Djibouti Accusing Eritrea of Occupying Disputed Territory after Qatar Withdrew Peacekeepers

Djibouti accused Eritrea of occupying disputed Dumera territory
Back to square one. Djibouti Foreign Minister Mahamoud Ali Youssouf threatens military action if Eritrea don’t remove troops from the disputed territory in Dumera Mountain & Dumera Island. LOL


Djibouti accused neighboring Eritrea on Friday of occupying disputed territory along their border after Qatar withdrew its peacekeepers.

Foreign Minister Mahamoud Ali Youssouf said Djibouti’s military were “on alert” and that it has lodged complaints to the U.N. and the African Union.

Qatar announced that it was pulling its contingent out on June 14, days after the two East African countries sided with Saudi Arabia and its allies in their standoff with Qatar.

Doha’s foreign ministry did not give a reason for the move but it comes as Doha faces a diplomatic crisis with some of its Arab neighbors. They cut ties a week ago, accusing Qatar of backing Islamist militants and Iran, something Doha strongly denies.

“Qatari peacekeepers withdrew on June 12 and 13. On the same day, there were Eritrean military movements on the mountain,” Ali Youssouf told Reuters.

“They are now in full control of Dumeira Mountain and Dumeira Island. This is in breach of the UN Security Council resolution,” he added, referring to areas that the neighbors dispute.

Authorities in Asmara were not immediately available for comment.

Clashes broke out between the Horn of Africa countries in June, 2008, after Djibouti accused Asmara of moving troops across the border, raising fears the spat could engulf the entire region.

The dispute triggered several days of fighting that killed a dozen Djiboutian troops and wounded dozens.

Eritrea had initially denied making any incursions, accusing Djibouti of launching unprovoked attacks.

The U.N. Security Council then requested both sides withdraw from the area, before the neighbors accepted a Qatari request to mediate and deploy peacekeepers.

162 thoughts on “Djibouti Accusing Eritrea of Occupying Disputed Territory after Qatar Withdrew Peacekeepers

  1. This was expected as Eritrea won’t risk the takeover of these militarily strategic heights in otherwise flat and desert topography, overlooking Assab port, either by Djibouti or their Ethiopian mercenary army, with out the presence of some kind of a guarantor in place.

    Eritrea, will once again withdrew from these area (not yet determined to whom it belong) as soon as a military observer from a friendly country (such as Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt or any) deployed in the area.

    Till that condition fulfilled, Djibouti can file a dozen complaints to the UN or to the devil himself. Eritrea won’t leave the area. Period!

    (Any one who want to prove me wrong on this, just wait for few days.)

    1. Djibouti’s threat is a classic case of “Crying Wolf”. They want attention. Otherwise, the last time Djibouti tried military attack against Eritrea with help of TPLF, it too earned a lesson the hard way. Anyhow, there is a reason why Qatar handed over the territories over to Eritrea, as oppose to Djibouti. Let’s see if Djibouti partners like TPLF would rather prefer the Egyptian military set foot there -))

        1. Eritrea should start talks with F.R.U.D, Yemen, Somaliland, and other about making a coalition to invade.and divide Djibouti among the coalition.

          Ethiopia will recieve access guarantees to Djibouti port and will have no need to object.

          UAE navy and airforce will provide support during the invasion of Djibouti.

    2. Djibouti needs to settle down and let the mediation/arbitration take its course.

      I agree, until neutral third party occupies the disputed territories, Eritrea should control the high grounds. No brainer!

      1. Djibouti people are high on khat dont listen their.nonsense. They are Dir Issa clan like a donkey people.

        Somalia has only one government in Mogadishu and the president is Mr. Farmaajo from Darood clan.

        Djibouti is federal region of Somalia and Eritrea government should only talk to government of Somalia about this issue. Umar geele is regional leader not president of Somalia.

        1. Issa Dir is minority clan somalia. Somalia is leader Darood clan now. Eritrea must negotiate with Somalia president Farmaajo about bordar problam between Eritrea and Djibouti. Djibouti is smalk region of Somalia.

