British Report Confirms Eritreans can Return Home Without Fear of Persecution

A new British government report have laid the controversial issue of migrant returnees to rest after its fact-finding mission to the country concludes that Eritreans can return home without any fear of persecution.

By TesfaNews,

The British government has published a new 285-page report that challenges the existing narrative of most Eritrean migrants, the UN and pro-migrant NGOs that their home country Eritrea mistreats them when they return.

Past British as well as Danish reports had contradicted the general narrative on the issue, but both reports were called into question.

In contrast, the current report has dropped some of the past report’s controversial points and was part of a longer and more comprehensive visit by Home Office’s fact-finding mission to Eritrea.

The fact finding mission (FFM) was conducted by 3 officials from the Country Policy and Information Team, Home Office, with support from the British Ambassador to Eritrea, Foreign and Commonwealth Office, between 7 and 20 February 2016.

As indicated in the report, the purpose of the mission was to gather accurate and up-to-date information from a range of sources about national service, healthcare, and migration to and from Eritrea for use in the asylum decision making process.

Unlike the Danish report, the British report includes, for the first time, interviews with migrant returnees. It also included testimonies of diplomats and humanitarian aid workers in Eritrea.

Out of the 120 migrants who made face-to-face interviews with the mission, 30 of them were migrants who had come to Israel but later returned to Eritrea who said that they were well-treated and that their primary reason for coming to Israel was economic.

The returnees said, to be granted refugee status and obligate Israel to permit Eritreans to remain in the country, each person must prove they would be persecuted if they returned to their country of origin and did not come to the country for mere economic reasons.

According to the vast majority of Eritrean migrants, the UN and past reports from pro-migrant NGOs, most Eritreans cannot return to their home country because of persecution.

What the British fact-finding mission and facts on the ground ascertained, however, is that Eritreans can in fact return home without any fear of persecution.

One interviewee told the mission, he left Eritrea because, “I needed money for my family. Mainly for economic reasons. I went to Israel. Stayed for about five years and came back. And when I came back, I came back voluntarily… I wasn’t forced to come back. After five years, I couldn’t find a job. They sent me to a detention center and I didn’t want to be there. If I could have got more work, I would have stayed.”

He added that he had claimed asylum in Israel, “because I migrated illegally, I had to tell them I have a political problem so I claimed asylum. But my reason was economic.”

Asked if he was forced into the country’s infamous mandatory military national service with wide reports of torture and mistreatment, he said he was not conscripted – “I joined my family and the government allows me to go wherever I want.”

Another interviewee also said he left since his “main problem was economic. After five years, I went to Holot [Detention Center in Israel]. Didn’t want to go there, so left.”

The second interviewee also stated that he faced no consequences from Eritrea’s government upon his return.

Hotline for Refugees and Migrants, a pro-migration NGO in Israel, slammed the report as being based on a much smaller number of interviews than the controversial June 2016 UN Human Rights Council reports.

One major deficit with the UNHRC report was its lack of credibility. The report failed to gain the support of influential countries such as the US as it already regarded it as non-accurate and one sided that suffers with selective bias. 

This new British country information and guidance reports, therefore, will be considered as the new template by many European and even Israeli immigration officials in determining asylum and human rights applications by Eritrean or other nationalities who falsely claim Eritrean.

Yonatan Jakubowicz of the Israeli Immigration Policy Center told the Jerusalem Post that there have been past accounts that Eritreans were not mistreated for returning, but this report was significant because it was the first with testimonies from Eritreans confirming that narrative who came back specifically from Israel.

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49 thoughts on “British Report Confirms Eritreans can Return Home Without Fear of Persecution

  1. Eritrea is exonerated from vile accusations by the detractors but watch the detractors, woy-ane stooges and particularly those losers with dergue left overs will come out with a lot of garbage to dilute the British decision.

    1. As Eritreans, we should work hard to prevent the causes that is making Eritreans leave the country. We, Eritreans in diaspora could put our money to work. For instance, modern chicken poultry and egg production is easily doable. We could supply the rich Arabian market. The chicken industry could employ thousands of Eritreans. The government should create favorable conditions for Eritrean business to flouris.

      1. just to add on this for the people who live abroad please, don’t encourage or assist any one to risk their life on the uncertain conditions instead support them to stay home and improve their lives . life is going to be more better for them if they have something to do. I hope government has to make final closer to enlighten Eritrean youth bright future to make everything happened in that country.

