Eritrea Appoints 14 Ambassadors

Restructuring government with a view to promoting leadership quality begins
Ongoing. Restructuring government with a view to promoting leadership quality

By TesfaNews,

As part of its renewed effort to strengthen regional and international engagements, Eritrea said it has appointed 14 new Ambassadors to different countries and regional organizations.

Senior Eritrean official in a twitter update today said that the appointment of these ambassadors is part of the ongoing restructuring and reorganization process with in the government and PFDJ institutions.

In a meeting that was held with 150 regional administrators and party cadres in Embatkala earlier in September, President Isaias said that restructuring and assignments will continue at all levels of administrations, ministries, PFDJ bodies and national associations by giving priority objective to ensuring political dynamism and effective management.

Mr. Al-Amin Mohammed Seid, PFDJ Secretary, also indicated that restructuring process would involve all public institutions inside the country and abroad.

Details of assignment for the 14 ambassadors is not yet disclosed.

Earlier this year, Eritrea, through its envoy at the UN, has informally announced its recognition and lent its full support towards the efforts of the Federal Government of Somalia in stabilizing the country.

Though not disclosed, it looks like one of the ambassadors might head to Mogadishu to honor that recognition so that formal diplomatic relation with Somalia begins.
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  • Sami

    As always bringing the good news thanks tesfanews.



    • eri-for-ever

      Samson the same 2 you and all tesfanews participant wish you all happy new year.

  • Bisrat Ghirmay

    The Camel is marching forward as usual while the stray dogs are infested with flees and dies on foreign big city streets . Viva the mother of truth Ere .

  • Etr

    Let's see how long before those same toxic personalities put a negative spin on this announcement.

    Thanks TesfaNews, as always!

    • Tewelde T

      The question is why appointing new ambassadors at this particular point of time? What is wrong with the previous ones?
      The core million dollar question, it is not about persons or ambassadors but about the system change, let us grow and be flexible, let the people have a say in decision-making, let us hold and maintain a transparent and people inclusive government!
      Let us face the main problem, not blame individuals. Let us play our foreign policy with clear and flexible and national interest and national agenda in the current international political situation. It is good to look inside and not blame external enemies for all our problems,I agree with that but it should be people participatory and include the untouchables to be bold enough to handle power.
      The change should be overall and not nominal or partial, and Eritrea needs a serious popular change and not a temporary drama show by the elites. Here let us see and be optimistic because of hope for progress and peace!
      Eritrea is the product of the Eritrean mass and the solution belongs to the mass Eritreans equal as those in power. No one has shed a red blood than red of any other Eritrean!
      We fought for independence, equality, and liberty of all Eritreanns.

      • Bisrat Ghirmay

        Tewelde, it looks like you were missing the boat for a long time , Eritrean Government is a people's trust body like nothing on earth, I have a definite news that you will not be called in assisting to appoint Ambassadors. good luck

        • Tewelde T

          I enjoyed your joke, Happy New Year!

        • Nebri adam

          Are you serious? Who made you the judge? Where do you live? In a free country or in Eritrea. No one has asked the poor people of Eritrea if they are free or not. You are assuming that they are free or you are naïve. you should read the news and see for yourself how they are living before you say damn staff brother!

      • Etr


        You said, "Eritrea is the product of the Eritrean mass…". You are correct, except for a bit of a qualifier. Independent Eritrea is the product of the Eritrean masses MINUS a few traitors.

        Just like any society, Eritrea has always had it's share of the good and the bad – including some who contribute nothing but complain day in and day out. I'm sure we all know an example of one of those useless habitual complainers.

        Right, Tewelde T. ??

        • Tewelde T

          Who is the traitor? What have you contributed to develop and not to destroy nationals and the economy?
          To the point, we need a change and reform of the general government system and not assigning new ambassadors and individuals and calling the old and blaming them for the failed policy. These will not help the brocken glass hold the water!!!
          Etr come out of you shell, how long to hide?

          Happy New Year!

