Ruling EPRDF Holds Emergency Meeting Following the Arrest of ‘Corrupt’ Officials

How rampant is corruption in Ethiopia?

EPRDF emmergency meeting - corruption
EPRDF called an emergency meeting yesterday as over one hundred government officials and businessmen have reportedly been arrested in corruption allegation.

By ESAT News,

The Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) called an emergency meeting on Friday as over one hundred government officials and businessmen have reportedly been arrested for an alleged corruption.

Information reaching ESAT indicate the government had also frozen the assets of the alleged corrupt officials and businessmen. The report by media affiliated with the ruling party did not provide names of the officials and businessmen arrested on Friday.

Members of the executive committee of the EPRDF have reportedly converged in Addis Ababa for the extraordinary meeting that came amid infighting by the members as to the future of the party that is awashed with favoritism and corruption at the highest level.

Earlier in the week, chairman and founder of TPLF, Sebehat Nega, who holds no official position at the moment, warned that the country will fall apart if EPRDF fails to bring corrupt officials to justice.

In an exclusive interview with the state run Addis Zemen newspaper, Sebehat Nega admitted that the EPRDF has never faced a crisis of this magnitude.

The organ of TPLF, Radio Fana, quoting police said 130 of the 260 suspects have been arrested and the assets of 13 suspects have been frozen.

The emergency meeting by the ruling coalition is expected to divulge the identities of the arrested individuals.

76 thoughts on “Ruling EPRDF Holds Emergency Meeting Following the Arrest of ‘Corrupt’ Officials

  1. This is how Ethiopia become an investors magnet … let them make billions without breaking a sweat …

    Factory Owners Skip Town, Investors Cry Foul

    The Turkish owners of Else Addis Industrial Development Plc have abandoned their factory and left the country to escape unpaid loans, taxes and customer payments amounting to one billion Birr, two weeks ago.

    Development Bank of Ethiopia (DBE) which is the main creditor has already foreclosed the factory with a negotiation price of 729 million Br. LOL

    “Although we tried to process the request in time, they were still able to escape the country,” said a DBE official.

    Cotton producers and suppliers to the factory were left with unsettled payments for their sales to the company. Ten suppliers appealed to the Prime Minister’s Office, the Ministry of Trade (MoT) and the Ministry of Industry (MoI) asking for a solution to the unsettled 20 million Br bill.

    The cotton producers claim that the owners gave them a cheque to settle payment that was rejected at the bank.

    In a letter of appeal issued by the producers on October 26, 2016 they claimed that they were are unable to conduct their usual farming activities because of financial shortages.

    The Else factory, located in Adama, in Oromia regional state, started operations five years ago. The company sits on 200,000sqm of land while the actual factory takes up 120,000sqm. In September 2016 the company terminated its operations after a power cut because it failed to pay its electricity bills, amounting four million Birr. This was four months after the DBE wrote the company a letter of warning that stated it hadn’t been properly paying its loans. The bank estimates that Else owes close to 900 million Br.

    READ :

    1. TN:

      What about Gen Philipos being accused of smuggling Gold and New Nacfa through his girl recent as last month when his girl friend was caught at Asmera Airport with 45 kg of Gold and 500K new Nacfa Currency heading to Dubai…?

      The ‘Good “Gen apparently or allegedly ordered to cut down the Electric Power to the Airpot so as to evade the Security Check Point search…The ‘Good “general attempted to change the venue of the Prison to Adi Abeito thereby to sneak her out but PIA was notified and put the lady in High Security Prison in Asmera.
      You remember the Corruption War between Gen Wuchu and Gen Philipos through their Business Proxies-the likes of Fikre and Samson few years ago?
      Talk about the Moral and Power Corruption at Sawa Training Camp and in the Military and The Human Trafficking Business through the Mid-level Officers, where they use their Land Cruisers to smuggle Eri Youth.charging up to $5k per Trip -direct cruise from Asmera to Khartoum……
      Talk about the loss of 6-7 Generals and more than 30 Colonels in less than 3 years….
      Weyyo net naten ghedifensi nai enda hamten….
      Let us clean out house first.
      Corruption in Ethiopia is a known tradition and modus operandi…


