Eritrea Says Qatar has not Explained ‘Hasty’ Withdrawal

Qatar Troop Withdrawal from Eritrea Djibouti border
Eritrea said it will make its views known when it obtains full information about the episode.


Eritrea’s government says Qatar has not yet explained why it withdrew 450 peacekeeping troops from the East African nation’s contested border area with Djibouti.

Djibouti has accused Eritrean troops of occupying the Dumeira mountain area shortly after Qatar’s peacekeepers left earlier this week. Qatar, which is caught up in its own diplomatic clash with other Arab nations, had mediated a territorial dispute between Djibouti and Eritrea.

In a statement sent Saturday to The Associated Press, Eritrea’s information ministry says Eritrea has not received any explanation from Qatar on its “hasty” withdrawal, which it said occurred “against the backdrop of a turbulent climate.”

Eritrea’s top diplomat to the African Union, Araia Desta, says the country has not cut ties with Qatar.

Eritrea has said it wants no confrontation with Djibouti.

Eritrea Government Press Statement on Withdrawal of Qatari Troops

Qatar troops withdrawal from Eritrea Djibouti border
The Government of Eritrea will make its views known when it obtains full information of the entire episode.


These are times of rapid and fluid developments in our neighborhood. News – factual and speculative – churned out in the past few days in relation to the withdrawal of Qatari troops have been many indeed.

The Government of Eritrea has so far refrained from issuing any statement. Primarily because it is not privy to, and has not to date obtained any information on, the withdrawal from the party concerned: that is the State of Qatar.

The Government of Eritrea believes that the hasty decision taken by Qatar has occurred against the backdrop of a turbulent climate. It does not, thus, see it appropriate to engage in speculative analysis at this stage.

The Government of Eritrea will make its views known when it obtains full information of the entire episode.

Ministry of Information
17 June 2017

66 thoughts on “Eritrea Says Qatar has not Explained ‘Hasty’ Withdrawal

  1. GoE, gifted with wisdom and diplomatic skill (regardless what the simple minded say). No hasty, always stays ahead of the game.

    1. I agree, cool headed approach to serious issues like this is the GoE’s forte. This approach goes back to the days of struggle for liberation.

      However, like many, I also get frustrated when the GoE does not communicate simple information like this early enough to help built a media narrative based on facts or reality on the ground. Think about. Why did it take a week for the GoE to release this simple info? To those this info matters the most, like the media, the AU, and UNSC, this info is now essentially worthless. Djibouti now controls not only the narrative but also the agenda. Case in point, AU announced yesterday it’s sending observers to Djibouti side of the boarder – not Eritrean side. UNSC is meeting on Monday based on Djibouti two page complaints. And yes, the western media is on its 4th day repeating Djibouti version of the story. For this blunder, unless proven wrong, I blame the GoE. Period.

      1. If Eritrean troops have not taken the “disputed” place then, I agree with you 100%, if not, then it won’t make sense reporting that Eritrean troops took over the areas.

        1. I think, if I understand One Observer’s comment correctly, he is talking about Eritrea’s announcement of how Qatar left without telling us… and that the Eritrean government is studying the situation. I too think we should have come out with this news release 4 days ago in order to control the “narrative.” Sure, taking control of the disputed place is one part of the objective — and I agree with you that I don’t we should tell the world about it. The other important of the gov objective is telling our “story” of what happened there. I agree with OO that we may have missed an opportunity to shape the “narrative” of this mini crisis with Djibouti. As he pointed out “AU announced yesterday it’s sending observers to Djibouti side of the boarder – not Eritrean side. UNSC is meeting on Monday based on Djibouti two page complaints. And yes, the western media is on its 4th day repeating Djibouti version of the story.” My two cents anyways ….

          1. You got it bro. This day and age of social media and lazy journalists, there’s solid research that shows how the first cry story – true or not – plots the first point of the actual event into a narrative to shape what it’s about. Besides, we’ve seen this happen to us for over 20 years now. That’s what the TPLF did for 19 years and Djibouti is doing today. Again, if the Qataris withdrew without telling us… and we should have said so right away – a quick tweet would have done the job.

            Anyhow, I’m looking into a topic how Djibouti is actually using this non existent crisis to cleverly trick TPLF Ethiopia to get Egyptian military in. Now, that’s a juicy story to me.

          2. GoE responded promptly regarding the lack of notification from Qatar. How is it possible for a nation tasked with peace keeping between feuding neighbors to literally pack up and leave in a matter of hours without notifying both parties? But what is even worse is notifying one but not the other. Qatar has demonstrated that it can not be trusted to be an impartial peace keeper.

