Eritrea Hosts 5th OSMA General Assembly

5th General Assembly Organization Military Sports Africa OSMA
Over 50 high ranking military officials from 22 African countries participated at the congress.


The 5th General Assembly of the Organization of Military Sports in Africa (OSMA) has been conducted from 11 – 13 March at Hotel Asmara Palace here in the capital.

Chairman of OSMA and over 50 high ranking military officials from over 22 African countries have participated in the congress.

Speaking on the occasion in which senior government and PFDJ officials, diplomatic corps and invited guests were present, General Flipos Weldeyohannes, Chief of Staff of the Eritrean Defense Forces, pointed out the paramount importance of sports in developing the physical and mental fitness, advancing spirit, promoting unity and harmony as well as instilling discipline and that Eritrea is fully honored to host such international congress here in Asmara.

Stating that Eritrea since the liberation struggle has been exerting unremitting efforts to promote sports activities in a well-organized manner, General Flipos underlined that military sports has been mushroomed throughout the country in an annual basis and as a result a number of sportsmen have been able to participate in many of the most popular international sports competitions.

In a speech he delivered on behalf of Lt.General Meguedad Benziane, the President of OSMA, Colonel Kabre David expressed appreciation to the Eritrean government for hosting the congress and expressed conviction that the General Assembly would eventually bear a sense of common understanding among participating member states that their presence is encouraging in the accomplishment of OSMA’s inspiring mission.

The high ranking military delegates who participated at the General Assembly comes from the Republic of South Africa, Algeria, Guinea, Cameroon, Kenya, Uganda, Tunisia, Tanzania, Democratic Republic of Congo, Nigeria, Senegal, Angola, Egypt, Ivory Coast, Zambia, Botswana, Mauritania, Burkina Faso, Mali, Congo Brazzaville, Morocco and Burundi.

OSMA military conference AsmaraAt the end of the summit, the General Assembly elected Col. Kabre David as the President of the organization, while 18 African countries including Eritrea has been elected as members of the organization’s executive board.

General Flipos gave closing remarks expressing conviction that fruitful outcome that could promote military sports in Africa has been achieved during the course of the congress.

General Plipos further noted that the congress has been a platform in which Eritrea’s experience in military sports was shared with the participants while it also reflected the country’s true image.

The new President of OSMA, Colonel Kabre David also expressed appreciation to the Eritrean government for hosting the congress while reaffirming his readiness to diligently work in collaboration with the member states and particularly with the members of the executive board so as to achieve the set out goals of the organization.

Artists from the Eritrean Defense Forces staged cultural performances during the course of the congress thus receiving broad acclamation amongst the conferees.

OSMA was founded in 1994 and its central office is based in Yaoundé, Cameroon.

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    1. Good question Hizbawi, We asked them the same question too. They claimed that they are too smart to spend their valuable time in such crappy ornament. The decided to leave as they say “the league of ordinary gentle man”.

  1. the woyanes hold party congress every year…at least every two years. compare that to pfdj junta – no party congress since 1994. 23 years!!

    1. Luul, I “voted up” for you for winning our hearts 🙂
      Please go now to ask Woyane to hold another congress party to help your Addis Ababa Garbage Landslide victims.

    2. Hello Luul,Sanchez and Sentik:
      In its true sense, this meeting has a deep-rooted meaning.
      If you read a beautiful Article by a Harvard Prof of Economics and Political Science, written few years ago about the Exemplary Development Road Map followed by the GoE/Eritrea through an effective utilization of its EDF and Youth(minus its collateral damage related to some technical failures), you would not belittle this Serious Meeting..
      He perfectly crafted the positive and constructive role the African Defense Forces and its Youth could contribute to the National Development of the Respective African Nations.
      TN or Ms Sofia can retrieve the Article.
      There was another Article talking about the positive role of the African Defense Forces and the Youth in developing Africa in general, and the respective Nations in particular can contribute but that article never–acknowledged Eritrea officially but exactly carbon-copied what Eritrea has been pursuing.
      I remember storming him(the Author)with criticisms for not giving due credit where it belongs—and for not mentioning the Original Author of the Policy-that “TINY” Nation called Eritrea…
      The EDF has been the source of the Top International Cyclists and Soccer Players, as Gen Philipos mentioned it.
      This is not to mention the over all positive impacts of Sports within the EDF/Youth.
      Aside from some technical issues/collateral damages related to the Hardships of the National Service, the Eritrean Approach was and is prob the best approach the Third World should follow…
      Despite the hiccups and draw backs, the National Service has done a superb job for Eritrea.
      If this is applied in other African nations with lots of resources and peace, they could have achieved a lot.
      I wonder how much the National Service/SAWA Program will be contributing during Peace Time….for Eritrea.
      I am for it after extensive review of the program comes up with over /past–due evaluation and assessment and recommendations.
      I will do National Service every year for a Month….I saw/experienced this during my stay in Israel.
      By waking up at 5AM and running and doing the Military Sports at the SAWA Plains I will lose 20 Pounds every year and give a Free Service in my Field of Expertise.

  2. Hopefully African leaders will learn something from Eritrea except the woyanes hayenas. Because we teach them enough lessons. As the same time Eritrea is the example of Africa stand tall against all odds. No hand outs. No to unjust sanctions. No to clonial masters. No to coruption. No to money laundering. No to to prostitution no to gaybars. No to mass killings. No deportation. Victory to the Ethiopian people.

