The Tale of a Death Wish ‘Journalist’

amanuel eyasu
For a compulsive liar such as Amanuel Eyasu, even a generous sized ear won’t help to get the story right.

By Helen Berhe,

Amanuel Eyasu of, embarrassed himself and his death wish followers for the fourth time after reporting a rumor that has never been a rumor to anyone but to himself. By now, everybody knows Amanuel Eyasu is very much obsessed with President Isaias’ health and rings the alarm bell whenever he missed him on the state television or on for more than a week.

His crazy obsession lately forced him to announce through the radio he owns on October 11th that the president of Eritrea has been seriously ill. He convinced himself of that after he failed to see him at the funeral procession of the late Ambassador Girma Asmerom, and that is reason enough for the motor mouth Amanuel to announce about the President’s sickness.

Unfortunately, in less than 24 hours after he made that foolish statement, the lion of Nakfa was seen healthier than ever together with the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi in UAE.

Radio Assenna have earned its deserved nick name “Radio Hassina” because of its reputation for broadcasting false and fabricated news irresponsibly, based solely on rumors and most of the time on the owners imagination and wishful thinking. I guess someone have to tell him that lies are not part of the Eritrean culture.

Death wish journalist, therefore, humiliated once again for the fourth time, the same day, in fact after spreading his wishful imagination. Had he do not seen the President for a little while longer, this shameless person would have had announced his death.

Terribly humiliated, on 13th of October, Amanuel start blasting those what he called the President’s supporters through his radio waves. This egocentric fake journalist is full of hate, for God’s sake.

One thing he failed to understand though, as any ordinary human being, our President have been sick in the past and may get sick again and even may passed anytime. But what if this self-proclaimed, fake journalist is the one to meet his creator first?

If that happened, and Amen to that, the only thing the Eritrean people will regret will be the fact that he, Amanuel Eyasu, won’t be able to wake up again and see our President actually outlived him.

I assumed having big ears would have advantages to get some stories right, but apparently did not help Amanuel at all.

76 thoughts on “The Tale of a Death Wish ‘Journalist’

  1. “Unfortunately, in less than 24 hours after he made that foolish statement, the lion of Nakfa was seen healthier than ever together with the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi in UAE”

    lol. Your English is crooked “Helen Berhane”. Spend your time on classes rather than politics.
    by the way, Amanuel is ex-tegadalay. I bet you haven’t spend a single day seving Eritrea in the field.

    1. መብራህቱ ተወልደ · Edit

      ” I bet you haven´t a single day ‘seving’ Eritrea in the field” how many years have you spent in class in whole your time Ato Vol?

    2. There was nothing wrong with her English you bastard SOB. More importantly she is a genuine Eritrean, something you can’t say about your miserable life. Now, go and kiss Weyane;s ass you mother fucker.

        1. If you yo think her English is “crooked” and would like to point fingures please watch for capital letters when you start a sentence after a full stop. Foolish! like so.

        2. Anyway, if PAI passes another one with the same or tougher stances towards your masters TPLF/Teraro will take his place.. That way, you also get to spend your hard earned Weyane money on Hassenna radio until you die.

    3. Vol, halay’we halay. let alone retards and rejects like amanuel eyasu, even ex-commander tegadalay mesfin hagos’ status has plummeted from hero to zero, nothing, nill, bado just like your shitty opinion/head.

        1. This just further proves that Woyane are idiots. She’s being facetious with that statement. She’s saying it is unfortunate for the liar Amanuel that PIA showed up in the Emirates right after he was declared ill and seeking treatment in Uganda (lol).

          1. “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt.”
            I think this saying was ment for people like woyane vol. He just doesn’t get it to begin with. Trying to teach him is a fallacy in itself.