          • Etr

            Tesfu, I mean Tewelde,

            Hide from who? From you? lol

            But you didn't answer my question. Don't you know someone who does nothing but complain and criticize day in and day out? I'll give you a hint: His screen names start with a T. 🙂

          • Tewelde T

            You want to be rewarded for cleansing Eritrean youth from their home land?
            What is your agenda ? Are you even a nationalist?
            You want to be rewarded for imprisoning Eritrean heroes and veterans in Era Ero un-communicado and un-accountable for 14 years?
            Where is the gold mining money going? Is there any report and accountability?
            Are our people participating or have a say in decision making? Is there Hzbawi Baito in HGDEF Eritrea?
            What have you accomplished and contributed in Haddas Eritrea?
            Etr your name stands E for Eritrean tr for traitor, fit you well, exact size Eritrean traitor.
            The shell is opened before summer
            For the new year you will be posted as the ambassador to Somalia. As a gift from Santa HGDEF. Don't hate concrete criticism it will help you see clean and face facts.

          • tewolde haptu

            VERY FEW INFO FROM A GENUINE ERITREAN HISTORY – Eritreans won’t bother that much about Tewolde T. a Woyane’s propaganda of fabrication and lies drummer ARON tewolde (Eri-Teen Medical student)

            As an Eritrean teen I would like to thank the electronic media as well the technologies that offered for having such opportunity for sharing my readers about the REALITIES and the TRUTH available on the ground about my grand father’s historical country Eritrea. Today in the eyes of Eritreans the true and the genuine stories are different by 180 degree out of phase with respect what the Woyani of Ethiopia trumpets and their faceless puppets are blowing.

            Today it is becoming very clear for readers that every thing that is appearing in the media, such as posting in the form of pictures or comments is totally fake and not genuine. The fact is there is a single Eritrean that raises his nose against his own Eritrean people. All the comments are written are well prepared by the Woyane propaganda machinery hidden media. Woyane of Ethiopia main aim is to destabilize the Eritrean minds by posting a fabricated fake and false comments to show the readers as if the comments are genuinely generated or written by an Eritrean pen. Above all, I’m very proud for being an Eritrean of origin.

            As known our Eritrean mainland stretches more than 1,000 kilometers along the Red Sea coast, which is one of the world’s busiest and most strategic shipping lines. Eritrea is a small country made up of nine linguistic nationalities that embrace two of the world’s major religions, Islam and Christianity, including some of the indigenous faiths as well. Eritrea always celebrates its social and cultural diversity with a sense of harmony and unity in fact it is a rare and it is unique to be found in most parts of the world. Eritrea has as very dynamic and a strong government of unity and the truth is government invest heavily in health, social welfare, and education and skill development sectors agriculture as well nation building from border to border.

            Eritrea provides access to these services equal for all its citizens, with equal rights MEN/WOMEN, regardless of their ethnic or religious back ground, or their geographical locations, their gender, age or other social categories. Hence every Eritrean citizen shares equal right of his or her country’s resources or of the country’s political affairs, in fact the wonderful thing that I noticed or learned from home land Eritrea is it is almost 21 years now, the reality on the ground is my ancestors land Eritrea have started from a scratch or from the ground level below zero. Today not as what the Woyani puppets are cries and insults, but truly in Eritrea a very fast development has been undergoing and is still actively ongoing from the remote villages and valleys towards the cities.

            Thanks to the Eri Youth’s hard work today Eritrea is changing every now and then no hurry harry up but step by step.

            Thanks to God and to our strong Government Of the state of Eritrea the country is moving to the right direction and it is becoming more greener and greener, Eritrea its government and its WISE people at home as well abroad also has proven that the population is becoming capable to be a self sufficient and self reliant to feed own population, when compared with other countries that are facing with a food crises.
            In Eritrea corruptions and any other sort of such crimes have no any ground or chances for it. In fact the Eritrean people are always aware from importing from such evil kind of diseases a kind of damaging habits into the Eritrean societies from across the sea. Eritreans are very kind and are always wishing to see good things to any one or among each other, just considering them-selves as if they are as one large family and self reliant. One of the best and important things that I use to admire my country’s population is that they are not that much aware about the unjustified insults, the lies or things that are disturbing their ears, in which they are always alerted for things that would, hurts their own nation or their people security. In conclusion anything that distorts the Eritrean people’s image that are related to the fake Woyani and few of their puppets propaganda and their external political philosophies that disturbs the Eritrean ears does not give any sense or taste to the Eritreans or non Eritrean readers.

            A Happy and Prosperous New Year to all genuine Eritreans as well to the people of the World.

            Awet Nhafash
            Eri-TEEN ARON Tewolde

          • Teddy Sheda

            @ Eri Teen : Nice Put Sir. Keep up the good work and keep exposing those puppets.