        2. A yoga mat gets folded once in awhile but do you have to be a doormat all the time? Poor Araya Desta, he didn’t know what to say except how “unnecessary” it was the last time around. He will probably stay in Addis after that comment but don’t worry we know how much your people like donkey balls.

          1. ” YETI ”
            Your dumbness is getting worst day by day and I believe it is the effect of the dokey meat that you are consuming. The poor donkeys have never been slaughtered by amhara or oromo.
            My question to you is why tegaru do not invest in anti donkey venom to get rid of the donkeyness out of their system. You know that the donkey meat affects your nervous system and you are infected by it, komal adgi

        3. Good point you have there. I have many times before has expressed frustration that GOE’s response is slow for accusations leveled against it. Obviously this causes a damage on Eritrea that we can not ignore to say the least. However in this particular incident, it does not make sense for Eritrea to announce that it has taken control of the contested areas. It just needs to respond to Djibouti’s complaints quick enough explaining that Eritrea’s actions are not meant to nullify the previous progress rather to assure the security of the country and that it will relinquish possession as soon as a third party is determined. This should calm all parties and leaves no room for exploitation by woyane and the likes.
          What surprises me is though, when any country points a finger at Eritrea, it will be a big deal and attended to within a matter of hours. However when Eritrea claims for end of occupation of it’s land there is no response.

          1. “What surprises me is though, when any country points a finger at Eritrea, it will be a big deal and attended to within a matter of hours. However when Eritrea claims for end of occupation of it’s land there is no response.”

            The weaker you are, the more noise you make and hence, the more attention you get. It is like when a female complains of abuse, everyone is paying attention, but if a male ever complains, no one seems to take him serious. Being a house negro will definitely get more attention too.

          2. then let me elaborate hangol adgi…….he’s saying Djibouti and Ethiopia is like the b*tch in the relationship while mighty Eritrea is usually ignored and not taken as seriously.

          3. Brother
            He him self is a donkey not only the brain. Ugum attend at Dedebit can not be other than a Donkey at Koshe garbage complex.

          4. Nick you have answered you Q yourself, anything Eritrea does regardless the times they will hold it until their vile message is reached every corner of the world, hence the motto is confuse and loot, so I don’t see any lateness from Eritrea!!

      2. I agree. Another example to cite is the govt hasn’t said a word, about weyane troops crossing the border into Djibouti, eventhough, it’s allover the media. The govt, should call for an investigation into the matter. Yemane G/mesqel tweets everyday. Why not tweet and tell us this? We need information too, if we’re to continue as ambassadors. It reminds me of the border war. Every tgraway knew, the weyane was to declare war, while it came as a huge surprise to us all. Information is vital and I hope the govt wakes up to this fact.

        1. Thank you. Another good example is the story of Amb Araia. I’ve seen Amb Araia Desta’s tweets here & there…. and why didn’t he quickly tweet to correct the AP story written about him.

  2. Elementary, Qatar is pissed off. I would be too.
    I hope the government of Eritrea predicted this would happen and has made preparations.

    1. I agree with you. He tried to screw them in concert with the Saudis and Egyptians, and now he is asking “what did I do?”
      This guy is hopeless opportunist. He could have maintained some semblance of neutrality but he is who he is! He consulted with the devil himself, I guess, and he came up with that stupid press release siding himself with the group he believed is having the upper hand. At this point, I don’t think he has any line of communication left with the Qataris even to ask forgiveness. On the one hand, he sides with those that are ganging up against Qatar and on the other he wants Qatari troops to do the peace keeping for him.
      President Issias Afeworki, please listen carefully! The moral of this story is, You cant have your cake and eat it at the same time. You just ate the cake too soon so, all you are left with now is the turd!

      1. Ugumay
        Why do not you care about your country men and women who get abused by the day in some gulf states instead addressing the honorable PIA as “this gut” You know Ugumay respect like charity begins at home. You did not get a chance to learn how to address people. Pretend not to be an Eritrean come on get some civility and say a spade are a spade, declare that you are an Agame but have some suggestions / comments about Eritrea Ethiopia or Djibouti you may earn some respect.

        1. Brother, she/he is probably trying to say “guts”, as in guts and glory,,,,a proven trait of the honourable president Isaias Afeworki!

      2. Only devils and devil friends of Woy-ane are bitching here no one else, hangol adgi shall I Write it it agamigna for you Meseretino baby Agame?

