Dan Connell Tries to Legitimize Terrorism in Eritrea

I can remote-control a rebellion using few confused and disgruntled lost souls
For Dan, It’s a personal mission to amass profits by selling books, received payments for lectures, publications and appearances as ‘Expert’ in the name of Eritrea and Eritreans.

By Amanuel Biedemariam,

Terrorists killed US Ambassador to Libya. A suicide bomber attacked the US embassy in Istanbul. Americans on a daily basis are exposed to news about violence in public institutions. However, regardless of how worthy, legitimate a cause may appear to be, Americans will not condone, tolerate or accept any individual, group or organization when force or, the threat of force is used to impose an agenda or further a cause.

Not a single American will tolerate, let alone try to spin it in any way shape, if, for example, a group of Americans storm into the headquarters of the Voice of America with tanks and demand their grievances heard live on the air at gunpoint.
Furthermore, if a single individual comes out in support of such an act, try to justify it somehow; it is unacceptable offense.

For over a decade, Dan Connell has tried to incite chaos in Eritrea unsuccessfully. He has campaigned against the people of Eritrea by working with the enemies of Eritrea hired by the genocidal regime in Ethiopia. These are Ethiopians such as Selam Kidane, according to the BBC, migrated to England from Ethiopia with her sister at the age of 16. Her father and husband served as Ethiopian soldiers during the dictatorial Derg Regime and killed many Eritreans. Connell is working with Meron Estifanos and Elsa Chyrum who publicly admitted to have paid human traffickers in the Sinai. Selam Kidane, Dan Connell et al have made numerous trips to Addis Ababa and met with Ethiopian authorities.

In the name of democracy, freedom of press, religion and a host of other causes, Dan Connell have set up activities, organized meetings, and campaigned against the people and government of Eritrea as well as companies that are working in Eritrea from Canada, the US and other Western Countries. These are companies working to better the living standards of the people of Eritrea. He has made it a personal mission to see Eritrea destabilized and the government of Eritrea toppled regardless of the distance he traveled and doors he knocked.

Eritreans are tolerant people that tolerated Dan Connell’s opportunism for a long time when he sold books, received payments for lectures, publications and appearances as expert of Eritrea and related matters, on their name. Over the last 5 years, he has played active role, essentially leading the fight against the people and government of Eritrea by acting more priest than the pope. Lately however, Connell has amped-up his rhetoric and misinformation campaign against Eritrea to the international community about events that took or, did not take place on January 21.

Dan Connell exaggerates and misleads with the hopes of creating a momentum. To that end, he has been organizing, recruiting and assisting all the anti-Eritrean groups and individuals. Ahead of a rally his group conducted in front of the Eritrean Embassy in DC on 8th Feb 2013, Connell met with Elsa Chyrum in Boston and, in the day of the rally, Connell was a keynote speaker in Seattle to this very group. This is evidence that Dan Connell is not a journalist reporting, or an outside observer; he in effect, has taken a leadership role with a mission to dethrone the government of Eritrea.

For most Eritreans it is obvious what Dan Connell is trying to achieve. He wants to remain relevant, appear informed about matters pertaining to Eritrea; most importantly however, he wants to give impression that he has connection inside Eritrea. Dan Connell has been very active appearing on TV, talk shows and writing articles. He does all this to make money. However, what caught the attention of this author are the statements below from an article in one of the anti-Eritrean website that he posted; he said,

“The soldiers who occupied the information ministry were fed up with their dictatorship and wanted everyone to know it. So they marched into the state-run TV studios — there are no private media — and broadcast a call for implementation of a constitution ratified 16 years ago but still gathering dust, and the release of political prisoners, of which there are as many as 10,000. Then they went back to their barracks. Arrests followed, but the message was out.”

One can raise many questions about the statement above like, what are your sources, what did they occupy, and what does occupy mean? How do you know if they are soldiers? Most importantly however, why is Dan Connell trying to justify a criminal terrorist act by attacking the government of Eritrea? Would Mr. Connell, regardless of how solid a cause, try to justify such an act, say for example, American soldiers storm US government communication center in the US or elsewhere?

It is unfathomable that Dan Connell will ever consider endorsing such a heinous act committed by American against US interest. When it comes to Eritrea however, he is the expert, a pundit, a Caucasian know it all-humanitarian expert, activist, pro-democracy advocate, intellectual, lecturer and professor that could preach to poor African illiterates, and educate them justice.

Dan Connell threw every insult, talking point, defamation campaign-rhetoric against the people and government of Eritrea without reservation. On his article, Connell labeled Eritrea as the worst small country on earth. The question is why Dan Connell is so desperate and what is he trying to achieve.