        2. HAWIYE IRIR SAMAALE · Edit

          Shut your dirty darood mouth. Omar gheele is hero for somalis. Darood come somalia as refugee now make problem. Bad guest

    3. You couldn’t wait to hear the position of the Government of Eritrea on this matter? Or….Hmmm… are you being directed by some elements of the GoE?

      1. This is Eritrean issue concern all its citizens. Eritrean government should say nothing in public about this. We the people will let all know the position.

        1. To suggest that the Government of Eritrea should take such and such position is something but to state that Eritrea will do this and that and won’t do this and that are two different things.

      2. If you were following the situation like most of us do here, what I stated above is the obvious and need a no brainer to guess. If you can not see that coming, it means you are not informed enough. I suggest, you take the back seat and lean from our wonderful forumer.

        1. Very funny such innuendo coming from “well informed TN” who only few days back made “an informed” claim that “Eritrea will as usual stay neutral in this Arab fiasco” only for the pfdj to blow him and his well informed opinion to thin air with their alliance with Saudi led camp. Shameless TN, instead of apologizing for making such a blunder, is now dancing with the wind once again and making yet another “well informed” claim here. Typical flip flopping!

          1. Playing Monday morning quarterbacking is your forte; you poor unfortunate soul. You’ve got nothing to offer to this forum except complain. Many of us here share our thoughts on issues about your beloved country based on our knowledge or experiences. A few like you are here day and night to criticizes or passes judgment from a position of hindsight – LOL.

            Only a coward dares to boast in discussion forums likes that he has never proven wrong!

          2. Yeah but eritrea maybe find out that Qatar was helping the fundamentalists eritrean jihad
            I don’t think that was friendly

    4. Exactly, TN.

      I want your opinion on this suggestion of mine: why doesn’t the Eritrean govt announce openly, the fact that weyane troops are in Djibouti and that Eritrea demands an investigation and an explanation of that matter?

      1. I figure there is a closed-door meeting on Monday at the UNSC about this. We shall know more about this and our govt’s position as well as reason in a little bit detail.

    5. If the “Ethiopian mercenary army” want to takeover those heights, I don’t think your sawa teenagers will hold them off. if you don’t believe me ask Bademe heights

          1. The crocked Dedebit war lord is already crying loud, unfortunately the y badly lack the means or else this war dogs will not hesitate to create mayhem and destruction. Thanks to the EDF they hold the Weyane tags at bay.

      1. It’s amazing how you Ethiopians have not learned from having two of your leaders killed/deposed and your current leader clinging to power under a State of Emergency. I’m starting to believe that you people lack basic self-preservation. Going to war with Eritrea has always been your downfall. What have you ever gained from it?

        1. 3 leaders, not 2….Haile Selassie (if not the war, which was 13 years old but also Aman Andom was Eritrean) and of course Meles Zenawi and counting…

        1. They look almighty God if they could do all those things, while they are at it can they also liberate Bademe? that must be very easy

          1. your skinny people are bleeding and starving and they are asking policy change towards Eritrea.
            I should remind you that we(shaebians) made sure you agames be treated as immigrants all the way from Oromo to Gojam, Goder, to Wollo…

          2. Being “LANDLOCKED & BEGGING TO USE OTHERS PORTS IS THE BEST SOLUTIONS FOR YOU” then you have created HATRED & ENMITY with the people so you have to wait another 20 years to try to fix what you have done if its possible

          3. In this world nothing is easy but nothing is impossible

            But if we wanted to take badme we will
            We said we will get our independence
            We did it
            We said we will force you ethios to sign peace agreement
            We did it
            And now if we say we will get badme
            We will.

      2. Ask your general tsadkn about it.

        By the way you stupid ethios you boast of badme

        Do you know it was due to eritrean withdrawal that you got back burri,zalambessa..

        If we wanted to take your lands we would take this two towns plus adigrat from you

    6. We should also point out that Eritrea’s claim over the territory is valid per the Franco-Italian Agreement of 1935. Eritrea should push to have this issue go to arbitration.

