China Imports $20 million Worth of Copper from Eritrea

Mining Terminal at Massawa Port. Concentrate Export Operation at the ore concentrate Terminal in Massawa. Ratainer loading device in foreground and grey Bisha mine concentrate containers in background
Concentrate Export Operation at the ore concentrate Terminal in Massawa port, Eritrea. Rotainer loading device in foreground and grey Bisha mine copper concentrate containers in background

By CapitalEritrea

PANAMA flagged cargo ship “Thor Glory” unloaded 11,450 tonnes of copper concentrate, valued at $ 20,437,700, at the Port of Nantong in the Jiangsu province of China.

The press reports state that the copper was imported from Eritrea, but do not mention the exact port of origin. The cargo was probably shipped via Dubai as it is the vessel’s closest port of call to Eritrea. 

According to Chinese media reports on Monday, it is the first time that the Port of Nantong imported copper concentrate from the East African country. Eritrea is rich in mineral resources and has several international mining companies exploring metals near its capital Asmara.

Shanghai Metals Market (SMM), a leading Chinese independent metals market industry news provider, said that the supplier’s name was not revealed in Monday’s media reports .

However, Vancouver-based mining company Nevsun Resources Ltd. is the only company currently producing commercial copper concentrate in Eritrea since December 2013.

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16 thoughts on “China Imports $20 million Worth of Copper from Eritrea



    Look, im not all for the PFDJ:s policies, and some shit they have done (like not implementing the constitution, not have a trial for the G-15 etc.) have made me mad.

    But i will ALWAYS…always.. apreciate, respect and admire the way they have defended Eritrea and how they strive to develop Eritrea (MDG goals, how they developed the rural areas of the country etc.).

    Politics aside, I am Eritrean first and foremost. And i love it when my country makes me proud of who i am, i love it when ERITRA succeeds!

    Goooo Eritreaaa , awet n eritra!

    1. Either you are with us ,or against. Please don't sugar coat your message here. Ever since the PFDJ founded the plan was sketched on a stone how to create independent Eritrea , economically ,culturally and all that comes with it. Ones it all done before the founders of Eritrea they close the curtain of long and hard years and step in to the retirement will pass it on to the next generation with guide (constitution) how to run the country. You are not mad about the 100.000 + died for the cause,but you are for G-15 how ironic. Well any one that commits treason should be imprisoned wather is yours or my family member.

      1. Zahra, Well said!!! He/she (LaleyLaley) sounds very shallow and controversial. He can't have both, defending the Nation from all kind of enemies and at the same time late loose the most traitors free to harm the very existence of Eritrea as we know it. Eritrea has paid to much with the best and brightest sons/daughters of hers to be the playing field of some traitors as simple as that.

      2. Zahara I'm not sure why you choose to be blind. Look in the meeting Eritrean officials done outside Eritrrea.What you see there is a bunch of group from Certain parts of Eritrea(Yes I'm not mentioning any by name).There is a reason for that. When your government and our country does good thing we applaud and when our government does mistakes you have to speak up. This is very healthy.

        1. Shut up, Don't you come up with new names and tactics trying derail my way of thinking, You like or not this is the way it will stay till the mission is complete no ifs or buts about it. Have a nice day!

      3. Zahra, MussieGebreab

        What the hell do you mean with either you are with us or against us?

        This is the problem with us Eritreans today when we talk about politics. You cant have a balanced view of Eritrea, because then both sides hates you.

        Before you even start accusing me of being anti-eritrea:

        * I believe that Ethiopia should vacate Badme and accept the border agreement.

        * I believe that the sanctions should be removed

        * I believe that the U.S should leave us alone, its scary how much powers they ve got. Ethiopia should have been sanctionized for not accepting the border ruling but instead the slaves persuaded the US to make us sanctionized.

        But on the other hand:

        * I believe that the G-15 should have a trial. "Zahra" spoke about me not mentioning the 100.000 people that died for the cause, i really dont see how its relevant. Of course im sad that they died in the struggle, im even sad that people died during the border war.
        But still, its just not fair. I believe that they are guilty of treason, to turn on its country during a critical time is stupid, horrible and just wrong. But they need to have their day in court and PROVE to us all that they are traitors.

        * The constitution needs to be implemented, at least revised. If the PFDJ deems the constitution to be irrelevant or feels that they cant not fulfill on the promise on having a national election, then they need to change that paragraph and explain to the eritrean people why they did that. I trust my president and most people do to, nobody would object.