      1. “Justice” I have to agree with you with this news regarding the theft of Bisha Gold. I know this has to be true since I had similar experience during my trip to Eritrea in 2013. I stayed in Asmara for 6 weeks, and during this six weeks period, “we had” about 10 blackouts all over Asmara, including Airport area!!. I was informed from my sources in the Eritrean Electric company, that they had as much, if not more, blackouts in Bisha Mining Company. During these blackout periods, I was able to smuggle gold 10 times from Bisha to Asmara totaling 10*45Kg= 450Kg of Bisha Gold (no worries, I am a body builder). “Miraculously”, we had a final blackout again in Asmara that coincided with my departure from Eritrea. In any case, when I left the Asmara through Asmara Airport, as expected, there was no electricity and hence airport searching was down-graded to be performed manually and visually. When I was asked what I was carrying, I told them that I was carrying Cotton from Ali Gheder & Um-Hajer cotton plantations. Now that I am out of the country, there will be no threat to my life to tell the whole bullshit but nothing but the bullshit Bisha Gold Theft Story.

        1. B Adal:
          Leave aside the nonsensical Sarcasm but talk about the facts on the ground.
          I also came back from Eritrea a month ago.
          If you have the gut and courage, I challenge you to go back to Eritrea and do what I did:
          -Tour the country from N to S;from E to W and talk to all kind of people,the EDF,Teachers,Doctors,Mothers,Fathers,Kids,the families of prisoners.,.etc.
          Yes,I am proud of the Dams,the Schools,etc…..but that is NOT enough….
          Eritrea should be beyond that.
          Yes I am aware of the impact of the sanctions,NO war no Peace Status. But I have become fully aware of the *Misgovernance,Corruption,Lack of Responsibility and Accountability,etc…,which have NOTHING to do with Sanctions and NO Peace NO War Status…
          I have witnessed beyond corruption and *misgovernance.(Lack of Good governance).
          Bottom line:
          We have not done our home work,period.

          1. Besides flapping your gum as a paid Woyane peddler, what is your contribution to mitigate the “Misgovernance” you are referring to?

          2. Halhal:
            Are you telling me that if I do not contribute- there should be eternal “Misgovernance”?
            What the heck has my “Contribution” to do with the lack of Constitutional governance in Eritrea?
            Paid Weyane peddler?
            Am sure you a paid PFDJ Gang Agent…

          3. “Justice” -Stick to the gold issue — please enlighten us about the 45Kg Gold, about how General Philipos cut the electricity to the Asmara Airport; did he cut the wiring to the airport himself or did he ask Hirghigo power plant to cut it?

      2. This site is rated for 18 years old and above. If we have to take all the fairy-tales told by those so called good-for-nothing “opponents”, by now Israel and Iran would have a military base in Dahlak and there would be a Iranian missile defence system in Assab or PIA would have died and resurrected for the fifth time. Come on dude, grow up. Use your mantle. Hate must have blinded your ability to judge objectively.

        As for some military officials, though, who are abusing their privileged status to traffic people illegally out of the country to the tune of $4-5K was actually TRUE and no more a secret although most of them are behind bars and serving their terms. If there are some left out there, it is because people like you who uses their service in the past do not want to expose, probably fearing for being implicated or want to use their service again and again.

        1. TN:
          Yeah…..Your site is rated for 18 years and above…..
          Kudos to you.
          I care less about being rated high or low.
          I care more about Justice in my Country.
          We are no talking about bela-below news like the ones u narrated….
          We are talking about LACK of Constitutional Governance leading to Anarchy and keidi-albo Corruption.
          If there is NO Constitutional Governance with checks and balances, how in the HELL do you expect Corruption NOT to exist?
          You are entitled to your Opinions and your political positions and what not for whatever reason….but you are NOT entitled to covering the up the truth or ignoring the Truth and Injustice
          to blindly support of a Government that has banned Private Economy and Private Education System….,which kidnaps and kills citizens and keeps hostage/imprisons Families of Political Prisoners as a retaliation or retribution to the Political Prisoners, which ONLY happens in Eritrea.
          I am not sure what your duty is in ref to TN–Journalist vs “Justice Seeker” besides being a Blind Gov Supporter or a Government Satellite Web owner.
          You are due bound to tell the TUTH and fight for Justice while supporting the GoE..

