude of the COI recommendations to refer Eritrea to international court for the alleged crimes against humanity, Eritrean government has finally granted a visa to assistant secretary to African Affairs to visit Asmara and meet the president himself. The behind door deal is for Eritrea to enter into a constructive engagement with United States and in return, US will not push for COI recommendations to refer the matter to international court, instead a watered down version will be prepared which will allow periodic evaluations of Eritrea’s human rights conditions. The watered down version is expected to garner an unanimous vote and it is expected to be endorsed by Eritrea.
    The reason for keeping US secretary visit to Eritrean undeclared is to not hurt TPLF led government’s feelings, however US seems to be interested to bring in Eritrea to its fold and also have Eritrea play a positive role in helping Ethiopia to go through a peaceful transition! US diplomats are quietly telling TPLF government that the way it is leading Ethiopia is unsustainable and it has to form an all inclusive government in Ethiopia and US is convinced that Eritrea due to its hosting more than a dozen armed Ethiopian rebels, it would play pivotal role toward this goal. US administration has reached to the point that TPLF’s days are over!
    The watered down version which will be prepared by human rights council on Eritrea will come as a major blow to TPLF led government as it was expecting the US to push in full force that COI recommendations applied on Eritrea in letter and spirit. ERITREA BY AGREEING TO ENGAGE US HAS MADE A U-TURN IN ITS FOREIGN POLICY AND PULL THE CARPET FROM UNDERNEATH OF THE TPLF LED ETHIOPIAN GOVERNMENT’s FEET!”

        1. Good thing Mariam of Asmara and Mariam of Cairo get along fine. Good thing they both are not under the yolk of the devil like the Marian of Aksum.

          1. Mariam Asm +Cairo Vs Mariam Q. · Edit

            It is good to mock sometimes but the reality is “I think our pure heart martyrs looking out for us from the heavens above.” Yes enough is enough our brothers and sisters have died for the truth. No need to loose others again and again!

    1. Well,kem afka yigberro/afka yissa’ro!
      That is what we want -Peace and Justice for all and the Implementation of the Constitution.
      BRW,irrespective of its truthfullness,the “News” and its analysis makes tons of sense.
      It is a noble way and cause.
      I HATE war and war mongerers

      1. That concession /compromise or agreement shall come up with:
        Border demarcation and normalization of relations.

        Dr Arkbe Ukbay hinted that Ethiopia shall use the Aseb Port for the next or within the next ten years.
        Source:Addis Zemen Gazetta.

        This would be a win-win game for the Horn of Africa and its tortured for nothing innocent people.
        The TPLF might lose,expectedly and legitimately!

        The Oromos and Ghinbot-7 might win and gain well for the best
        interest of the Ethiopian People.

        Of utmost importance,ERITREANS shall start breathing fresh air and will reclaim what belongs to them,FINALLY.
        Yes,indeed,Light at the end of the Tunnel….
        Then the sky will be the limit for ERITREANS .

    2. Eritrea shouldn’t waste it’s time with a water down version of the COI draft resolution. They should take them to court for the methods they used to collect the evidence, for over stepping its mandate and for releasing the COI report to the public, before it had an opportunity to respond…etc. Settling for a draft resolution sounds like a trap is being layed down for the future. UN Human Right Counsels and UN Security Counsels will never learn and the playing field will never be equal unless they are challenged head on.

  7. TPLF’s two satellite states Somalia and Djibouti also tabled a competing resolution to counter the Eritrean resolution. LOL

  8. Eritrea doesn’t have the resources to fulfill these obligations mentioned above. It is a pipe dream.
    But since they don’t have a time table they will serve as a WISH LIST.
    It is simply crazy to dream of implementing a constitutional democracy in a poor country like Eritrea. It is IMPOSSIBLE.

    And no Human rights Commission should come to Eritrea. If they are allowed in, they will become colonizers
    as Eritrea had a terrible experience with the UNMEE. Remember the corrupt Legwaila Legwaila of UN who was
    advancing the interests of the Weyane when he was supposed to be a mediator? The Government of Eritrea did
    a masterful job by getting rid of the UNMEE.

    DON’T TRUST ANYBODY SENT BY THE UN — because he can only be a spy of the USA.

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