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Ethiopia’s Latest Frontings

abiding by the rule of law will advance peace between Ethiopia and Eritrea
Hollow statements and false bravado will not advance peace in the region…abiding by the rule of law will.


After 16 years of silence on the Ethiopian occupation of sovereign Eritrean territories, there is a sudden barrage of articles about the Eritrea-Ethiopia “border” issue coming from the regime in Ethiopia, its surrogates in the mainstream media and from a notorious, if insignificant, segment of its cow-towing “academicians”. Continue reading Ethiopia’s Latest Frontings

Impotence of the UN and Ethiopia’s Impunity

16 Years Later. When will the UN Security Council shoulder its moral and legal obligations and end Ethiopia’s 16-year long occupation and restore Eritrea’s sovereignty and territorial integrity?


April 13th will mark the 16th anniversary of the Eritrea Ethiopia Boundary Commission’s (EEBC) “final and binding” decision on the Eritrea Ethiopia border. There is not much that can be said about the historical decision that has not been said before, but it would not hurt to re-iterate some facts: Continue reading Impotence of the UN and Ethiopia’s Impunity

Al Jazeera: Preserving a Lucrative Anti- Eritrea Cottage Industry in Decline

Al Jazeera’s vile accusations against members of the Eritrean Diaspora, without providing any verifiable evidence to support its allegations, only undermines the network’s credibility.

Why is Al Jazeera rehashing an old tired story and repeating its falsehoods?


In a recent article, Al Jazeera, quoting two notorious individuals with close ties to the regime in Ethiopia, accused members of the Eritrean Diaspora of being “spies for the government of Eritrea”. Similar accusations were made by these same groups and individuals in the past, but were dismissed when found to be outright lies. Continue reading Al Jazeera: Preserving a Lucrative Anti- Eritrea Cottage Industry in Decline

Politically Motivated Indexes Misrepresent Reality

The one-number summary. Politicized reports and indices long been used to deceive and to manipulate public opinion, not to advance freedom. They simply do not present an accurate portrayal of the countries that are being ranked and serve as tools for subjugation.


It is that time of year and we should expect several indices to be released by the UN, government agencies and renowned academic think tanks in Europe and the United States. These indices cover a whole range of issues such as corruption, human rights, religious freedom, economic freedom etc. etc. Continue reading Politically Motivated Indexes Misrepresent Reality

Ethiopia: The Regime is in Tatters

What triggered Ethiopia’s anxiety attack this time?

The regime can stop pointing fingers at Eritrea and others in the region and take stock of its own beleaguered state.


The New Year has brought change to the Horn of Africa region, long beleaguered by conflict and strife. But for some reason, the minority regime in Ethiopia seems antsy-and itching for more violence and turmoil.

It seems to thrive when the neighborhood is on fire. It must be running out of ways to get the attention of the international community (donor community) which has finally awoken and seen how its good will and support for the regime have been squandered. Continue reading Ethiopia: The Regime is in Tatters

The Saga of the UN Monitoring Group and Eritrea

SEMG drifts into uncharted territory to dwell on tangential issues to prolong mandate and give new lease of life to the unwarranted sanctions

The saga continues … faceless, nameless entities continued to funnel information to the SEMG and Eritrea is asked to disprove the allegations. Political horse-trading, equivocation, and/or lame excuses should not be rule of the game this time round.


It is that time again. The annual ritual at the United Nations where the Somalia Eritrea Monitoring Group (SEMG) presents its findings, and Ethiopia and its handlers find way to prolong the SEMG’s mandate, and with it the illegal sanctions on Eritrea. It’s has been the predictable circus at the UN since the US and Ethiopia engineered the unjust sanctions resolution 8 years ago. Continue reading The Saga of the UN Monitoring Group and Eritrea