Interview With Eritrean Ambassador to Cairo, Fasil Gebreselasie

Political goals behind the Renaissance dam - Ambassador Fasil Gebreselasie
“Political goals behind the Renaissance dam… some Gulf countries are behind Ethiopia in an attempt to “subdue Egypt” – Ambassador Fasil Gebreselasie


The Eritrean Ambassador in Cairo, Fasil Gebreselasie Takla, said that the relations between Egypt and Eritrea have been in good shape since the time of the late President Gamal Abdel Nasser and that they are strategic and historical relations.

He pointed out that the common factor between Nasser and Sisi lies in their sincere orientation towards Africa, but there are differences in political circumstances and data in the region between the era of the two presidents.

In his interview with «Al-Masry Al-Youm», he added that the construction of the Renaissance dam has no positive purposes in the interest of the Ethiopian people, and that the decision to build it was political and not an economic decision, and that Ethiopia has a “phobia” of Eritrea’s relationship with any other country, not just Egypt.

In addition to the fact that the Ethiopian regime wants to distract the people from its economic and political problems, and the idea of an external enemy is exported to them. He pointed out that some Western and Gulf countries are behind Ethiopia in an attempt to “subdue Egypt”

To the text of the dialogue:

■ How do you see the relations between Egypt and Eritrea?

The relations between the two countries have been in good shape since the time of the late President Gamal Abdel Nasser. They are deep strategic and historical relations. Egypt has helped Eritrea during the armed struggle movement for independence, provided us with arms, financial and political support, helped our college and university students and established a home for them.

■ You spoke about Egypt’s assistance to Eritrea under Nasser. What about the relations between the two countries under President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi?

The common factor between Nasser and al-Sisi is that they have an honest approach to Africa, but there are differences in the political circumstances and conditions in the region between the era of the two presidents. during the reign of Abdel Nasser, the revolutionary tide, liberation movements and pan-Arab nationalism were the situation on the African continent, but at the time the future among the peoples is the economic exchange projects, and I believe that it is the economic relations that guarantee the survival of the relations between countries, unlike political relations that can be negatively affected at any moment.

Al-Sisi is also sincere in implementation of the agreed economic projects and development plans, and his visit to Africa is not for media propaganda. In the era of Sadat and Mubarak, Egypt did not undertake a single economic project in Eritrea.

■ How do you read the Renaissance Dam crisis?

Eritrea has officially declared that the construction of the Renaissance Dam has no positive purpose in the interest of the Ethiopian people. The decision to build it is a political rather than an economic decision. We are not against any development project in any African country, but the dam is not for development purpose.

■ What is the real purpose behind this “political goal”?

Ethiopia relies mainly dependent on economic aid. It is the most African country that receives economic assistance from the United States, the European Union and the World Bank. It is a country that has famine and requests assistance from the UN to feed its people. Some countries are helping them to finance the construction of the dam.

■ What are those countries?

Any country that wants to fight Egypt will not resort to a direct military solution. This method no longer exists on the ground. So the last card in that war with Egypt is by “snatching of Egypt” because if there is no Nile, there is no Egypt.

■ Did you mean that Ethiopia wants to subdue Egypt?

Not only Ethiopia, but some Western and Gulf countries stand behind Ethiopia and support the construction of the Renaissance dam, especially since the area where the Renaissance dam located is not suitable for agriculture.

Here I want to return to the history of the Renaissance, in 1993, when Eritrea attended its first official representation as an independent state, one of the African conferences in Cairo, also attending was the then Prime Minister of Ethiopia, Meles Zenawi. Relations between our two countries were excellent at the time, and here Zenawi put together an idea, as the Arabs sell oil to us, we sell water to all of the countries. The Eritrean President vehemently rejected this proposition and here was the response of the late General Omar Suleiman, the former head of Intelligence. He told Zenawi: “who are you to say this?”

■ What is your position on the Entebbe Agreement?

Null and void, in accordance with previous international treaties relating to the Nile Basin countries.

■ Some political analysts said that Eritrea is the best card to put pressure on Ethiopia because of the old war between them and deepening of relations between Eritrea and Egypt has signs and messages that will quickly reach Ethiopia. What is your response?

Ethiopia has a “phobia” of Eritrea’s relationship with any other country, not just with Egypt. In addition, the Ethiopian regime desire to distract the people from its economic and political crisis, and the idea of ​​an external enemy is exported to them.

Eritrea ambassador to Egypt, Fasil GebreselasieTo name but a few, Ethiopia has benefited greatly from the meeting that was held by former President Mohamed Morsi to discuss the dam crisis with the national forces, to amplify this idea with the Ethiopian people. The more Eritrea work to consolidate its relationship with Egypt, we will find Ethiopia accusing us that we are helping Egypt to target the dam militarily through our territory.