          • fikak

            Eri-TEEN >>Your name reveals your narrow minded and how can you be deceived very easily..KEEP READING

          • Tewelde T

            As a teen and of Eritrean origin I admire you for knowing quite a lot about Eritrea.
            Above all it is good you are proud of your origin. That is great, at the same time those who thought you the history have thought you hate and disrespect which is absolutely an Eritrrean. It is always helpfull to see the whole picture instead of being biased and one sided.
            If you are mad because of your dad or uncle being in an argument it is ok to stand with them and try to Understand the underlined issues
            Instead of calling names and being a judge as a young gentleman. Keep reading and ask Eritreans in and out of your age about the reality back in your grand fathers respected home.

            Happy New Year!

          • Etr


            You'll be surprised at how very few, very loud, and dumb Tewelde Ts there are claiming to be "Eritreans" in cyberspace!

            It's quite normal for someone like you to try and talk sense to them, but I've gotta tell you, it's easier to teach a donkey long division.

          • Adi Raasi

            Etr Dongola Resu koynka! You think you are the only intellectual to teach divisions and additions. Common, cover your butt, you look open behind you like a butterfly.
            It looks like you are habitual sick to blame Woyane for your own fault and failures, what a hangover, and a nightmare. Go to two weeks to Eritrea for Holy water to Adi Raasi, it might help you to look around your back!

          • Hana

            whawht an imbecile,shut up

          • Tewelde T

            As a teen and origin of Eritrea you know quite a lot. You are also proud of your origin, excellent. This is rewarding, at the same time don't be biased and be one sided, be open and be an active learner and listener. Your dad or uncle might be in an argument with me, you can stand with them yet it is not Eritrean to call names and lbe a judge as a young gentleman. Disrespect and hatred are of disability. Those who thought you might like one idea and are very defensive for facts and alternatives but that will not make them more Eritreans, actually it is the contrary. You are innocent I don't blame you and I admire for your initiative though you may need more to read and know to keep the truth and balance of Eritrean history as an Eritrean in origin. Just look at the issues and questions I raised before labeling me and focus on issues than personalities.

            Happy NewYear!

          • Sawa

            Eri-TEEN ARON — Arozazne, RESI TANIKA tibehal. It seems as your father didn't listen to his father/ your grandfather well. He distorted your brain, be careful, don't take all staff they give, that is how political obesity starts! Brainwash – wrong wash!

            Enjoy and Happy New Year!

          • gmetkel

            i admire u highly , u put eritrea in its perfect position , & u punish woyane & his puppets , perfect . thx god bless u happy new year .

          • Eri Adult

            Teen medical student focus on your health studies, serious, you are lost for politics.

          • egus eritrawi

            Hello day dreamer don't you get it that Eritrea is achieving most of millennium goals thanks to the policy of HGDF.EPLF is for the people by the people. Believe Me tomorrow when Eritrea gas more money to spend it will be used first and foremost for These who are sacrificing thier time and life.

          • Hakote

            Wait with your wide open mouth if HGDEF will give you a cent.
            Halayat kemaka kisab zomotu ayrdeomen iyu! Teberaber egus Eritrawi,
            Tigisti yiketleka alo!

          • aba treg

            Tewelde T = TEWELDE TRAITOR

          • Kemal

            ABA TEGARU it is on your forehead, try a hat to cover it With NY sign.

      • manjus

        this are new embassadors they are not replacement.mhret yewrd.

        • Teazeb

          New ambassadors to where to which countries? Are there 14 new countries plus the ones which we already have. Do you know how expensive it is to open a new embassy? It doesn't say new embassies.

          • daniel

            Tewelde T & Co are an outdated and one dimenstional dying species.


          • Gombele

            Do you mean Endangered species, Yes it is because of pouchers, environment unfriendly activists, unti nature, unti human creatures, people who believe in guns and force in the place of peace and democracy, above all Unti Justice to Eritrean fellows. Your Modern youth cleansing policy. But believe me we will be back with full freedom!

