Eritrea Accuses Ethiopia of Border Attack

Tsorona Central Front
Eritrea said Ethiopian regime forces unleashed an attack on the Tsorona Central Front. The area saw intense fighting during the 1999 conflict. According to the Associated Press, Ethiopia lost more than 10,000 troops and scores of tanks in that 3 days of intense fighting.

By TesfaNews,

Eritrea has accused Ethiopia of launching an attack at the countries’ territory highlighting persistent tension over a boundary dispute that triggered war in 1998-2000. Ethiopia said the situation was calm on Monday.

Ethiopia “unleashed an attack against Eritrea on the Tsorona Central Front. The purpose and ramifications of this attack are not clear,” the Eritrean government said in a short statement issued on Sunday night.

Tsorona is a town south of the Eritrean capital Asmara and close to the frontier. The area saw intense fighting during the earlier border war.

Ethiopia’s Information Minister Getachew Reda, who was out of the country, told the BBC he was not aware of any fighting.

However, after Eritrea made its accusation public, he, as always, disputed the account saying Eritrea started the fight. “Their forces were promptly repulsed. They were given a proper response,” Getachew Reda said, adding that the situation was quiet on Monday.

Residents on the Ethiopian side of the border reported hearing gunfire and seeing a large movement of troops and artillery towards the border.

“It did not stop until this morning around 9 a.m. (2.00 a.m. ET),” he said, asking not to be identified. He added that he had seen Ethiopian military vehicles and troops moving along the central stretch of the militarized border.

It’s not clear why the fighting has erupted now as neither country has issued any reasons.

Eritrean Information Minister Yemane Ghebremeskel had no immediate additional comment when asked about casualties or other details of the attack. Ethiopian government officials also did not say if there were any casualties.

Eritrea says such an ongoing attack and threat from Ethiopia makes extended national service essential.

As part of the Algiers peace agreement signed in 2000 both countries agreed to accept the ruling of an independent boundary commission over the location of the frontier as “final and binding“.

But after the commission ruled that the disputed town of Badme, where the conflict began, was in Eritrea, Ethiopia at first refused to agree to the border demarcation and then called for dialogue before it would implement the decision.

This was rejected by Eritrea and there has been an impasse ever since, although clashes have been rare.

* The BBC and Reuters contributed to this story

38 thoughts on “Eritrea Accuses Ethiopia of Border Attack

  1. The Hague decision was final and binding. The United States, European Union, African Union and Algeria have to do their part in fulfilling their obligations as guarantors of the peace agreement if peace is going to to prevail in the Horn.

  2. Two nations, virtually identical can’t be at war for almost 20 years. This two mafias and two sides o the same coin destroyed and betrayed their people.

    The ones hurt the most by the 1998-2000 war were the people. It is literally choking the people so they can no more breath and doany thing. If this war starts then no Ethiopia will ever stand with woyane excpet a few backward tigreans will join them, the same with Eritrea.

    They can go to the field and kill each other. Less backward ideology for the people. Obviously one is going to win but we all know that the winner will fall like a domino because the only argument for this mafias to stay in power is “woyane will invade ” or “shabia will invade”. Just finish us from our misery and go and kill each other woyane and shabia.

    God bless Eritreans and Ethiopians. Hopefully peace is coming soon.

    100,000s died in 1998-2000 on both sides in the most pointless war . No one wants to see this again. Just pray too.

    1. “Eritrea says such ongoing attack and treat from Ethiopia makes national service essential” says all about the one day war and why Issayas needed it.Well proven method when once power is challaged, start a war with an external enemy.

      1. Bini and reality check,

        The only thing to challenge here seems to be how you examined this and the overall situation and your subsequent conclusion.

        1. MIK# It’s not their examination; it’s the reality on the ground. The current conflict broke out because the PFDJ wanted to provoke and convince the Eritrean people to send their children to SAWA…that’s the only option they have got appealing yet.