Is human right a concern for Dan Connell? Why does not he pressure the US and Ethiopian governments to implement the final and binding EEBC decision, why not be judicious in his approach and urge Ethiopia to withdraw from sovereign Eritrean territories? Would that not, help bring some stability, foster growth and economic cooperation between the countries in the region? Peace and cooperation between Eritrea and Ethiopia could help the displaced populations of both nations and stabilize the populations. Should that not be a prerequisite for justice, if that truly is what Connell seeks? Furthermore, why is Connell concerned about, as he called it, a “tiny country,” and tries to exaggerate a nonevent when millions of Muslims are demonstrating regularly in the streets of Addis in Ethiopia?

The reality, Dan Connell is a greedy Westerner that tries to perpetuate the legacy of slavery in the name of justice. Democracy and human rights have become code names in Western circles pushing for the re-colonization of Africa in a quest to bleed dry the resources of Africa. Dan Connell’s job is to mold the narrative of Africa that is hungry, bloody, corrupt and unstable riddled by coups. In addition, and always, only the West, led by individual-saviors from the west, say Dan Connell can save Africa. What a sham …

On his article, Dan Connell dared to describe Eritrea as “feisty.” Dan Connell is very disrespectful of the people of Eritrea. The people of Eritrea are astute, clever, brilliant and yes, feisty in need, ferocious in defense of their country. Trying to minimize Eritrea as a tiny sliver of a nation is disingenuous. Since, Eritrea is much larger than many Western countries like England. And yes, Eritreans are far beyond the understanding of the greed-laden imagination of Dan Connell. There is no coup or uprising in Eritrea and there will never be.

The trajectory of Eritrea is far different from other nations in Africa. Eritreans knew what they want, pursued what they wanted and achieved what they wanted by paying in blood. The political makeup of the people of Eritrea is different from other African countries. Eritreans will never give independence they toiled and died for, to empty street-rhetoric of an old shyster.

Furthermore, just to appease their overhyped exuberance, Eritrea’s military is a tested organ that withstood decades of internationally conceived warfare and assaults designed to annihilate Eritrea from existence.  Eritrea is a nation amongst nations with the most sophisticated armies of the world! Eritrea has the most disciplined and educated army that is part of the society.  On February 9, Eritrea celebrated the 23 anniversary of Operation Fenkil.  Operation Fenkil is a military miracle that uprooted Ethiopian existence from the Red Sea city of Massawa that paved way for the independence of Eritrea. The victory is evidence of Eritreans wit, bravery, valor and unmatched military fit.

Clearly, Dan Connell deluded himself into thinking that he is an expert on Eritrea just because Eritrea’s leadership, at one time, gave him access as a journalist to interview them. Sadly, Dan thinks that he can remote-control a rebellion using few confused and disgruntled lost souls.

In closing, to demonstrate how confused Connell’s approach, attitude and descriptions are; quoting him,

“But feisty little Eritrea, which got its independence from Ethiopia in 1991 after defeating successive US- and Soviet-backed armies in a 30-year war, has never fit the mold of postcolonial African states, and it was not doing so now.”

Eritrea is a decent sized nation with decent people that got its independence in 1991 after defeating successive US- and Soviet-backed Ethiopian armies in a 30-year war. The people of Eritrea do not fit the mold of post colonial African states that fall prey to western trickery easily. Hence, it is delusional for a person such as Dan Connell to dream of such a heist to a nation and people that defy all odds and build a truly independent nation.

Dan is a bad gambler because he threw away the trust that placed him on a global map for an ill- conceived immoral agenda. No matter how much he tries to spin things, Eritrea will always stand firm, for it is, planted in blood, firmly. Hence, in a greater scheme of things, Dan Connell will not amount to nothing just another noise in the jungle.

Dan Connell giving a key note speech
Dan Connell giving a key note speech after holding “successfully” what is dubbed “the biggest and final demo to topple a dictator” in Washington DC. What a crap!

40 thoughts on “Dan Connell Tries to Legitimize Terrorism in Eritrea

  1. terrorists…come on. there are people really obsessed, at the point that they cannot differentiate anymore insult from slander. Such fantasist theories based on nothing are nothing more than evidences to bring to court.
    You guys reduced yourselves to only being able to attack individuals and groups with ridicoulous allegations. How, for god's sake, can you not grasp that you could be so much effective if you dared to have a dilaogue with opposition? Are you so afraid?
    I think so. Not only obsessed, but also cowards.

