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Anything ugly about Ethiopia

Obama and Meles Zenawi’s Ticket

Meles’ presence at the G8 meeting was representing not only his failed and hunger stricken country but also for a God forsaken dictator that money can buy

By Amanuel Biedemariam,

For decades, the West fed the people of Africa lies about democracy, the rule of law, standing for the rights of people, freedom of press etc… ad nausea. But contrary to the advertising and flouting of these grandiose’ ideals, Western nations have served Africans tyranny with all its vice on a bloody platter. The Bush administration, Tony Blair and their Western allies were notorious for cuddling African tyrants like Meles Zenawi.

When President Obama run for the White House, his lead slogan was, “Change We Can Believe In.”  Continue reading Obama and Meles Zenawi’s Ticket

How Bad is Eritrea?

“Eritrea has become a threat – ‘a threat of a good example, ‘a beacon of hope in a continent that filled with misery and despair, and where Africans, despite their abundant resources, have been relegated to live on handouts from the generous west” – Sophia Tesfamariam

Corruption and greed along with economic programs prescribed by self-serving external forces have forced most Africans to live on handouts

By Merhawi,

Two decades ago, as Eritrea’s decades long war for independence was nearing its close, Thomas Keneally, the noted Australian novelist wrote about Eritrea, “you are a threat of a good example!” Have Eritrea’s efforts reversed so sharply?

Everyone has heard of Eritrea’s neighbors – Sudan and Ethiopia. Sudan is now as fractured as the former Yugoslavia, worse still war looms between the recently divorced North and South over territory and oil.

Ethiopia, by who Eritrea was occupied for thirty years, is still struggling to feed its population, and worse yet our generous aid has paid for its military adventures in Somalia and ethnic cleansing on its eastern frontier. Continue reading How Bad is Eritrea?

Eritrea won’t Take Sides on Nile Waters

Eritrea won’t side with Sudan or Egypt against Ethiopia

By Shabait,

Eritrea’s President Isaias Afwerki disclosed that Eritrea won’t side with Sudan or Egypt or any other country on the issue of Nile waters because Eritrea does not believe there exists any reason for confrontation. He made this remark when he had an interview with a Norwegian Television called NRK.

He also advised that governments should not use the Nile River and its resources as a tool in view of the fact that the river and its resources are the asset of the present and future generations of the entire region.   Continue reading Eritrea won’t Take Sides on Nile Waters

Ethiopia Reportedly Ready to Capture Assab Port

If war with Eritrea was difficult yesterday, it is indeed impossible today

By Indian Ocean Newsletter,

A new border conflict between Ethiopia and Eritrea could soon be triggered over the port of Assab according to the Indian Ocean Newsletter.

As reported, the Prime Minister of Ethiopia, Meles Chenawi, is strongly tempted to put his recent public threat into practice. This threat, which he levels against President Issayas Afeworki of Eritrea, would consist of providing Ethiopian backing for Eritrean opponents.

According to information obtained by The Indian Ocean Newsletter, some Eritrean rebels and an amount of military equipment are being grouped for this purpose at Mille, a small township in Eastern Ethiopia, situated near the Djibouti and Eritrean borders. Continue reading Ethiopia Reportedly Ready to Capture Assab Port