In fact, Egypt does not want to target the dam militarily at all, and it has no political gains in that matter, as all African countries will not allow it, nor will we allow the use of our territories to achieve those goals. Despite our differences with Ethiopia, we always affirm to Egypt that it is Egypt’s political right to establish strategic relations with any country that it wants, even with Ethiopia, and we have nothing to do with it.

■ What is your response to some media reports published in a number of foreign newspapers that Egypt has [secured] Eritrea’s consent to establish a military naval base?

Not everything that is published in newspapers are true, some news are “test balloons”, others are leaked in favour to some Western intelligence services.

Our main disagreement with America, for instance, was Eritrea’s refusal to establish a U.S. military base on its soil. If we agreed to this offer, we could have avoided many wars and international pressures on us, and our country makes no political concessions to any country whatever our relationship is.

The Eritrean government wants to return of the Egyptian role in Africa, not for personal interests, but for Egypt’s own first. So if we look at the Suez Canal, we will find that its security and the security of the global trade movement starts from the south, a large part of the victory of the October 6 war was the role played by the Egyptian naval forces in maintaining the security of the south, it is time to highlight the role of the Egyptian and the emergence of more than that in that region.

■ What do you mean by “highlighting the role of Egypt” in the South region?

American military battleships roam the world to deliver a clear message that they are permanently present in the scene, and Egypt now possesses modern and sophisticated military battleships, and I think it’s time.

■ What caused the differences with Ethiopia?

In the 1990s, the Eritrean people wanted independence, and we submitted a request to the United Nations, headed by the late Dr. Boutros-Ghali, at that time to conduct referendum on independence and secession from Ethiopia, America has rejected the idea of a popular referendum on this requirement, but we have adhered to our demand for another Moment the United States of America and the United Nations agreed, and the referendum was held, with a score of 99.9% in favour of independence from Ethiopia.

In 1993, the State of Eritrea was officially proclaimed and we begun to strengthen our foreign relations with the rest of the countries. This is where the U.S. began to set its conditions on us, to return the American military base to our country once again, in addition to providing some facilities in the waters of the Red Sea. We rejected those demands in full, because we do not overstate the freedom of our political decision and the sovereignty of our territory.

Moreover, Eritrea was the only country that officially condemned the US invasion of Somalia. The League of Arab States did not issue a statement condemning this invasion, even Mubarak once said, “We understand” and the invasion has not been condemned either. This is the greatest indication that the political decision at the time was not in Egypt’s hands.

All these reasons prompted Ethiopia to create a conflict with our country and have occupied a border area called “Badme” with the aim of giving a harsh lesson to us, and to achieve many Ethiopian and American interests in the region.

the Algiers Summit was held, and it was the U.S. that wrote the boundary demarcation agreement between us and Ethiopia, A to Z, and the three most important pillars of the agreement are that the boundary dispute is the responsibility of the International Court of Justice, the decision of the Court is binding and final to the parties, any country that refuses to implement the resolution shall be a subject of a number of international sanctions.

The purpose of those points was to get to Eritrea, because the U.S. was expecting a the verdict will be issued in favor of Ethiopia. Contrary to the expectations of the United States, the court ruled that the occupied territories are Eritrean territory and that it is imperative Ethiopia must withdraw from them.

The border has been demarcated in its new form, but Ethiopia has refused to withdraw and implement the court’s decision, and since then the differences are pending among us. The resolution to the crisis is therefore in the hands of the Americans. The U.S. is the only country capable of getting Ethiopia out of our territory.

* Software translation from Arabic

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    1. What do you mean ” ዓመተ ራህዋ ሰላምን ፍቅርን…..” didn’t you receive your new yr in January?
      What a confused identity??!!

      1. For those who call Geez or Ethiopian new year (calendar), it is neither Geez nor Ethiopian. It’s Alexandrian calendar dating to 238 BCE adopted by the Coptic Orthodox Church. (Courtesy of Prof. Ghidewon Abay)

          1. Dude, put on your reading glasses first and read it again. ርሑስ በዓል ቅዱስ ዮውሃንስን መስቀልን doesn’t sound a happy new year. The same is true for ዓመተ ራህዋ ሰላምን ፍቅርን ይግበረልና. Since we are talking about coptic orthodox holidays, September 11 (1st in Geez) is where new ዘመን changes (from zemene Markos to Lukas and so on). As long as Orthodox christianity exists in Eritrea, we will continue celebrating ቅዱስ ዮውሃንስን መስቀልን not as new year but as the beginning of a new ዘመን (i.e. for christians) as we do celebrate the New Year (together with our Muslim and other minor religion brothers – and the rest of the world) on January 1st.

