Eritreans Deep Commitment to Martyrs Families

By Embassy Media,

Eritreans nationals residing in London, Birmingham, Leeds, Manchester, Sheffield, Newcastle have donated a total of £17,705 and Mr. Petros Berhe Tesfay personally donated USD $1,000 respectively in support of martyr’s families as well as augment Martyrs Trust Fund.  Members of Young EPLF World-wide Pal-talk Room have donated £3,540 to martyrs families.

Eritreans citizens at individual levels and Eritrean communities in United Kingdom have been extending donations to augment the Martyrs Trust Fund.

Eritrean Martyr’s Trust Committee (MTC) in the UK have been playing a proactive role in the implementation of this scheme.

In Eritrea, it is a long standing noble tradition for individuals and communal social problems to be, first and foremost, taken care of by the networks of the family, community and the general public. It is, indeed, a daunting task to quantify and recount all the monetary and non-monetary support given by members of community.

Needless to say that it plays a critical role in the empowerment of families of fallen heroes – empowerment to enhance their ability to be productive and responsible citizens.

In addition to the financial support, many Eritreans residing abroad have established personal contact with the families of martyrs’ whom they meet when they come to their homeland. Besides, they have extended their additional moral and financial support to encourage martyr’s families in their endeavors to be self sustaining.

Such physical meetings between beneficiaries and benefactors have resulted, in extending their support to families of martyrs to life-long; others increased their sponsorship to more than one family.

Mr. Petros Berhe, member of the Martyr’s Trust Committee in London said, it is by actively participating in such holy endeavors that we can all contribute to all livelihoods in the families of martyrs and hence contribute our share in the continuous preservation of our independence.

5 thoughts on “Eritreans Deep Commitment to Martyrs Families

  1. It is in the Eritrean ethos to honor the families of fallen heros and heroines, not only in words but in deeds. Sponsoring a family, 1$/ day, is morally rewarding .

  2. Indeed, we don’t forget!! Our heroes, they are the core of our ERI existence. And its our obligations to take care of their Families. And it doesn’t mater what u did or gave for ur country– ዳርጋ ዘይገበርካ/ኪ if u don’t help the families of Eritrean fallen heroes. Those who gave their lives for you/me/us.. this is their love for u/how much they loved us. They loved us so much, that they gave/sacrificed their precious life so we can breathe and live in free Eritrea. That is pure love!!

    ክብሪ ንዓኹም ይኹን ስዉኣት ኤርትራ????????????????
    U gave us ur precious lives so we can breathe free ERITREA????????
    ክብሪ ይኽኖም ነቶም ክቡራት ስዋትና ምእንታና ዝወደቁ ን’ኤርትራና ክተኽሉ!!????????

    ዘልኣለማዊ ክብሪ ንስዋትና????????????????
    ዓወት ንሓፋሽ✊????

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