Eritrea Appoints 14 Ambassadors

Restructuring government with a view to promoting leadership quality begins
Ongoing. Restructuring government with a view to promoting leadership quality

By TesfaNews,

As part of its renewed effort to strengthen regional and international engagements, Eritrea said it has appointed 14 new Ambassadors to different countries and regional organizations.

Senior Eritrean official in a twitter update today said that the appointment of these ambassadors is part of the ongoing restructuring and reorganization process with in the government and PFDJ institutions.

In a meeting that was held with 150 regional administrators and party cadres in Embatkala earlier in September, President Isaias said that restructuring and assignments will continue at all levels of administrations, ministries, PFDJ bodies and national associations by giving priority objective to ensuring political dynamism and effective management.

Mr. Al-Amin Mohammed Seid, PFDJ Secretary, also indicated that restructuring process would involve all public institutions inside the country and abroad.

Details of assignment for the 14 ambassadors is not yet disclosed.

Earlier this year, Eritrea, through its envoy at the UN, has informally announced its recognition and lent its full support towards the efforts of the Federal Government of Somalia in stabilizing the country.

Though not disclosed, it looks like one of the ambassadors might head to Mogadishu to honor that recognition so that formal diplomatic relation with Somalia begins.
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