          1. you must be stupid. do you think every one is as stupid as you. just clean your nefat afincha. Eritrea needs its children to go to sawa and be engineers, doctors, nurses. managers. geologists not soldiers. any country can train soldiers not in places like sawa but in the forest or in the desert. so sawa is the best school , where a person learns discipline, hard work, cleanliness and excel in academic studies. jJust do not estimate everyone is half cooked like you. We have the best intelligence and do not joke on our intelllllgence. You betteer clean your filthy mouth.

          2. Really? How did you find out about that? I find your comment condescending. Do I sound like a gullible person as to believe anything that you or anybody else says?

          3. የእናቴ ቀሚስ ኣደናቅፈኝ! ኣይ የወያኔ ነገር፡ ኣንዱ ብስል ኣንዱ ጥሬ! የለም የለም ኡሉም ጥሬ!

    2. You can write 100000 books about how you feel about war at the end of the day the speed limit of high way is 120 km/h, all you need to do it enforce the law. You don’t need emotional stories or another law to enforce the existing law. Law and order is the only way to co exist.

  3. I believe that so many things triggered Terrorist-tigray-tplf and their masters to wage this war against ERITREA

    1-The Impressive 25 year of Independence day celebrations
    2-The World now is finally realizing that Terrorist-tigray-tplf /their masters were the main actors in the Human trafficking cycle
    3-So many tourists that visited Eritrea found out that Eritrea is peaceful and great
    4-The planned Demonstrations In Geneva, By Eritreans against the unjust COI against Eritrea, for next month
    5-Terrorist-tigray-tplf were exposed big time in the USA for their fake Bond on the Dam which they scammed the Ethiopian people and were forced to pay them $6.5 million dollars in retributions
    All in all, I hate war , But I believe this time it will benefit us ERITREANS and the outcome will only be the once for all demise of the Terrorist-tigray-tplf from power in Ethiopia for ever. VIVA TO ERITREA AND FREE AND INDEPENDENT ERITREA FOR ETERNITY, AWET N HAFASH, ZEL ALEMAWI KIBRIN MOGOSIN N SEMATAT ERITREA!!!

    1. For how long are you going to dream come to realty no one is impressed by the 25 year celebrations
      You want peace throw Isayas through the window

      1. Until evil people like you leave us ERITREANS ALONE, Why don’t you throw yourself out of the window with your Terrorist tigray-tplf cousins

      2. sahsa agame, woyane, Kelbi, what is your problem. Eritrea under esayas is the most peaceful country in the horn unlike Ethiopia that is fighting with each other. Eritrea is abundantly peaceful. and Esayas is the leaer. But our neighbour , the evil Ethiopian is the cancerin the horn. Cancer to Sudan, to Kenya, to Somalia, to Egypt, to Uganda, and on much larger scale to Eritrea. if there were not a country called Ethiopia on the horn the whole countries would have peac between them.
        Ethiopia is the most shameful country on the regon. Woayne killing, Oromos, Amharas, Somalis, Ogadenese, South peol benshngul and gumuz, the Afars. Who is woyane in love with in Ethiopia. Even the tegarus are fighting is that is why the tpdm is in Eritrea. if they love woyane why are they carrying weapons against it. name them the Ginbot 7, the tpdm, the Ogadenese, the benshangul, the Somalis , the ashebab all killing woyanes. So better shut up the dog of wpyane .KELBI

    2. Maybe, TPLF is antagonizing Eritrea to prolong the so called national service indefinitely. The tplf thinking is that the Sawa national service will create more friction between the GOE and the young population; and hence TPLF wins without war. I think this is the strategy of TPLF. Last August TPLF was beating the drum of war when it seemed that Eritrea was going to relax the National service. I think the GOE and the people of Eritrea have to work together to lessen the burden of our young by finding solutions to the young warsay personal domestic issues. The more pressing problem that young warsay face is separation from his young family and taking care of the elderly parents. The Eritrean society must and should take care of the senior citizens of Eritrea by paying more taxes. The young family of warsay should be near his military camp housing that is specifically built to cater to the military family needs. Woyane and its handlers could prolong this no war no peace indefinitely. We as Eritreans should show our enemies and the world that nothing deters us when it comes to safe guarding our nation. We must progress in all dimension of our national development. The more we show enemies that their conspiracies does not affect us the more that Eritrea wins. We should have long term plan and be on the driver seat.