          1. “Ruling EPRDF Holds Emergency Meeting Following the Arrest of ‘Corrupt’ Officials” I think you can’t read or write, just saying….

          2. Forto sawa:
            Here is the analogy:
            The same issue should be discussed about Eritrea as well….
            At least they are convening an Emergency Session to figure out things and to improve things….at least nominally..
            What about in Eritrea?
            Things are the other way round rather as those,who called for an ” emergency session” to figure out about the Looming National Security issue were rather arrested and thrown away into jails and kept incommunicado…or either killed or are dead…

          3. The last time I checked, my Adwan friend, Greece and Italy have CONSTITUTIONS and categorized as DEMOCRATIC nations, but have been the most corrupt ones, actually to the level of Africa. I don’t even have the appetite to touch on India’s level of corruption…..Any idea what went wrong with these countries, Mr. Truth aka Hope and now is it Justice?

            Please enlighten us!

          4. MammoQuilo:
            You reminded me about Yemane Ghebrab saying this:
            First ,he said:
            “We cannot implement the Constitution while our land is occupied”
            Then he said;” We are in No War No Peace Status and we cannot talk about Constitution.
            then he changed his mind and said;
            “We do not have to have a Constitution since even England does NOT have a Constitution.”.
            Focus on the substance rather than sticking to distracting tactics.
            We are NOT talking about the western Style or African Style democracy or elections or the Indian Style Democracy or the Weyane Style democracy and its 100% Style of Elections.
            We are talking about :
            Basic Constitutional Governance:
            – where Citizens shall know their Obligations in order to get their Rights and abide by the Rule of law from Bottom to the Top.
            -Basic Freedom of Conscience and Freedom to make a living through Freedom of Economic Freedom and through Freedom of Creativity.
            Election is NOT the main core of Democracy but js an expression of exercising your Right and to me,it is the least of my problems and I care less if PIA and his son,Abreham,rule Eritrea for life as long as they provide me with the basics of Human Rights mentioned above.
            Oh yeah,I love those terms like TTRUTH,HOPE,JUSTICE,etc—
            You seem to be scared of those terms including the term Constitution,,aren’t you?

          5. The question remains the same, Mr. Ajewjew. How do you reconcile the existence of a constitution, rule of law and accountability and the absence of good governance in those nations????

          6. MammoQuilo:
            We are not talking about Philosophy 110 or Fallacious Logic 101 but simple facts.
            Why would I care about other ” failed ‘ Nations?
            Am talking about Eritrea.
            Is there a Constitutional Governance–Accountability,Checks and Balances,etc–or not in Eritrea?
            If so,where are they?If not,why not?
            Kemishh adey hanquiluni and inkililo nonsense does not work here.

          7. Wow Mr Justice the new fool, where have you been hiding? and you come out with so much 5h1t, please carry on regurgitating words fed to you, Happy New Year and Hands off Nakfa stop muddying the holly word, or else : -) gofguaf aga!!

          8. You need to free your self before any thing else brother Justice, by the way I like your jargon it is full of hollow words but no substance!!!

          9. Wedinakfa:(BTW,please,do not abuse ” Nacfa”,the land of Heroes and Heroines,please)
            Advocating for a Basic Constitutional Governance and asking for Accountability is jargon in the world of the PFDJ Apologists.

          10. ~
            ጕድ’ኳንዩ! ሓርበንያዊ ብልሒ።

            ኣይቶ ት ሩ ዝ ን – – –
            ፈለኽ ስለዝብል ጥራህ፣ ኣለኹ’ናለ ብጠጠዉ፣ – – – ቆርበቱ ቐላሊጡስ፣ – – –

            ገጣጥቦ ኣፈር ድሜ ኣብልቶት እርፍ። – – – በለተው’ኮ !! – – –

          11. Here is the issue: you have not said a thing that has not been said here before on this site. Here another issue: you want other people to do your work for you, in this case TN.

