Egypt and South Sudan Sign Military Cooperation Deal

Ethiopia already suspicious of the "Insane Deal" with Egypt
A deal that will be ridiculed by the rebels and its handler Ethiopia

By Sudan Tribune,

The South Sudanese government on Sunday signed a bi-lateral military cooperation with Egypt, less than a week after it reached a consensus on a similar matter with neighboring Sudan, from which it succeeded in July 2011.

The new deal, according the state-owned SSTV, was signed following after a South Sudanese delegation led by defense minister, Kuol Manyang Juuk visted the Egyptian capital, Cairo. 

Juuk was accompanied by his national security counterpart, Gen. Mabuto Mamur Mate, the deputy director for military intelligence and South Sudan’s ambassador to Egypt.

The defense minister is said to have held a meeting with the Egyptian President, Adil Mansour during which he delivered to the latter a “special message” from his South Sudanese counterpart, Salva Kiir.

He also extended his appreciation to Egypt for the cooperation and investments, which have contributed towards strengthening the existing ties between the two countries. During the meeting, Juuk reportedly assured the Egyptians of his country commitment to remain its significant partner in development for the mutual benefits and interests of citizens from both countries.

Meanwhile, the Egyptian president reportedly expressed optimism that South Sudan would, in the forthcoming periods, define strategic projects with visible effects for implementation.

Mansour is also said to have assured the visiting South Sudanese delegation his country’s willingness to find new funding mechanisms for bilateral activities in the field of defence.

But while specific details of the military cooperation between the two nations remained unclear, military sources have told Sudan Tribune that the deal provides for cooperation on their armed forces on sharing expertise, training of the special forces, joint exercises, participation in seminars and search and rescues issues.

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One need to have a good look at the following observations in order to understand the beef behind the deal.

1./  Any deal that involves Egypt in this part of Africa must have a relation to its confrontation with Ethiopia over the Nile. Such deal is part of the political measures Egypt wants to apply on Ethiopia that ranges from strengthening economic and military ties with all countries bordering Ethiopia to a worst case scenario of bombing the dam. 

2./  South Sudan was under intense pressure from Ethiopia on a constant basis to sign for the Nile Basin Cooperative Framework Agreement (CFA) that was designed to strip off Egypt’s colonial right over the Nile though it is known that it relies almost totally on the waters of the Nile.

3./ South Sudan almost have no leverage upon Ethiopia to counter its systematic political and economic pressure. As it was evidently observed in recent times, Ethiopia, along with the U.S., have tried to frustrate the South Sudanese government through dragging the peace talks, demanding neighboring troops to withdraw support for the government and even to covertly support the rebels with weapons through its peace keeping mission in the country.

4./  Despite Ethiopia’s insistence to demand the withdrawal of the Ugandan troops from South Sudan for the obvious reason, the rest of the IGAD member states unanimously authorized  for the prompt deployment of regional forces in order to restore and maintain the peace and stability in South Sudan. Soon after, South Sudan foreign minister arrive in Cairo to request troop contribution from Egypt. Egypt, who is eager to set foot next to the Ethiopian borders, answered the call with pleasure and in fact went even to a greater extent of signing a military cooperation agreement with South Sudan.  

5./  For regional spoiler Ethiopia, the military cooperation agreement between Egypt and South Sudan will be considered as an “Insane Deal” and will look at it suspiciously. However, its success depends on how much Ethiopia reacts to that. Provoking and undermining the South Sudanese government works no more. 

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37 thoughts on “Egypt and South Sudan Sign Military Cooperation Deal

    1. Unbelievable!
      And it is very fast action which might indicate that S Sudan might have confirmed the role of Ethiopia in helping the rebels.
      This will lead to rerouting the construction of oil pipeline through Eritrea from S Sudan.

  1. The Kirr government is gone in the next six month because the kirr government is working against international pressure asking south Sudanese government to form all ethinic inclusive government. For Egypt involving in south Sudan is driven only to control the Nile water. As time goes by Egypt will be eliminated as the kirr government crumbles.

    1. I'm so delighted brother you said because soon I'm pretty south Sudan is the brinks of collapse under kiir as its leader.

  2. Desperation by Egypt. ethiopia is in a strong position by making all other 6 Nile country by there side including north sudan which it's upset Egypt.
    South Sudan can not afford to upset ethiopia or Kenya
    The only option Egypt have is to negotiate with ethiopia to buy electricity.

    1. Netsanet,
      It seems the desperation is on your little head with dark future to hell & your aid addicted (CHIFRA WEYANE).

      1. sound like you are More desperate than Egypt. I can imagine how u will be burn inside when this dam completed. You are Arab ass licker and LOSER. Just keep dreaming.

      2. Sawa,
        You started saying so actually from the time weyane was in bushes. Look where weyane is now. It is all over east africa(Somalia, Sudan, S.Sudan, Darfur, Abyei, and even 17% of Eritrean land is under weyane). So, when are you going to stop hallucinating? If you are sane.

