Eritrea Regrets Security Council Missed Another Opportunity for Regional Peace and Stability

Statement Delivered by Mr. Amanuel Giorgio, Charge D’Affairs Permanent Mission of Eritrea to the United Nations, New York, 10 Nov 2016.

amanuel_giorgioBy Eritrea Mission to UN,

I would like to thank you, Mr. President, for giving my delegation the opportunity to address the Council. Allow me also to congratulate Senegal for assuming the Presidency of the Council for the month of November.

Mr. President,


The UN Security Council has once again committed grave injustice against the people of Eritrea by extending the unjustified sanction.

There is no reason to maintain sanction against Eritrea, as the justification for its imposition has long been proven nonexistent, a fact that has been asserted by the Somalia Eritrea Monitoring Group. In four of its reports, including during its present mandate the Somalia Eritrea Monitoring Group, has affirmed that “there is no evidence of Eritrean support to Al-Shabab in Somalia.”

On Djibouti, Eritrea remains committed to the mediation of the State of Qatar, which resulted in the release of all Djiboutian prisoners of war last March. The report of the Somalia Eritrea Monitoring Group makes it clear that all its interlocutors only mention seven prisoners of war in Eritrea, who are all accounted for. For its part, Eritrea has confirmed that there are no more Djiboutian prisoners in its hand.

In light of the reports of the Somalia Eritrea Monitoring Group and serious regional developments, it is incumbent on the UN Security Council to lift the unfair, unjust and counterproductive sanction on Eritrea without further delay.

Mr. President,

Eritrea is keenly aware that failing to find any substantive argument to continue the sanction, some members of the Council have resorted to procedural matters, particularly the inability of the Somalia Eritrea Monitoring Group to visit Eritrea. If truth be told, this is not the real reason for their determination to keep the sanction in place. In fact, some of them have made it clear that even if the Group were to visit Eritrea, they would still not support the lifting of the sanction.

Mr. President,

The sanction, which has been in place for the past seven years, has been detrimental not only to Eritrea, but also to the Horn of Africa region. It has encouraged zero-sum approaches and imparted a sense of impunity to some countries and emboldened them to violate international law as well as externalize their problems instead of cooperating with their neighbors to address the serious challenges of regional peace and security.

Unfortunately, the UN Security Council has once again missed the opportunity to contribute positively to regional peace, stability and amity by maintaining the sanction on Eritrea. On its part, Eritrea will continue making its positive contribution to regional peace, stability and security in the Horn of Africa and the Red Sea.

In conclusion, Eritrea wishes to sincerely thank those delegations who have advocated for the immediate lifting of the sanction and those who have dissociated themselves from this unfair and unwarranted resolution.

I thank you, Mr. President.

38 thoughts on “Eritrea Regrets Security Council Missed Another Opportunity for Regional Peace and Stability

  1. What does the US want from Eritrea? It’s just mind bugling. The US is just been vindictive. If the US wants to lift the sanctions, then it could have done so already. I mean Eritrea is small country. What is it that the US trying to prove by prolonging the sanctions on Eritrea. Eritrea never harmed anyone.

    1. “Eritrea never harmed anyone”. Lets see, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Yemen and Somalia might say different. Just curious, are you supporters ever going to blame your own leader before pointing towards everyone else?

    2. እዚ ዘረባኻ ነታ ” ሎጂክ ኣቤሎኹ ስኢነኪ …..ላላላላላላ …ላላላላ …ሓቂ ኣቤሎኺ ስኢነኪ ! ” ትብል ደርፊ ዝናዊ ወናም ኣተወ-ብርሃን ሰጊድ ተዘክረና ። ንኣብ መጎት ዘይኣምኑን ብጽልኢ ዝድረኹን ሰባት እንታይ ትገብሮም ?

      1. I think Eritrea should have trade deals with African countries that is connected by land and sea. Eritrean trade rooted in Africa and connected to the Arabs and far East Asia is the future of Eritrea. I think the rich Arabs should invest in the Eritrean modern ship making Enterprise. We have one if the best real estate in the world we should make use of it.