      1. Yes thanks a loot This is Our Land everybody knows that so from now on everyone can help with documents,Maps ..etc its our duty to help without asking for

    7. TN
      That is an excellent measure Eritrea took. Djibouti is an opportunist proxy of Ethiopia. The goal was to make the residing UAE in Assab uncomfortable and further frustrate Eritrea’s effort for lifting of sanctions.
      However Eritrea needs to stay ahead of the news and declare it actions so that it can control the narrative of the story instead of denying accusations and leave room for speculators.

    8. I am very surprised not to find, the comment posted earlier? I did not say anything bad at all, all I said was, I support our government actions, on Djibouti. I also criticize the UNjust sanction on Eritrea. How rule of law is under mind by Ethiopian minority government.

    9. This is OUR LAND WE WILL NEVER EVER WITHDREW FROM OUR LAND and repeat the same mistakes we did in Hanish Zugar Archipelago also our land under Ethiopian Occupations every body even every child knows Eritrea from Ras Kisar To Ras Doumeira don’t listen to these Djiboutian Bitches they cant do anything only open their Asses to white man

      * I am Eritrean from Afar Tribe & new this area very well ( 2 brothers 2 sisters dies for Eritrea )

    10. መብራህቱ ተወልደ · Edit

      ብርግጽ!! ኣብ ትሕቲ ዝኾነ ይኹን ኩነታት እቲ መሬት ብተጻባእቲ ሓይልታት ኤርትራ ክርገጽ ክፍቀድ ኣይኮነን። ክሳብ መተካእታ ሓይልታት ዝመጹ መንግስትና ዝወሰዶ ስጉምቲ ቅኑዕን ፈራቐን ኢዩ። ጸጥታን ሓደጋን ናይ’ቲ መሬት ዘውሕስ ኣካል ምስ መጸ ንገድፎ ክኸውን ኢዩ። ክሳብ ሽዑ ግን፣ ናይ ከይተቐደምካ ቀድም ዝተወስደ ስጉምቲ ድጉፍ’ዩ። እንተ’ቲ ጅቡቲ “ወተሃደራዊ ስጉምቲ ክወስድየ” ዝበለቶ ግን፣ ሓንቲ Shihuahua ከልቢ ንሓደ Kuchi ከልቢ ከም ምፍካር’ዩ።

  2. Egypt parliament has transferred Red Sea islands to Saudi Arabia. Anger is brewing in Cairo that may lead to protests and chaos in the coming days. President Al-Sisi popularity in Egypt is hitting low and now the opposition start accusing him of ‘Treason.”

    Can this lead the destabilization of Egypt?

    1. Interesting development. I think, I think Sisi wouldn’t have done this if he wasn’t sure he could weather such protest. Besides, Qatar is not in a position to help the so called opposition – )))

  3. Surely they will use this as unexcused to continue or keep the Unjust sanction for years to come. The biggest question is : can we live with it?

  4. ኣሌክ - Alec you · Edit

    Unless Egyptian, UAE or Saudi filled the gab that was left by Qatar.. Eritrea will not leave our land!! Period???? We’re not going to have another Badme drama. And this lil whore of Woyane can cry a river.????


  5. They never enforced the rule of law from (Ethiopia occupying Eritrean territories), even
    though it was decided by international court. As far as Eritrea and Djibouti is concerned it didn’t even go to international court. Therefore Eritrea is Entitled to have it. In any case from now on, no one should take seriously international court or the rule of law. It is already under mind, as they say “what is good for the goose is good for the gander”.

    1. You learned a good lesson by Weyane in Badme! The sun was there while the brave Ethiopian soldiers were liberating Badme. The words of your president evaporated in the desert. Badme will never and ever be part of Eritrea by any means or rule under the sky. Just forget it because it will never happen in your life time. Even your next generations will never have the chance to claim about Badme let alone to foolishly invade it as EPLF did it in 1998.

      1. You ጋዕጋዕ ዑጉም, how can Eritrea “Invade” its own territory? Your stupidity is beyond comprehension!

      2. Sadly 120,000 Ethiopian soldiers died and 194,000 of got wounded/maimed. Bademe is officially Eritrean territory – mission accomplished.

