Eritrea Pledges Support to Somalia Government

We'll never forget the solidarity of the Somali people and government to our struggle
We’ll never forget the solidarity of the Somali people and government during and after our struggle

By TesfaNews,

The Government of the State of Eritrea has thrown its full support and recognition towards the unity, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Somalia under the Federal Government of President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud.

According to Eritrean diplomat at the UN, it is now official that Eritrea recognizes the Federal government of Somalia as the legitimate representative of the people of Somalia.

Sources at the UN Security Council suggests that Eritrea has notified Council members about the said ‘recognition‘ in an informal way when it presents its statement during the informal consultation on July 12 with the Security Council Committee concerning Somalia and Eritrea. 

In an interview he made today with the Voice of America (VOA), Eritrean envoy to the UN, Ambassador Araya Desta, confirmed that “Eritrea now supports earnestly the efforts of the Government of Somalia in stabilizing the country.”

Somalia has endured more than 20 years of war and lawlessness since the fall of President Mohamed Siad Barre in 1991.

The successive Somali Transitional National Governments (TNG) that are established outside of Somalia have been repeatedly rejected by the Somali people. They all have been characterized by incessant internal conflict, lack of progress on the key transitional tasks and failure to build functioning institutions.

Eritrea does not recognize any of the externally established TNGs because it believes they are illegitimate regimes that have been imposed upon the Somali people against their will.

However, with the election of President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud as the first ever president to be elected on home soil in four decades, a new window of opportunity opened for the revival of the historic Somalia-Eritrea relationship.

Ambassador Desta re-affirms Eritrea’s opposition to all negative interventions in the internal affairs of the country and encourages all Somalis to engage in constructive dialogue and national reconciliation.

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  1. This is a smart way 2 stop our enemy’s from excuse. the USA and their supporter’s really did milked the Somalia issue we paid enough for it .lets leave everything behind us and move forward

  2. All Eritrea ever said was the solution for Somalia's problems have to come from Somalis themselves and that it can't be imposed from outside. The West has been bludgeoning Eritrea over the head with the Somali issue for the last few years. May be now they will stop scapegoating Eritrea.

    1. Sami, aggaaammmee, your weyane days are numbers, we are closing on you and your masters each day by day. You better find your spot at DEMHIT. Weyane is about to get wacked on the head

  3. The government and people of Eritrea was advocating in the last 20 years the Somali issue only solved by the Somali people. That is true we have seen in the past 20 years several external imposed governments in Somali but all they failed. The current government comes from Somalia by the Somali people, as a result the government of Eritrea should respect the government constitute by the Somali people. Even though the government in Somalia is not strong to mange the crisis in Somalia but with right support and creating gourd for Somalia Unit the government can bring same change in the political landscape of Somalia. The positive role of the government of Eritrea for the last 20 years will continue in creating conductive environment in Somalia for peace and prosperity. The solution for the Somalia problem solely remains on the Somali hand. External support only can work with clear road map for peace that crated by the Somalia government exclusive the other forces within Somalia. The peace and stability in Somalia is the benefit of the Horn of Africa.

  4. All Eritrea for Somalia want is peace,also that all somalis do have a say and make the right choice to rebuild the war torn country,on my side,i think that without those youngsters(shabab)can't also be maintained a real peace for the future, unless those are also however rentegrated for sake of the nice somal country.

  5. Eritreans always think to see peace in Somalia and all over the world. We are peace-loving people.The UN accusations on Eritrea about Somalia was fake drama or fabrication blame. But it is fed, this dram doesn't work any mor tanks for the unity of the Eritrean people to stand against this fake accusation. know the enemy comes with another new dram or lie. Be vigilant always, they always say we want help you while they block our independence, destroy our economy. For example everyone knows what Jon Foster dallas said about Eritrean independence and what happens to the Asmara Massawa cableway (aerial tramway) the worlds longest one.

  6. This is a checkmate for the agamistan tribe in Ethiopia. Eritrea slowly but surely closing up the big hole it created within IGAD. Now the only country left to come to our arms is Djibouti as Somalia, Sudan, South Sudan, Uganda and Kenya to some extent are out of the vicious IGAD circle against Eritrea.

    Imagine how such news breaks whatever little twisted heart the TPLF left. "We have evidence that Eritrea still continued to support Al Shabba" decried the Ethiopian government in the past week while the Somalia government gave a deaf ear and say nothing. In fact, as Tesfa indicates in the previous message, the Somalia minister wisely rejected the Woyane cry. The time of hoodwinking the gullible west and African brothers using the Somalia card is now officially over with this diplomatic feast.

  7. My real issue with you never been somalia.
    Yes you have chopped off one of my arms don't forget I am an octopus.
    Drop off your selfreliance darn it!!!!

  8. I am really telling to all of the Horn of Africa Somalia, Ethiopia, Eritrea and Djibouti to stop hating and waging war against each of you. what if you think about your peace unity without any foreign intervention among you. Think about those governments who are bringing you against each other because of their interest. Think about how your peoples are immigrating to the British slaves like Kenya, Tanzania and so on. It is really a huge humiliation to you people.Think about if you unite economically and politically you can conquer all the black Africans Like Kenya and Tanzania because we need their lands in the future for water and other resources.

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  10. Goes to show that sanctioning the Isaias Afewerki regime was a very good move by the UN. Now, tighten up the sanction ans add more clauses to it, and we will see the regime crumble before us soon. Thanks UNSC and S Rice.

  11. There is some thing will never change when it comes to Eritreans and Somalians they will always be brothers no matter what other countries or political groups may say! Eri-soma feels so very connected people from their ancient time and there is a tight history that shared together but it hasn't been documented due the both people and countries struggle where ever you go ask any eritrean or Somalian what they feel about one on other you will hear the same answers brothers yes and it's true it's been the same for years and years and I am sure will never change for the future

  12. Eritrea should stop meddling in Somali affairs and stop supporting shabaab or others or supporting Hawiye clan agains others, Eritrean stay away from us

  13. What kind Brain did you have?? Are you brain dead ??I think you are out dated .Pleas, if you really alive stile then Go read Mr COHEN article .ERITREA N E V E R!!!!!> INVOLVE Link to Al shebaab or to any body.Thank you.

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