Daniel Teklehaimanot Nominated for Best African Sportsman of the Year

VOTE for Daniel to make him the 2012 Top African Sportsman
VOTE for Daniel to make him the 2012 Top African Sportsman

By Africa Top Sports,

Africa Top Sports reported that renowned Eritrean cyclist Daniel Teklehaimanot has been nominated among the candidates for Best African Sportsman of 2012. The other candidates include Dider Drogba and Yaya Tor’e of Ivory Coast, Samuel Eto’o of Cameroon and Andri’e Ayaw of Gana.

Moreover, the website indicated that the Eritrean Cycling Federation is a nominee among those running for the Best African Sports Federation of the year, namely the Sudanese Football Federation, Ivorian Basketball Federation, South African Rugby Federation and Ethiopian Athletics Federation.  

Daniel, who demonstrated to be the first black cyclist to appear at Vowelta Spain following his praiseworthy triumph in the African Cycling experience, currently holds the record for the leading cyclist to be chosen for the Best African Sportsman of the year.

The internet-based African vote also involves 10 other awards including that of the Weakest Club of the Year, Best African Sportswoman of the Year and Best coach of the Year, among others.

It is to be recalled that Eritrean athlete Zersenai Tadese was elected among the top 3 World Sportsmen some years ago.


Daniel Teklehaimanot leading the pack in Madrid, Spain
Daniel Teklehaimanot leading the pack in Madrid, Spain

Africa Top Sport is organizing the first Africa Top Sport Awards. The ambassador of this edition is the great Basile Boli, former international player of Ivory Coast/France. He is going to announce the results deriving from the 2013 Afcon on February 9 2013 in Johannesburg.

35 thoughts on “Daniel Teklehaimanot Nominated for Best African Sportsman of the Year

  1. Thank you tesfanews for putting the link for where you can vote on your website. i have been searching for this link / page where you can vote on the actual website but couldnt find it.

    why is tesfanews the only one to do this ? shabait, madote, alenalki, meskerem and all other pro-eritrea website should display the link and tell people to VOTE !!

    ESPECIALLY shabait.com ! especially considering this is state media that is suppose to be serving the people !!

    Shabait should tell the whole nation to go online and VOTE VOTE VOTE !!!!

    1. Shabait website is the weakest department at the Ministry of Information. I believe they don't have enough writers to do the job. Dedicated writers … or funding ….. or something ……

  2. If shabait post a 'please vote for Daniel' message do you think the diaspora opposition will head for the call and vote or they will do the contrary only because the government was the one asking for it? It's just out of curiosity as they were lways accused of being against everything Eritrean including sport victory. What do you think?

  3. I vote for the hero Danial Teklehaimanot of Eritrean. The first black African professional cyclist. Good lack king of kings African cyclist Danial.

  4. I would like to thank for all of you who took time and VOTE for the first BLACK Professional Cyclist – Eritrean Daniel Teklehaimanot. By all indication, he is leading the incumbent sportsmen and hopefully what he might need is a few points from the committee – Jury.

    His choice would make 2012 the best year for our country as we have witnessed a number of records made by Eritrean youth:
    1) World Record for the Longest Canvas Painting in the world;
    2) Record at the Tour of Rwanda by winning the first three ranks (ast – 3rd) successively;
    3) Champion Africa for the third times in row; African Cyclist of the Year – Natnael;
    4) Won UN ACABQ seat representing Africa; and last but not least
    5) The Karama that brought shame to the UN ambassador Susan Rice are few to mention.

    Now Daniel's title for the Best African Sportsman of the Year would be the best X-Mas gift for the people of Eritrea. And to make that happen, we don't need a miracle but our own VOTES.

    Please make sure you remind your friends and family to VOTE or even help them on how to do it. That is the least we can do for our Pride – Daniel, and our country Eritrea.

    Awet N'Hafash

  5. Come on everybody. Vote for Daniel. He has made us all proud, Lets make him proude too! Imagine what an accolade it will be for one of our own brother to be named The Best Sportsman in Africa! Fantastic…

    Lets give him the best X-mas gift. Everybody get Voting ^_^

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