    1. Dear layla, We Eritrean have NO OPPOSITION but agent of neo-coloniest. All those who bark out side the country has no agenda. They are either criminals who can't go back Eritrea or they are employee of from south.

      EPLF and Eritrea forever
      zikri ni sematatna.

      1. "We Eritreans"? Who are you to speak in name of eritreans?
        I was talking about you eritrean citizens who support the eritrean government. So I'm speaking to you as representative of the eritrean GOVERNMENT.
        Eritrean gov. don't have opposition? It means it doesn't make anything wrong? Never made even one mistake, and there is nobody criticising it?
        Do you know what megalomania is? You can cure it, you know?
        And let me ask you, what kind of criminal are you talking about? The ones who claim political asylum in many countries?
        I'd be glad to have your views on all that.
        If you feel there is anything in my words that can be taken as opposition behavior, stay assured, I'm far away from neo-colonialist thought.

        1. Dear layal,
          In politics, the opposition comprises one or more political parties or other organized groups that are opposed to the government (taken from wikipedia). If you look at the so called "Eritrean opposition", they do not reach this definition. We have a dozen of them, their attribute based on either reginalism or religion or agent from south. As far as i my little brain tell me, they are not called oppositions but agent.

          Dear layla, i never say our government is a holy, anyone from earth is prone to mistake. Relatively speaking, our government is the best, it is people's Government.

          EPLF and forever
          Zikri ni semaatatna

          1. well if you have to look it up on wikipedia, then I understand that you are not familiar with a system that allows opposition. Your counter-argument isn't one. Eritrean oppositions groups and parties ARE opposition by definition.
            "agent of south" is quite a indeterminate definition, and sorry to tell you, it hides quite badly a reference to ethiopia. correct me if I'm wrong.
            But ok, I'm trying to follow you: then what sould those..agents do, to reach your definition of opposition?

          2. Once again, Eritrea said no to agent and copy cat entity. Dear layla, you said you are one of them, sorry mite you have no place and i do not engage to lecture agents, heal yourself by saying sorry to the family of siwuat.

            EPLF and Eritrea for ever
            Zikri ni semaatatna.

          3. Men Eki Shmki layla, Hazni beli
            When we say we don't have opposition because those you want us to call them opposition are actually our enemies. Like one forumer (Suleman) responded to you, they are always in bed with our enemies and they support everything that hurt the people's lives. Do you need example: The above person called Dan Connell recently vowed to work hard and convince the international community to pressure all mining companies in Eritrea to stop working at all in a way to create pressure on the govt. The thing is got a standing ovation from the so called oppositions. Are you one of them? If not, then to which one of you we call opposition? and why more than 35 different types of oppo party if they are opposing forone party PFDJ. Answer is because they're losers and they are after their interest – not after the people's interest. Did you get my point? Answer who is the opposition: U or them? If you, who is your leader as an opposition as you can not stand for election representing only yourself and are u qualified for that matter? That's why we confidently tell that we don't have Oppostion parties but interest groups and enemy mouth peices.

          4. Uway ane, I seriously hope you don't represent the average PFDJ supporter Selam… Then we are in deep trouble!

            Ane ni hagerey
            Nisikhi ni higdefki

        2. Layla,
          I think you better find another nationality for yourself and your kinds. We are Eritreans. Why? Because, we didn't work to strangulated our economy and people lives by signing petition to stop loans and FDI.
          we didn't call for sanction because that means like sentencing our people and youth in the army to die or surrender after finishing weapons and bullets.
          We didn't voice our support to cut 2% contribution of diaspora Eritreans by falsely associating it with terrorism.
          We didn't work hand-in-glove with enemies of our ppl and attend conferences in Mekelle and Awasa.
          We didn't sponsor our youth to cross our borders illegally and put in the mercy of human traffickers.
          ETC. If you're not in one of the above criteria, can call yourself Eritrean but not opposition. Better look for a different name then.
          How about that?

          1. But you did sponsor slavery of your brothers by supporting PFDJ
            You did sponsor terrorism by paying 2% to a government that trained al shabaab…

            Why conference in mekele, though I personally don't support it, your support to a cruel regime has driven our people to such measures…. If there was a tolerant and just government, we could criticise from our own land without being persecuted, jailed and killed.

            You did sponsor the exodus, suffering and pain of our youth by supporting the GOE's policy of indefinite conscription..

            You want more in order to see who is Eritrean and still fighting to defend our martyrs legacy?