    4. Vol,
      You seem more amazed with Helen’s English than with Amanuel’s habitual false reports regarding President Isaias.
      What is with Amanuel being ex-tegadalay? It seems you are implying no one should question the integrity of an ex-tegadalay … of course, besides Isaias Afeworki 🙂

      Regardless of Helen’s English, what is wrong with what Helen wrote? Wasn’t Helen awesome in exposing Amanuel’s unprofessional reporting?

      BTW, English is my 4th language … how bad is my English, Mr./Ms. English teacher? 🙂

      Vol, your English is excellent !!!
      — just kidding.

    5. I have read all the comments below. The following comments says “What Amanuel wishes is the wish of all true Eritreans. What is the big fess about his wish. All of you wish that but you keep on pretending”

      All true Eritreans? Is that true Wedi-Nakfa? Personally, I believe death is ours whether we like it or not. What is important here is what contributes in his life time. Amanuel would also be remembered because many listen to his programs. But how many of us liike to hear truth? How many of us appreciate what has been done so far? May be some of us wish short cut wealth, or else only concentrate on our daily life and fool ourself as if we are rich and need not have to work hard it is GOE who is making life difficult. Dedication and devotion is given to very few people. The complexity of our nature complicated our life. Amanuel’s propaganda support some people wish war to come to us. We read comments and bad wishes by the nick name Abel, Sentek etc. So PIA’s death is normal he is a human big but he has opened our eyes that self-reliance requires hard work with soft Eritreans heart to make our country great and our people rest of poor standard of living!

    6. Her English is perfect, just worry about your discredited You are trying to stumble away from the main topic.. Tosser!!!

    7. Vol: you are stupid woyane, correct your English first before you try to correct others. Here is your broken English:
      “I bet you haven’t spend a single day seving Eritrea in the field”.

    8. ኣሌክ - Alec you · Edit

      “On classes?? So where u came from u get ur education not inside ur class but on top???? of the roof?????? Oh, u poor thing!!????

      And ya..have u “serving”????Eritrea in the field??

    1. His a IDM (Internet Dollar Militia) that’s only Eritrea’s ONLY opposition group. Just a bunch of protestors with no political agenda. They just want Militia taking over Asmara. Haha you need to wake up.

      As the saying goes, “A Lion (Shabia) does not flinch at laughter coming from a Hyena (Woyane)”

  2. ወዲ፡ ደሙ፡ ከም፡ ኣዲኡ፡ ኛው፡ ይብል።ስለዚ ድማ ሐሲና.ኮም ፧ከም፡ናይ፡ወያኒ፡ሐሰውቲ፡እዩ ።መዐልቲ መዐልቲ፡ንኢትዮጰያውያን ፡አናቀተለ ፡ጸሊን፡ሐሶት፡አናሐሶወ፡አዚ ፡ለባ፡ሞልጫ።PIA is going to live 100 years ,We are proud of him the best president ever .
    Victory to the Mass
    Glory to our Martyrs

    1. Actually brother, he’s gonna live in the consciousness of Eritreans, for generations, while ppl like these, will be forgotten the day the weyane is dead and buried.

  3. aye Amanuel Tantu kento mento. Behaki motor mouth.
    I would call him “af tugtug”. Tugtug kibil keleku dima Harley Davidson keymeslekum.
    He is just Vespa tugtug.

  4. Amanuel is always shoot his foot and he put his foot in his mouth. He is weyane jack-ass,I think he is smelling Meles chenawi dead body.Your Master Weyane is going to be 6 feet under the ground soon.

  5. Great observation Helen. BTW, how the criminal looks like a thief. In every picture I see him, he looks like he is guilty of something. Could it be the money he stole from the Eritrean people. Yes, you read me right, the tax payers’ money he stole from Eritrea. That is exactly what I wrote – the money he stole from our peoplewill remain over his head! ሰራቒ! ቁጥሚ! ቀጣፊ! መደናገሪ ሓሳዊ! በዲኡን በቡኡን ዝተረግመ ለሓሲ ትፋእ ወያነ! ሙሽሙሽ

    1. lol, I agree. He looks like he’s got some serious mental issues, maybe a severe inferiority complex. It doesn’t look like he’s doing things to the benefit of anyone but himself.