        1. Nebsy, what naive opinion did you have or your government, because it’s not my government ( not chosen by me) for the youth? When did you expect you’ll be back to Adi?

          1. Asmellash Gherinichiel · Edit

            ካብ ኣፍ ሓርገጽ ንዓካ ን ንኸማኻን ብተወፋይነቱ/ቶም ሓራ ከውጹኡኻ ከሎዉ መን ወኪሉዎም ኢዮም ዝቓለሱ ዘለዉ ኣይበልካን/ምን ፣ ፈቲኻ ጸሊእካ ክትጎስሞ ዘሎካ ሓቂ እቲ ኣብ ባይታ ዘሎ ስርዓት ኢዩ ። ዝኾነ ሰብ ካብ ዕዮ ሃዲሙ ዝህቦ ንስለ ዘረባ ዘረባ ሰማዒ የብሉን ።
            እቲ ኣብ ወጻኢ ምህላው ነውሪ ኣይኮነን ኣብ ወጻኢ ኮንካ ከም ኣድጊ ድሕረይ ሳዕሪ ኣይትብቆላ ዝዓይነቱ ድኹም ዝደጋገም ምልልስ ፎእ ኢልካ ከምቶም ይቀመጥዋ ንሕጂ ወይ ውን ንግዚኡ ኣብኣ ኣይሃሉዉ ላዕልን ታሕትን ዝብሉ ስለኣ፡ ገለ ከበርክተላ ኣሎኒ ጽባሕ ድሕሪ ጽባሕ ጥዕየ ሓሚመ ሃገረይ ዋሕሰይ ኢያ ኢልካ ተዓጠቕ ! ክሕብሕባ ይግባእኒ ኢዩ ኣብ ምባል ሓልን !። ብዝዕባ ካልኦት ዝህብዎ ድኹም ሓሳባት ደጋሚ ኣይትኹን፡ ኣሉታዊ ሓሳብ ዘወትር ማርኹ ኢዩ ዝሕዘካ ! ካብኡ ዝርከብ ቁምነገር ድማ ምድናን ጥራሕ ኢዩ።

          2. How can the Government of Eritrea be your govt you hassad agame. Your govt is in Menelik palace, Ethiopia at least for now until it gets overthrown. I hope soon. You people are parasite. I hope your days are numbered.

  2. To tesfa admin; This British report was published before COi report. Why are you writing the article after coi report in June 2016 ? The British government will change its report because of COi.

    1. What is your complaint?
      Does it matter when it was written?
      If you have already read it (before or after the COI), good for you, so ignore it, but leave others to read it.

    2. It was CONDUCTED between 7-20 febuary, but realsed in AUGUST! How do you expect, TN to publish the report, when it wasnt even out yet?

    3. Hahahah lol go to TOL and spread hate you have no place here, if you don’t like it go hung yourself, while you are at it allow red cross to return Eritrean children. No more using them as a bait to go to the US and Canada and No more claiming to be Eritrean in Europe!

    4. if have read it carefully u would have known. in February 2016 was conducted and officially presented their findings to home office in August 2016. get it bro

  3. Deki Ere, AybelNan’Do !!!
    Deki Ugumesh, Tewareedkhum !!!
    Well, we Eritreans all along knew it that Eritreans asking for asylum were almost 100% economic migrants. Furthermore, the majority of those who claimed to be Eritrean asylum seekers were/are actually Ethiopians.
    So what have we learned?
    — No asylum will mean Eritreans will continue to develop their beloved country, even if it means at a lower salary (although I believe the salary of most people living in Eritrea will be moving up).
    — Non-Ugumesh Ethiopians who are refused for asylum and deported to Eritrea (because they are “Eritreans”) are welcome to Eritrea provided they are willing to work in Eritrea.
    — Mr Mike, Smith, Chairperson, Ms Sheila, B. Keetharuth, and Mr Victor Dankwa should be reassigned to work in Syria, Libya or Somalia as a continuation of their “human” rights investigation. I personally would prefer to save tax payers money, by simply handing them to ISIS for fair judgment.
    — And to the UK government, due to the recent killing and arrest of peaceful Ethiopian demonstrators, get ready as thousands of True Ethiopians asking for asylum using their true Ethiopians identity cards will soon be flooding in your door steps, thanks to your western government support of the oppressive Ethiopian minority government.
    This time around, I hope UK government will do a timely investigation of why Ethiopians are leaving Ethiopia.

    1. That is right! no Ugumesh in Eritrea ever again. These evil, snake & criminal creatures can never be trusted. Who smuggles them in will face a heavy fine.

