Controversy Over Proposed Ethiopian Law Aiming to Change Capital’s Status

Addis Ababa Master Plan
What’s in the name “Addis Ababa / Finfinne” if it was all about TPLF’s usual clever gimmick to re-implement the Addis Ababa Master Plan by cloaking it in some bogus law about “Oromia’s special interest in Addis Ababa, giving Oromia extensive rights in the capital city”? Folks, it is not about the name; it is about the game. It’s about the TPLF zero-sum game.


A new law drafted by the Ethiopian Council of Ministers regarding the status of the capital Addis Ababa in late June is sparking debates. The law aims to recognize the largest regional state Oromiya’s special interest over the city as per the country’s constitution.

Addis Ababa is entirely surrounded by Oromiya state, which is home to the Oromo ethnic group making up close to 35 per cent of the entire population. According to the draft, the city will alternatively be called Finfine, a name the Oromo use to refer to it. Additionally, the law will make Afan Oromo a second working language of the municipality, alongside Amharic.

The relationship between Addis Ababa and Oromiya has been one of the most prominent drivers of political debates in Ethiopian in recent times. It crucially triggered the yearlong anti-government protests in 2015 when youths from the later came out to the streets opposing a master plan for the city which they saw as expansionist. The master plan which was later revoked by the government intended to integrate surrounding Oromo vicinities with the capital.  But the protesters alleged the plan would evict farmers from their lands.

More than 600 people died during the protests that morphed into demands of greater autonomy, justice and equality. Ethiopia is nine months into a state of emergency declared after the dozens died in a stampede during an Oromo religious festival at the pinnacle of the protests.

The relationship between the region and the capital was further pushed to the fore when a landslide in Addis Ababa’s main dumpsite killed 115 people in March. The dumpsite which served the capital’s population, currently estimated to be about 4 million, for half a century had been dangerously overloaded. Exacerbating the problem were contentions over a new site selected to replace the old one as it is located in an adjacent Oromo vicinity. As farmers surrounding the new site protested the project the city administration continued dumping waste at the old site in the months leading up to the tragedy.

In addition to incorporating Oromo identity, the draft law demands Addis Ababa to pay for services it gets from the surrounding Oromo vicinities including water supply. It also requires authorities to offer to the Oromo people “access [to] health care services at government hospitals and medical facilities like any resident of the city,” a clause criticized for mixing a basic right extended to all Ethiopians with a special interest.

Some members of the Oromo ethnic group disparage the draft law for failing to assert an issue what they say is the crux of the topic: land ownership. “According to this draft Finfine’s land will still be owned by the Federal government.  That’s too important a question to ignore,” says Hassen Ali, a resident of the city. “I hope the government is not under the impression that the people can be appeased easily.”

The proposed law explicitly avows that Addis Ababa is federal land. But the state of Oromia can acquire and develop land for administrative activities and public services free of occupancy payment.

Meanwhile, others reject the draft on the ground that the non-Oromo residents of Addis Ababa, which make up more than 80 per cent of the city’s population, are not taken into consideration. Samuel T., who was born and raised in the city, argues that the draft has a potential to breed suspicion among residents of the city who belong to different ethnic groups. “I feel like a stranger in my own city,” he says. He speculates the government’s move is directed at tapping into ethno-nationalist feelings growing among the Oromo youth in order to contain the high degree of anger that is “still prevalent.”

The government argues the proposed law addresses historical injustices against the Oromo.  Addis Ababa was founded more than 125 years ago by Emperor Menelik, a king whose military campaigns into the Oromo and other southern areas shaped the current Ethiopia.

80 thoughts on “Controversy Over Proposed Ethiopian Law Aiming to Change Capital’s Status

  1. Too little too late.
    The change Ethiopia needs is the removal of the cancer of Ethiopia, Woyane, hated by 94% of Ethiopians.

    1. The question is “who is the doctor to remove the 6% so called cancer?”
      Our high iq neighbours are falling slowly thanks to the deserts and their life time leader. Who else is going to remove the cancer?

    1. A hero from Amhara/ Ataklti · Edit

      I wouldnt want any country to go through what Rwanda witnessed 20yrs ago. I know u r praying day and night so that the same thing happenes to this wonderful country. But you have to know that, befor this interhamwe $hit happens to this country, your feck country will be wiped out from the face of this earth!