          2. Dear Abraham,
            By throwing tricky words such as forced labour,slavery, alshabaab….., do you think you could make point? Come on mite, we are far from those dirty words. EPLF is born as the result of slavery. Eritrean value never allow slavery. I wish you could grow out of those agent's tricky and old words.

            EPLF and Eritrea forever
            Zikri ni semaatatna

          3. "Sponsor terrorism" I think you ate so child & non-sense to be the least. I'm very proud to pay my 2%. Because someone paid 100% to have a free land called "eritrea".

        1. We have enemies like you. Enemies of development and unity. We are one minus the likes of you. So, What you go'na do? You'll be hunted down like a wild animal and put in your right place…. very soon. Mark my word. House cleaning is underway and it will reach you out there.

          Are you prepared to get the new Eritrean ID? This time the criteria is different. Sorting out the weed from the seed first.

          We're EPLF, we are PFDJ, We're Isaias, We're Eritrea. Go to Tigray and put yourself yousful. Desperado.

          1. No, NO Amiche, you are definetly not EPLF…. you are PFDJ!!! Just ask youself, why did FORTO 2013 happen if all is good and great as you are trying to paint?

            PS!!! development and unity you said… question, are we more unified now after 20 years of PFDJ? NO, so u should know who the enemy of ur people are before you point fingers.

        2. It’s hilarious how out of touch you are from reality Abraham. Regardless of your identity you are not able to tell the different between an aint and an Elephant. don’t over act because you are no body recognized by any body.

          1. Nebsi, make a point without insults… hasabatu kigelits zeykiil tiray iyu nab tserfi zikheyid!!! So if you are up to it, bring facts and analysis for me to believe you… and I am as always open to new evidence. All these HALOWLOW from Amanuel above is nothing.

            WE SHOULD BE ASKING WHAT caused it, WHY the mutiny happened, WHAT HAVE WE DONE TO SOLVE THE PROBLEMS…..where there is smoke there is a fire!

          2. Abraham, this not our first dance together you are only here to make noise you cannot provide a single action you have taken to make a difference in ERITREA efforts on marching forward. With you backward thinking it is not in my interest to educate you with facts. Your only here to cry wolf just to get attention. You have an issue you deal with at its location not from a distance or behind foriegn powers. You’re using a crime that occurred not in forto but in Eritrea to make an opposition accusation which is ridiculous. Yes even to mention a crime occurs in Eritrea is hard to swallow. If a crime occurs in Eritrea before the locals hear about it you will have Selam kidane and Meroon Estifanos attempt to profit from it in every possible way. Typical agame move.

          3. Point proven, you don't have any facts so you jump to malts once again…. For my part I have done my share of volunteering in adi, I went from my comfortable life in europe to be part of our Warsay….. And boy was it an eye opener!

            Did you say "you have an issue you deal with it at its location…."? I would had it not been illegal and life threatening, so since there is no critical space in Eritrea people run and do it from safer places. Did you really need me to explain that…hope not.
            U, what have u done?

          4. I'll say it again don’t over act because you are no body recognized by any body. So what you were on vacation and you volunteered would you like a cookie for that. Some of us have been working before independence and we will work until the last breath because of self-serving individuals like you who run back to their master with new gossip on how to interrupt Eritrea progress. And history has shown that you are losing your touch as you cannot take care let alone yourselves to even mention become an opposition . Let me give an window of opportunity go ahead and assimilate to your European society as you were lost long ago. What more can someone do than hate himself.

    2. What do you call, when a foreign Intities and individuals try to take charge of your Owen country? Is it called legitimate opposition or sell out elements? When Don takes the lead of my internal affair, it is unequivocally unacceptable beyond reasonable doubt

      1. I never see any genuine "oppositions" but I saw many "sell outs". There were many before, and there are many now and there will be more in future. We have to stand in our principle "MEKETE"!! God Bless Eritrea and her people!!

        1. Imagine more than 35 opposition parties for one PFDJ? Why? Why 35? Why not 10? or 2? The answer is the guys are after their interest not after the ppl. The use the people's name to gain their agenda. Fool me ones shame on me, fool me twice shame on you.

  2. Dear Amanuel, it is a resourceful information. Eritrean said NO for the agent of neo-colonisation. we do not let outsider to do our homework. We are resourceful enogh to solve our problems. Thanks Amanuel to enlighten us.

    EPLF and Eritrea for ever
    Zikri ni sematatna.

  3. I am SURVIVOR remember that song by beyonce. we did we still do and we are going to do survive it is what our eritrean history tell us.