  6. This is an insult to journalists to call this liar a journalist. When one lacks facts and instead focuses on what SELLS for a short period of time he is delusional or Jealous maniac. It is foolish to spend a valuable time listening to such radio station which doesn’t possess the legitimacy and objectivity of the news he broadcast.

  7. senef seb kab himak timnit halifu zigebro yeblun. ab nay geza riesu metsawedya himak timnit dima teasiru yinebr
    ewe tewestiu nay behaki lieli natu wetsia zehzin gin nay deku wetsia eyu kemzi aynet abo keebiyeka tsibah nigho entay aynet sebat eyom kikonu.
    kaliay mot nay e/her srah eyu temtsio lewti zeyblka n mot kitmne kabzi zihasir hasab alo ele ayamnin any way that is how he is brought up. i really feel sorry for you.

  8. What Amanuel wishes is the wish of all true Eritreans.
    What is the big fess about his wish. All of you wish that but you keep on pretending.

  9. With time not only naive Eritreans come to know about Radio Hassina’s sick mentality toward Eritrea, even ethiopians are aware too, and get to know the link they have with the rat-passed already Ethiopia’s pm. and so this gays standing for tigray or what, now is clear to all, and that they don’t have any genuine program to share.

  10. ኣሌክ - Alec you · Edit

    This pet of a pet needs a mental check up ASAP!! Ya.. Someday wedi Afom like all human beings is going to die, cuz his not immortal.. but damn this ወኻርያ’s desperation is just ????hahaha. And now we’re already tightening the robe in woyane’s neck, so ዘልዕሎን ዘንብሮን and ዘውርዮን ጠፊእዎ ምስኪናይ.. And soon we’re going to come for this thug and others like him.. Oh and don’t get surprised if he got into car accident in the future.????????????

    This ወዲ ሃገር ኢየ እንዳበለ who shook the enemies hand deserves to meet its maker!! Call it revenge, but remember, revenge is also a balm for the soul. He played a dangerous game.. because of ከድዓት ደቂ ሃገር like him it took us too much time to build our country, collaborating with enemies to put economical sanction in-order to tackle our progress and of-course an arms embargo in-order not to defend ourselves and country and along the way we lost a lot of lives, because ከድዓት ደቂ ሃገር like this thug and his minions promised our youth a greener grass=>> a death trap.. So when they die in the sahara-desert and sea craftily planed-.. cuz they thought when they died, the ppl of Eri can turn against their own government out of despair. But that failed miserably. Just like that, they thought Eritreans can handed them over the hard earned independence. Never!! Well keep on dreaming, we’re coming to collect!!

  11. Those are some big ears. They look like the experimental ears they grow on rats. He could probably hear sound coming from a mile away. You should have put some whiskers on him to make look like a rat.

  12. and continue to fight for the top spot on team Woyanes prostitutes. In the last 7 years these 2 sites have risen to the top, beating – a site even the woyanes no longer visit (RIP for good). As time the Woyanes are favoring b/c they are good solders. Case in point, the site continue to state (to this day) the June offensive by the woyanes in Tserona front was started by Eritrea, even though all major western media outlet have now confirmed Ethiopia started it (following Prime Minster Hailemariam admission). Moreover, the woyanes see the as a sign that Eritreans can be divided along religious lines. What can I say, Asena is in a tough spot; he’s got to do something to be noticed.

  13. My only complaint is TN you gave this low life by putting him in our website,you made us waste our time discus about him.I know for sure he enjoying every second of it,even our insult to him.He is attention seeker egoistic,narcissistic piss of SH___T of and you provide him with one.You know.