        Bottom line:

        Yes, they are traitors, yes i want to have them jailed. But everybody deserves a trial. And spare me the bullshit about youre either with us or against us. Try to have a balanced view about your country.

        Even you have at some point criticized your countrys system.

        Two examples:

        Everybody here knows how it feels to be viewed with suspicion everytime you enter the Asmara Airport. They ask old ladies, former veterans, their children etc. questions about if they have a camera on them, cell phones, take out your electronical devices. I wonder how "positive" you are about Eritrea then. I understand if foreign people gets viewed with suspicion, but us eritreans? We are the ones who pays our 2% taxes.

        What about the immigration office…You hear people swearing in 15 different languages about the waiting hours, about the beauracracy, the process (i remember when they forced me to pay 100 nakfa and 20 cents and i only had a hundred nakfa, they insisted on the 20 cents when finally one person came forward and gave her 1 nakfa and told me to ignore her – which i did…..10 minutes later, my mom came forward – she only had to pay 100 nakfa, i was virtually seconds away from screaming some really nasty words in tigrinya when mom just dragged me out of there)

        Do you like that part of Eritrea – or wait – either youre with us or against us?

  2. Wonderful News .,All the health and wealth long live to Eritrea and Eritreans .What brilliant, PFDJ proud of you Eritrean people .Peace and prosperity Thanks

  3. Developing Eritrea PFDJ way is a sure way. Even our enemies know this. Long live all our heroe leaders and tegadelti and eternal peace to our martyrs.

  4. Instad of wast time wrighting rubbish ..why not start business Inveting back home we help our self and we creating job for our poor ppl .lets start set up worldwide Eritrean privet investment bank and start building hotels all over Eritrea like Helton or supermarket styl to evry Eritrea city .let it run by franchise ..imagin if all Eritrean ppl invest $1000 all over the world .what we can do back home ..I am volunteer to hand over $1000
    Tesfanews you should push for this and adevret ..let's help our ppl and our self and our Eritrea

    1. Invester,

      good idea!

      Another idea is that, we should co-operate with the minstries of agriculture or transport or education and ask them the prices for building roads or providing school supplies and then (during the YPFDJ meeting perhaps) ask the youths to contribute (maybe the government gives us a 5-6 months of time-frame to come up with the money) and when we reach our goal perhaps somebody could travel down to Eritrea and take some pictures, write something on twitter etc. about how the work is presiding.

      Another (really crazy!!) idea is that somebody should calculate how much everybody should contribute to make sure that no soldier,teacher, doctors etc. makes lesser than 10.000 nakfa a month. It means that the Eritrean Diaspora pays aprox. 8-9000 nakfa a month per person, if not even all. If its a reasonable number, than id hoped that everybody would contribute.

      Its a good way to make the youths more aware about Eritrea. The old ones are already paying their 2% taxes because of loyalty.

  5. It is simple for me. It is "supply and demand." Them Chinese would not have bought our copper is the quality and price were not acceptable. Every other theory in this subject, is purely speculation.

    1. Tesfai,

      Do you know what China is famous for? They RARELY import…its really hard for an foreign company to establish something in china wilst they demand the EU & USA to have them import chinese stuff.

      You only have a handfull african nations that are exporting gold, diamonds, oil to china.

      Zambia has brutally much diamonds, but makes less money than Eritrea on their exports (even though wikipedia tells you different). Zambia owns nothing, they have a 5 % tax, through some dubios metods that amount goes down to 1-2%, and then you have the bribes of course.

      Kenya is even worse. They make zero. They were stupid enough to let other companies extract copper without paying a single penny in taxes in a 10-years period. When that period is up – they simply change name and continue for another 10 years..

      Eritrea is exporting and actually making money from its exports… Thats why this is good news.

  6. Every reactionary and enemy of Eritrea cannot withstand any positive outcome or progressive development the country is achieving, despite all hurdles being thrown in its way Eritrea is marching relentlessly towards greatness by staying true to the "Revolutionary Program."
    You have those mercenaries whose job is to create chaos, fear ,and confusion and those who have no understanding what this nation went through, and the steep price it paid throughout its history. Patriotic Eritreans know patience, therefore understand that democracy and development has to be Eritrean made to the core. Like the old saying, "Ask not what your country will do for you, but ask what you can do for your country."Like the Spartans the Eritrean people at home and abroad have been like a "Steel Curtain",impossible to penetrate.

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