            We simply don’t impose one religion’s doctrine over the other and call it its their New Year too. No we don’t.

            In the meantime, enjoy your God given IQ63.

    2. News coming from Abay Tigray: the war between TPLF funded terror groups have forced TPLFite bosses in Mekele to choose their top favorites. A TPLFite told me this last Friday but I didn’t give any credence to it till I saw some commentaries from some of those groups. The story I was told was that sometime last year the so called Afar group (a known terror group) have won the top spot in this never ending battle for TPLF’s favorite child, leading for TPLF to forcibly disarm the no so favorites anymore (LOL), as well as restricting the movement of their leaders. Apparently this must be true b/c I just saw some commentaries from many TPLF funded propagandists in the name of Kunama and Saho people. Even Ethio medias have started to report on this as wel…. (fast forward to 6 minute)–yRHkoIk

  1. Light weight Fassil talks like Al Sisi’s spokesman and not like ambassador of a sovereign nation. These dummies are leading Eritrea into more and more problems.

      1. Birhane:
        Few issues here:
        Strictly and politically speaking,the GERD Construction should be NONE of our business but that of the Ethiopians…..including the location and purpose.
        Time will tell about the future prospect and outcome of it,wether it will benefit the Ethiopian people in particular economically and otherwise,and to the Horn in general.
        But fromn future Economic Integration point of view,Eritrea and Eritreans should welcome the construction of the GERD.
        -Amb Fasil should be careful in his use of word selection-as a Diplomat.
        Of utmost importance,am glad that he clarified the issue of the TPLF Paranioa and Propaganda that Eritrea is supporting Egypt to stack the GERD .

        1. What. GERD is our business b/c it could be a source of never ending conflict b/n Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt. If these guys go to war, we will be the first to feel the impact of the war, given our size and geographic location. Also, Ate Meles’s first attempt was to try to convince PIA on this idea… and why Eritrea should support the project (cheap electricity and so on). Remember, he didn’t go the Kenyans or Djiboutians, but Eritrea.

          1. One Observer:
            I am being rational and pragmatic for practical purposes.
            I would rather see a peaceful Horn in general and a peaceful coexistence of the nations u mentioned minus TPLF.
            Am for some compromise among the Nile Basin Nations so that all get a fair share of the Nile River in a way that will not affect much all the nations,specially Egypt.
            I guarantee you that if the TPLF Janda is gone,the real Economic Integration and Peaceful Co-existence of the Horn and a fair and balanced use of the Nile shall be materialized .
            The status quo will affect Eritrea more .

          2. What? your whole premise was “GERD Construction should be NONE of our business”… and how is that rational on your part???? I gave you a direct and simple response to your IR-rational thought and you decided to flip the argument upside down and decided to talk about the fanciful idea of post-TPLF regime ‘Economic Integration and Peaceful Co”. Think about your NEWER statement for a moment. If you dont mind, let me give you a example I have to my 8 years old son the other day. If you live in a beautiful house in the middle of a forest and your idiot/suicidal TPLFite neighbor sets his house on blaze, causing a raging wild fire to breaks out… what do you thing will happen to you or and your beautiful house in the middle of this forest?? (this is a RHETORICAL question, please DON’T even try to answer it, ok). Of course, a rational person would say …. I get it, and let us all direct all of our energy to get rid of the idiot/suicidal TPLFite neighbor to ensure our safety. I got a smart boy, and his response was I “don’t joke with fire”.

            BTW, I would like you to see my response with regards to your question about Egyptian stand on Eritrean referendum… and how it linked with the Nile issue. Now, try to connect the dots with TPLFites stupid GERD. If your detector is working, you will surely a smoke; if it’s mart detector, you’ll definitely see the fire. وداعا or Ciao;((

          3. GERD is non of your business, simple as that. The example you gave doesn’t hold water but as usual, you justify ignorance. Fact 1: Meles never went to PIA, your king said those words knowing he isn’t here to defend himself, what better way to go after him.
            Fact 2: you stated above, “if these guys goes to war, we are the first to feel the impact”. First, Egypt publicly stated NO military action whatsoever. The chances of invading is at 1%, what impact can it have on Eritrea? Is the missile going to miss the target? Are they going to blame you for not speaking up? What impact you ignorant knucklehead?
            Fact 3: you are an observer on NIB, your job should have been to look at what science has to say about any negative impact it has on Egypt share of the water as per the agreement, remember? Speculation on who is funding it or if we are doing it to subdue Egypt is way out of your league.
            Fact 4: if we provide electricity, your own people are the beneficiaries of the project in the long run but your hate only has one thing in mind, hate Ethiopians. Ata komal, your entire existence was funded by them to keep up weak, if we keep fighting, Ethiopia can never find the time or resources to find it, guess what, you are independent, learn to say, not my business.

