Eritrea sets New Guinness World Record for ‘Longest Painting’

Certification for the world's longest painting by Eritrean youth

By Shabait,

A 7.166Km long painting prepared by Eritrean youth and displayed across the Asha Golgol – Himbirti road depicting a “Pollution-free World” has set a new Guinness Record title as the world’s ‘longest painting.’

The record-breaking achievement of the painting, which was made possible through participation of 827 Eritrean children, has surpassed earlier record held by Mexico for 6 Km-long painting.

The Guinness Book of Records staff, in a letter it sent to the National Union of Eritrean Youth and Students (NUEYS), congratulated the participants of the artistic work and the Eritrean citizens.

The juvenile students who participated in painting these 7.166Km “Pollution-free World” painting explained that the record-breaking achievement is a demonstration of the latent potential in Eritrea’s young generation and an encouraging element for further hard work. They also indicated that the initiative taken was intended to convey a solemn message through its theme to the world, besides the aspiration to break the record for the previous ‘longest painting.’

One of the participant student painters, Hermon Yosef, who described the achievement as a joint venture by the Eritrean youth and students, said that the task was also a favorable basis to exchange mutual knowledge and experience. He also expressed confidence that they would work hard to maintain the record and display better work.

Abel Zerai expressed delight with the even participation of students from the Administrative regions in the artistic work, besides the painting’s message of global dimension.

The children were guided by Mr. Habtom Mihretab to finish the task that was accomplished within 55 days.

The 7.166 Km painting prepared by NUEYS art club becomes Wolrd's Longest Painting

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