In Support of TesfaNews
In Support of TesfaNews

Dear TesfaNews fans,

Hope you are really enjoying TesfaNews.

I have been in the service of delivering quality Eritrea related news and views through TN for  the past 5 years already. My goals are simple: Promote positive image of Eritrea by countering every single negative and propaganda news against the country and its people with nothing but the truth and facts.

The more than 2400 high quality positive Eritrea news and information materials I published on this very website already made a significant difference in shaping up the true image of Eritrea and its people.

I continually made several design changes to upkeep the required standard, quality, security, speed and rank. Remember, TesfaNews is a one man website and you can imagine how daunting the task is for a single person to maintain such a formidable news and information website.

TesfaNews is now coined into an online brand for positive Eritrea news and it has now reached to a point of no return.  However, it is not with out costing me a great deal of time, money and even opportunities. Though I have no regrets to that, I gladly welcome your morale and other kinds of support as a sign of encouragement.

Do not be shy to say ‘Thank You” to me. If you feel supporting TN is supporting Eritrea, please click the button below and DONATE any amount you want.

Thank you