            Since you are NOT able to reasonably formulate solutions around some of these key issues, communicate them in civilized manner, most importantly do the hard work yourself to get them the light of day, most people are not going to listen to you at all.

            In a nutshell, you act and sound like broken record.

            P.S. justice is neither political nor law

          12. KaleAb:
            There is no need of College Calculus or Law of Relativity formula here.
            Simple and basic fact:
            Basic Constitutional Governance.
            Implement the Ratified Constitution. I care less about Elections due to national security related issue… but u can put a clause saying:” Elections shall be held until the situation allows”.
            Just a decree…

          13. Notice:

            You’re entitled to your opinion but be advised that you’re spamming the comment section with opinion that are non-relevant and non-related to the topic we’re currently discussing. You’re most welcome to engage in discussion when we raise an article on Eritrea anytime soon. Tnx

          14. TN:
            I consider this as s defensive mechanism to divert from real hot Eritrean Issues.
            Ethiopian internal issues are none of our business.
            Let us debate on similar and related HOT Eritrean issues openly and constructively..
            Please advise your visitors here to debate with civility and to avoid vulgar and street and enda Siwa style language..

        2. TN:
          In the word of TN,the above fact you admitted and that of the Gen Wuchu Vs Gen Philipos Saga are NOT Corruption counts but those done in Ethiopia are…
          When corruption is practiced in Eritrea,it is ok but if it is practiced outside Eritrea,it is a crime.
          In fact,based on the facts on the ground and ample evidence,Corruption in Eritrea is, NOT only RAMPANT,but also one of the worst in the World…and it should tackled and it should be fought against with a full-fledged war…

      3. Yo if democracy or constitution worked how come black people in America are at there lowest and not protected if constitution worked how come Native American ppl still in poverty livening in these unjust country! If constitution worked how come Malcolm x marthin Luther King got murderd by the government. Instead the people of America are the victims of there corrupted systems.

      4. Well in Eritrea that came as a fighter for human rights! We defeated the Russian American Britain and the Ethiopian government! No body gave us we fought for are existence in these world! There is no democracy in these world but a real democracy in Eritrea!!! I will say it until I die! In Eritrea we have equal rights in Eritrea we have the best health care system in Africa! In Eritrea we have a culture that is so clean from capitalism! That’s why we are the safest country in the world! While are region is engulfed with war our government brought peace and freedom to the mass Eritrea! Look around the world black ppl and brown ppl are the most unsecured ppl in the world just look at America just Chicago 600 get killed for nothing just last month my co_workers dad got shot for doing nothing for just being black. Sad but not in Eritrea u rarly hear of ppl get killed by there fellow citizens! We only die to protect our motherland Eritrea! We have built a culture that is love and
        No kill thanks to our Marty and government Eritrea! Just look at our cousins Ethiopian they are in hell! You fucken fool

  2. Doesn’t facts count as facts anymore? EPRDF didn’t have any “emergency” meeting at all, just the usual corrupt fools watching what they stole crumbling in front of their eyes. ESAT is praying high level officials are being rounded up because let’s face it, there is no amount of propoganda or twitter accounts that would bring this government down for them. The factual news is as simple as, 130 people got arrested on suspicion of corruption and there are few wanted people who are in the process of trying to leave the country. This is deliving what EPRDF promised and with the help of people backing you, anything is possible. It’s a new day indeed, stay tuned.

    1. Squandering Millions on Ghost Sugar Factories

      ESAT News (May 13, 2016)

      The Ethiopian government pays 8 million dollars a month to employees of sugar factories even when the construction of these factories have not yet been completed and none of the factories have begun production due to a corrupt contractor with direct ties to the government.

      The contractor, the Metals and Engineering Corporation (METEC), was awarded the contract to build 10 sugar factories 6 years ago but it has completed none of the projects. The government meanwhile paid over 3.5 billion dollars to METEC, which is run by an army general of the ruling Tigrayan minority government, Kinfe Dagnew.

