In Support of TesfaNews
In Support of TesfaNews

Dear TesfaNews fans,

Hope you are really enjoying TN.

I have been in the service of delivering quality Eritrea related news and views through TN since 2010. My goals were simple: Promote the image of Eritrea by countering every anti-Eritrea propaganda piece through true and positive news.

More than 6000 high-quality Eritrea news and information items have already been published on this very website and many are coming until the day this site ends its service.

These massive articles and information to remain a great source of information about Eritrea.

Remember, TesfaNews is a one-man blog and it’s not hard to imagine how daunting the task is for one person to run and maintain such a formidable news and information website for over a decade. Determination is key here.

Throughout this time, I continually made several design changes to upkeep the required standard, quality, security, speed, and rank.

TesfaNews is now coined into an online brand for positive Eritrea news.  However, these achievements don’t happen without costing me a great deal of time, funds, and even opportunities. Though I have no regrets about all of that, I fondly appreciate it when I see people throw their morale and other kinds of support once in a while as the expression of their appreciation and encouragement.

Do not be shy to say “Thank You” to me. If you feel supporting TN is supporting Eritrea, then click the button below and DONATE any amount you can.

Thank you