Eritrea Calls an End to UN Sanction, Ethiopia’s Occupation

End UN Sanction and occupation
Eritrea calls for an end to the 14 years Ethiopian illegal occupation of sovereign Eritrean territories and the unjust sanctions imposed for reasons  that are proven today to be false and nonexistent.

By Sudan Tribune,

Eritrea has demanded an end to what it described as the “illegal” and “unjust” resolution sanctions imposed on the East African nation.

Eritrea made the appeal during the High Level Dialogue on Human Rights held on 12-13 July this year, through its Permanent Representative, ambassador Girma Asmerom.

While addressing the general assembly, the Eritrean diplomat said that his country is being subjected to a “serious and collective punishments” deliberately perpetuated against the Eritrean people.

Among the “collective punishments” forwarded to bring attention to the United Nations General Assembly was “the unjust sanctions imposed on people of Eritrea by Security Council, for reasons which were fabricated and are proven today to be nonexistent”.

Asmara stressed that UN Security Council must lift the “unjust sanctions” which Girma said were depriving the people of Eritrea from the right to development.

He said, “no one should be left behind” means no one shall be left behind, under any pretext.

The Eritrean representative also demanded for Ethiopia to withdraw from all Eritrean sovereign territories.

Asmara said Ethiopia continues to occupy Eritrean territories, including the town of Badme for the past 14 years in breach of the Charter of the UN.

“This is a serious threat to peace and security of the region and a violation of the United Nations charter,” said Ambassador Girma.

He added that the collective punishments are the worst and highest form of human rights violations.

“Occupation and unjust sanctions perpetuates poverty, creates refugees and displaced people”.

He added that it also goes against the motto and principles of 2030 Agenda that “No one should be left behind”.

The Hague-based Boundary Commission 2002 “final and binding” ruling gave away the disputed town of Badme to Eritrea.

Ethiopia has accepted “in principle” the commission’s ruling but declined to pullout its troops from the flash point, insisting for more implementation talks, a request Eritrea rejected.

Eritrea has been accusing UN of demonstrating double standards saying the world body has failed to take actions against Ethiopia for the latter to implement the border ruling.

Eritrea gained independence from Ethiopia in 1991 after a 30-year war. However, relations between the two rival neighbors, have since remained tense.

In June, Ethiopian and Eritrean forces engaged in heavy border fighting around Tserona central front, an area about 75 kilometres south of the Eritrean capital, Asmara.

Hundreds of soldiers are reported to have been killed and many more wounded from both sides. The two sides traded blame over who first sparked the two-day long battle.

The latest fighting was the most serious military engagement since the 1998-2000 border war, which has claimed the lives of an estimated more than 70,000 people.

19 thoughts on “Eritrea Calls an End to UN Sanction, Ethiopia’s Occupation

  1. The President said 18 Eritreans got martyred in Tsorona. Why is this publication stating hundreds from both sides died? Is it to cover-up for the wey-anus?

      1. Ok, but shouldn’t it report what the President said, for the sake of neutrality? After all, where did this claim of “hundreds dead from both sides” come from? Someone must’ve said it to begin with and it’ll be repeated, ad nauseum, as Biblical truth. We’ve gone through this before, already. Why is that claim more valuable or more truthfull than what the President asserted?

        1. Because it was originally written by a Tigraian named Tesfa Alem (wedi Mekelle) and this person usually writes a very biased report when it comes to Eritrea.

          TN, therefore, always made the necessary corrections to the report written by this Tigraian goon, for instance, by adding the key word “final and binding” in this report that Tesfa Alem always intentionally missed in most of his reporting.

          Such professional abuses are common by all Ethiopian reporters such as Aaron from Reuters and Meseret from Associated Press AP. So it is our duty to right the wrong done by such people before presenting it to the public as is.

          1. I don’t know whether the level of your knowledge allow you to understand about ip address, but at least you should try before you post your garbage with different names. No wonder why you have been called low IQ

      2. Lemlem = Hagos = Mekonen

        You don’t need to fool yourself by commenting under different nick names. All your comments tells how a low IQ and spineless weyanne goon you are.

        1. TN you deleted my comment where I described how EPLF and TPLF conspired against Eritrean people when Shabia gave Bademe as reward to Weyane for their role on defeating ELF in 1981 during their unholy alliance.

    1. how do you believe when you are to]d that modern apes kill a human being who is well trained and civilized? Are You fool? Do you believe that you will get a piece of meat from the mouth of a lion? if think so I understand that you are retarded because of malnourishment (KICHA)…..sorry we can do nothing about it.

  2. Eritreans CALL for equality, justice, freedom, rule of law, implementation of the constitution and release of political prisoners.

    1. What about the removal of the wey-anus from our occupied territories, the investigation on which side started the “border conflict” in 1998 and compensating us accordingly, the lifting of the illegal sanctions, the disbanding of the monitoring group etc etc???? This issues are what Eritreans are calling to be implemented, miss weyaniT. Your list is about our internal issues and those issues will be resolved by OURSELVES in due time, without the involvement of foreign powers. As for you terrorist, criminal and thug wey-anus, they’ve got more pressing issues at hand in your weyanistan. The ppl have had enough and are flipping mad and are after cutting your throats.

    2. We Eritreans call agames to leave our occupied land. There are countries with out constitution and they are doing fine. I prefer to live without the constitution over the countries run with the constitution such as all our neighbors. The prisoners belongs to the same political system which doesn’t make them a political prisoners.

      1. You are not eritrean, just a blind diaspora supporter of a really hated isolated and brutal regime, with no idea how backward prison nation Eritrea have become, and how the rest of Africa is so far a a had of Eritrea , now even Somalia is rising, and the only hopeless nation we can compare Eritrea to is Libya…open you eyes plz..

  3. The UN is giving a deaf ear to Girma. It may be time for Eritrea to give the UN ultimatum, if they are not going to enforce the border agreement and lift the sanctions then Eritrea shall not recognize UN bi-laws and charter. Eritrea will be force to use its military to liberate its land and the sanction will be ignored.

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