      1. So far, Ethiopians have fought so hard to repel TPLF’s desire to ignite ethnic division and tension. But, TPLF keep coming with yet another evil plan. May God help ordinanry Ethiopians.

        As far as wiping other country is concerned, all previous attempts had failed mieseably. We shall see what the future holds is what I can say!

        1. A hero from Amhara · Edit

          I dont want to be the first person to tell you that, ur shabia thugs and the shabia land are literally a pen stroke away from being cleansed, we were just 50km away in 2000 and we will finish it this time arround. make no mistake of it! You dont even have any one to cry to. And here u preach interhamwe on us?? you should be going arround and praise us just because we are letting u exist! For real!

          1. A herlo from Amhara · Edit

            we all know what u r prayin for. dont waste ur time. ordinary/real/94% Ethiopians knows u very well and your little box of thinkin world.

          2. Ayte Ugumey
            Browbeating is in your DNA if you are so sure with your fairy tale about the war of 2000, what is preventing you then from walking in into Eritrean territory. Eritreans don´t knell down let alone to the antiquated junta, we have successfully won over the Derg, which could easily have run your bush leaguer trenches had it not been for the might Shabia. Thanks to the gallant mechanized contingents, that you are now at the helm of power ruling Ethiopia with unprecedented brutality. But don´t forget time has changed and change is around the corner with real Ethiopians ready to retake what is legitimately theirs, what will happen then will see you may be forced to run to dedebit and proceed with you age old profession

          3. Ataklti/The Hero from Amhara · Edit


            Yes, I am very sure of what happened in 2000. Not only was shabia kneeling but also I have heard reports of shabia slodiers taking down thier pants just to beg the Ethiopian soldiers to spare thier life. You must have been only following “aand le enatu” ERT TV that may be the reason this whole thing sounds like a ferry tale. Do u think shabia left all the ocuppied teritories up to 50km for asmera for just “good will gesture”. dont make me laugh man! Any way, that was 20yrs ago… country has moved a long long way from there. It doest have any use to argue on that. but I just want to add that the gap is very wide now, getting wider every minute.
            But the main point is, the real/ordinary/94% Ethiopians know very well about your or shabias intentions, and dont even bother thinking that they will do thier homework.

          4. Ata Komal, what are talking about? 120,000 Ethiopian soldiers died then, what type of Agame mind do you have? And now We are destroying you with out even having to go to war.

            Get out of her….. You are stinking Endirta.

          5. In 2000 your fathers and brothers in thousands got shot in zalambesa, egrimekel, badme, and Asab.
            Ata resah Agame yehwatka tewediom.
            If you want more of it you can dare try like they did in 2016 March morning and Shabia washed them out.

          6. Ayte Ugumay
            which one is your country the famine ridden barren tiny one or the larger one which is mostly associated with famine abused children civil strife etc. You have to choose since your are endowed with nine hearts, which one do you pick when you are dressed like an Ethiopian. Ayte Ugumay irrespective of your fairy tale the situation on the ground was and is diametrically the opposite ask your crying warlord the once gang member ayte Tsadkan. You are very much terrified by the majority 94% but this days my disturbed little weyane no Shabia is to come to you r rescue just they did in Shire 1989. You have just like your criminal cohorts have inherited ti lie envy to stab to cheat, but those days are fast coming to end, in the north you have created a formidable neighbor and on the rest of post MLLT Ethiopian the 94 % have questions to your cousins since you are a messenger who is brain washed not able to differentiate what is good and bad from your contractors, i.e. the designers of all evil deeds in our region.

            By the way how is going your ” peace mission ” that you were pretending to promote not too long ago with of course an another alias the name of your midget chawawa now six feet under. Keep in touch until the real owner of the land you are misruling are in Menelik Palace again.

          7. Ataklti/The hero from Amhara · Edit


            I feel bad for ppl living in ur country since shabia has been teaching u in schools that Ethiopians have 9 hearts! NO, that is not true. We only have one big one. May be he was tryin to teach u that those ppl from Ethiopia are 9 times braver. I will take that as a possibility. But brother we only have one big one and it works just fine from the highlands of the north to the low lands of the south. In other word….I dont have to choose.