            RI Hell

          • Isaac

            Teazeb who send to post Weyane's messages here, did stop working for weyanes' propoganda machine the Eritrean people know well their Mathis than your masters, I know lot Weyanes and their agent infiltrated here in this good Eritrean website to mislead I am sure The Eritrean eagles will weed you out. What is wrong Eritrea appointing ambassadors? Improving relations with other countries by opening new or old relations at ambassadorial level. Teazeb before you comment on something you do not know, I honesty urge you post something on Weyanes' are absolutely clueless leave alone talking about economy. Go to mekele university to get a degree on in-depth liars,

            Eritrea will attain its goals
            Awet nihafash

          • Teazeb

            Isaac MATHIS, study how to spell ! are you from college Adigrat? Funny boy, ha ha…

          • isaac

            Teazeb I will say it again you have no business on Eritrean matters, un intelligent and unwise that you are posting belong to Weyanes website. Mekeleno hit the road one way to place that you miss a lot to Adigrat.

      • Fetaw Hageru

        The answer to all this questions and beyond is implementation of constitution that we never had????

        • Abel

          Why are some people fixed with the conistition .the constitution along does not guaranty you any bright futer. If that was the case Kenya would be today the most prosperous country in the continent not wthi 70% youth unemployment. What we need is corruption fee leadership which we have I am saying this be cause I know what I am talking about.

          • Tanki

            How much corruption fee did you pay to cross the border? Abel Kenya is for Kenyans and Eritrea is for Eritreans. We deserve more than constitution, don' be passive!

      • W'lad Eri

        Tewelde T.

        why were all those many new ambassadors were apointed to eritrea from all of the countries that they came from ? don't you think Eritrea also obligated to send her own ambassador to the respective countries ? well i would ask so many questions related to this matter and inform you the same time but your intention seems trying to confuse people, there is significant reasons for eritrea to appoint new ambassadors to countries that we have not been to and change the previouse amabassadors once their 5 or 6 yrs stay is surved up. so please id you are Eritrean stop confusing people. not that we all will be confused but we are telling you just to stop trying.

        • Mnase

          You are on half way brother read everything In full.

        • Kemal

          Tehawawisuka alo, W'lad Eri, You don't change all the 14 ambassadors at one time, this is a sign of crisis and serious problem. look forward.

      • Hana

        what an imbecile,shut up

  • belowcolow

    The barka camels travel slowly long way, the fastest aircraft is broking at the mountain. That's we knew long time. God bless the eritrean people and the eritrean government.

    Happy new year. !!!!!

  • samy

    We hope they will not abscond.They have to have collateral,if necessary their immediate family members.Other wise they will give us a black eye,like our football team.

  • Selam Kifle

    14 Ambassadors to fourteen different missions! Its a bold statement from our government. I think I shared tesfanews' guess work about ne of the ambassadors might be assigned to Somalia. How about one for Nigeria? That's my wild guess. I am sure one could be for Turkey.

    Let's play some guess work. can u guys guess on the remaining 11 missions?

    • aba treg

      one is for usa. in place of Ambassador Ghirmai santim.

      • Wedi gezawtcka

        Aba TERATI, hataf kabei rekibkayo bela below, weregna Jasus!

  • Tesfai

    Thanks for always updating us very important news keep up. and merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2014.
    To all Tesfanews boar members.

    • TesfaNews has no board members. Its a one man website. Hey, it's not that I am complaining though the task is very challenging for one man. Cheers!

      • John

        Are U kidding me? Wow. My admiration for U has hit the roof after this revelation, my brother. Amazing job. U should honestly recieve some kind of award for this mountain of work U´re doing. Are U sure U don´t get help from somewhere? Because this is…!!!!

      • Hafash

        One man like his father! One man show? It is extra ordinary!





  • B.Adal

    I am speechless!
    I guess the sanctions do not include appointing Ambassadors. In any case, this is great news and hope for more positive developments. To be honest, I am a little disappointed we did not get the news on time for Christmas; it would have been a perfect Santa (PFDJ) Claus gift for our “precious” enemies of Eritrea.

  • belowcolow

    The barka camels travel slowly long way, the fastest aircraft is broking at the mountain. That's we knew long time. God bless the eritrean people and the eritrean government.

  • Cazzate

    Thanks a million tesfa news. I am guessing one ambassador would go to canada since we don't have one at the moment. I am also guessing the illegal and infamous sanctions will go away in the first half of the new year. Marry geez Xmas and prosperous and happy new year to all Eritreans everywhere. May god bless our leadership.

