CIA, UNICEF and Genocide in Somalia

UNICEF somalia drought
UNICEF oversaw the starvation deaths of at least 250,000 Somalis during the last “Great Horn of Africa Drought” and famine of 2010-2012 and that didn’t even force its Chief Anthony “Tony” Lake to drivel any “regrets” because the world knew nothing. (Photo:

By Thomas C. Mountain,

UNICEF oversaw the starvation deaths of at least 250,000 Somalis, mainly children, during the last “Great Horn of Africa Drought” and famine of 2010-2012 (at the time the worst in 60 years) all the while being led by Anthony “Tony” Lake, former National Security Advisor to President Bill Clinton and failed nominee to head the CIA (nomination withdrawn following corruption reports).

That’s right, Tony Lake was supposed to be the Director of the CIA and instead is Executive Director of the largest aid agency for children and women on the Planet, UNICEF.

Is it any wonder that the use of mass starvation killing off hundreds of thousands of Somali children at a time, should happen on his watch? What better way to “reduce the Somali refugee problem” than to only budget 10 cents a day per person to feed a million internally displaced persons ensuring this would happen? Under Tony Lake’s direction, UNICEF only budgeted US$35 million for 2011 to feed a million Somali refugees.

Ten cents a day is not enough to feed anyone anywhere on this planet and Tony Lake knows this better than most, and deliberately and knowing full well what the result would be, failed to provide food for those most vulnerable, children, entrusted to his care. Mass murder by starvation took place – genocide, really.

This enormous crime against humanity is completely unknown in the west and internationally. The media completely buried this story making it on of the most censored this past decade or more.

This is not the first time Tony Lake has been involved in genocide for he was Bill Clinton’s National Security Advisor in 1994 and later admitted publicly that he knew about and did nothing to prevent the genocide in Rwanda, something he “regretted.”

Eight hundred thousand dead Rwandans and the man closest to the most powerful man in the world “regretted” standing by with full knowledge that genocide was being committed and doing nothing to stop it?

Almost 250,000 dead Somalis didn’t even force Tony Lake to drivel any “regrets” because the world knew nothing. The silence in the western and international media on this crime extended to almost the entire alternative media as well, with the infamous case of an award winning journalist, much the darling of the alternative press, landing in Mogadishu, Somalia on a story about drones and CIA “secret bases” and never once mentioned the famine raging all around him.

This was in the summer of 2011 and Jeremy Scahill visited Mogadishu right as the famine was hitting it’s stride, with hundreds of Somalis, mainly children, dying every day, some within just a few miles from the hotel where Mr. Scahill was staying. I guess his CIA vetted fixers made sure he didn’t see anything.

I wrote about this crime against humanity before it happened in an article “Starving Somalis on 10 Cents a Day” where I exposed this planned genocide. Even I didn’t think hundreds of thousands of children would end up starving to death.

When you mix the CIA and UNICEF maybe you should expect genocide in Somalia, It happened before on Tony Lake’s watch.

Thomas C. Mountain is an independent journalist and his his speeches, interviews and articles can be seen on Facebook at thomascmountain or best reach him at thomascmountain at g mail dot com

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  1. Al shabba were the reasons for the death of these innocent people, they blocked thr regions and kick and then chased all the aid workers.

    Al shabab are egyptians and Saudi created puppets to destroy Somalia, but the great Somali warrior have crushed the dogs al shabab and chased the egyptians and Saudi rats.

    Today Somalia is the biggest democracy African country alongside Ghana and South African but the Saudis rats wanted to turned Somalia into akothet Afghanistan but thank god our African bro/sis saved us from the African taliban.

    1. What you have in Somalia is not democracy. Atleast not real democracy. Somalia is governed by AMISOM, Ethiopia & USA. They dictate who will be next President. Once your country is free from foreign military forces then will only Somalis have true freedom to choose what they want.

    2. U werdo Somali is not close to gahan at these monument because Somali is colone of Ethiopia , USA Kanya and aimsion sadly and these fault lies on tplf cancer of Africa but also Somali got into these slave state terrorism state position because of the warlord and some Somali who sold there country out to tplf and to others don’t ever compare Somali to any African country that’s being stupid Somali is the worst type of sad government in the whole of Africa it is not even government! But the future can be better If Somali use there head instead of being a slave to the outside world

    3. Al shabaab would never have existed, if not for the weyane invasion of Somalia in 2006. Why are you trying to cover- up, for ppl like Anthony Lake?

  2. mass murder, all the neighbouring countries and ,mostly weyane are doing is creating problems in the horn.time to take back that control of establishing peace, forget the OAU, UN, etc.

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