        1. Warsay soldiers who were trained in Sawa from 1993 to 1999 were all killed by brave Ethiopian soldiers in Badme while the sun was much hotter and brighter than ever. If that is not true, bring a single Warsay who survived from Badme war. Badme will always be part of the mother land (Ethiopia). Stop dreaming that you can’t realize it by yourself.

      3. Ugmay
        If you have some grain of courage come from the closet with your real identity. ” Teshome” is a borrowed name we have yet to encounter Ugum with that name.

      4. Let us see (WHY YOU ARE HERE IN ERITREAN WEBSITE ) ????!!!
        DON’T YOU HAVE SHAME?????!!!

      5. If i was you i would be more concerned about the state of emergency thats killing your govt.

        Badme is eritrean land recognized by the world do you know what that means sooner or later no matter what you say you will give it back!!!

    2. This is a difficult situation Eritrea is finding herself in. The border was quite till the President tried to pick a fight where there was none. It was non of his business to take sides in the open in the fight among the GCC members.
      But guess what, he barks wherever he is wanted or is paid for.
      When the UAE got a land to build a base, it was because it wanted to have one not to help Eritrea. Now, our beloved President, makes it appear that they paid for the base as well as the foreign policy of the country.
      Having the base is a commercial and political transaction. Eritrea should not sell its soul for that.

      Last few months, they made us pick a fight with Iran, and now with Qatar! Let’s see if they will come to his help when Djibouti is taking him to the UNSC. No they will never go one step out of their way for Eritrea, but Eritrea and its government is acting like a lackey servant and asking, “are we sick, master?”

      Shame on them, where did the “Aba Gobiye philosophy” disappeared when it comes to GCC? Even Kuwait is keeping a neutral position!! Eritrea said, I don’t need to be invited, this is my own party!!

          1. You don’t have to tell me you are a son of a b#tch from Abashawel. The moment you open your mouth it become obvious.
            Please, shut up and don’t get your wh0re mother insulted.

  6. I don’t support the Isaias regime, but even I’m getting sick and tired of this prostitute called Djibouti. This country shouldn’t even exist, let alone cause trouble for us.

      1. Part of Djibouti, including the Doumeira Islands, should definitely go to Eritrea per the Franco-Italian Agreement of 1935. The rest should go to Somalia.

          1. Only with Somalia’s consent. I would support Somalia if they objected, but if they don’t then Ethiopia should take Djibouti port.

          2. Djibouti share borders with Eritrea, Ethiopia, and
            Republic of Somaliland.

            Djibouti does not share borders with Somalia so it would be rather hard for it to unite with Somalia.

            Djibouti is protected by France and french troops in a military agreement. I think people who talk about invading Djibouti should be aware of that.

            France is a major military power. The airplane Rafale and exocet anti-ship missiles are some of its spectacular arsenal inventory among othera.

          3. There is no such thing as “Republic of Somaliland.” This is not an entity that is recognized by any sovereign state or international body. Please don’t bring your alternative facts here.

            And yes, I realize that Djibouti is a French colony, but the French can’t stop an African Union and regional agreement to break up this useless country. First of all, Ethiopia can simply shut off the water supply and Djibouti would become 100% dependent on foreign aid for water, a dire situation that could never be sustained. There are many avenues to deal with this pest that would circumvent any agreements they have with France.

          4. My friend we have to deal with the world as it is not as we would wish it to be.

            The Republic of Somaliland is a De-Facto(in reality) country, well functioning, and of late an exponentially more important country regionally and a very significant factor in the foreign policy calculations of its neighbors such as Ethiopia, Djibouti, Somalia, and of late also in GCC countries foreign policies.

            Republic of Somaliland (137,600 Sq Kilometers) has a landmass six times that of Djibouti (23,200 Sq Kilometers). It has a standing army of 13 000 men, 108 000 reserve troops. It is for regional standards not insignificant.

            It has a very conflict averse and quiet gov however. They dont like to make waves as they say.

            Lets not fool ourselves Mr. Oiginal Sam. And France does not colonise Djibouti, knock it off(your nonsense).

          5. Their(Somaliland’s) standing army is 30 000 soldiers not 13K but otherwise correct analysis of the place.

            I worked there before as a consultant I know.

