Eritrea: Higher Education Institutions Graduate 30,000 Students

Eritrea provides FREE education to its citizens in all levels of education

Efforts in establishing and expanding institutions of higher education in Eritrea started to paying-off
Congratulating our graduates for the fruits of their 16 – 17 years of hard work. Despite the challenges, the continued efforts on establishing and expanding quality institutions of higher learning in Eritrea started paying-off.


The Higher Education Institutions since their establishment in 2008 have graduated 29,772 in Masters, first degree and diploma including 256 in Medical Doctorate.

According to documents, the Eritrean Institute of Technology graduated 13,571, and Hamelmalo Agricultural College 4,840, College of Business and Economics 4,694, College of Science and Marine Technology 1,420, College of Arts and Social Science 1,476, Asmara College of Science and Health Technology 3515.

The Orotta General Medicine and Dental College since its establishment in 2006 graduated 256 Medical Doctors and is significantly contributing in the effort to ensure the health of citizens.

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Currently there are seven colleges providing higher education opportunities in different capacities namely Eritrean Institute of Technology, Hamelmalo College of Agriculture, Asmara College of Science and Health Technology, Asmara Medical School, Massawa Marine College, Halhale College of Business and Economics as well as Adi-Keih College of Arts and Social Science.

The colleges are significantly contributing in producing professionals that are playing due role in the nation building process.

Name of the CollegeNumber of GraduatesSince*
Eritrean Institute of Technology (EIT)13,5712008
Hamelmalo Agricultural College4,8402008
Halhale College of Business and Economics4,6942008
College of Science and Marine Technology1,4202008
College of Arts and Social Science1,4762008
Asmara College of Science and Health Technology3,5152008
Orotta General Medicine and Dental College256 Medical Doctors2006
* College inception was in 2008. First butch of graduates start to roll in starting from 2002.

8 thoughts on “Eritrea: Higher Education Institutions Graduate 30,000 Students

  1. “Free Education to all”. Here are the Eritrean children being educated for “free” at no cost all, all the way from first grade to Doctorate Level. Free edcation, free tuition, free dorm, and food in college level.

    Do not forget, the Eritrean Higher Education institution started in 2008 and in a matter of 8 years just take a look what Eritrean have done

    “No child should be left behind” is Eritrean way.

    Stay on course Deki Halal Meriet just wait to see more graduated in 2018.

      1. Short Answer: ==> Yes, however, …
        Longer Answer: ==> To say education was free both during Ethiopian colonial and after independence could be misleading. Because the country is not colonized anymore and is lead by the best Pilots of Africa. Overall Literacy rate has jumped from 40% (end of colonial time) in 1991 to over 85% in 2017. Why has it improved by more than double fold? Education in ShaEbia’s time is truly free for all, by simply building schools everywhere in the country so no child will miss school due to distance from home, whereas, during Ethiopian colonial times, the number of schools were very very few and those few were located only in major cities.

          1. Me crooked haile:
            Just an FYI :
            The Derghi Era “Free” Education was NOT exclusive to /for Eritreans.
            Plus,quality of education hit the bottom in Eritrea during the Derghi Era after Major Dawit W nationalized the well performing Major High Schools in Eritrea.
            But for the sake of fairness ,I could have challenged the Article under ideal conditions specially when it comes to Quality.
            But I give credit to the GoE for doing something way better than most other developing Nations,which are relatively stable and under no sanction.
            Developing the infrastructure itself is a good start under such a stressful situation when the nation was set up and deemed to fail totally.
            Quality will follow soon.
            Building 7 Colleges and producing more than 30K Grads in less than ten years under a heavy duty sanctions,sabotage,isolation ,containment and a nasty policy of No War No Peace is but a great victory relatively speaking and considering all things.
            And that is the classic nature of Eritreanism-resilience against all Odds!
            Swallow the bitter pill and learn from Eritrea and Eritreans.
            If left alone and were to be given a chance and opportunity,Eritreans could have done miracles in all aspects but we are not lucky to be your neighbor as the Mexican President lamented about being a neighbor of The USA.

          2. OMG!!
            Did you only just read my short answer only?
            Derg didn’t kill all Eritreans, … I guess we should also give credit to Derg for sparing some Eritrean lifes.

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