      On top of the salaries being paid every month to employees of the nonexistent factories who never have to report to work since the factories have not been built yet, the Ethiopian Sugar Corporation went ahead with the plantation of sugarcane, only to set it on fire at the time of harvest since there is no functional sugar factory to process the canes. The CEO of the Sugar Corporation, Endawek Habte put the blame on METEC, saying they have planted the sugarcane on the advice of the contractor which promised to complete the construction of the factories in due time.

      METEC is awarded almost all mega projects in the country but has failed to complete any. Having no capacity to undertake the project, it has recently transferred to a third party contractor the electro mechanical works of the Abay Dam, boastfully referred by the corrupt government as the “Renaissance Dam.”

      1. Wow, it just sad to see this kind of misinformation without single evidence to support the claim. Kinfe happens to be one of the most patriotic, hard working individuals in Ethiopia. He is the reason the factories are due to start production in 2017. As of June Ethiopia completely would stop importing sugar. Five years to complete a project like this is pretty good. Shame on ESAT, always talking crap.

        1. Ela Sentek ….. It’s customary nowadays for you to deny everything and anything, even if we managed to prove you 1 + 1 = 2. Since you say ESAT talks crap, I present you one of TPLF’s mouth piece – The Reporter to tell it as it is. Go ahead and deny it.

          Sugar Corp. in RED

          (The Reporter) – … The Metals and Engineering Corporation (MetEC) was selected by the government to undertake the construction of all the ten new sugar factories, Abraham Demise, deputy CEO of the corporation told members of the standing committee.

          However, there is no contractual agreement between MetEC and the corporation and the relationship it has with the corporation is not governed by rules of business, Abraham explained.

          Finally, the government realized that MetEC is not with the capacity and knowledge to undertake quite a number of projects at once, and decided to take seven of projects from MetEC, the deputy CEO said.

          “Finalizing the three sugar projects is now the responsibility left to MetEC, however, it is not willing to complete one on time,” Abraham told the standing committee, “To the contrary, it has been paid more than 90 percent of the payment due to it while the projects are far below their financial status,” he added.

          The corporation has the responsibility to repay the loans but none of the factories are completed yet. However, paying back the debt will start as of the coming year, according to Abraham.

          “We have borrowed a little bit more than USD two billion and we are expected to reimburse 13 billion birr as of the coming year,” he said, adding “the corporation is not in a financial capacity to do this.”

          Tesfaye Yigezu, chairman of the standing committee was curious to know why MetEC was paid more than 90 percent while the projects on its hand are lagging behind.

          he deputy CEO Abraham explained that usually the project is expected to be commissioned if 90 percent of the payment is provided to the contractor. “But in our case, MetEC doesn’t have a business relation with the corporation. It was assigned by the government and there is not contractual agreement between us,” he said.

          READ :

          1. The proof according to you comes from a stupid article written by people with little understanding of Ethiopia? Truth is, I would the first to point out if one of our own is making us look bad but when a smear campaign against one of our own General who can’t be bought by shabo or Birru Nega, our obligation is to defend him to death. For your info, not that you are ever interested to hear the truth, the first committee was formed by Meles himself after the allegations surfaced. The entire report with numbers were available for anyone to see it. The second committee by the current PM, the only thing that was suggested was, we could have gotten better results if private cooperation has taken the project, that’s okay to debate. But few people in the business sector saw the numbers (2bn) and don’t want to fight to get those contracts and not our military people. That’s an excellent debate for the future but for now, not only they have completed the hard work but should make anyone in Ethiopia and outside proud. The proper credit should also goes to the one and Only General Kifle but leave it to the dispicable diaspora.

          2. I would like to correct you on something when you say : “one of our own General who can’t be bought”

            That is incorrect.., Not just your general has been bought. Your whole goverment has been bought. It is a goverment that sells away indigenous peoples lands for pennies on the birr(it would be exaggeration to say dollar /shrug). Your in Somalia under U.S orders and for cheap to boot!!! they give israel over 38 billion a year. You don’t even 1/38th of that most times. They gave Israel the iron dome valued at over 150million. They pay your troops around 160/220$ a month through amisom. At the very least if your gonna be someones puppet negotiate better terms sheesh!.