    1. Precisely my thoughts about this too. I don’t condone the regime but this little obscure country is getting on my nerves. I would rather share a border with Somalia hence the support of the unification of Djibouti and Somalia.

  7. Good for Eritrea. It’s time of niskan sirekan. Our troops aren’t going to sit idle while there are different countries and their military in Djibouti. Then, there’s Wey-ane the evil of all. We aren’t going to open them a gap where it will be easy to attack us. No way. Long live the Eritrean defense forces.


  9. I sewer u can’t make this up ; isn’t Wayne security council on UN I just want hear what they going to say on Monday

  10. Here we go again these insignificant colonial assholes djibooty and ethiopia will not relent in their pursuit
    of food aid.

    1. Ethiopia is an insignificant colonial asshole now? Under what terms? First I wouldn’t call 90 million insignificant and second there’s something called history that tells u who was a colonial playground for a century and who wasn’t so read… but again whatever makes u sleep at night

      1. hey dumbass Dan, the Ethiopians have been colonized in the mind for a long time now. As evidenced, today in 2017 their “government” still wait on int’l assistance for basic sh*t like food, water and budgetary support. So yes, as Hawi55 stated and as I’d like to add further on to his statement that Ethiopians are psychologically colonised and infact are attempting to colonise Eritrea as the have done tiny jabooty. ……….but again whatever makes u sleep at night

        1. Ethiopia never denied being poor and guess what you are no better either if not worse…so let’s not even go there. Plus it’s possible to be poor and proud and stand your ground. But letting someone else run your foreign policy for u is colonization. and betraying/backstabbing a country that stood by u through thick and thin,but at the same time calling others “colonial assholes” is mind boggling.

      2. LOL who put your idiots in power for the past century? I’m sure menilik didn’t make his guns out of tree trunks.

        1. Ask your masters the Italians and the Egyptians, they will tell u who defended the land of Abyssinia for centuries….u can’t hold a candle to that

          1. I’m not gonna sit here and argue about how Ethiopia has ALWAYS been a tool of foreign powers and without foreign powers it couldn’t stand ONE day much less 1 year. The information is too vast and numerous for you to show your ignorance here for everyone too see. Go ready the treaties that were signed by abyssinia go read your own history. Go see where your weapons came from and where Eritrean weapons came from. There is no way you can stand eye to eye with me or any other Eritrean you punk i got Zerai Deres blood strait from tsahzega and we fight till the last man.

          2. Personal insults aside, this type of empty bravado is what got you in trouble in ’98. I guess you are still dancing to the same tune after all these years. Ethiopian history is well documented and it’s out there for all to read. Whether you like it or not, Ethiopia stands alone as the only country that defended itself time and again from all types of invading armies (near and far). The thing about treaties is, they come after wars (i.e. after you show them you can wipe the floor with them). You on the other hand my friend, u know a thing or two about being a tool. So stop denying history!!! What weapons are you talking about??? If you want to talk about recent history, just remember one thing. Derg defeated itself!!! Period!!

  11. The two monkeys, Isaias and Gulleh threw Qatar under the bus and they are wondering why Qatar withdrew its troops!? Amazing? mesdemem!


        1. Goooooood human,exceptional,outstanding loves his people and his country 1st, live on $450.00 a month income and his home a two bedroom built in the 1950th.

    2. the only monkey here is you. You idiot out of the two countries who is the one is complaining about the withrawel of an insignificant number of qatari troops that were on vacation? Eritrea or djibouti? agames agame da go worry about your country

  12. After TesfaNews comments please everyone one STOP writing because it’s clear & true!
    I’m hopping & I’m sure African, the west know who we are
    Long live the Eritrean ARMY with beg LOVE.

        1. Woyanistas didn’t realize their nightmare is about to come true. Funny how they’ve been celebrating in the last two days…

        2. Lol. I love how you are spinning this dice game Wedi Afom calls foreign policy. Why would we care if Egypt send 500 keepers vs Qatar? What exactly is the difference for us? If Egypt would to take any action on Ethiopia, Qatar is there to help them anyhow. I really wish you guys gets this command post but again, you promised supporters same from Qatar. The only thing we care about is the sea corridors and the new one for potash just got inaugurated today. We are enjoying this fight like no other. Check it out.