      1. Hiji berihulka!?!

        This is what we were telling you all along! However, you preferred to talk about remote things and whenever you are challenged about your OPINIONS which you presented as if they were incontrovertibly established facts, you avoided explanations and diverted the issue. You would not spare insults and lies either.

        Remember, you can say anything you like as long as you are true to yourself, even if you are opposing anyone including the Eritrean government. However, you must be prepared to meet challenges when you are asked for explanations.

        By the way, how is that search for the post(s) you claim I denied that young people were leaving Eritrea through the borders? I know you are not going to search for it because you are a liar. Here is what you replied to my last correspondence in the discussion section after the Professor Tanja Muller’s article, “Human Rights as a Political Too: Eritrea and the “Crimes Against Humanity” Narrative”.The . I am posting it to expose your vacillations. Be a gentleman, do not accuse others what you cannot prove! You say to me,

        “you is an old website and it does not have good search engine, but no need to waist my time on you. I do not think you are Eritrean. You marvel at polarizing Eritreans. You are part of the problem not the solution.”

        What an excuse! Regular readers at Dehai or here will remember at the kind of things I say. If I do make mistakes, I am not afraid to say I was mistaken. I see my participation as promoting understanding among Eritreans about our country, especially those who have set up their mind/attitude towards their own country hastily and without seeing all the relevant facts, choices, available avenues, . . . I expose those who come here to mislead, spew their hatred or demoralize Eritreans. I am not here to win!

        So Mr. Eritrawi neber hiji Hizbawi: Show me where I had denied that our youth are leaving or forever hold you breath not to make such a cheap and false accusation! Show me also how I “polarize” Eritreans (but that is a baseless name-calling intended to silence me, or just to have a response for response sake) . What are the poles (extreme positions) and please quote me from my comments right here on TN how what I say polarizes Eritreans. If you convince me, I will find a way to put my opinions in a way that does not polarize Eritreans. If you cannot show that, I will consider it as childish name calling you have been practicing whenever I challenged you on your nonsensical claims.

        Once again, I must say that you are catching up if what you wrote above is genuine. External enemies and machinations have to be dealt with first, and I have been trying to show everyone– and there are a lot who agree with me. I am also trying to show that most of the problems were created being experienced by Eritreans was designed by the powerful to destabilize Eritrea and making it a subordinate of Ethiopia’s Weyane.

        The Weyane’s bosses are sophisticated entities with the economic, political military and appropriate experience in the social sciences that enables them to bring about the result they desire primarily for themselves. I have been saying that our purpose is to work for the implementation of the EEBC decisions and the necessary peaceful environment so that we can relax our endless alertness, send our youth home and focus on development and family and neighborliness. For this we have to stand with our government because they are the only ones that are leading our military and people in defending the country. Everyone else is using and Eritreans, especially those who have been wishing to revenge on Shaebia. No Eritrean should collaborate with the Weyane because of the obvious Abay Tigray and subjugating Eritrea dreams. That is why I view your writings as diversions. Obviously, unity deters enemies because enemies use division. That is why “oppositions” are with the Weyane serving it to our detriment. I would say more that is the essence of what I strongly believe what Eritreans should do.

        1. OK, Listen. I told you before you and I have more in common (mostly we are in agreement on how Eritrea should handle its foreign relation) than you think. The above proposal for the solutions to ease the burden of our young is not new proposal. I have stated the same proposal before. You and I have disagreements. It is okay to disagree as long as we agree to disagree.