    3. Eritrea ,Sudan and Zimbabwe are the three countries they have’t signed for US Africom, which is US can be able to do what ever they wish militarily all over Africa.

      1. ‘yes-Sir’, Eritrea is small country. There is nothing significant that Eritrea could offer the US. It just does not make any sense to me at all.

        1. “Eritrea is small country. There is nothing significant that Eritrea could offer the US. It just does not make any sense to me at all”

          Well it’s not about being big or small. Sometimes the smaller things have somethings to eye on. For instance, let see Djibouti, it’s small, dry but located in a strategic area. So its strategic is too eye on.

          And Eritrea is located in a strategic geopolitical position along world’s busiest shipping lanes … and of course huge deposit of Natural resources like: gold, potash, possibly petroleum, natural gas etc

          But it’s all about control. It’s all about money. For instance.. “The US has always fought against Cuba in order to avoid other countries in Latin America following its example. Today the US has the same worries in connection with Eritrea. Cuz Eritrean revolution and its development model could inspire other African countries and free the continent from neo-colonialism, All the countries of the Horn of Africa if they free themselves and mobilize themselves to resolve their contradictions through dialogue.. and follow Eritrea’s strategic development based on using their natural wealth and free themselves from the West aid handouts.. Africa could become a major economic centre. This is what Eritrea is trying to do, but the imperialists are making every effort to block this project that frightens them. Therefore, the US is accusing Eritrea of supporting terrorism and has incited Ethiopia against its neighbors. Imagine of the free trade zone between Eritrea and Ethiopia had extended to Sudan, Djibouti, Ethiopia, and then to Kenya and even Uganda. That would have been a very large market with large resources, free of intervention by western powers, and connected to Arab countries as well as the Asian market.” as such we’re on the US’s shit list, cuz we’re against their interest.

          So u see, Eritrea backed up by a thriving economy, is a powerful role model for not only Africa, but for the rest of the world. Natural resource poor Eritrea can not only go it alone, but do better than all the rest of the IMF/World Bank controlled countries, what is to stop everyone else from following suit?

          They want to control the government first and then everything. This is the reason behind the US support for the Ethiopian invasion. The US elite want Eritrea brought back under their dominance, or at the very least, so devastated that we are no longer a role model for Africa. But Eritrea didn’t stop cuz our political vision is regional. And we do not want to leave any room for interference by foreign powers. Don’t forget, Eritrea is building ‘its own type of political system’ that benefits its interest.

          Yes Eritrea could offer the US a lot.. Cuz Eritrea hav natural resources, a strategic geopolitical position, security in the Red Sea region. By allowing the US to have “military-to-military cooperation of the type that would enlist Eritrea in the war against Islamic terrorism in the Horn coming across from the Red Sea.

          But it’s not what the US wants. The US want a full control of the country with a puppet government just like Ethiopia. As Eritrean, u should know this by now.

          If u have time, read this… It will help u understand what the US ulterior motives are, when it comes to Eritrea.


  2. Why does Eritrea needs weapons anway? What Eritrea needs is to build jobs for its people and build infrastructure, roads, hospitals, prisons, scools, university and free housing for its citizens etc, all the building in Asmara is from the ere of the Italians and they’re all its falling apart, I believe if there’s more rains in Asmara all the building will crumble to dust.

    1. And Somalia? Why does Somalia need weapons anyway? Why call lifting of the sanction? Aren’t the AMISOM do the fighting for you? That part is left for you to answer.

      As a matter of fact, Eritrea doesn’t need weapons as it was told time and again that it has a weapons cache that is enough to arm three African countries. And if Eritrea wants to import weapons, you know (IQ63?) no one can stop it owning its strategic location, ungoverned 2000 Km boarder on the Red Sea, more than 300 islands and most importantly, very reliable all weather allies who never want to see Eritrea fail under than hands of a pro-Zionist mercenary regime of Ethiopia. Weapons are flowing and as expected no one is able to trace them. Of course this doesn’t include thanks and aircraft.