  14. Asmellash Gherinichiel · Edit

    ብዝኾነ ኩላትና ሓደ ዕላማ እምበር ንኹሉ ነገር ብሓደ መልክዕ ክንርእዮ ግድነት ኣይኮነን ፣ ስለዚ ድማ ኢና ቁጥዐና በበቲ ዝመስለና ክንገልጽ ዝተገደድና ። ኣቦዋት ብባህርኦም ጸጋ ሕያውነት ዝተዓደሉ ሕማቕ ክዛረቡ ዘይጎዩ ፡ ካብ ተመሊሱ ዘጣዕሶም ንኸይውዕልዎ ዝጥንቀቑ ስለዝኾኑ እታ ዝውትርቲ ኣበሃህልኦም ኣታ እዚ ድኣ ዘይመዛርብትካ ይርዳእካ ዘይትብሎ ክብሉ ንሰምዕ ኔርና ኢና ። እሞ ንከም ኣማኒኤል ዝኣመሰሉ ሽዩጣት ዝግባእ ከም’ዚ ሓደ ሓውና ዝበሎ ክብሪ ሂብና ክንምልሰሉ ወይ ክንምልሰሎም ዝግብኦም ኣይኮኑን እሞ ብዝበለጸ በቲ ሒዝናዮ ዘሎና ሃገራዊ ምረሻ ኣብ ኩሉ ንዕብየት ሃገር ዝሕግዝ ተግባራት ንዋፈር ።

  15. Ayte Amsanuel’s case is “dedihir adgi zikede tirat adgi lemede” like his mentor he has a cesspool mouth and please forgive him, it’s his mental condition that makes him talk garbage and do silly things, basically he is deluded MULAQ TSETSERAT!!!

  16. next if we don’t hear from Amanuel abouth of PIA, we have to assume Amanuel funeral is to announced, The problem is if his death is announced on his hassena radio, no one will believe it and miss his funeral. I am not worried any ways as I didn’t consider him alive. he just miss the attentions

  17. ዑሱብ “ጋዜጠኛ” ካብ ሓቂ ዝረሓቐ
    መባእታዊ ኣፍልጦ ሓንቲ ዘይጨበጠ
    ብቑሩብ ቁራቦ ሕልና ዝሸጠ

    ግብዝ መላኽዒ ከናቑት ዘንቀደ
    ስራሕ ጋዜጠኛ ፍጹም ዘይመለኸ
    ብስም ነጻ ፕረስ ሰነፍ ዝሃውተተ

    ዝሕንጥጥ ዝግዕር መሬት ዘይተገብረ
    ወፊሩ ፈትሹ ከየመዛዘነ
    ዘይኮነ የውሪ ዓሻ እንተረኸበ

    ኣብ ሬድዮ ኣብ ቲቪ ኣፉ እንተኸፈተ
    ወያነ ከሐጉስ እንተኣዕለበጠ
    ሓቂ መሲልዎ ሂወቱ ዘውሓሰ

  18. What a shameful journalist, is he an Eritrean, or some sort of metice. For your surprise the Lion of Nakfa that is only God knows about him. Not any one idiot like amanuel eyasu.

  19. “If that (death) happened, and Amen to that, the only thing the Eritrean people will regret will be the fact that he, Amanuel Eyasu, won’t be able to wake up again and see our President actually outlived him.”

    He wishes death on the president and you wish death upon him? You are no better than Amanuel. I hope you see the irony. Do not lose your humanity at the expense of politics. That is too a steep price to pay on judgement day.

    There is a time for everything and death awaits all. Fortunately, we live at the mercy of our Divine Creator and not a journalist with a political agenda or a combative columnist who supports her government.

    1. Come on! You know damn well that the Presidents death would affect us all, one way or the other. As for Amanuel, maybe his own mother is secretely praying for his death. Shame on you, for equating the life of a national hero with a national shame!

  20. I just do not understand this guy at all.
    No clue what his motivation is all about other than being a propaganda Robot for the Weyenti and its Masters so as to get some alms

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