          3. There is no point to try to convince Sentiko anymore. Sentiko, I think is a smart guy who has chosen to think using the Woyane allowed IQ. TN, it should be your new year resolution to stop trying to convince the impossible 🙂 because Sentiko will fight you back saying … the result of 1+1 depends if you are buying or selling ….

        1. Ethnic politics is a double-edged sword….Them vs us politics based on genetics is a two-way street that doesn’t only stop at your enemy’s gate, but at yours, ultimately metastasizing. But this is quantum physics to the Adwa illiterates for they never see the flip side of the coin. What we’re witnessing right now in Ethiopia is the product of that boomerang. And still woyane thinks it can weather the crisis with the usual PR gimmick.

          God Have Mercy on Ethiopia!

          1. Am I forgetting Tigrena? What is this guy Tesyfay Sibhatu talking about? Is he trying to divide Eritreans by ethnicity just like TPLF did in Ethiopia?

    2. Santha when ur beloved Woyane-Tigray kick the bucket.. soon goons like u will change their tune. But it will be too late for that. Cuz Tigrayans are getting more hated and isolated, its gonna get worse before it gets better. ????

      So no matter how u slice and dice the truth, the Truth it will never break. TPRDF is there to benefit ur beloved Woyane-Tigray and everybody knows that. Even Ethiopians are a waken from the deep sleep.

      And u coming here.. it’s understandable, cuz ur daily-bread depends on coming here to **TN** to dismiss the truth. Cuz without ur beloved Woyane-Tigray, Tigrayan/Agame life would be a living hell. So defending the Tigrayan dominated power becomes a must. ????????

    3. Sentek, donkoro, any Tigrian official arrested of corruption, say, Azeb Mesfin, Abbay Tsehaye, and your useless Generals with axum hawilt in their private home compound?

      1. We respect true soldiers in my country, their private homes should have elevators if you ask me but shouldn’t you ask who is smuggling the youth out of Asmera to refugee camps in Ethiopia? Btw, you should use one nic and learn to be consistent, I keep seeing guest 1-5 always talking things that’s not relevant.

    4. Anyone one from the kleptomaniac Woyane tribal regime in the 130 so called “corrupt” officials? I did not thinks so. But we all know the beggar Woyane regime is the root of all thievery and corruption.
      Let me remind you other Ethiopian tribal governments before your Woyane village idiots also said they will keep murdering and ruling forever. Just listen to Mengistu after his army was completely routed out from the Nakfa and Halhal fronts :))

      I know Woyane brags about routing the Derg regime and liberating Ethiopians and therefore the current sense of entitlement amongst the Woyane beggar pack. So you know the hard core of Mengistus army were in Eritrea until 1989. All you idiots have seen in your neck of the woods is a bunch of farmer kids who were snatched from their villages, trained overnight and sent your way. That is the Mengistu army your were chasing and even that with the help of Eritreans. Shameful beggars.

  3. If the thug masters at the EPRDF are indeed fighting ‘corruption’, they have to start from Abay Tsehaye and Gen. Kinfe Dagnew. Here is why.

    The Metals and Engineering Corporation (METEC), a government corporation owned by Ethiopia’s ruling oligarchs and run by its generals has reportedly been singled out as the cause of the loss of millions of dollars incurred by a number of government institutions and projects.

    METEC is awarded all major government contracts since it is also run by the same minority political elites who also happen to run the government.

    In an unusual defiance against the established corrupt modes operandi, newly appointed managers of the Ethiopian Sugar Corporation told the Parliament that METEC has been paid way too much for contracts that it never materialize.

    Five years ago, the contract to build 10 sugar factories was awarded to METEC but it has not completed a single factory while receiving 97% of the payment in some cases. METEC was also awarded the contract to supply machinery parts to the old sugar factories but the delay in delivery and the exorbitant prices was draining off the resources of the Corporation. More often than not, the factories stop production due to delay in delivery of machinery, according to the managers.

    “If the old factories were fully operational, the country could have saved the foreign currency it spends on importing sugar,” a manager of the Corporation told the Parliament.