      To answer your silly question in short, the sanction is more damaging the country on scaring away foreign investments than hurting its ability to defend a rag tag, ethnically divided, witless army from the south. A country under UN sanction simply can not be attractive by investors, at least by US investors and bankers even if you have all the world’s resources. That is the very reason. Get this. Eritrea owns the “world’s biggest” potash project for God’s sake and if it’s not for the sanction, by now this world class mine could have attracted BHP and other US mining giants. I hope you are getting the point.

      1. Somalia needs the weapons to fight off al Shaba its simple as that, while Eritreans needs the weapons to arm anti Ethiopian rebels which will end up affecting Somalia because two of the Ethiopian rebels OLF and ONLF are both based in Southern Somalia and so are al shabab, so the IC is right not lift the sanctions on Eritrea until the Somalia government delivers secure and prosperous Somalia.

        Ps Eritrea can easily attract foreign investment especially with its location and untapped resource, you be surprised how many international companies have been eyeing Eritrea.

        1. Somalia fighting Al-shabab is really news for us. last time we check, there are more African Union mercenary troops than the total number of the Somalia national army. Now who is fighting who? Just go and chew your khat. No one here is interested to deal about your Somalia. I for one never understood why our government even care about the reconstitution of Somalia. I don’t give a dime about it. But one thing is for sure though – Somaliland shouldn’t be allowed to be independent. NEVER.

          1. The only mercenary in Somalia are the foreigners jihadi terrorists from Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen and others who invited themselves in Somalia, and we shall use every force in our disposal to kill the last terrorists, the Amisom troops are a peace keeping force operated by the AU in Somalia and their mandate is to help bring peace and stability to Somalia and with Amsiom support, the Somali national forces have effectively evicted Al-Shabaab from the entire Southern Somalia, and now al shabab is even more vulnerable since the Americans are hunting them down 24/7, so in three years time al shabab will disappear.

            Ps Somaliland will never be independent, there’s just so many obstacles, well to start with the goverment in Mogadishu wants Somalia unity, Puntland controls the eastern part of the former British Somaliland alone tribelines, so if Somaliland were to achieve its independence then there could be an endless tribal wars between the Isaaq tribe and Darood tribes.

            The international community doesn’t support Somaliland even their former British clonists doesn’t support either, Somaliland only wants to drag its feet to get a good deal from Mogadishu like changing the capital from Mogadishu to Hargeisa, power sharing, funds, resources etc.

          2. “Somaliland can never be independent cuz it has its problems and Somali wants its unity”. Well, Ethiopia also wanted unity but i think i recall Somalia telling us to “free” Eritrea. The same Ethiopia you tried to make weak, protecting you from terrorists and even came out stronger. If we are like you, recognozing your Eritrea(somaliland) would make us even but eye for an eye isnt our way. Next time please learn to say simple Thank you. Good luck on your upcoming election, we are with you.

          3. Wow Sentke,
            Ethiopians were forced to accept Eritrean Independence, PIA pulled your TPLF leader with its nose-ring to sign the UN document in exchange for EPLF support for woyane to rule over Ethiopia. That was your down-payment. EPLF gave you a piggy-ride to Menelik palace without seeking any financial or material benefit even allowing Ethiopia to use Eritrean ports for free, seeking only peace with a good neighbor. but woyane sold sold its soul for the higher bidder and dreamed day and night to destroy Eritrea. Ethiopian army went to destroy Somalia to collect US and EU handout and now the money dried up and woyanes are pulling out. Now woyane soldiers are destroying their country like Somalis, and the world is watching you killing one another. It will not be long before Ethiopia disappearing soon from world map just like Somalia. It is going centuries to reconstitute Somalia and Ethiopia as functioning countries. Sentike, you will be ‘The Last War Lord’ of Ethiopia. ኢትዮጵያ እንደ ሶማሌ ትሰነጣጠቃለች:: ስራ ለሰሪው እሾህ ላኣጣሪው

          4. Nice Response ….
            … And that is the reason for high Demand of TV in Eritrea, since everyone wants to see the Oromo and Amhara punishing WeyAne 🙂

          5. Like I said before there’s millions of obstacles Somaliland faces and it isn’t the Mogadishu based government which btw hardy has any influence outside of Mogadishu, this was shown the Mogadishu based government banned the kenyan khat but Puntland, Jubaland and Somaliland all dismiss the ban, so the based Mogadishu government isn’t the problem if Somaliland is recognised or not, the biggest obstacle is in fact the tribe elders because these tribal elders have more powers then the President, the ferderal leaders and al shabab.

