Eritrea Appoints New Chief of Staff

Major General Philipos, EDF Chief of Staff
Major General Philipos, EDF Chief of Staff

By TesfaNews,

President Isayas Afwerki today named Major General Philipos Woldeyohannes as the country’s new Chief of staff.

The appointment followed after the late Chief of Staff of the Eritrean Defense Forces, Major General Gerezgheri “Wuchu” passed away two weeks ago.

General Philipos is one of the most prominent and decorated commanders with in the Eritrean armed forces ever since the liberation struggle.

The President also appointed Mr. Woldemichael Abraha to serve as the next Minister of Local Governments. 

Prior to his new assignment, Mr. Woldemikael was serving as Minister of Transport and Communications.

It is to be recalled that the late Mr. Woldemichael Gebremariam, Minister of Local Government, passed away in Keren during his return from a working visit in Gash-Barka on the 4th of August 2013.

Since his sudden death, the ministry was run by the General Managing Director, Ambassador Mahmoud Ali Hurui.

Although Eritrea has no post of Vice President, according to government structures, Minister of Local Government acts as the head of State while the President is away.

The appointment and duties of both the Chief of Staff and Minister of Local Government will take effect immediately.

37 thoughts on “Eritrea Appoints New Chief of Staff

  1. It is surprising to read "incapacitated" in reference to the dear president. So abnormal. Lets hope the country go through a smooth transition towards rule of law and unity of its beloved people.

  2. @hager swuat
    No smooth transition without constitution !!
    Eritrea must be governed by rule of low after that any one according his merits
    This is the Eritrea that swuatna dreamt and payed the ultimate price for not for one man show?

  3. Congratulations to General Phillipos – Wuchu and Phillipos are two faces of the same coin; both are JEGANU deki Haras Nebri.

  4. Is Eseyas him self is a law or constitution ? He always in leadership and give them unit what a shame a country with out law

  5. Congratulations Major General Philipos Woldeyohannes for your new appointment! You are also a rare 'Jigna' like Wechu, and I have full confidence you'll carry out your duties and responsibilities superbly. Also congratulations to all TRUE Eritreans and friends of Eritrea for having jeganu brothers and sisters like MG Philipos that are able and willing to sacrifice on our behalf. As for the rag tag personalities that are only nominally Eritreans and their Woyane and Western friends and collaborators, dem tehaleba!

  6. Presedent isayas is strong man for the foriegners those who wish to kneel down and destroy the country but he need to improve and work more t:*to wards internal affiars like implementig rule and law throughout the country, respecting the exact serving time of national service as the conistitution mention,and let the people critisized some of his bad ass leaders and impeach them,above all the country need strong conistitutional political and cultural institiut that can mend the bridge b/n govt and people .strong institutions can lead the country on the right track for ever but strong man only good as long as he is in power after that you can imagine what will happen …perhapes collaps of the country.

  7. @ Jasmin .I think you are the monkey led by donkeys,My opinion to you is, was, and will be ,always you repeat the same word and the same sentence .Did you copy and paste it ? I think you are lost soul (soulless) .Please do a favor to yourself . Live alone Eritrean people.Thank you

  8. Congratulation Eritrea,The Loin's Breed Loin .May God Safe and gourd our country Eritrea .Eritreans Giving to you more responsibility. Major general Wuchu was a Hero and you are indeed Hero Major General Philipos Woldeyohannes .Thank you so mach for you are serving in integrity.

  9. I wish the best for Minster W/Michael Araha and General Philpos W/Yohhanes in their new position. Eritrea is indeed in good hand.

  10. He's got big shoes to fill. General Wuchu was a tremendous military leader.

    I am sure General Philipos is equally a gifted military man. He's just as experienced as General Wuchu. He will do a fine fine job.

    We salute you General Philipos.

  11. Congratualation General Filpos I wish all the best in leading the Eritrean difense forces and to defeat the enemy's of our country as usually .

  12. I dont know about you guys, but im just glad that eritrea technically has a Vice President 🙂 , no need to worry now…. =D

  13. Eritrea is a country where fierce Lions are breed ….ready to defend Beloved Eritrea. I wish for general Felipo go health, and good luck on your new endeavor

  14. Dear, Abdu. I would like to inform you that there several websites such as Asmerino, Tigrai online, Assenia, awate, and meskerem….where you can vent your sorrow or depression. Certainly, you should be in Lake where there are fishes that resemble to you n your point view. I wish well.

  15. ccCongratulation Genral Philipos you served our country with honest and integrity as usual and we proud of you and wish you all success in everything you do and every step you take. And also Congratulation Minster Woldemichael Abraha you have been everything to us Eritreans that is you are our hero, our teacher, our father and our exemplary leader thank you for being an indomitable leader throughout your life, the life that you dedicated to give your nation I wish you all success in everything you do and every step you take.

  16. We will never forget our martyrs, of different 9 ETHNICS, form north to south and from west to est of our country! Let's never forget this. We reject regionalism, sectarianism and extremism. Eritrea and Eritrean People are ONE and only ONE COUNTRY and ONE PEOPLE! We will be VIGILANT and always READY to defend our UNITY and our SOVEREIGNTY! A BON ENTENDEUR – DO NOT EVER FORGET THIS! Wetru Zikri N'Suwuatna! Weil'u Neza Haguer mis Hidra Zitinkfa! Awet N'Hafash!

  17. Guys dont be imotional be realistic if you want be continue as soviergne country you need to conistitutional administration that obey the rule and hold accauntable for those who violate it.dont rely on a single indvisuals can do everything for you and the country.nation has to give a chance to decide and participate in every political,economical, social and democratic transparent body can be above the law.

    1. It is a surprise Isayas officially appointing and declaring the new high ranking officials, non customary
      to Isayas. Congratulations Phlipos and Woldenchiel! The question, why is Isayas announcing their appointment officially for the first time if it was uncustomary in the past? It is positive and we hope more reform and changes to see.
      I just heard the death of the two Br. Generals with Desu, That is sad and I'm worried, Vinac and Hanjema were heroes and far sighted army comanders. There is a lot of questions than answers for their car accident death reported by Shabait. I'm curious to know the truth, why is Tesfa News quiet up to now? If Wuchu was a head lines what about these heroes?

      1. Zemhret,

        find your answers to all of your questions at the coffee shop or lateria where you always hang out. thats where you always find your answers. Fersi !!

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