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Dairy Farm Project at Misilam

A prototype project that amplifies the long-term potential of the agro-industry sector

A number of agricultural projects are currently being implemented surrounding the 38 million cubic Misilam dam. The 4000 cattle strong modern dairy farm project is one.


The Eritrean Livestock and Crops Corporation (ECLC) has for long carried out several projects to empower dairy farmers and boost milk production in the country. One of their recent endeavors as part of the Logo – Misilam Development Pilot Project is related to modern dairy farming in Halhale, Southern region. Continue reading Dairy Farm Project at Misilam

Eritrea’s Renewable Energy Supply and Youth Empowerment Strategy

Besides ensuring the supply of renewable energy to the Logo developmental pilot project, the 4 MW Logo solar power plant served as a great center of professional development where hundreds of young Eritreans were able to refine their skills in the field.


In previous editions of #UnderstandingEritrea, we have seen that the water at the Logo Dam has been used as potable water and to irrigate small scale commercial farms, thereby improving the living standards of the communities in seven (7) villages surrounding the dam. Continue reading Eritrea’s Renewable Energy Supply and Youth Empowerment Strategy

Danakali Appoints Aggreko as Power Contractor at Colluli

Aggreko is a Glasgow-based company that currently provides the Bisha mine in Eritrea with a solar-diesel hybrid power supply (22MW of diesel and 7.5MW of solar).

Danakali has appointed Aggreko to supply, commission and maintain the proposed Colluli power plant for five years.


Dual-listed potash developer Danakali, through the Colluli Mining Share Company, has appointed Aggreko as its preferred power supply contractor for its 12 MW heavy fuel oil power plant at the Colluli potash project in Eritrea. Continue reading Danakali Appoints Aggreko as Power Contractor at Colluli

EU Supports Eritrea to Improve Food Security


At the beginning of 2019 the EU launched a four years’ project in Eritrea to help improve food security and offer better income to participating farmers.

The project, implemented through the Eritrean-Irish Development Partnership (Vita) with support from the Eritrean Ministry of Agriculture and the National Agricultural Research Institute (NARI), focuses on three major staple crops: wheat, sorghum, and potato.

A total of 400 cereals producers and 100 potato growers in the Maekel, Debub and Anseba regions are directly benefitting from the project.

As part of the project, farmers are provided with high-yielding and resilient potato seed (Electra and Burren) that enables them to multiply their production (25-30 tons per hectare) and thus, also their revenue.

This high-yield seed is being spread across the highlands to increase the number of communities and/or villages, which are using and benefitting from it.

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Coupled with the use of ‘climate-smart’ agricultural practices, such as soil and water conservation, organic composting, and small-scale community-based irrigation the project’s output is higher, more efficient production, better use of the environment, and higher revenues.

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On 17 September, the EU’s Ambassador accompanied by the Ministry of Agriculture and NARI officials as well as Vita and EU Delegation colleagues visited Tselot (ጸሎት) village, south-east of Asmara where farmers who have been using this high-yield potato seed gave a first-hand account of their experiences.

Serejeka – Gindae Asphalt Road Renovated, Expanded

The asphalt road that connects Serejaka with the Gindae sub-zone, commonly known as the “Semanwi Bahri” route, is being renovated and expanded.


The asphalt road that connects Serejaka with the Gindae sub-zone, commonly known as the “Semanwi Bahri” route, is being renovated and expanded. Continue reading Serejeka – Gindae Asphalt Road Renovated, Expanded

Eritrea: Misilam Dam

The construction of the 38 million cubic meter Misilam Dam was completed in 2014 and the dam now serves as a big source of clean water to the inhabitants of forty five villages and three cities in the Southern region.


Misilam, a Tigrigna word for coronation, is the name of a mountain in Debaruwa that stands at X481424 and Y1666037, where in ancient Eritrea noblemen used to go for their coronation.

The construction of Misilam Dam, which is named after the mountain, began in 2010 by Seghen Construction Company. Continue reading Eritrea: Misilam Dam