  3. Araya Desta first said that Eritrea did cut ties with Qatar, now he says Eritrea has not cut ties with Qatar. He probably doesn’t know either way and when AP asked him the first time, he just assumed from the MOI press statement and was later corrected by the regime. That’s the only explanation I can think of for his bipolar comments.

    Of course, it could be that the AP misattributed the prior statement to him, but that’s what happens when you have no domestic press and a regime that still lives in the trenches.

    1. What I don’t get? How is it you guys support without knowing anything? The budget? The laws? Who is sitting in jail? Who died? But yet, PFDJ is God, we don’t question his wisdom even at the age of 80? Iway lord have mercy on the innocent people.

      1. At least Eritrean president looks younger than his age because he did not sit in the office 24/7 just like your over aged leaders usually do. he is always on the rush to make himself busy along with his people. our body need movement to maintain our strength at place unlike your leader sitting at office and eating raw meat all day long. no wonder Mr.balance craziness caused by parasites.

        1. TN, you just proved the point I made earlier above that…. I think the MoF and MoI need rapid response teams to deal with this kind stuff. We got the people, we just need to get them to work. Some times I feel we’re asleep at the switch. Frankly, if it wasn’t for your website, we would have been even in deeper ****.

  4. Fascinating!!!! Here is one person, who is commenting something for an article then he replays his own comment!! He has many nick name so far those are his nick names!!!! Sentiko/sheger addis/ Ethio/Balance/My thinking / He is a TPLF Agent with IQ 63!!! He is in TN website 24/7 more than the admin does. I ‘m very surprised he didn’t comment today for this article only he did comment for all of them except for this one. I guess he couldn’t find anything from the google yet. Sentiko I’m waiting!!!

  5. The question that has not been answered is “where were the Qatari troops stationed”? If you read the MFA of Qatar statement they say they informed Djibouti of their departure from its troops in djibouti. Which indicates that they were never in contested border but stationed inside djibouti.

  6. What can we learn from the Qatar diplomatic skills (regardless of their duplicity and harmful agendas)?
    Qatar is fighting for its survival and seems to have unleashed a serious of diplomatic mission to all corners of the world in a short span of time. It seems to have a fascinating foreign ministry organization highly aggressive, responsive and capable of mounting accusations on multiple countries at same time. It is in a legal fighting to regain it air corridor using the “Chicago agreement” while negotiating with the GCC through the Kuwait. It is constantly meeting and dealing other options with Turkey and Iran while it’s foreign minster crisscross nation in Europe, Asia and Africa. It even has time to respond to stories broadcasted on air in neighboring countries defaming it’s government. It does not miss a bit – It has even posted denunciation of violent acts by conducted by groups that can traditionally be associated to Qatar in Somalia and Afghanistan. It is a foreign ministry advanced and working in high gear. Impressive to watch.

    We can learn a thing or two in developing an efficient MOF that can respond and efficiently address issues in a timely manner. That’s is half the battle and needs to be won to prevent solving issue on a literal battle ground which is costly.

  7. The djibout-eritrea border issue should be resolved via the colonial boundry resolutions, and should not escalate to any thing further than what has an armed response AU should own up to the fact finding and perhaps change the position that had had played for decades, and this should be veiwed as a matter of urgent since it can involve so many entities.time to solve african problem by africans.

  8. Qatar does not have an serious army. A bunch of arabs wearing military uniform and the whole day dreaming about a damn camel.

  9. Nonsense! I learn more about US policies from foreign media than the American media. In fact, now days 72% of Americans don’t trust American media — local or national. 86% of Republicans don’t trust the American media.

  10. Hello All:
    Do we expect Qatar to tell us officially:
    ” Since u sided with the Saudi Led Gang against me,I am revenging against U”!
    There r lots of issues we r not privy to discuss about.
    There might have been a set up too.
    As far as Eritrea’s reaction is concerned,it takes time to change its old culture of ” Tim meritsna Alena”!
    Djibouti with its Mentor TPLF,are applying the same old trick against Eritrea .
    The Tigraionline has declared war on Eritrea using this opportunity to take over Dumeira and Aseb in the pretext of protecting Djibouti based on their Security and Defense Agreement!
    Very funny Fitret!
    They are even advocating the take over before The Egyptian Troops take over the Dumeira Hills and Island.

    1. Don’t worry about those monkeys brother. If they could, they would have done it in a heart bit. But they understand fully what they will be dealing against.

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