          8. You need Water to grow up · Edit

            i can see that TPLF / Ethiopia, which is you !!! you only feed the tigrayan people .why 20 million real Ethiopians are starving ?? if you really have one heart ? you see , that is the answer !! check this out Ataklti or atakltoa…………………………


          9. No you are lying again you are an example of people with low self esteem born to lie. I said specially those filthy weyane agents like you and your criminal cohorts who are blessed with nine hearts so the obvious conclusion is trust no Tigraway. That is why Ugumey we named a road twisted like a snake between Asmara and Keren Libi Tigray, our forefathers were wise men who knew you from the get go. You see mr little brain don´t mixed up things you are a Tigraway who is abhorred by the 94 %
            Ugumay use your right “identity ” if you have one and if you have the guts don´t try to get masked with ridiculous nicks

          10. Ataklti/hero from amhara · Edit


            hey dummy, I didnt know there are rules and regulations for picking a nick name. U failed to figure out from my comment doesnt mean I am masked with a ridiculous nicks but rather u failed to accept the truth.

          11. Ayte Ugumey
            The traits you are blessed with are typical of a Dedebit cadre bereft of common good. There is no such thing of a ” hero from Amhara” with those characters, thereby you are only a joke a crap who is consumed with hatred. Amharas are a decent people and are in fact our good neighbors. We have no problem to talk and work together with our Amhara brothers. They don´t have nine hearts like you Tigrawot, they don´t stab on a back like you do. You lack the courage to say you are nothing but Agame, so you want to cover your ” identity” says a lot on how do you see your identity crises. You must have read a little bit of Machiavelli albeit you could not naturally understand the codes with your mediocre writing and reading skills. try a little bit of sophistication next time as I said lately you are a little bit better than the poor “Sentiko” but definitely a second rate candidate of the Institution of lie: Dedebit

          12. Atakltihero amhara · Edit

            is that your sophestication level….lol…trying to make some crack b/n me and my good brother?
            listen alemitu, in the 21st century it is not about sophestication, rather it is about simplification. I dont know which century u r on but “sophestication” will not take u long.

          13. You need Water to grow up · Edit

            የገንዘብ ድህነትን በማግኘት ይላቀቁታል፤ የአስተሳሰብን ድህነት ግን በምን ይገላገሉታል? ችግር ነው፡፡ I love people with day-dream!!! They really make my day .

          14. You forgot the most recent–June 2016! About the previous one, just ask General Tsadkan. We know the details of that time even without Tsadike’s story. So, do not boast after the fact! Anyways, Alaklti bilo Amhara!

          15. How many Ethiopian soldiers died in 2000 year of war? Do you even know low life animal. 100,000 to 120,000 Ethiopian soldiers died”…. Do you want more of it? You bastard, chicken head.
            Go and wash your body you are smelling.
            Low life neibhour.

          16. Ataklti/The hero from Amhara · Edit

            is that what isayas is saying?? lol, and u believed the fairy tale?? if that was the case, shabia should have been in addis, not on the outskirts of asmera at the end of the war. u should think of mixing it up. there is al jezera, bbc, cnn or xinuha. not all of them are fake as pia says. u should be hiding now for saying you have killed 60% and wounding another 15% of the Ethiopian army. Next time when shabia does some stupid calculation, the war is not with the fleeing shabia “troops” but rather how quick the land of shabia is cleansed 100%.

          17. “Amhara wannabe AGAME”, it must be killing you that no body willing to talk about the filthy little midget that was buried under 2 feet or maybe 1 foot ha

          18. Brother, the Amhara are said to be saying the little midget was buried in a ‘sport bank’ I am yet to see what that is but I suspect some kind of little box or a ‘T’f’Hee” I am still learning the language..forgive me.

          19. Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat the same mistake…your gov. ethinc based policy is your undoing but who i am i to say….as you are not the one to wipe us from the face of the earth….you have no idea Mr. Ataklti…war is not a walk in the just a soft cunt who seat in the back of a pc with no idea but talk crap…if zeraf zeraf was the way then Ere would have been history…let alone now that Ere…you know Ere…your source of hate….hate what you like but we will be here for good…id say watch your back.

            Mr. Atallti i realy advise you to refrain from hate.