    2. But N Sudan can be easily manipulated though by Eritrea and some Arab States . Eritrea can easily change the situation in the Sudan for good.
      Hope Qatar reconciles with Egypt soon and can start the $20 billion investment plan on the Sudan and the Sudan can easily build multiple medium sized Dams with enough potential for its own electricity and agriculture

  3. EDITOR’S NOTE dream —-Egypt wants to apply on Ethiopia that ranges from strengthening economic and military ties with all countries bordering Ethiopia to a worst case scenario of bombing the dam. lets wait and see

    1. You got the picture, just watch your behind soon will be on fire. Weyane head will join Atzie Johannes head in Egypt or Sudan Museum.

  4. I thought IGAD decided Uganda troops to be replaced by Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda and Burundi forces with in a month. Tesfanews I don't think you are updating yourself.

    1. You trying to defend the already dying inferior Woyanne slave who is by his own inflicted lies and deceit in vain . Stick around

    1. No one can stop you to dream .please don't dream disaster to you county.But you can't help it to think or to dream horrible you are a weyanne.The Apple cannot crawl far from the tree.

  5. Egypt is trying to get influence in "black" Africa because of Ethiopia Nile dam with this "brotherly love" bs. Egypt is desperate & it won't work. oh and Egypt is not gonna bomb the dam it will be really stupid if they do

  6. South Sudan govt. Is making calculated move to eradicate the rebels ….By this move, South Sudan will have leverage over insane Ethiopia govt. Eventually, Ethiopia will stop supporting the illigetimate Macher rebels.

  7. The Dam will he built and the dogs will continue to bark. Dogs will be fed well once the dam is completed. These dogs watch the completion of the dam with utter vengeance for they have no power to stop it other than salivate to do so. Ethiopia will complete the dam. Egypt will come to termsand South Sudan will have a nnew government. Dogs will realize they are dogs and life will ontinue.

    1. … No one hates Ethiopia but to those who are in absolute control of Ethiopia …. the minority mafioso group called “Woyane”. They are the problem and the most hateful in the region …. including by the majority of the Ethiopian people as well. Hope you get my drift!

      1. That is ONLY in your mind. In fact, MOST Ethiopians consider WOYANE as their LIBERATOR and this feeling is increasing from time to time now that the old Neftegna hate propaganda is fading.

        1. you must be agame. why is the soccer tournament in USA divided in to two? why is Ethiopians demonstrate against woyan or agame gov. ?? why is you agame in USA say they Amara not tigray ??

      2. " the Wayane who handed you your independence on silver platter"
        Are you kidding us? the other way around. The Weyane rod on the Back of EPLF tanks all thee way to Menelik palace. Telamat/Hasadat Weyane!!!

    2. @ gedle,you call yourself cliff ,Watch out your mouth?Cliff(gedle) real gedle endatgeba ende getocheh.Kmalam agamido.The saddest thing is no Eritreans think bad to Ethiopian people .You created to hate human being.God have Merci on you. thanks

  8. With black-African-governments there is always can easly manipulate them or buy them.And concerns about the water rights,the Egyptians should forget the old treaties of the British empire because it is unjust towards tributaries countries in particular Ethiopia.The British empire at that time did unrealistic and unjust decision,to prohibit countries like Ethiopia from using their resources.Egypt must throw the deal of the British empire in the rubbish bin and do a new agreement with Ethiopia and others without interference of the old empire.the current move of the Egyptian government is not very smart.

    1. Ministry of foreign affairs, Tewodros and Berhane G. Kristos should resign if this is true and if they allowed Egypt to make such a strategic gain against Ethiopia.

      These two have to resign effective immediately, as they have failed to serve the country and made GERD at risk and war with Egypt inevitable.

      This is unaceptable and this clowns have to go. There was no reason to drive S. Sudan to the lap of Egypt for no reason and risk Ethiopia's national security.

  9. So, now you have Uganda, South Sudan, Sudan, Somalia, Eritrea & Egypt upset for different reasons. We should all work together to finally get rid of the headache of the horn of Africa better known as the beggars for life Weyane. The west likes to call Eritrea the spoilers of the horn of Africa but that is false. Weyane has a hand in all the countries of the horn internal issues. Ethiopia must understand they are not a powerful nation, the only reason they are in a position of fake power is by the west. The second the West disposes of the relations with Weyane, they could not hold the position they are in. They would instantly crumble, they would not even be able to handle its own people who are frustrated with Weyane.

  10. I am Ethiopian with no future hope while Weyone are killing my people in their own given land and training none indigenous people who causing a problem in South Sudan now to eliminated us from the face of earth. At the same time Weyone selling out our land to foreigners while natives of Ethiopia are starving to death. I can not wait for Egypt to bomb & destroy all Weyone (EPDRF ) barracks in all Ethiopia regions. Egypt is one of the strongest African country militarily and only f-16 only will destroy all militaries barracks of EPDRF. Ethiopia is like a fly compare to Egypt militarily ….go Egypt go, we united Ethiopia need the chameleon
    regime tobe changed. Ethiopia is so far is isolated by East Africa since they tricking every Africans country for fundings…..greedy and dictatorship regime must go…..

  11. I have to say that, that is dogmas of his leadership damp Salva kiir messing up by selling the our land as dialogue deal between him and his alliances.

  12. I don't know why that failed states of Egypt has accepted to be partner of kiir's government while their country is on the verge of collapse blasphemy of Muslim broth hood?

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