          1. The old Tigrai has potash, the new map of Tigrai has Wolkait-Tsegede instead, no potash there. Is Tigrai revising its map or the Afars being taken for a ride, again?

          2. 1.5 million Afar has not only a budget of its own but proud to live without some fear of their kids taken into sawa or some crazy military camp. The map can only be understood by those who are free and constitutional rights, not you.

          3. keep talking sh*t buddy, sooner than later you will be sitting in a refugee camp reflecting back on all this sh*t you talk. Just keep it up !!!!

          4. Only God knows what tomorrow might bring but as of today, we have 500,000 of your people in my land waiting to get some kind of asylum or Wedi Afom allowing them to build their country. All while waiting for this Arab command center, have some respect for those who gave shelters to your people please, komal.

          5. Good for you. But first, get some potash developer to start working on your potash project. The last time I check, they all abandoned you like an old and useless rag. I hope this won’t be one of the long list of your shameful white elephant projects.

          1. you are living in 100 thousand in Arab Land they are investing in your country & you sell your women to them as SLAVES now you are accusing others
            KSA deported 200,000 in 2013
            now they’re going to deport 400,000 with only 50.000 agree to go back

  13. Let sane minds prevail folks. Of course we don’t want any war with anybody, let alone with our neighbors, for nobody knows more the felony of war than Eritrea – after having to endure so many wars for many years at the instigation of our enemies and their supporters. That said, we have also learned, the hard way, that we can not afford to let go a square meter of our territory on the belief that the UN will retrieve it for us based on the rule of law! Badme rings a bell!
    The Dumeira heights and island of Dumeira are part and parcel of Italian Eritrea per the Franco-Italian agreement of 1935. Even the current Google Earth border line, if geographic projection is made, those two areas remain within the international boundary of Eritrea!
    Folks, from the Dumeira heights, which overlooks Asseb port, heavy artillery gunners could reach Asseb without a need for any enemy troop movement! It is no secret that the Weyane thuggery plan to occupy the heights was the very reason that the so called Djibouti-Eritrea war started and thwarted another Weyane evil dream, and boy was that a smart move by Eritrea.
    Now that the Qatari troops are no where to buffer the area, yes, we should recover our land before the Weyane criminals move in and cause us to lose some people to recover it from them. Keep in mind “from Ras Qiesar to Ras Dumeira is Eritrea”. PERIOD!

  14. My Ja-Booty Prime Minister
    Who else would you suggest to occupy it? The French? The USA, China, Saudi Arabia, or Woyane?
    Get used to it, The only one who belong there is Eritrea ????????

    1. I think its time Djibouti bring back its so called “peace keeping” soldiers from Somalia, it seems Djibouti need them in their country.

        1. Djibouti’s internal situation is not stable, there is talk of revolution everwhere. DELTA OVER to CHARLIE. SignalsIntelligence ia picking up much chatter.

          CHARLIE COMPANY Eyes in the sky to DELTA OVER.

          32 miles north north west of.Djibouti city. Massive rebel formation pushing southwards. Tensions in the capital.All indications point to a Djiboutian civilwar by Dec 2017.

  15. To all Ethiopians
    Welcome to Weyane’s funeral
    You are welcome to fight Weyane with us and make the countries safe for the future.
    Weyane is done and no one wants or can make a business with Weyane anymore.
    The warnings coming from UK & US speak clearly. They can not stop Amhara & Oromo and they do not intend to invest in a chunking ship.
    Is chosen as an effective partner and Weyane has gone too far and now there’s only one way end and it’s Weyane’s death.
    Kenya knows
    That Weyane has sponsored al shabab to bomb Kenya and weaken the country.
    Uganda knows
    What Weyane has done in South Sudan and al shabab attacks
    South Sudan knows
    Who has started the war and all the weapons that Ethiopia has loaded into the war

    Sudan knows
    That Weyane can not give the Amharas land and that Weyane only uses them to stop the resistance from Amhara.

