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April 18, 2019

– (Sudan) US praises Sudan, sends envoy to Khartoum
– (Ethiopia) EPRDF Concludes Regular Session
– (Sudan) Erdogan claims Sudanese coup actually targeted Turkey

April 16, 2019

– (South Sudan) Gen. Peter Gatdet dies of heart attack
– (Sudan) Russia recognizes new authorities in Sudan

April 15, 2019

– (Somalia) U.S. says high-ranking ISIS leader killed in Somalia
– (Ethiopia) Ethiopia’s OLF fighters suffer from ‘poisoning’
– (Sudan) Military council continues to arrest former government members

April 14, 2019

– (Somalia) US military mission in Somalia could take seven years to complete
– (Ethiopia) Ethnic politics: the peril of Ethiopia?
– (Eritrea) Former President of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, sends his condolences toward Nipsey Hussle
– (Sudan) Abdelfattah Burhan sworn-in as interim president of Sudan
– (Eritrea) Eritrean Merhawi Kesete Wins Linz Marathon

April 13, 2019

– (Ethiopia) Ethiopia in need of USD 1.3 bln to aid drought, conflict victims
– (Eritrea) MIHAP, a small but highly effective pursuit for sustainable growth
– (Eritrea) Eritrea’s Marine Biodiversity
– (Kenya) Cuban Doctors Abducted in Kenya
– (Sudan) Protesters keep up pressure on Sudan’s military for civilian rule
– (Eritrea) Meb and Merhawi Keflezighi Share an Unexpected Connection With Nipsey Hussle
– (Eritrea) Nipsey Hussle Laid to Rest at Private Funeral in Los Angeles