Eritrea Approves Social and Environmental Impact Assessment for Colluli Potash Project

Critical milestone achieved for Mining License approvals

Colluli Social and Environmental Impact Assessment
The Eritrean Ministry of Land, Water and Environment has accepted and approved the Social and Environmental Impact Assessment (SEIA) for the Colluli Project – key for mining license and project development approvals.

By Danakali Ltd.,

Danakali Limited (ASX:DNK) is pleased to announce that the Eritrean Ministry of Land, Water and Environment has accepted and approved the Social and Environmental Impact Assessment (SEIA) for the Colluli Potash Project.

The SEIA was submitted in April following a series of stakeholder engagements that were conducted post the completion of the definitive feasibility study (DFS), as announced on 30 November 2015.

Approval of the SEIA represents a critical milestone in the advancement of the Colluli Project and paves the way for the approval and issuance of the mining license and final project development approvals.

The acceptance and approval follows a comprehensive review of the SEIA by an Impact Review Committee, appointed by the Ministry. A series of engagements between the Committee and Danakali and Colluli Mining Share Company (CMSC) representatives, and an evaluation of the assessment relative to the original terms of reference took place over the last eight months.

Representatives of the Impact Review Committee visited the Colluli Project site in June 2016, followed by a visit in mid-July by the Eritrean Ministry of Energy and Mines, accompanied by senior officials of that ministry.

In its approval letter, the Ministry wrote “Having reviewed the responses from the company in its entirety, the Department of Environment appreciates CMSC for its proper addressing and incorporation of all the comments provided and accepts the SEIA.”

Managing Director, Paul Donaldson said

“This is a significant positive step in the approvals process and is the outcome of a very comprehensive body of work which was conducted throughout the feasibility phase, and a thorough review by representatives of the Ministry and the Impact Review Committee.

The Company continues progressing its Mining Agreement and Mining License, and we are positive that we can conclude this step of the process shortly. The Mining Agreement and License are the final approvals by the Ministry of Energy and Mines, meaning the company is getting closer to commencing the execution of the project.”

  • focus

    the natural resources are becoming a curse for the Eritrean people. Things were better before bisha. After the start of the mining, lights went out, water supply dried up, bread lines git longer, things continue to go downhill for the average family back home. and now the regime just announced taxation for crops and cattle. poor farmers! they were burdened when helping hands (their children) were snatched from them and taken to sawa. now their burden just got heavier. they will have to pay “taxes” for goats, chickens, cattle, meshela, sgem, dagusha….everything. in the mean time, ppl like TN waste their time insulting our neigbors and that is supposedly “defending Eritrea”. donkeys!!

  • forto sawa

    Good news indeed! Eri is moving along and every day is a celebration as farmers harvest, children attend their school, a healthy and vibrant life we are enjoying. Sala hafash entay ke kSeAn!


    Here is Eritrea to help feed the hungry world for the next 100 years, In the process, here is Eritrea to stop the Sahara Desert from reaching the Red Sea by turning Eritrea in to “Green Fortress” that stopped the Sahara Desert from reaching the Red Sea.

    You bet there shall Eritrea be the “Garden OF Eden” and Eritrea shall be there to feed the hungry, Do not forget, with world population to reach 9.4 Billion by 2020 and if you add the decrease of agricultural lands in the world, it shall be Eritrea that shall be there to help feed the hungry world; That is the reality and fact.

    Stay on course Deki Halal Meriet, the future is bright ahead of you,

    Long Live Shaebia for creating the Garden of Eden in Middle of Sahara Ddesert
    Long Live Yikealo for being there to free you your people
    Long Live Warsai for being there to defend and build a nation from ground up
    Long the Eritreans for being there thru thick and thin.
    Thanks to God, ERitrea is mine

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