    1. Hi Mr. Abraham, i was sifting all you comment and arguments, i found out there is one commen thing. You are not againest Eritrean Government policy niether you are ant- Eritrea, however i could see your heatred on personalitiesof the Government, if i am not mistaken you are pro 50's 60's Eritrea politics. if that so please bring it up, we could work it out. Unveil the curtain so that we could see your inner point of view.

      EPLF and Eritrea forever
      zikri ni semaatatna

      1. Heheh… LoveEritreanism hawey, I don't even know what that was… But I would like to learn. Am for my people, deki Eri!! So if there are things that I find unjust I talk, ask…. And having only one media outlet and many opposition camps with all kinds of agendas that I wouldn't know I look around for the truth?
        That is also one of the reasons I travelled back home to volunteer and at the same time get to know my culture, people+++++

  4. We have the law on our side and can use it against Dan Connell or anyone that use any types of terrorism against ERITREA.

    "Criminal acts intended or calculated to provoke a state of terror in the general public, a group of persons or part…icular persons for political purposes are in any circumstance unjustifiable, whatever the considerations of a political, philosophical, ideological, racial, ethnic, religious or any other nature that may be invoked to justify them." – United Nations General Assembly https://www.un.org/documents/ga/res/49/a49r060.htm

    1. Well According to Amanuel Biedemariam any one who questions the GOE on its human rights is a terrorist, anyone who organises or tries to organize an oppoistion to PFDJ is a terrorist. Every one who is not an issias supporter or PFDJ lover is some how anti Eritrea. Mr. Biedemariam has done a great job of discrediting professor Connell, with out a single sentence mentioning the state of human rights in Eritrea. Mr. Biedemariam if you want to be a respectable journalist/blogger/writer (what ever your job is) i suggest you start reporting both sides of the story. one more question so im an eritrean who is not happy with the direction Eritrea (my country) is going….the economy, human rights, overall management of the country and im wanting to see change in the leadership….does this make me a terrorist and anit Eritrea too ?

  5. A call for action from Eritreans all over the world is gaining momentum. As the case against all the perpetrators and criminal gangs that violated our sovereignty by invading and vandalizing our foreign embassies have been compiled and set to go for trial.

    The poor souls wouldn’t know what hits them. We’ll see if they are going to hide behind the wet pants of Dan Connell and Martin Plaut this time.

    The real revolution begins and it starts first by exposing and isolating the prime targets and perpetrators before it consume each and every other criminal that passes a stone.

    [youtube FabJsblWMyw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FabJsblWMyw youtube]

  6. We Eritreans are aware of what is happening around the world since, NWO ( New World Order ) Nothing is new to us. Watch where Eritrea came from and where it is heading. It is shocking to the western so called (USA,UK,France and others) It is normal to me and the nation of Eritrea, Do you know why? It is WRITTEN.

    To finalise, Don Crap is nothing but a beast walking on two legs. Please, Eritrean leadership is ASTUTE to a maximum level.

    ZelAlemawi zikri NiswAtna.

  7. Amanuel, I am glad that you challenged Dan. I wonder why Dan Connel is concerned with Eritrea and the Eritrean people. Eritrean problem concerns only Eritreans but nobody else. I love Eritrea because it is my country and my identity. Where was Dan while Eritrea was in struggle for independence for 30 years? If Dan is really interested in human rights, why doesn't he be concerned about the Eritrean struggle and the Eritrean people at that time? I am sick of Dan's words. No Eritrean has neither authorized him to speak on behalf of Eritrea nor selected him to be a human right advocate.

  8. do not blaim any but you and your ideologists.stay out of this you not thinking right and see shining day tomorow.ofcours you can see it you been selfish and blind.

  9. DANCONELL & THE SELLOUT opposition was thinking the JANUARY 21 ACUPATION of forto was done deal they where joyes dancing he even by ticket to go to ERITREA to become U S A emmbassy in the new ERITREA poor DANCONELE find out that the ERITREAN gov was SMARTER THAN he is now out of desprate he is talking nonsens what he dont understand is some of the U S A former ambassaors are saying the plocey of USA on ERITREA is wrong & they want bring ERITREA FOR peace with U S A & ETHIOPIA well this will make DAN CONELL VERY SAD acaountry he trying to distroy is bean beging by its ENEMYS for releshinship& what was interesing was the january 21 incident wich organize by DANCONELL WAS going to achive its goal acordind the faild opposition whay acording them DANCONELL was the top CIA spy so evry thing is going to work they under estimeite the SPY OF ERITREAN GOV against its enemys

    1. Truth is our weapon so as every body knows at the end of many painful struggle and the truth wins so no worry Eritrean people and the government of Eritrea. God bless.

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