          20. Why 15 million real Ethiopian starving???Hello Miss Sentiko/sheger addis/ Ethio/Balance/My thinking / dan / A Hero from Amhara (TPLF Agent!!! ) I don’t know what kind of nick name you’ll get tomorrow .Anyways!!! Why are you here???????????/ The funny thing you responding on your comment .Do you really think you going to hoax Eritreans, stupid dam!!! This is for you! “የብዙዎቹ ምናልባትም የሁሉም በሽታዎቻችን መሠረቱ ድህነትና ማጣት ናቸው፡፡ የገንዘብ ድህነትን በማግኘት ይላቀቁታል፤ የአስተሳሰብን ድህነት ግን በምን ይገላገሉታል? ችግር ነው፡፡ First of all don’t google to much get fact ok!!! Before answering this question go and feed those kids dam ( dan)…………………….


      2. Wedi tegray, ne baàl melles bellom if you’re divided in to ethnic lines, was the amahra’s choice nor the ormos. for sure is your twisted mind that made that risk you’re mentioning not we, and is your criminal junta that discriminate amhara first and then oromo, heji just to sew, is very late..the volcano is there under your ass. watch carefully.

  2. Those of us lucky enough to have a constitution can discuss it with ththe public and amend laws to answer basic questions for all. The unlucky ones can’t even dare to bring it up, talk about it or even question anything the King does. When you do, you aren’t only called named but automatically becomes TPLF, that’s sad. To clarify this derogatory article, the draft hasn’t called for Addis status change of any kind. It simply tried to answer, define article 45 of the constitution. Oromo is part of us, why not as a second language, why not use finfine on equal footing as Addis? The idea of a proposal is to put it in the public domain for discussion, we are not Eritrea, we don’t shy away from accommodating our people to find lasting solution. The Oromo youth diaspora likes to hijack looks like this after making mama Ethiopia proud. 3000 win over Kenya. Shameless.

    1. Why the comparison with Eritrea? This article is about Ethiopia.

      Anyway, you seem to propagate, having a “constitution”, is panacea for all ills. It’s not. If it was, why is Ethiopia being ruled, under a state of emergency?

      You’re like a patient who hides his sickness, to the doctor and instead says, “doctor, look how ill so and so is, so I must be ok.”

    2. Ayte Sentiko the MLLT crap
      The habit of lying and back stabbing are the only virtues you are armed to the teeth and you have undeniably mastered them superbly, like father like a son. Now before getting into your usual dregs which have either meanings or some sort of messages. I would like proof you time and again that you are nothing but a pathological liar. We have not yet forget, that you promised to release the interview of the two phantom pilots seduced to your criminal cousins with their fighter jets, where is the video. we are waiting

      1. The main and number 1 Woyane’s weapon of surviving is lies, while the lethal weapon is its second tool of killing and maiming.
        Woyane is the controller of its so called “central government” and “federal states”, while at the same time it is an instigator and mediator, judge and jury in all cases.

        Democracy which Mr. or Mrs. Ballance singing is nothing than a Demoncracy which is going to take Woyane into the hell.
        Woyane cannot cheat the Oromos and the residents of Finfinne by its exposed and naked cosmetical changes.

        1. At least they are debating.Short of demicratic process yes you bet.But who decides Mendefera to be the capital of zoba dobub over Adikeyeh? What is the criteria? Why is the government of Eritrea treating the people of Akeleguzai luke Libya Bengazi that topled the Gadafi regime

          1. Stop your foolish nonsense Agame boy! I am an ERITREAN born in KuaAtit, Akeleguzay and I do not have any problem for Mendefera to be capital of our zoba. Once the dirt road connecting the DeqemHare – AdiQeyiH road with the Debarwa – Mendefera road is asphalted, it would be an easy drive through the historic village of Qinafna! It will happen soon. Now, you hamema boy, go away before I get a fly swatter on your face.

          2. FILMON, I am so sorry for not knowing about what you are talking. First of all I am not an Eritrean, I am an Oromo from East Shoa zone near Lake Ziway. Mendefera, Adikeyeh and Akeleguzai which you mentioned above, I know these names by hearing, but I don’t know where they are located in Eritrea and what has happened to them.

          3. loooooooool zemen well done bro!!!!!They are still there bro, lol and you meant to address Filmon the little wanna be Eritrean not Lalmba. cheers you are awesome brother.

          4. It pains me to know we are very close.I’m from may shefena,Birkito too.That aside though we paid the most we have been treated like agame by this agame government .Name any minister from Akeleguzai.You can’t becuase there is none.Grow up and smell the coffee brother

          5. I can see why you feel why you and Sentek (ballance) exhibit empathy for each other. I pity you both, as you are racists, regionalists, ethnocentric demagogues.