            The dilemma facing SomalIland independence is the Somali people went back to their traditional self tribe rule, basically new tribal borders have been redrawn what used to be Italian Somaliland and British Somaliland, the former British Somaliland entire eastern borders are currently controlled by Puntland along tribes lines so if Somaliland were to use force to these territory from Puntland then Puntland will relied on the Darood clan, (the clan of Mohamed siad barre) which will automatically restart another tribal wars in Somalia, the international community put millions and millions of money to stabilize Somalia, so why would they waste all that money?

            Ps Somalia never supported EPLF, Somalia only supported the WSLF and to some extent the TPLF, meles zenawi was living in Mogadishu and he was known to travel with Somali Password, the Somali government all never supported the OLF because the OLF lay claimed to some territory which the Somali government wanted to sized.

            The Eritreans rebels were funded by arabs especially the Egyptians and they had bases in Sudan and Egypt.

            Ps Eritrea left Ethiopia because of the Amhara brutality.

        2. Al Shaba are a Somali citizens helped by Al Qaida fighting the other Somali citizens helped by African mercenary soldiers sponsored and recruited by AU, UN and EU. Both functions are drug junkies. Somalis missed an opportunity when they walk away from Asmara Somali Unity Conference divided. There is no hope for you druggist, except running pseudo elections every few years. OLF and ONLF will soon destroy woyane from Ethiopian history will restore freedom and dignity to their people, but this is hard to be understood for Chat chewing fellow.

          1. al shaba are foreigners jihadi terrorists who uses force to impose its extremist ideology so al shabab have nothing to do with Somalia.

          2. You can deny or believe about Al Sabaab members citizenship while you chew Khat, but will not change the fact on the ground, If they were foreigners the Somali people would have thrown them to Indian Ocean long time ago. They are there because they are Somalis may be 99.99% of them. They are Somalis whose minds are twisted with religious dogmas of the wrong interpretation of Islam. Did you know that the only Somali groups that refuse to participate at Asmara Conference held to unite Somalis, because the conference was not Islamic enough to their twisted interpretation of their Quran!

          3. So is mohamed farah Somali? No he ain’t, hes english, he was brought up in London from the age of three and he represent and waves the UK flag, well the same goes to these al shababa terrorists they’re arabized somalis, basically they’re refugees who fled from Somalia in 1991 and were either born or brought up in Arabia countries and they brought with them this mindset of arab culture of extrmists salafism and abusing women back to Somalia.

            Somalia is a rich country with rich cultural heritage and poetry and the most important themes in Somali music are love songs ok.

            Ps the entire Somalia population have long rejected al shabab that’s why they support the Ethiopian troops and other Amisom troops to to crush these cross dressers from Afghanistan, also when al shabab lost the popular support they cant even recruite amongst the somali adultes so they kidnapped streets children’s and armed them with ak47, so how will these kids who can barely hold an ak 47 defeat the better equipped Amisom and Somali troops? there’s no chance al shabab is a dying horse especially now the EU said rather then giving the money direct to Mogadishu to build the Somali army they will instead give that money to the ferderal states armies so they can fight al shabab in their respective territories, today al shabab are only found in four ferderal states namely Galmudug state, Hirran/shabelle state, Southern western Somali state and Jubaland state etc, these four states will get EU funds to build a new ferderal army from scratch and the American will roast the al shaba terrorists from sky.

          4. Those who left Asmara group and for Djibouti were only protesting againsts the Ethiopians intervention and had no desire to wage a war in Somalia soil on behalf of the Egyptians and the Eritreans, so when Sharif Sheikh Ahmed become the president he exposed the Egyptians and the Eritreans.

            The reason why the international community imposed an arms embargo on Eritrea was the Asmara ICU group was led by Hassan Dahir Aweys an al qaeda terrorist wanted by the US government, so next time dnt say why US hate us lool.