    2. LOL! thats right man!

      Work in Eritrea tho…? Sure if they can come up with “arbate weledo” hahaha! That would be a truly impressive feat.

    3. ~

      መርሓባ ብጻይ B.Adal

      ነቶም መዘማምር ተለኣኣኽታ ሰስረሖም ክሳብ ንረኽበሎም፣ ንወዘሮ ቂንጣሮጥ (B. Keetharuth) – – – ድሮ ዕዮ ረኺብናል እኔና!

  4. The policy of destroying Eritrea isn´t working. Ehmmmm…. The brits have an incalculable debt to pay, for what they did to Eritrea in the `50´s and afterwards. They´ve derailed our right to independence and robbed our country blind. They instituted the archaic ethiopian monarchy to its Place, attempted to cut Eritrea in halv-to give one halv to Sudan and the other halv to Ethiopia. When that failed, they made use of the UN and sparked our 30 years war of suffering and Death. I know the US was at the forefront but the policy was inherited from Britain. And now they´re telling us, after all this years, that they realize these guys are economic migrants? BS. They knew that all along. The change of tune comes from the fact that, that policy has failed.

    1. Actually, yes, the UK owes us a lot. Among other things, it dismantled the Italian built teleferica (cable-way) and the ship maintenance (dry dock) in Massawa, which it sold to its former colony Pakistan.

    2. ~
      ክቡር ሓውና Ebay-Asmara – – – ቀመም ዘርባ።

      እቲ ክስትውዓለሉ ዘለዎ ሕመርት ነግር ግዳስ እሞ መቓልሕ ዘድልዮስ !

      ( ንብሪጣንያ በይና ዘይኰኑስ ንኩሎም ኣባላት NATOን መዳኽርቶምን ብዝምልከት፣ ) – – – “They knew that all along.” – – – “They knew that all along.” – – – “They knew that all along.” – – – “They knew that all along.” – – – “They knew that all along.” – – – “They knew that all along.” – – – “They knew that all along.” – – – እናለ ዝሃምም ቃልካ’ዩ።

  5. We are basically at the finishing line. I’m sure the regulars here know that British kingdom is an extension of the American empire. There is NO WAY in hell this was released without the approval of washington. I think the protests in gondor and oromia have made them think twice about the migration issue. This could signal them not supporting woyane goverment maybe they will start talking to the next goverment (s) too come now.

    The key word here is “British” even the EU saw brits as spys… washingtons eyes and ears in EU. So If we see a complete reversal in policy don’t be surprised. We see american in the security council play bad cop and Lousie mazel (spelling) Play good cop in Eritrea. So through him could be the reprouch effort. Remins to be seen but till Ethiopia is back on its feet under a new goverment I think the westerners will try to patch things up with Eritrea. Lets not kid oursleves atm Somalia is small potatos. The whole terror in Africa or the horn narrative was full of shit to being with.Yemen is of utmost concern because of iran/houti’s and even more than that it concerns Israel. So to shore up Israel America will pander to saudis and make up with Eritrea i bet.

  6. ሓቅን ሓሶትን?

    ሓሶት ወዲቓ
    ደኺማ ላህሊሃ
    ብሓቂ ተረቲዓ
    ኣብ ሻዕብያ ሜዳ

    ሓሶት ተዳሂላ
    ጭራኣ ደጒላ
    ደኒና ሓፊራ

    ሓሶት’ዛ ማንቲለ
    ህቦቡላ ግመ
    ዓብላኺት ዓጢነ

    ሓቂ ደኪራታ
    ትንፋሳ ኣውጺኣታ
    ሻዕብያ ሲሒቓ
    ንሓቂ መሪቓ

    ሓቂ ወርቂ ኢኺ ስንቂ
    ጎብየ ጉዕዞኺ
    ትስዕሪ ጸላኢኺ

    1. ኣየርእየና’ወ ሓሶት ድፋጭኣ ሰትያ፡ ክንዮ ዶብ መረብ ምላሽ ተጓሒፋ። የቐንየልና ራእይ!

  7. Does Eritrea export fish to other nations? If it doesnt well what’s the pointing of even having an ocean.

    The European markets are in hunt for highest-value fish like tuna, mackerel species, yellowfin tuna, Spanish mackerel and lobsters etc, this could be a nice income for the Eritrean government and its people.