          Our main differences is about the constitution. I think implementing the constitution is the best thing that would happen to Eritrea. I see the constitution as a tool and supreme law of the land that govern all things inside Eritrea. As you may know, there are some people in leadership (not pia) that abuse their power. The absence of constitution creates an environment for ineffective governance. Bad governance creates grievances. Grievances creates dissent and disunity. I am not saying this out of the blue. Many Eritrean say that there is no law in Eritrea. I mean can you imagine the ramification of that to our society.

          1. In terms of polarization, you have a mentality that is intolerant to people that have different views than yours. Anyone that question the status qua is ostracized and gets labeled woyane and traitor by the likes of you. This kinds of behavior needs to stop. Your disparaging remarks alienates genuine Eritreans whose participation is gravely needed in this trying times of our nation’s history. You polarize people by saying you are with us or against us. Eritrea is diverse nation in every sense of the word.

          2. Polarization. Yes, us against them is a polarized outlook. But isn’t that the kind of situation we have with the Weyane? What does an opinion somewhere between the us or them (the Weyane or us, our country) would look like. A win-win for the people of Ethiopia and Eritrea and beyond for the people of the Horn would have been implementing the EEBC decision and move on. The Weyane is not interested in a win-win outcome–they consider our loss their win. This is a polarized issue by nature!

            If you tell me there are a spectrum of Eritreans with diverse desire for our collective future and present, I will agree with you about it and we do not have to agree on all issues. However, when the country is facing a clear existential danger, I would ask you where we are going to implement or practice our desires if we are not in control of our country–a country for which precious lives have been paid for and futures have been sacrificed for? Isn’t preserving the country’s independence is a priority of priorities?

            One might have to explain to a few that the challenges and problems we have were purposely engineered so as to cause the very problems that people are complaining about and that mechanisms that accelerate them have been utilized. I do not think there is any Eritrean who does not understand that. You should also know some Ethiopians and their messenger “opposition” come here overtly and covertly in the hope of demoralizing Eritreans. I will continue telling them to stop doing so.

            I hope you now understand what I have explained to you, and do not hate challenge. So, I consider myself as one who stands against those who stand on the opposite pole from us. I do not polarize. If you think so, it is your judgment, your opinion!

          3. No Hizbawi, that is not the only thing you say. If you said the above I would have tolerated you. What I object is the detail of what you say about a constitution. First you have tall claims about constitution such as that it unites people. I asked you how and you are irritated or avoid that question and speak about something else. The second thing is that you state it everywhere while the topic is quite different! I saw this as diversionary and a focus on less important topics.

            We do have a lot of challenges facing us as a country. You make it seem like it is because of constitution. However, I believe and many agree with me (perhaps including you although you have definitely focused mostly on constitution) that our external enemies will not leave us alone because we have a constitution! Our constitution, whether we have it or not, is our business. When you mention it as our enemies do again and again, out of topic, it becomes suspicious.

            An other issue with you and others like you is perspective. I do not think that you are aware of the fact human desires are mostly limitless; however, the resources and opportunities needed to achieve those are very scarce! The Weyane and its bosses job towards us to make the opportunities and resources we need to meet/solve our challenges is to make them impossible or scarcer. Think about the EEBC decision for example. Not forcing Ethiopia to implement it narrows the opportunity to use our human resources elsewhere in the economy. We cannot pay them more because economic sabotage has made it impossible. The government cannot simply print money as inflation would be the bigger problem (already big because of the “opposition, self interest and the Weyane).

            I could go on and on, but in the interest of my own time resources I will cut it here. I ask you to list down all the challenges the country and its people are facing and the resources needed for satisfying them. May be you will find it better if you think about yourself or your family. How often do you find yourself forgoing one necessity because it is not as urgent as another?

            I hope that you now understand why I say the defense of the country comes first especially knowing that we are in a dangerous neighborhood, our enemy is 20 times as populous than we are, we share 1000 kms of border, our territory is 20 times smaller, our enemy is supported economically, politically, diplomatically and militarily by extremely powerful countries.