  • Twida

    14 ambassadors… to do what act as pfdj propaganda disseminating entities. does the country has the finances to staff and house 14 embassies ? That money is better spent on updating the countries crumbling infrastructure like electricity.

    Correct me if I am wrong didn't the government consolidate a bunch of embassies to reduce cost a few years back?

    • Gadura

      you said it few yrs back,we are in 2014 Eritreas year,as for the elecricity its history now! you see! thats where you ened up when you become a and Hassena,com follower(clueless).HAPPY NEW YEAR ERITREA.

    • Etr

      Mr. Dawit,

      Are you saying we don't need embassies and ambassadors?

    • Nebri adam

      I agree with you Twida. What is the point of reshuffling ministers or appointing new ambassadors or even replacing some. What Eritrea need is a 360 degree change about its governance. It has to introduce its ratified constitution and set up institutions then we may have a great Eritrea that we all know that can live up to the expectations of the Eritrean people.

      • segum

        Nebri Adam,
        Let me help you with your geometry. Any direction plus 360 deg brings u to the same one. You see how your sole leads you to truth while you deny it. WAKE UP bro.

        • Yonas Amiche


        • Zemen

          Yes to the same point probably, but it will shake away all the dirt!

  • Berhe

    After 22 years they assigned 14 ambassadorial posts and this is news? LOL! What a very low standard you have for yourselves and the government.

    • Etr


      "After 22 years they assigned 14 ambassadorial posts…"

      Is that really the level of your comprehension? Perhaps you should find a 4th grade student and ask them to translate the article for you.

      • Teddy Sheda

        Etr : Thanks for putting these clowns in their places .

        But I think what they are all saying is …" We can't Read but we feel obligated to write something negative anyways " …. Bad Addiction they have.

    • B.Adal

      For it is plain and simple:- reporting news on Eritrea.
      For Eritrea or PFDJ: It is not about very low or very high standard.
      The purpose of Eritrean Ambassador is to increase communication between Eritrea and foreign government. Ambassadors also assist travelers from their home country to provide visa and other consular services for people seeking to travel abroad. If PFDJ considers there is a minimum gain by opening an embassy or consular service with a country (e.g. Aruba), then there is no point of sending an ambassador to Aruba, regardless of how rich is Eritrea is. I don’t expect Eritrean government having 196 (i.e., the limit as of today) ambassadors; forget 22 years, even after 3000 years.
      Q. What number of ambassadors will you be happy with? If your comments are the results of hate towards PFDJ (& may be Eritrea), get immediate help before it is too late.

    • WediAsmara

      What do you mean? If this is not a news, what is it then? What exactly is your point?……
      Who said Eritrea never appointed Ambassador s before? Just read the news , understand with out splitting hair.

      • WediAsmara

        My previous message is to Berhe….

        • Haraka

          Your message fits well to B Adal, don't worry!

  • Wedi Ghile

    Agame boy, do not pretend to be one of us.We know who you really are.

  • Haben

    Thanks tesfanews. It's unlikely appointing an ambassador to Canada considering the provocation of the conservative Canadian government against Eritrea. But I wouldn't surprise to see a new ambassador to USA with some foreign policy change in state department to Eritrea once the sunction lifting confirmed.

  • tgris river

    this message is to all woyanes who caver them selves with the sheep skin such as like Tewolde,tiwida,adiraisi,nebri adam,berhe,sawa, all of you guys you now life is good and your life is in bud becouse you dont work u live under working class life because you live on social walfare you live under poor condition why don't go and work to live good life stop talking about us utlist do somthing for your self wedi dkas leminu kndi ziabis leminu yihinkik zbehal kemnatkum e you please go to work to manage your self may be you could be homless divorced or neglected in street of mekele or adwa or akusum such a trushes electronic tigers you cant do any thing in our afair unlucky you are the same like the gagets you use it when you write the coment if not sheeeeeeeeeeeeee tergimkum e kum

    • Sawa

      River Tigrai, stay floating until the flood of Eritreans take you to the Red Sea without visa!
      You know your life well and thank you for elaborating your ugly life, if you need help we will arrange fundraising for you and your folks alike.

      In fact it is the right time, there a lot willing to help you, and you need history class to cure your day blindness!

