Danakali and ENAMCO Advance Tier-1 Colluli Sulphate of Potash (SOP) Project

Danakali ENAMCO advancing key operational contracts at the Colluli Sulphate of Potash Project
Colluli is the only resource globally where primary production of Sulphate of Potash (SOP) can be achieved with salts extracted in ‘solid form’.


Danakali Ltd (ASX:DNK) and its 50:50 joint venture partner, the Eritrean National Mining Corporation (ENAMCO), continue to advance key operational contracts at the Colluli Sulphate of Potash Project.

Mining contract tendering documents have been issued to five potential tenderers who will visit the Colluli site. This is one of the key operational contracts that will support the project and is a key input for ongoing funding discussions.

Paul Donaldson, managing director for Danakali, commented: “We are very pleased to be progressing our key operating and construction contract bidding processes as we continue to advance the Tier 1 Colluli Sulphate of Potash Project.

“In addition to firming up the project economics as the project advances towards construction, the operational contracts are key inputs to support our ongoing funding discussions.”

Potential Mining Methods

Extensive test work completed throughout the pre-feasibility and definitive feasibility study phases confirmed both the suitability of the open cut mining method for the resource and the suitability of surface miners for the extraction of the suite of salts within the resource.

The open cut method provides superior resource to reserve conversion and allows selective extraction of the various salts within the resource.

Colluli is the only resource globally where primary production of sulphate of potash (SOP) can be achieved with salts extracted in solid form.

  • Segum

    Deki Erey….Invest invest and invest any little penny that you can raise, on this world class project. You will be much happier in 2 or 3 years time –probably much sooner. This reminds me of Nevsun resources in 2009 and 2010, when I had enough knowledge that it was going to skyrocket but didn’t have the funds nor the legal basis to open brokerage…I just watched it rocking. This is by no means different, if not better. Bisha was a world class too, but not a Tier 1 deposit like Culluli. Tier1 deposits are unique and every investor hunts them.

  • Traitors Acting like oposition

    THIS is a Great Chance to invest

  • Nevsun with its Bisha and Timok deposits can not even aspire to become a mid-tire company and here the Danakil with its world-class Colluli deposit is advancing a tier-1 mining project. The potential of this project is so huge.


    Deki Halal Meriet, here is the Eritrean Potash to help feed the world for the next 200 years. You bet the Eritrean Potash Mining which is the easiest, the richest and most ideal for mining operation is only 60 Km from the next Eritrean port. As a result such a mining operation has been termed or designated as the most economical operation

    Stay on course Deki Halal Meriet, Eritrean Potash shall be helping to feed the hungry world for the next 200 years, But do not forget, the resources of Eritrea is her hardworking, creative, optimistic, talented and creative people. There is the secrete of the Eritrean strength.

    Yikealo, thanks for being there to liberate and build your country from ground up!
    Warsai, thanks for being there the defend and build your country from ground up

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    Thank you Heather [Investor Relations Manager] and thanks to everyone for joining the call this morning. Our financial results for the quarter were issued last night and we announced our operating results in mid July. Let me briefly say that I am pleased with the progress we are making on the operational front at Bisha and the progress with the development of our Timok project in Serbia. We are confident in our ability to generate significant free cash flow from Bisha for the remainder of its current mine life. This will be a key component of our broader strategy for Nevsun regarding the future development of our Timok project in Serbia.

    My decision to join Nevsun as an easy one. This is a company with two great assets and talented and committed people. Our Board of Directors, my colleagues in the senior management team and its head office and our teams on the ground in Eritrea and Serbia are truly top quality. At Bisha, we have a mine that is a proven and reliable cash flow generator. At Timok, we have a promising and exciting development project with exploration upside potential. This is underpinned by a strong debt-free balance sheet and a healthy cash position that provides us the financial flexibility to pursue our ongoing project development and strategic growth aspirations.