    Somalia knows
    That Weyane has used the country to enrich himself. Somalia is working with Egypt.

    USA knows
    That Weyane can not control the country and that they will never leave power to Oromo and Amhara as they know they will get caught elsewhere and can not be stopped
    The EU knows
    That Weyane burns Ethiopia and that people’s murders are ongoing as well as the refugee crisis is increasing for every day.

    Weyane knows
    That they are dead.

  16. Djibouti should stop being the crying wolf for It started all this back in 2008. Eritrea is only defending its soft underbelly of Assab. Also, the solution is very simple not the UN or AU or anyone else…negotiated agreement to determine who does the territory belong to and a guarantee Djibouti territory will not be used to attack Eritrea. While negotiations are ongoing, a third party to deploy peacekeepers. I will recommend Egypt. It is in the interest of Djibouti to follow this simple road-map and not to serve as a mercenary for foreign interests.

  17. Eritreans are very funny people. They always cry ethiopia invaded them but happy to celebrate the invasion of dijoubti. While they themselves are Born to be refugees, the poorest and most skinny ppl on the content they insult ethiopians for poverty. Come to addis and witness the most skinny people on the streets of addis are eritreans. They are most uneducated even by africans standards but still insult others as low iQ. I remember south sudanis ppl joking about eritreans illiteracy.

    1. Your education is unparalleled, how about that? Can you say Sudanese? BTW, the 14 million ethiops don’t factor in the equation…I am just guess here.

    2. try again, you must be ☝️ Of the IQ63. To claim your ethnocentric Weyane are the most educated. One thing is for certain, your Dedebit are backward who mustered the art of beggary. Furthermore change your pen name from Dave to Gebremeles or Ghebreanenia so that people don’t consider you inferior and low IQ

    3. well maybe bcuz the Eritreans refuse to consume the local donkey meat as you prefer and have resorted to and in addition, I’m sure there’s no need to remind you of imagery from NGO’s like “Feed the Children” on our television screens as to who is really starving in Africa. Am I right, ata gwahaf ?

      1. Poor anseba, is this one of your funny excuse for your skinny creature ? Almost all eritreans of my age are sawa graduates is this not ignorance ? Allmost every eritrean is malnourished. The only means you can get formal education is in your migrant life either in ethiopia or other generous nations. I know eritreans like pretending it is in your blood which I cant help you. Born poor and skinny in the arid lands kebesa and you pretend as if you are from a wealthy once. If you are civilized and wealthy society why do your people are leaving eritrea in thousands every day. Why are you still living in migrant campus all over the world especially in Ethiopia and sudan the very countries you insult them for poverty ? You guys are living in self denial which ultimately killed you.

        1. if you dont believe me, ask the UN and USAID who is in need of food assistance still in 2017, I guarantee Ethiopia will be at the top of the list with Eritrea nowhere to be found.
          btw, Eritreans dont eat kitfo or meetmeeta since its raw/uncooked and possibly donkey meat cross-contamination hence the leaner build of Eritreans;far from malnourished, lol…….oh, and plus dont forget about all that sawa training you mentioned.

  18. technichly if u check on google when you see the ras doumeira highlands its Eritrean territory while the flat desert is djibouti’s

    While the island its neither countries territory

    Check google map to make sure

      1. Shame on Eritreans for calling Djibouti a country.

        Djibouti is a federal region of Somalia, like Galmudug and Jubbaland.

        There is no country called Djibouti it is a region of Somalia. Dont listen to the minority Issa clan.they are high on Khat and completely delusional.

        1. Djibouti sold out Somalia and Somali people by siding with Saudi Arabia instead of Qatar. I hope Eritrea take all your land stupid idiots.

  19. Eritrea Ne Ertrawian · Edit

    We should also point out that Eritrea’s claim over the territory is valid per the Franco-Italian Agreement of 1935. Eritrea should push to have this issue go to arbitration.

  20. The boundary of Eritrea In the north is RAS Kesar and in south RSA Dumera period Omar Guelleh knows it if not he will be told the hardest way.

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