Cecafa: Eritrea 0-3 Uganda

A double from captain Emmauel Okwi ensured that the champions collect six points and their game against Sudan will determine Group winners

Uganda and Sudan passed to the quarterfinals after each secures a 3 - 0 win over Eritrea
Uganda and Sudan passed to the quarterfinals after each secures a 3 – 0 win over Eritrea

By Tim Musungu,

Defending champions Uganda Cranes powered into the quarter-finals of the GOtv Cecafa Senior Challenge Cup after a well earned 3-0 win over Eritrea at the City Stadium on Monday.

Gor Mahia striker Danny Sserunkuma provided a great performance for the Cranes, being involved in all the three goals. The Cranes sought to bury the match as early as possible and it only took them nine minutes to grab the first goal.

Captain Emmanuel Okwi, returning after missing the Group opener with illness, took the first goal calmly after converting Sserunkuma’s pass. Okwi, who plies his trade in Tunisia, had a chance to double his tally in the 15th minute but Somali goalie Abdulahi Abdurahman saved off his effort with Sserunkuma being flagged offside after picking up the rebound.

Uganda scored the second on 17 minutes from the penalty spot after Sserunkuma was floored inside the box by Suarfael Tesfamekal. Striker Hamisi ‘Diego’ Kiiza sent the keeper the wrong way to take Uganda into the lead.

The Cranes kept the pressure going and they enjoyed passing the ball around. They sealed the deal on 39 minutes, again Okwi tapping in a cross from Sserunkuma. Cranes had another chance to extend the lead in the 43rd minute, the Somali keeper saving off Sserunkuma’s shot while Hamisi Kiiza failed to grab his brace on 45 minutes, his header from Brian Majwega’s corner hitting the upright.

Eritrea however, came back spirited in the second half as they sought to score a consolation. Serak Beyene had an effort going wide on the hour mark while Muner Ahmed saw his effort saved by the Ugandan keeper on a one on one situation.

Five minutes to the final whistle Sserunkuma came close to sealing his superb performance with a goal but his left footed shot rattled the cross bar.

Uganda now have six points from two matches and their game against Sudan will determine the winner of the Group. Coach Milutin Sredjovic is keen to beat Sudan and take the leader’s spot in order to get a weaker team in the quarters.
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13 thoughts on “Cecafa: Eritrea 0-3 Uganda

  1. Hope this will be a learning curve for both team and Sports commission. We will get there as we got everywhere. Slowly but Surely.

  2. Yes Teddy Sheda as you have said it is a learning process, I agree with you, sure in the future they will do better.

    All the best to the Eritrea national football team!

  3. Maybe the whole football program should be re examined and restructured. I have heard from football enthusiasts in Asmara who have a problem with the way the process of selecting the players works. Some told me that there is favoritism that is incapacitating the national team.
    I am not sure if this is the right time to talk about it but it is an important issue that should be discussed for the betterment of the Eritrean national football program. Hey atleast we are dominating cycling, four years in a row is something we should keep reminding everyone else that Eritrea means business when it comes to dedication and hard work.

    1. Hey, cazzate:

      Does your native Tigray have a football team? Do they play soccer in Tigray? Or do u just kick beles around for fun?

  4. Winnng and losing are the norms of any game. What erritates me most is their defection. The just put the name of their country in the bad mouth of our adversaries. Whatever we built with our gold bearing cyclists and athlets, some cowards from the football came and erase everything. That's too selfish of them.

    It's too painful to link Eritrean footbal with defection. Kabaka zeyhaysh b'aka yiweraze. MesHaq guhamamat geromna. Sorry for losing my temper. Viva Eritrean gold miner teams in Egypt

    1. Selam I Think anytime is a right time to talk about making a +ve change. Please address your concern to the right department and am sure something can be done. And dont lose faith…as most African teams have went through similar adjustments

  5. these things go in cycles. three years ago when the CECAFA championship was held in Asmara, Eritrea was the victor. Most of the players that were on that team are probably pumping gas or washing dishes somewhere in the Western world. The team can be rebuilt. In the meantime, we still got the cylcling team.

    Forza Team Ere!

  6. There is a conspiracy against Eritrea as a nation, from occupation of our land, UN Sanction and forcing our youth to leave the country. The defection of our athletes, footballers is part of the conspiracy. There are enemies of Eritrea who are trying to lure the youth with false promises to runaway on airports and hotel lobbies, to help with asylum applications., I have seen some of those mislead Eritreans who regretted their decision to defect. Sooner or later Eritrea will gather all those and ride on top of world sports as our cyclists,. Viva Eritrea .

  7. atum sebate ezie cazzate zeblo hakie eiu entay eikum tigray do gele teblu. xeruy eritrawi bezeaba etie zegbre zelo sele zeskfo eiu ryeto hibu. nay behakie dema haku eiu. agame entay amexiome abzie. ne resayome endo ezom libi tigray eziom beale diom zeyfeltu. ane abe kenya eie zelku kulu nay eri xeweta dema atie reyo eie nay behakie dema tesfa zexrxu texawetie eiom mexiome ketwddaerome kelka mese tekddmntna cycle. selzie xegmome kenzareblu alena.

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