    1. Here is my take on this delusional comment, how do you know there is corruption without even seeing the damn budget or what the Arabs gave your leader to destabilize the Horn? Have you heard, trust but verify? Lord have mercy on you supports. Then, you went on to say, “no prostitution” as if people were born yesterday? Let alone in Asmera, I can take you to the streets in Addis, promise to show you few of your cousins. That wasn’t enough, what the hell is no deportation? Stabbing people when asylum is denied and pretending it didn’t happen by not reporting it at all? None of your crazy comment would bother me if you didn’t mention, victory to Ethiopian people”. Our victory and defeat has been in the history book way before Hamid Idris came alone, just pay attention to your country, Ethiopia is for only Ethiopians without shabo. Wey learn from Eritrea…

      1. You agamino you must be out of your sense and mind to your comment. Do you ever think that the Ethiopian people is better off with this brutal and (nazi)regime?have you ever seen something like this in Ethiopia before?.divding people in un parallel way polrizing them. Ethinc cleansing. Stealing. Deportation. Mass execution. Rape. Extrajudicial killings. Gaybars. Prostitution. Slavery. Femine. This is the work of the woyanes hayenas . by creating some multi million dollar dams tall and expensive buldings villas for regime clans. Do you think the livelihood of the masses Ethioreereedomian people has improved.?it’s is the opposite the Ethiopian people is still suffering from this apartied regime. But thier downfall is not far. Long live the Ethiopian people strugel for f

      2. My God, you are mentally disturbud Sentikino! With people like you, no wonder we are going to assist another biblical famine in Ethiopia! God help the tigray people, because of IQ63 they are and will be hated for ever by ethiopians themselves. You are so blind that you are not and will not see coming to your face. Poor thing!

      3. Aye Ayte Setiko You are only advertising your ignorance by exposing your self in indulging in issues way beyond what a Dedebit graduate can comprehend. Your dried up Kilil is amassing right now with a plundered wealth both from Ethiopians with Eritrean heritage and Ethiopia the nation. Despite billions stolen money you could hardly feed your subjects under your archaic rule. We do business with whoever of our choice, we do not sell our land, our identity our people including our girls in the capital. No one owes us we are fiercely independent because we do not beg for our daily meal like you. In our proud culture and tradition we trust people until we detect otherwise, stabbing and be trial and envy have no place in our esteemed tradition. Should I remind you though I know you do not possess the dimension to understand and appreciate such noble traits. The time of reckoning is approaching stay tuned Mr . Don´t contemplate to be an Ethiopian and MLLT at one and the same time it is incongruous. You and your cousins in the Weyane land have´t yet decided as usual you are talking with forked tongue when you are scared you prefer to draw the Ethiopia card otherwise are you a Tigrian with a dream of access to the Red Sea. Those Ethiopians will respond you soon, but from what we can infer they despise you as much as any citizen of the region. First thing first feed your unfortunate children before any thing else bragging and empty bravado can only accelerate your imminent demise.

      4. You seem decent human .Beleive me i see woyane as vicious enemy of Eritrea as one can be.However the regime in Eritrea is equally vicious to its people.The so called supporters are blind with hatred.It is a zero sum.You can not reason with them my friend

        1. LOL …
          “You seem decent human” – even Sentiko won’t believe you.
          Love is a 2way, and I am sure Sentiko will give you the ugumesh love you deserve 🙂

    1. Shaebia Male,Yom wo Fejir · Edit

      Mmbuhaq men keliuki….bkbretkn tuto Shaebia endasetekn keytindira kedem tebelashiya neger…hji bmaedo mmbuhaq tray aytihmeka..

    2. Ayte Sanchez where were you man, we missed you our own clown. We missed your erratic comments about every thing which deals about Eritrea. Poor Agame boy we were a sort of bored by only Senteks immature remarks. I think you have better command of your emotions, you must have got postgraduate at Dedebit, except of course when it comes you know the thing,…. identity. With delusional identity borrowing others is no starter, better if you can update us the status of food stamps in Jabooty, are you guys getting three meal a day. Feed your hungry and dying children Ugumey then and only then is reasonable to talk about other issues

      1. @Alem : Thank you, that was the most romantic complement any one has ever said to me. 🙂 I always knew the hate words were superficial and we still miss each other so much. 🙂 How are you holding up? By the way “A” was a mistake and what I meant was “Great success, Eritrea is hosting OSMA.” I’ll keep in touch.

      1. You’re welcome! What bothers me a bit, eventhough it’s the kids’ parents who decide and that $30M is no- small money but should apple be allowed to have “property rights” on his intellectual- gift, like this? Maybe I’m making a big- deal out of it but geniuses like this, should serve Eritrea and themselves- NOT apple. What say you?

        1. Who? My hunch is this might have been hutched by either Woyane cadres or their cheap slaves to trick unassuming Eritreans. Mind you this was initially twitted by a known anti Eritrean element… and then everyone picketed up.

          Why? Well, now that they got you and everyone else to trust the site, they will soon follow with fake news. Sort of bait and switch. Remember, fake news sites usually start with either a joke or true story… and quickly follow slide of garbage pile.

          Let’s wait and see…

  3. The Ethiopian parliament regularly convenes twice a year. The Eritrean parliament hasn’t convened since 2002, 15 years now. Why is Ato Isaias not held accountable for this national disaster?? When will this individual face the consequences of his misdeeds??

    1. May be your Woyane parliament should hold monthly meeting, as that might help your Addis Ababa Garbage Landslide caused death.

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