            Among the few things going for us is our unity. Talking about problems again and again especially when the enemy is doing the same does not unite, it breeds hopelessness and demoralizes people. Our enemies do it to their benefit, why should we help them? So improve your understanding, examine your perspective and make your priorities! You understand my point now?

          4. Why do nations have constitution? I wish Tesfanews had a discussion board about a single subject. So that we could narrow our focus and discussions.

            I mean, are we even on the same page. Your understanding of what constitution is or its benefit in a society might be very different. Again, what is you understanding about constitution and its benefits in a society?

          5. Hizbawi,

            This is too much back and forth. Can’t you see what I am saying after tens of posts regarding the same topic? Once more and for the last time, a constitution is important for any country. It may or may not help unite a country. If it does, it is not the only factor let alone a decisive factor! Examples have been sighted by others and by myself before. Here are a couple more. First, Ethiopia’s constitution was perhaps written to divide than to unite. Second, during our struggle for independence we did not obviously have a constitution since we were not even a constitution. There are many factors that unite people or groups of people.

            When you have challenges, complaining and whining about yourself does not help you meet the challenges. Similarly in the face of a wannabe bully, who does have certain advantages like being protected by a bully of bullies who is also rich, has the ability to force others be on its side in its mischievous agenda of destroying you do not comply with the bully’s orders and disappear it helps to focus on your strengths and your inalienable rights to exist. It helps to be artful in your efforts to survive. It is foolish to weaken yourself by whining about relatively insignificant issues. Why boost the morale of your enemy?

          6. Well, I guess we have to agree to disagree. You claim that the constitution is not necessary at this point in time for Eritrea. I, an the other hand think it is very imperative that the constitution be implemented to unite and safe guard our nation. Lets the Eritrean people have a say on the issue by voting. I propose for national referendum to stale this issue whether to implement the constitution or not. Regardless of the outcome, it would help the nation to unite it domestically and its image internationally.

  4. Ethiopia: Why COI Report on Eritrea is Bogus and Hypocritical

    Some of you reading the title in the subject line may say, “What has this to do with Ethiopian activists and opposition groups?”. And others may say, “This is Eritrea’s problem. Let Isayas worry about it.”
    Let us answer the second question first. This politically motivated UN investigation of Eritrea is NOT only Eritrea’s problem. It should be a great concern for Ethiopian activists and opposition groups in general and the armed groups operating in Eritrea in particular.

    As if the sanctions that have been imposed for the past several years on Eritrea were not enough, a US sponsored investigation of Eritrea to bring it to ICC (International Criminal Court) is underway. This may destabilize the Eritrean State and further alienate it in bringing neutral countries on board creating more economic pressure on Eritrea. This may indirectly affect Ethiopian opposition groups who are fighting for freedom and justice against the minority TPLF ethnocratic dictatorship in Ethiopia. AG7 and other armed groups who are putting military pressure on the minority TPLF regime are creating favorable conditions for the peaceful and legal opposition in Ethiopia in order to bring the Weyanes to the negotiating table. In the absence of such forces in Eritrea, the “legal” opposition in Ethiopia will die forever.

    That is why TPLF and some of its servants are currently rejoicing because of this politically motivated investigation of the UN. During a vote in the UN whether to lift the economic sanctions on Eritrea, 11 members voted to lift the sanctions but the US vetoed it. It is clear who is sponsoring this totally bogus and hypocritical investigation now by the UN committee. When we say the US, we mean Susan Rice and other non-Ethiopian TPLFites within the US government who are in the business of keeping TPLF alive despite its crimes and Ethiopian people’s national revolt against it.

    The irony about this UN investigation of Eritrea is that while TPLF refused to sign the agreement to abide by ICC rules, Eritrea supported it and signed it. Now, TPLF is off the hook while Eritrea is being investigated. What a paradox!