    What does Eritrea actually export? Ethiopia exports flowers, coffee and khat, Somalia exports cattles, (cows, goats and camels) to Arabian markets, banana to European markets and now its reviving its fishing Industry and Djibouti makes its money by hosting American and French military.

    1. Did you just woke up and feel to drop these lines before you did your homework? Without going into details who is exporting gold, copper and zinc, among other things? Do you think it is mama Ethiopia? What a sellout!

    2. Let’s go back to your school days -:)
      Have you given history answers in your geography class? What does fish exporting have to do with the topic of the page? It seems you had too much chat to chew last nite to come up with non coherent and unrelated response.
      Forget Chat, the main export of your Ugumesh government is Ethiopians flooding Europe with Fake Eritrean identity, which is why we have this report from the British government.

      1. I apologise if I caused any offence its just that I was just curious you know because the fish industry its worth lots of money and the profit its awesome.

        1. Sorry brother/Sister,
          if anyone should apologize, it would be me for not being sensitive since I had my own share with off topic responses. I think it is that we have become so polarized that we are ready to attack anyone we think is out of line. Sorry again.

          You comment was actually very funny since it had nothing to do with the topic.
          Have a nice weekend.

    3. DUD, Did you have a day dreaming ? Are stoned ?or what kind fish , ocean are taking about ?.First be sober, then you can talk .

    4. God didn’t give us the sea so we can let others exploit our resources. we will export our resources when we are good and ready not because our neighbors are doing it. So, Ethiopia is exporting flowers? while it is begging basic food for its famine stricken population!!!. You surely got your priority screwed up. Same for Somalia.

  8. Thank you for pasting this important article ,Thank God Eritrea is free because of our family died and because of our devoted committed father brothers and sisters Ekalo and warsay all of them ,all Eritreans inside the country or out side the country proud of them .If they decided to go back good on them let them go .Eritrea and the Eritrean people now I’m taking including the Government never divorced them to anyone,they decided to leave .They were going out off country ,now they learn the hard way ,only your country is your own dignity and no country can accept them .Welcome home we love you .

    Glory to our Martyrs

    1. Let’s to be honest even when it is personally difficul to you. Do you know the quote, Life is short, live your dream and wear your passion. When you compare yourself to others in Hagerna, what does make you better to live outside of Eritrea and the youth should ruin their life in Adi? Why did you and your colleague with IQ60 aren’t in Adi instead in the “evil” west?

      1. do you want the short answer or the long? The short one would be, to make MONEY. And help our families and government who have been sanctioned and mistreated by the west.

        1. It’s very interesting to know what you whant and what you espect from your life….get money and help your family members ( As you can’t do that in Adi), now the question, what is the difference between you and the youth in Adi which try to realize the same thing like you? Why do you expect from them to live in Adi if you’re not ready to go back to Adi?

          1. You want the short or long answer? The short is narrow nationalism. The long, he is clueless about the daily lives of others or care only about himself, feed his ego at expense of poor souls in Adi. Let him be proud please.

          2. emmm, where do you see me say or expect anyone do to anything? everyone is responsible fortheir own actions and desicions! I chose to leave my country in search for a better leaving stander, but once i reached europe, it wasnt as i expected. But sice im hear now, i have to work extra hard to support my family and country, so they dont have to make the horrifying journey, due to not having the correct idea of how life is outside their country. Obviously you cant make as much money in Eritrea, as europe, because Eritrea is a poor country devestated by decades of war!

  9. Breaking News:
    The Ghinbo-7 and ODF agreed top work together by sigining a MoU.
    -Battle between the TPLF and Ethiopian Arned Opposition groups vs within the TPLF raging in the caner of Ethiopia.
    -TPLF is reported to be leaving the Ethio-Eri Border and moving its Army to Gonder and Gojjam.

    1. Are you a comedian or ESAT lover shabo? Just so you understand, some media outlets are there to entertain a small mind, not to be taken seriously. For example, there tabloids in the US glad to report UFO’s came to the white house to meet Obama, thats a joke and not serious. Or my fav, Kim Kardashin is having meeting with Putin about the nuke issues we are having. Just trying to help you.

  10. The Government of Eritrea should REFUSE VEHEMENTLY to accept any Eritrean that has landed on the shores of these European countries on the grounds that the European countries technically INVITED these these (and the many other Africans that pose as Eritreans) by granting them a blanket refugee status alleging that they are subjected to human rights violations in Eritrea by the Government of Eritrea. The EU countries can’t have their cake and eat it too now that the people of Europe are displaying strong anti-immigration sentiments.

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