          4. Dude:
            Do I need to advise u to take an ESL Class?
            Read what I said.
            Contrary to your quick and knee-jerk style assertion,both arguments I made are complimentary, not contradictory .
            Yes,strictly and politically speaking,it is none of our business but it will become our business if we believe that we will benefit from it one way or another,which we will,when the right time comes and if/when it becomes successfully fully operational,and God willing, it will!
            Eritrea is spending more than $300 million on Energy related expenses/resources and we can get that for less than $100 million per year if the GERD becomes successfully operational and the Ethio-Eritrean relationship is straightened up positively,which it will,God willing!
            Makes any sense to U et al?

        2. I think the diplomat is saying what has been said from Eritrean camp..and Eritrean policy on the project. The ambasador made it clear that Eritrea’s position is that Egypt has strictly no access in Eritrea for any military adventure. This has been the policy position, the rest is opinion and propoganda amd he is entiitled to do that as the two coumtries are not realy in friendly terms. You choose your words when you comment on fact and you have no beef with the coumtry in question.

          GERD is not the only hydro electric dam project in Ethio they have completed many before it and if hydro power was the panacia to Eradictae poverty then there should be no poor person in Ethio..but hydropower is not the cure all.

          I agree with you that the benefit of GERD to the people of Ethio will remain to be seen when the dam is completed. Even we could buy power not if but when things improve between the two countries

          1. Selam Birhane:
            -The Ethiopian Majority can misunderstand him and rally behind the dying Weyane and give it a life.
            -He is not entitled to speak on the behalf of the involved Nile Basin Nation and publically say ” Null and Void” as it might have a diplomatic backlash -as he is literally insulting the Nations that declared the Entebe Agreement!
            -The GERD ,indeed, will play a role in alleviating the Ethiopian Poverty directly and indirectly…at least by selling Energy in millions of $$$ and directly helping the improvement of the infrastructure.
            It is just better to shut up or be constructive .

    1. Don’t be stupid. The ambassador is a very intelligent diplomat who speaks several languages. He is not the spokesman of Al-Sisi but they are related with their common pharaonic origin.

  2. The Egytians have a dam on the Nile, they call it the Nasir dam. The Sudanese have a dam on the Nile, hey call it the Merowe dam. The whole world knows how these countries benefited and are benefiting from thier dams economically. Why is it GERD any diffrent from the dams of Egypt and Sudan that it needed to be labelled as 100% for political purpose?? How can poor Ethiopia spend $5billion just for “political goal”?! Afterall, Ethiopia contributes over85% of the water volume to the nile. Shouldnt u think that Ethiopia gets a fair share of the water?

    Entebe agreement?
    Null and void… reason being, it is against colonial treaty. Mr. Ambassador, some of us are not enslaved by whites and we will not abide by treaties which we didnt sign. How can u say the treaty was fair when it leaves eight of the ten NBI countries out of consideration?

  3. This is an excellent interview for the Amharu crowd still considering our cousins as “our people”. Not only he doubles down on Wedi Afom’s ignorance but even calls the dam as “no benefits” to the people of Ethiopia. Even a sawa graduate should be able to explain the game changer of our hydropower. After almost seven years of begging Arabs to attack us with no success because you can’t, after 70% completion, its null and void? Was he referring to badme? Ayye banda, we would have ever predicted Somalia to side with us before Asmera? It best to get ready for signing ceremony of GERD and how you can buy cheap electric in return for free port. That might save your slavery founded land.

      1. Dear TN I understand you want to give equal chance to debate and be heard to every one. I however, disagree on your tolerance of this individual called Ballance/Sentiko Atakilti …. He is both belittling the state of Eritrea and its people at the same time denigrating our PIA to the level he is referring him as an ignorant. How long should you tolerate Sentiko´s unbridled adolescents with bizarre remarks and vulgar words.

          1. Brother
            I don´t either read his comments I just don´t understand what he wants to convey a message. The other Ugumish the Atakilti and/or Proud Amhara they do try of course with different theme, some are here to intimidate us by the rag tag army called Agazi some are here to boast and narrate how good the land of beggars is governed with the tigray mafia and yet some are here to pretend as a concerned citizen with a venom spreading lies and try to diverge every sober discussion among the can do people.