    The recent decision by the US Security and Exchange Commission demanded TPLF to return the illegal bond money it collected in the states about 5.8 million dollars and an additional fine of 6 million dollars. This is a stunning display of TPLF’s mafia type nature and lawlessness it routinely uses in Ethiopia. TPLF tried to do the same in the US but its racist ass was caught.

    Those greedy people who gave their hard earned money to TPLF are now holding the empty bag. This is what happened to you when you work and collaborate with a mafia regime without a code of honor like TPLF. This is a big lesson for all those selfish and foolish Diaspora Ethiopians who have invested in TPLF’s Ethiopia. They will lose everything in the end. If I were them, I will start pulling my money out of Ethiopia before it is too late.
    How can any global (supposedly a neutral) body like the UN could not lift a finger on TPLF who has committed gross human rights crimes for over two decades? The massacre in Gambella, the genocide in Somalia, the gunning down of 200 protesters in Addis Abeba in 2005, the gunning down of 500 Ethiopian Oromos not long ago and other numerous human rights violations that have been reported by human rights organizations as well as by the US State Department yearly report are more than enough to bring TPLF to International Criminal Court for trial.

    But the UN totally ignored all these horrendous crimes of TPLF and jumped on Eritrea who is known for being defiant and for not succumbing to US interests in the region. Since TPLF has chosen to be a slave by selling out Ethiopia’s interest to the highest bidder like Saudi Arabia, India, China, Britain, and to whomever has the money to buy it including the US, It has a pass to do what it pleases. TPLF can win an election with a 100% and kill thousands and still can get away and no UN body will ever investigate it or bring it to the ICC.

    That is why the UN investigation on Eritrea is bogus and hypocritical. That is why the UN is losing its credibility as a global body as it is being driven by special interests. The UN gets most of its funds from the US for many years. And naturally, it is controlling the UN and using it for its own self-serving national interests rather than upholding the rule of law around the globe.

    Saudi Arabia and Israel have been committing human rights crimes for years. What happened to them? Nothing. Why? Because they are US allies and its strategic partners as the US pursues its national interests around the world. We can give quite a few examples to demonstrate how the UN is known for using double standards discrediting itself and eroding its legitimacy.

    The Eritrean Presidential advisor , Mr. Yemane Gebreab has forcefully objected to this bogus investigation of Eritrea in Geneva. He has also given an interview on ESAT about this Susan-Rice sponsored UN drama.

    If TPLF brutal minority regime is your enemy as an individual or as a group (party or movement), this is the time to stand with the Eritrean people. The main target is NOT only Eritrea but it is also the Ethiopian people to perpetuate the domination , hegemony , misrule, plunder, massacre, theft by the minority Tigrayn gang at the expense of the blood and tears of the people of Ethiopia who have carried the brunt of this internal cancer and bloodsucker regime .

    This is not about Isayas or anybody in Eritrea. It is a joint mission of TPLF-US sponsored conspiracy to weaken and if possible to defeat the Ethiopian armed opposition that is operating in Eritrea that has a good chance of removing TPLF out of power.

    By Kirubeal Bekele,

    1. Honestly who is igniting the current skirmish?
      I do understand Issayas needs to defend his existence & react to the plot concocted by Woyane lobbyists. Woyane is in the most confused state of its time. So I wouldn’t rule out the fact that woyane might have started the current confrontation. However if it was started by Issayas. I would expect swift and sustained attack at all fronts to confuse the drunkard woyane generals. I have a feeling this was just a provocation by woyane with no detailed plan. If the war stops, looks like Issayas might miss the opportunity to dismantle woyane. In another year woyane might recover and may become a little harder to topple it.

