Eritrea Condemns Canada’s Expulsion of its Envoy

Historically, adversity only fires up our collective, patriotic, adrenalin
Historically, adversity only fires up our collective, patriotic, adrenalin

By Ministry of Foreign Affairs,

Eritrea condemns in the strongest terms the Canadian Government’s expulsion of the Eritrean Consul General in Toronto.

Eritrea states categorically that the services it renders through its Consulate General are fully consistent with the Vienna Conventions on Consular Relations and do not violate international or Canadian laws. It considers the expulsion as an unwarranted escalation of the Canadian administration’s hostility to Eritrea and its harassment of the Eritrean Diaspora community. It is the act of a bully against a small and proud nation and its people and is aimed at denying the Eritrean community the services that they need from their government. 

The Eritrean government is confident that the community which has faced increasing harassment, including intimidation and severe restriction on their peaceful activities will not be bullied and that their resolve will remain unshaken.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

29 May 2013


Eritrea condemns Canada for the expulsion its Consul General in Toronto.
Eritrea condemns Canada for the expulsion its Consul
General in Toronto.

  • Dawit Solomon

    Eritreans in Diasporas should take Canadian Government to the international Criminal Court (ICC) for Genocide Crime against Humanity, in their involvement with Ethiopia’s Army for seventeen years under Mengistu. We have a proof beyond doubt of an Eye Witness in writing as well as video from Journalist Peter Worthington Toronto Sun that they were the enablers’ or subcontractor of the food and other logistic support Marxist Ethiopia. They supply the food and the old USSR supplied guns and bullets to kill innocent women and children, and most of us are victim of this barbaric action of Canada..

    • isaac san diego

      Joe go to where you belonged, you don't mock with the world bravest Eritrean people or nation. Your grand father and you were mocking while your fellow-men dying from starvation. I know that Nakfa is a home to many heroic people of Eritrea on the other hand to enemy like you fake Joe Nakifa is your is place of your worst nightmare. Next time you don't even desrve to comment on braves website because your nonsense argument does not make sense.

  • Issu

    Expel any canadian who lives in Eritrea and confiscated all canada belonging including Bisha mining and give it to Chinas. whenever they canadians are they will not sleep for their atrocity during mengistu era. theses crap people they never give full freedom even for quebec people to be separated from crap people. they cannot praise about democracy or human right unless give freedom for Quebec [people,

  • abel

    one Eritrean said "They want 2%… they don't give you a reason. You have to pay the money," he said.

    "My family [in Eritrea] would get in trouble if I don't pay." …wow that's a big lie this is because of some low life so called "oppositions" keeps lies just to get cheap political gains.I never heard people get trouble just cuz they don't pay %2 ,funny part is big medias like BBC using this cheap lies as a source. Weyy guud

    • Helen

      Listen ! If you don't pay your 2% , your family back home won't be able to renew a license of whatever they have . So they can not work without a renewed license . Does that mean they're getting hurt or what? Btw, that's just an example !

  • Meda

    Abel what ever they try or lie,one thing they should now is Eritrean people will never ever kneel down.
    Awetna nay,geden eu.

  • eritrawi

    Aye higdef, when do you gonna come to your terms and speak the truth.

    • agamawi

      That's just what we do! Haki tezaribka, megedi babur!

  • William

    Very cheap shot by the Canadian racist prime minister . Quebecian should be free first, then he can talk about Human right issues . Eritrean government has the right to collect taxes from its citizen as United States does or any other governments in the World . I challenge that coward prime minister to do the same to the US consulate if he has the ball .

  • jonas

    It is a shameful day for Canada to resort to such cheap unwarranted act of terror against the peaceful people of Eritrea. I will never set foot in that land ever again.

  • vilja35

    I'm so ashamed to be Eritrean-Canadian, for what the cheap act the Canadian government took action today.
    We Eritreans will pay even 100% to our government who is in-charge in developing our country without any handout from any other country.
    We are poor, but proud and courageous people.
    Canada, please grow up and see your human right act in your own country especially for the first nation people in the reserves.
    Eritrea never kneel down !!

  • daniel

    I think the Canadian Government is suffering from an inferiority complex of some sort. Is it trying to make itself 'influencial'' in world politics as its evil neighbour south of its boarder? Well, Canada can get lost. This may cause an inconviniece to Eritreans seeking consular services, however on the grand scheme of things it will make zero difference to the well being and progress of Eritrea. As some forumers have already pointed out, Eritrea is a non aid seeking country. As such one can't miss anything it never had.

    I appreciate, Canadian political scene is as boring as its winter and may be seeking to inject some excitement to the fore, however this is lame and shallow. Canada you are an embarrassment!

  • yosief

    Canada n Sweden they like to help third world country, not because they love black pepole is because it makes them feel supirior. So when they incounter proud,self relince and independent mind like Eritrean people their true nuture it comes out and they become virulent .
    Long live to Eritrea.
    we nevere kneel down

  • Debessay

    Canada's action is shameful and petty for a rich country. I was talking to a friend and he seems to believe that what irritates Canada is that Eritrea is going to become the third biggest producers of potash after Canada and Russia. While Canada has 46% of the global reserve, it has to dig 1,021 meters below the surface and Erfitrea's will be from the surface! Is it possible that Canada has declared war on Eritrea because of the potash? It is something to think about.

  • Believe it or not, conflict of interest is what drives Canada insane against Eritrea under the guises of 2% diaspora tax.

    Well, they have now made the move and we will soon made the decision. No more Canadian mining as well potash prospector companies. Those that are operating right now are enough.

  • Warsai

    Eritreans in Canada should consult a lower and sue Canada Goverment! This is scandalous, sad and ignorant or evil decision!

  • Observer

    It is now so evident that the Government of Canada is going after Eritrea not because of the 2% tax, but because they felt threatened with the potential potash resources Eritrea has. To add insult to injury, the GoE has set up a joint venture with an Australian company to explore the mineral resources worth $150billion for a decade or so. Due to all these factors, Canada is trying to undermine and perplex Eritrea economically in any way it sees fit.

    The Canadian government could try every trick in the book to bully the 'small' nation, but they will fail miserably and they will eventually come to their senses. Any Eritrean who wants to pay the 2% tax could do so inside Eritrea and Canada cannot do anything about this!

  • tedros keflay

    It's just about potash, Eritrea will outcompete Canada from potash market and who has believed that the small country can achieve such wealth (not canada anyway)
    WE NEVER kneel DOWN

  • Well, the good part is they still want to keep the Eritrea door open by only put the blame on the Ambassador. The consulate is still open and waiting for the next Consul General.

    Taking the level of intimidation and embarrassment they caused to us, Eritrea need not to send another representative at least for few months if not a year . After all, Who needs Who at this stage?

    • daniel

      Agree with you wholeheartedly Tesfa. Let not send one for the foreseeable future. Lets bring the canadians shame by passive action. This is a poltical PR opportunity Eritrea can not afford to let slip. The message should be loud and clear: You want to disrespect our country in such shameful way, fine we won't bother with you anymore!

      • Observer

        Wonderfully put daniel. Let our silence eat them.

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    By VOA Tigrinya,

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