          5. You can write any nonsense you want, I understand it, because you are driven by Khat but you cannot deny that Al Shabaab fighters are not Somali terrorists, born in Somalia or elsewhere. They are protected by Somali people and that is why a collection of mercenary armies from dozen african countries supported and armed by US and EU are unable to defeat them. No one will believe your fiction about Eritrea or Egypt involvement, even UN is unable to prove that for several years. You can sell it to your woyane Chat addicted friend, I don’t know why you are sniffing at an Eritrean website, do you have a Somali or Ethiopian site who share your fictional story? Enough to your hallucination.

    2. It is not good to write an opinion while chewing Chat (Khat) it disorient your facts and distorts your brain, The Warlord,

      Eritrea needs weapons to protect itself from external enemies invasion, Somalia need weapons to kill one another and Ethiopia needs weapon to invade its neighbors and massacre its own citizens. About crumbling city to dust I believe you must be talking about your Mogadishu turning into ashes, Asmara is being restored as UNISCO World Historic Heritage City.

    3. How about from Reuters news if you can read In their new report, the monitors said a number of assault rifles provided by Ethiopia and stored at the Halane armory had ended up for sale on the streets of the Somali capital.

      The group said it “obtained photographic evidence of several brand new Type 56-2 rifles observed in two Mogadishu markets between February and April 2014, which match the factory markings and sequence of serial numbers of Type 56-2 rifles observed in the Halane weapons store.”

      It added that the weapons were “undeniably sourced from SNA (Somali army) stockpiles” and noted that arms dealers selling them had confirmed that they came from government stockpiles.

      1. This is mainly due when the Somali soldiers don’t get their salary so they end up selling their weapons to arms dealers in Huwaika market or Bakaraaha market in Mogadishu and occasionally al shabab may purchase these arms and ammunition from these arms brokers but still Ak47 is not a lot because al shabab has hard weapons like shoulder-mounted weapons, anti-tank rocket launches, machine guns, katyusha rockets … sophisticated mines, shells, rockets and powerful explosive devices to make suicide belts, we kno (Egypt, Qatar, Sudan, Saudi Arabia) are equipping these evils al shabaab terrorists to kill and maim innocent Somalis.

        1. You are absolutely right, now it makes a perfect sense. I completely misunderstood the whole thing. You had made it cleared beyond any doubt. How did I fall for it? I guess someone like you is much needed not only when it comes to the Somali issue but even dealing with the whole wide world burning issues. You are an assset and I mean it whole heartedly. I am envious that you are not my neighbour but God willing Djibouti will one day be Somalian and we will be good neighbour.

  3. Hizbawi;
    US:A wants of Eritrea that Eritrea will be as they wants:-to be beg and remain silent and be their sweet darling,kitty and stupid like Weyane Tegaru and others…US wants of Eritrea that Eritrea should be”Yes to Everything and to anything”But Eritrea has refused so she must be punished.Eritrea should not be spirits role model to others and Eritrea not only did she survive but she won.They do Everything but they lost.I hope I have your answer!!

    1. I think the source of Eri and US non existent relationship is the reptilian weyane, basically they seem to have outsourced the foreign policy to the reptilian “regional power”. So, forgot what happened with the outgoing/useless administration and work with the new. Now Eri needs to reset the relationship with the incoming Administration. The new guy doesn’t seem to like beggars, so that may bring new opportunities for Eri to work on bilateral cooperation.

    2. All we want is to see the people in horn living in peace and prosperity and we shouldn’t turn our countries into someone else playground.

  4. “UNSC extending sanctions against Eritrea while admitting no evidence is purely bullying.”

    Just like the Mafia.. They tell u to pay them for protection, and if u refused.. they terrorize u.

    The sanction, arms embargo is extended, in-order to weaken our military capability on the heavy artillery.. so their pet the Woyane-Tigray can walk in their in dream city Asmera without any complications. I guess the UAE base in Assab must be a real pain in the.. Hahaha. Shaebia u sly old devil u!! ????????

  5. shett meanta – for most of us this sanction did not start yesterday – it started over 60 years ago – it made the Eritrean people stronger and love their country even more- the soviets and the west provided all the weapons Eritrea needed to defend itself and will do the same in the future!!!

    No visa for the mafia….

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