          6. Du you really call the weyanes rule a democratic process, you could not have been an Eritrean in such case. To the question of who or how one decided to Medefera than Adi Keyh that is the ugly side of regionalism that has no room in Eritrean politics, I am neither interested nor impressed with the feelings of regionalism and ethnicity. My friend cool down and don´t compare apple with pear, those in Bengazi who toppled Gadaffi as you said are no better off the are paying heavy price since the west who have promised them milk and honey after the down fall have effectively abandoned them of course after they have the vast resources of Libya

          7. Why is it upto you? Why don’t you allow the Akele people have a say in it? Are they less Eritrean than you? How about Blien or Afar people, kunama? They have beautiful cultural backgrounds we all need to learn from. You should do the same, that’s how democracy works. As a matter of fact, Akele people are one of the best to lead Eritreans to a better future and most Ethiopians adore them dearly. Soon I pray for those innocent people. Ayye Wedi Afom, he must be the first to take 98% support to single digits.

          8. I understand your intentions, but I’m sorry to burst your bubble here, got to tell you that Akelguzai had at least four ethnic groups lived in harnomny. Ethnic politics is not good for you, the sooner you get rid of it the better! I’m afraid it might be late in the Ethiopian case.

          9. Brother
            If you see those squalid Weyane agents who frequent our sites specially TN are trained in different tactics. What we can infer from their writing is at least three prominent criminals can be detected. “Ballance” being a light weight he sends always to disrupt an ongoing discussion, as a foot soldier he is un enlightened that is why he made full of himself very frequently. He has a focus area around ethnicity and constitution he repeats those words ad infinitum. He can´t even spell the word correctly but he indulge in it as a drudge with limited brain capacity he in many cases writes and expresses like a typical Dedebit with the famous IQ 63.
            The other obscene zombie who frequent with the very borrowed nick ” A hero from Amhara ” is little better than the petit Sentiko, his specialization is saber rattling to badger when ever the antiquated MLLt feels cornered. He jumps in and as habitual send his unbridled narrative which is devoid of any facts and primarily bereft with logic and common sense, but again he is a product of hate and a true student of the lie institution.
            The last one who is actually the first to comment on every article on Eritrea in Madote is none other the disturbed and unstable MLLT agent “Abel.” He as an editor of the now defunct, but hate breeding machine TOL is the one who tirelessly writes on economic progress of Ethiopia under the brute junta. I could easily add up all his lies on billions of investments which never have been invested, but he gloats one billion here and three billions there all in USD, men that is the MLLT formula at its best. I said once not even the state of California could afford those staggering billions of ghost investments which made mamma Ethiopia middle income country according to the saga by Dedebt pundits. All these three repugnantfigures but many more too have some common flavor: lie duplicity and chicanery.

          10. Alem,
            I get that Woyane agents are all over in different forms and colors. That is what they do, except not producing any returns. I believe, we shouldn’t miss the opportunity, these agents give, to teach even one young Eritrean about the facts. This is the only reason I try to reply to these up-to-no-good vagabonds.

          11. Abrar, if you are really Eritrean you should not have spelled out this mocking words on your fellow citizens. this is exactly what our bloody enemy badly wants to happen
            to create some cracks for their destructive policy.
            totally unacceptable !!!!????

          12. Shut you filthy mouth dumb….sebar tsahly….Akle this Akel that what do you know about Akele? Zilch the 9 tribes died side by side…you can try all you lilke but not in my Ere…we have moved on buy the rif rafs and the ugly brains keep on barking ethinicity….our tribe is Eritrea. Move on ata hamema.

        2. Isn’t it ironic an agame wants to lecture an Oromo on democracy and term limits? That’s why we say if you tell an agame “this is white” an agame will die trying to appear “more white than white” it can’t help it, it’s in its DNA. Do you think he/she has not heard of the gadaa system?

        3. Hi Zemen
          You get it right the weyane´s actually believe to extend their brutal rule with lies lies and lies. Lie they do every day in which part of the world could you fine a nation so ridiculed as Ethiopian under the antiquated Weyane Tigray´s rule. A regime who have lied so many times one begins to forget counting those outright lies. The whole weyane modus operandi is anchored on a single attribute: lie
          A regime not too long ago, boosting have secured in the last sham election, all the places in the MLLT made ” parliament”, but soon after the popular uprising they panicked and declared state of emergency practically a marshal rule, shoot to kill. kill they did under the pretext of to honor the rule of law. They declared to the whole world they are growing by double digit not one year guess what a decade, and yet they beg for alms in every corner of the world left and right. These are few extracts from the many bizarre remarks of the cornered junta ruling your country unfortunately, but as I used to say you have to join your struggle in order to regain your country sooner than later.