  • megdelawit

    let us enjoy year 2014 with peace and prosperity why we spend a lot of comments let us help our family and people and government of eritrea don´`t forget that we lost our beloved brothers and sisters the government that you are saying a diktator, was gigna nay nakfa yesterday they are doing their best if not go and take a gun and fight against the government nay internet geganu selam habuna antum sebut ab gezakum gemru eti democracy dehreu kinzareb antum agame kea afkum akbu kidu mes amhara tewageu happy new year to the people of eritrea

    • Etr

      Thank you, Megdelawit!!

    • Mereb

      Your name indicates you are far south of Eritrea. Who are you? Eritrawit Woyane!

      • gombele

        She is mengedawit asker weyanit
        Tenanit trumba nefahit,
        Woizero megdelawit.

    • Askalu

      So why don't you ask your husband, if you have one and if he is Eritrawi, violent free home and to apply democracy before national democracy, Megdelawit it is a good proposal for the New Year! Unfortunately we don't have National Assembly. I don't know if the law, if there is any to allow you home assembly for wives rights and human rights against domestic violence. Are you also proposing to raise arms and fight the current dictatorial government. Non violence at home and war to the nation, is that a good option to go for civil war? Megdelawit there is something called freedom of speech and expression.
      At the end are you sure you are not from aw raja Agame it is not far from Eritrea? Your name has something to tell Megdelawit, Megdela Gojam.

  • Nebri adam

    Listen Tigris River Instead of calling names to those who challenge the HIGDEF government and the blind followers like you, you should come up with answers to the points raised in those comments posted by the people that you named in your comment in a rather incoherent English. Remember intelligent people may disagree but calling names is one of the weakest. Make your point and read what people particularly those who oppose the dictatorship government of Eritrea are saying and then answer if you can in a mature manner to those criticism. That is the way you should discuss. If you don't have the knowhow or the patience to participate then stay quite. Eritreans are born free and don't try to silence us. It is enough that our people are in large jail called (HIGDEF JAIL). They don't have freedom or a way to express themselves. Peace and respect to us all!!

    • Meswati

      Kemakas ade shih twled! Agenaa! May Eritrean mothers bear thousands of your kind!
      Those who have ears but choose to stay deaf are the enemies of the people!

    • gmetkel

      you talking about , & against PFDJ ! YES P F DJJJJJJ ! WHAT is wrong with peoples for democracy & justce , (eplf ) he fought for independence after 30 years sacrification the enemy deafeted , then in eritrea the sun was shine fully , 22 years ago . at this time or since then he is under nation building & protecting the country from the enemy . (as the eri teen tewolde hapte ) said , the best natural & developed democrascy is existing in eritrea .eritrea is not a jail but land of democracy, land of martyrs ,& land of heroes . the only one who insult the government & the nation is either a neighbor or a homless. ( a sbtty ).

      • zesdememo

        gmetkel, little knowledge is so dangerous, you are a cave man. Where are the EPLF jeganu, you are HGDEF and EPLF is the one who brought independence while PFDJ hijacked our liberty.
        Your HM for the NEW Year. Study hard and learn more.

        • gmetkel

          i have enough knowledge to know about my loved country to discuss , & to tell histry . the one who says ( little knowldge is dangerous ) from the begining is an idiot , scientficaly it is unaccepted ,because litte knowledge is helpfull than none . let is come to the point , if gave acredit to those who fought for independece ,why u worry , eplf & pfdj is my heroes , and he is the one with good credit for administration in the horn . zesdememow , u eatting left over in adiss . wake up ,bad boy ! go to work , why u kneel down . long live eritrea . adi jeganu . aiways !!!!!!!!!!!!! .

          • Zesdememo

            The one who knows that he doesn't know is teachable, while the who knows not, and thinks he knows is unteacheable and ignorant. EPLF is before independence and, PFDJ did you call it DJ
            Is the one who is putting the country in this all mess and bad governance, if you call them the best, then it is upto you and you can call the black white! Gerima, Weldegerima wahd!

          • gmetkel

            It was during the offensive of woyane against eritrea (1998) . some body told us, who saw such as like this , there were two friends & they slept in a bush together unfortunetly a hyena come & start to bit to the coward man, but stil he was quite but the brave one said ,what is going on i heard an usual noise are u ok? ask him angrly , & the coward said just be quite! a hyena is bitting me , but it is only my left foot . so do"t tell me just be quite . (my left foot) this government is the best , but if u are not belong to us (AFT HALLA)

  • NOAH



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