  5. ብቕንኢ ሓሚሙ
    ወያነ ከዳሚ
    ዑሱብ ኣገልጋሊ
    ናይ ክፋእ ኣላሚ
    እንታይ’ዩ ገሩ፧

    ዝተባህሎ ፈጺሙ
    ንኤርትራ ወሪሩ
    ብቕንኢ ሓሚሙ

    መን’ዩ ሊኢኽዎ፧

    ኣመሪካ ጐይትኡ
    ሓላዊ ህላዌኡ
    ዝመልኣሉ ከስዑ

    እንታይ’ዩ ዕላምኡ፧

    ካብ ፍትሒ ንምህዳም
    ዓለም ንምትላል
    ዉሳኔ ኮሚሽን ከይለዓል


    ሰላም ሰፊኑ
    ህዝቢ ከይወግሓሉ
    ምዕባሌ ከይህሉ
    ኣመሪካ ትሕጐሰሉ

    ክሳብ መዓስ’ዩ እዚ ሓሳድ ከገልግል፧

    ክሳብ ዝጓሓፍ ብህዝቡ
    ከም ሃይለስላሴ ፡ መንግስቱ

  6. I know it’s unacceptable idea to same of my follow Eritreans but If we want to live in peace we have to destabilize Ethiopia for good I believe this is the only solution to Horn Africa problems

    1. There is far much different opinions, better ones, that would form a road map, to the “problem” at hand, destabilizing Ethiopia can never be one of them, ever. do not be mean, you are not allowed to opinion.

      1. I have a right to my opinion and my idea is better then your infatuation with Ethiopia I ‘m assuming you are an Eritrean now tell me what road map that work for us in the last sixty years accept for Ethiopia we are in this mess because people like you. .

        1. it is panning out, ethiopians are ready to implement the final and binding document, which weyane have tirelessly tried to invalidate.G7, the oromo, and oppressed people of Ethiopia, have decided their future and how they deal with the horn of africa..till then we have got to cultivate civilized peacefull means, and not destabilize, it is mean.

  7. Any way the war is finished but Isayas will devise another war you stuped brainless zombies come and join the struggle

    1. እቲ ዝቐለለ ስራሕ ንዘረባ ምስራሕ ጊዜ ከተጥፍእ ከሎካ ኢዩ ። በዚ መገዲ’ዚ ዝተበጽሐ ወይ ዝመጸ ለውጢ ኣይረአናን ክሳብ ሕጂ! ኩናት ተወዲኡ ዶ ኢልካ ? በየናይ መኣዝን ኮንካ ትራዮ ከምዘሎኻ ስለዘይፈለጥና መልሲ ክንረክበሉ ዘጸግም ኢዩ ። ርእሲ ኩሉ ድማ ልሳን ወያኔ ተለቒሕካ ረዚን ሰብ ዘይመላዕልትካ ሰሚኻ፣ ሓደ ሓደ ጊዜ ኮ እንታይ ክትብሉ ትደልዩ ከምዘለኹም ንምርዳእ’ዩ ዝሕርብተካ ። እዚ ዝሰመኻዮ ሰብ ፈቲኻ ጸሊእካ ኣብ ልቢ ህዝቢ ዝነብር ኣገልጋሊ ህዝቢ ኢዩ፡ ግብራዊ ስጉምትታቱ ኣብ ሃገራዊ እምነቱ ዘይተምበርካኽነቱ ብዓለም ዝተመስከረ ጅግና እኮ ኢዩ። ዓለም ብድኽመት ዉሑዳት ሰባት ከማኻትኩም ሃገራት ክጭወያ ህዝቡን ሃገሩን ንግዜኣዊ ረብሓ ኣሕሊፋ ዘይህብ እኮ ኢዩ። ወላ ዘይብጽሓኩም ይኹን ከን ሰባት ክትኮርዑ ምተገብአ ።

    2. jees take it easy, mind your spell and grammar. you have enough (wars)in your own hands, including the different warring factions that TPLF helped create, the only struggle is eliminating the weyanes the only ever struggle is how to, with out killing any innocent party.think about it~the only struggle ever is, uniting the amharas and oromo, generally ethiopians, including i dare say tigrayans.

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