Danakali 2017 Colluli Project Update (VIDEO)

The world is about to sit up and take notice as the development phase begins for Danakali’s spectacular 1.3 billion tonne project in Eritrea.

By Danakali Ltd.,

Danakali Limited is pleased to release a new video for the world class Colluli Potash project, the most advanced greenfield sulphate of potash project globally.

The video highlights the characteristics which make Colluli positively unique and provides an overview of the fundamentals which underpin future demand growth for potash.

About Colluli Project

Colluli Potash project is one of the most advanced greenfield sulphate of potash (SOP) developments in the world, and demonstrates outstanding economics including industry leading capital intensity, bottom quartile operating costs, close proximity to coast and key markets and unrivalled product diversification potential.

The Colluli resource contains a shallow, 1.1 billion tonne ore reserve comprising over 200 million tonnes of sulphate of potash (SOP), a 347 million tonne high quality rock salt resource, and an 80 million tonne magnesium sulphate resource.

In addition, the resource contains appreciable amounts of magnesium chloride and gypsum and based on the DFS for SOP production, has a projected mine life greater than 200 years.

The Colluli resource can produce SOP, SOP-Magnesia (SOP-M), muriate of potash (MOP), and has appreciable amounts of gypsum, kieserite and magnesium chloride, however Danakali has focused its initial efforts on the top-priced SOP product.

Colluli’s solid form potassium salts will yield 25 times more potassium in ore feed than brine-based resources and Donaldson said SOP’s fundamentals were much better than those for the more common form of potash, potassium chloride.

The project is being developed through the Colluli Mining Share Company, a 50:50 joint venture with experienced state-owned Eritrean National Mining Corporation (ENAMCO) and the pair are taking firm steps towards first production.

The Colluli front end engineering design (FEED) team are now taking shape as appointments of Knight Piésold (KP), Elemental Engineering (EE), and Global Potash Solutions (GPS) are complete. Engineering and construction firm Fluor will lead the entire FEED process.

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  1. Good news. Much better to diversify the economy beyond mining though. The future of Africa shouldn’t be just selling raw material. Industrialization is the way to go. Value must be added.

  2. Eritrea has not poverty further and go up to the meddle class soon but for now we have to Close the border between us and jealous and individuals from Tigria .It smells bad down there.

      1. Hahahah …
        The EU may be able to use the detection algorithm to identify which Ugumesh immigrated to EU claiming to be Eritrean 🙂

  3. It is still classified as Speculative investment, but it looks promising. Time to buy Danakali (DNK:AU) shares, as far as I know the ENAMCO side of 50% is not yet publicly traded. Good Luck!!

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