    “The cost of a single machinery part, if we were to import it directly is about 10,000 dollars but METEC charges 30,000 dollars,” the managers cited as an example to describe the broad day light robbery by METEC under the auspices of government officials.

    Professor of economics at Harper College, Dr. Getachew Begashaw said the corrupt regime has never had a macro economic plan that would benefit the poor people. “The corrupt regime is focusing on building 10 sugar factories but what the country needs is to engage in agriculture to produce food for the starving people,” he said.

    “The sugar project was a scheme to loot as much money as they could. It was designed to generate money to the powers that be under the guise of government contracts,” Dr. Getachew told ESAT.

    “What we have in Ethiopia is a parastatal economy where the oligarchs and their benefactors loot from the country’s coffers,” he said.

    Source: ESAT

    1. TN, TPLF can’t stop corruption b/c it’s the fuel that sustains it. Clearly this group of 130 are a scapegoat, which indicates how this arrest in the name of fighting endemic corruption will likely open up another battle front for the Ethiopian people. The message of this news is clear: If you are not a Woyane from the selected Tigryan tribes, you are not safe.

  4. This is a business deal Wayane style as usual. When competition does not work in the big sharks advantage, the small are hunted for corruption or terrorism. Nice PR gimmick!

  5. Hahaha????.. Woyane of Tigray is sacrificing the small sharks in-order to cover its tracks. Adding more enemies. Noice????????

  6. Aren’t they all corrupt? Anyone of that group who does not speak out against the evil Wyane plan to betray the people and government that got them to the Minilik Palace can’t be anything but corrupt.

  7. This is noting than NEWS dump. Basically. it is a game of timing for the release of a news that have a minimal (no) impact to the people of Ethiopia (especially-Oromo and Amhara) while they are suffering from death, imprisonment and social injustices. This news comes when other momentous events are accruing that will dominate the Oromo and Amhara mind.
    It is simple; for TPLF, if their foolishness is any indication, a good time to release such news is most likely to happen on Friday or Saturday, the eveninigs before the big holidays weekend and day when events are accruing that are so significant to the people and by captivating the people mind, thinking that they will pay extensive attention to Emergence Meeting On Corruption is a JOKE.

  8. Ethiopia: Loan payments due on four billion dollars sugar projects, but none have materialized

    ESAT News (December 30, 2016) – Sugar projects worth four billion dollars are yet to be completed after seven years but loan payments are due, further putting pressure on a government that is in deep foreign currency crunch.

    The Metals and Engineering Corporation, run by the ruling clique, has been accused of squandering millions of dollars and failing to deliver the project.

    State media reported that the government has now decided to bring in foreign companies to buy major shares to complete the projects and thereby find the foreign currency it needs to start paying the loans.

    The government, declaring that the country would become an exporter of sugar, began seven sugar development project years ago but not a single factory has begun production. Corruption at a higher level resulted in the loss of millions of dollars.

    A serious crunch in foreign currency had forced the government to put large shares of the projects for sale to foreign companies, according to experts.

  9. Wow woyanes corruption has been highlighted!!!!! and just like that”. We have hope/truth/justice filling our comment section with spam of epic perportions. The diversion? to try and derail this story into a favorable light to woyane goverment. The aim? to highlight false stories that don’t even leave the tabloid arena. The method? “hiding a truth in between 2 lies”.The goal? to put Eritrean leaders dead and alive (cause they have an affinity of digging graves) in the most negative light without a shred of proof.

    Getting back to the story how do you saying OH SH*T in turkish? or in tegaru speak? That has to be the worst start or ending to the year EVER!.

    1. wait a minute. isn’t this the company you guys are talking about earlier? They don’t even know someone who can write english properly let alone to build sugar factory. What the fuck is going on out there? I usually refrain from saying so but think i have to join you and call anyone stupid from ethiopia as Iq63. God help free Ethiopia before they go down further.

      1. This is so hilarious looooool, Hey TN, thanks for making us smile, more so maAntay qosile, so many funny memories flooding my brain because of these inept guys.

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