    3. Your so called constitution works for just 6% of the filthy fake Ethiopians,but not for 94% of real Ethiopians. I would like to use B.Adal line ” we don’t have extra food to help you at this time maybe try some other time “

    4. የገንዘብ ድህነትን በማግኘት ይላቀቁታል፤ የአስተሳሰብን ድህነት ግን በምን ይገላገሉታል? ችግር ነው፡፡ I love people with day-dream!!! They really make my day .Sentiko/sheger addis/ Ethio/Balance/My thinking / TPLF Agent with IQ 60!!! Sentiko/sheger addis/ Ethio/Balance/My thinking / He is a TPLF Agent with IQ 60!!! He is pathological liar. He lives in a fantasy world where everything said felt false or exaggerated. ለዚህም ነው የምቀኝነትና መሰል የክፋት መድብሎች ዋሻ ሆነህ የቀረክው፡፡

  3. It’s all the first round for the Ethiopian people the worst to be come, who cares about the Dade fish except the fishers man!
    No matter what my government made a beg errors The Holy father is free waiting the Hero general.
    Long live the Eritrean ARMY in general!!!

      1. Actually it’s woyane’s delusion that is rising; farmers from shire and gereAlta were forcefully gathered to wear red and yellow Ts as opposing teams and ordered to shout regardless who had the ball or what have you. Woyane had told it’s subject the match is between Liverpool and Manchester United, here and now, live, at meqelle stadium. No one won but woyane lost

  4. I feel sorry for Tigray people to rule Ethiopia they sold out their Tigrigna, to claim asylum they lost their gramigna learnt pure tigrigna and now they have to learn Oromigna to rule the oromo!! what is left of abay Tigray equals to ZERO!!!!

  5. Lately, I feel sorry for Ethiopia people ,when I see what is expecting a head of them. We really need prayer. their government repeated mistakes after mistakes rather than paying attention to solve the key fundamental situations of the country that has brought all these endless public unrest and violences.
    The government of Ethiopia should have understood that all playing cards on its hands are gone for good after this last card attempt. Only one chance left to change the course.
    You need basic political, social and economical reforms as soon as possible before too late. we don’t want to see another failed state in the horn of Africa to avoid 80 millions displacement and refugees crisis from Ethiopia to the neighbors countries.

    1. Did you really write that with a straight face? May I remind you, our cousins were banking on this ludicrous argument since 2005 election. Mind you, we went through three while you kept mum on even the idea of allowing Akele people to organize, youth to bare arms to save Wedi Afom, slept with Arabs for $$ to avoid a coup and you are still are it 15 years later? The number one fastest growing nation just became mama Ethiopia, please save some prayer for the one millions coming our way from your waterleyland komal.

      1. “Ethiopia a fast growing nation” is an illusion just like the rest of Ethiopia’s 3000 years of history. The truth is Ethiopia is starving and begging for money to feed its people. Ethiopia is also overun with poverty and death from preventable illnesses. Etthiopia also has a regime sucking the wealth of the nation and does not share it with the Ethiopian people. The regime removes Ethiopians from their ancestral lands taking their very last means of survival then it shoots those people who have legitmate reasons to demand their land back. No one knows when the thief strikes , but what we do know is the situation in Ethiopia is unsustainable.

      2. Yeap! You said it all Ethiopia is the fastest growing ever by producing a large numbers of STARVING PEOPLE.
        every single year there are 8 more millions people affected by
        man-made droughts .
        I can see that this year is jumped in very significant amount to 20 millions even your government trying to down play the great humanitarian crisis in Ethiopia.
        what a dynamic STARVATION success 🙂 keep entertaining us.

  6. Expressen has written an article about Eritrea on its Ledar page today. It is saying that those who come to sweden are not political refugees, but economic refugees. It is also claiming that 5000 eritreans per week ( 260000 per year) flee to neiboghring countries, what a lie. It seems that the right wing elites in sweden are desperate to be as popular as Sverige Demokraterna, which is the second largest party in Sweden right now. Few monthes ago they were screeming Diktator Diktator.

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