    1. Aye ugumesh, once lemanay, lemanay for ever! 🙂 You are so dihurat that you will never understand what’s good and not good for you. Mesakin, tedenghizu. IQ63, don’t lose your time here, go and beg for another project, illusion is your second name. Ciao Ciao from Asmara, the Gem of Africa :-), the capital of the CAN DO PEOPLE ! Just deal with it.

    2. Ballance from tiny-tigray. The Real Ethiopians call Banda agame boy and I know like to humiliate yourself and this is a clear evidence that you agames are suffering from a virus called inferiority complex.

    3. cheap guy ….who is begging the arabs to attack? Eritrea? you amaize me…why do we side when you work day and night to erdicate us since 1995? The Egyptians didnt and the Somalians didn’t.

      Even in this forum you use the famous phrase ” color of your eyes” If any thing Eritrea sgould have dome what you falsly accuse is of…you keep on lying about Eritrea wanting to destroy the dam by proxy or direct….all in your fantacy.

      We say waht we want as you do…we are enemies not friends…”cousines”? what cousine?….No cousine of you wish you “complete eradication” atleast your own cousines preach that….time will tell.

  4. This is really a laughing stock. How the hell could he dare to tell that a dam that can generate 6 GW doesn’t have economic importance. Secondly, it is shame that Eritrea ignores other African countries to tell that the Entebe agreement is null and void. Even an Egyptian politician will never say such a strong word. He got to give up his obsession with the Ethipian dam.

  5. The Amb conveniently forgot to tell the Egyptians that Egypt was the ONLY country in Africa that rejected the Eritrean referendum for independence. The Egyptians were not our friends back then… and I am not they still are.

    1. Are u sure on this?
      Any link?
      If true at all,it is simply (most likely)coz of the PRESSURE on the puppet and mercenary Hosni Mubarek by the CIA and the Zionist State .

      1. Ala, Justice/Hope. I try to never say anything I don’t believe it’s true or I can’t back up. So, here is youtube video: the first 7 minutes will tell you: 1) Egyptians objected Eritrean referendum and 2) the Nile issue is interlinked with this.

  6. “Our main disagreement with America for instance was Eritrea’s refusal to establish a US military base on its soil”
    Perhaps he’s referring to the period immediately after independence, but in the run up to the Iraq war it was the other way around and the Eritrean government pressed very hard to convince the US to establish a military base in Eritrea. They even went so far as to hire a lobby firm to make their case heard on capitol hill:

    1. Daniel:
      It is all politics and interest;the and timing along what events take place matter a lot.
      1995 is totally different from 2000-2003!
      The Amb indirectly admitted that initially,the USA requested to have a Naval Base in 1994/5 but was rejected by the GoE.
      The USA then did its job of retaliation and the rest is history and the Amb openly lamented about it and even regretted about the decision by the GoE.
      And he is right that,had the USA been given a Base in our Red Sea,Eritrea could have remained the Super Power of Africa in all aspects and we could have achieved our dream to become the Singapore ,the Geneva/Swiss and the old Beirut of Africa…,not to mention that we could have saved our 30,0000 Youth.
      It was too late after the 1998-2000 war to claim it back as the TPLF has become the preferred client and a unique USA Ally besides the TPLF’s intensive lobbying against the USA getting a Naval Base in Eritrea as PMMZ et all knew that Eritrea will benefit from the Eri-USA Alliance and PMMZ effectively succeeded in preventing that alliance and the USA Naval Base in Eritrea.
      I blame the stupid State Department for listening to the dead-for-good PMMZ ,rather than listening to Gen Tommy Frank and Sec Ramsfield.
      Make no mistake that the TPLF has allocated more than $10 Million to lobby against the same US-Eritrea Reconciliation and against the EU Fund for Eritrea as the TPLF knows very well the huge positive impact for Eritrea and huge negative impact on the TPLF itself.
      Haile Drue said it all .
      Too much miscalculations and Diplomatic mishaps from our end contributed a lot,if we have to be honest, and it has cost(ed) us tremendously,unfortunately.

      1. They had a base in ethiopia for their airplane, what it did contribute to ethiopia don’t tell me they are the super power in africa, ,
        We can’t invite the wolf in our home ,their embassy alone has made so much damage before been expel so inviting their army would be foolish
        We are better off American troops in our soil.

        1. KBT:
          Things are relative .
          See my answer to Abrar.
          Compare and contrast between what could have happened if we mutually accepted the USA request Vs the facts on the grounds now after/since we rejected them.
          No Ricket Science here but simple 2+2=4!

          1. Well you must be stupid ask question mostly with the point of view of an
            Ethiopian,this is not the point of view of Eritrean
            Any way what would happen if woyane accepted the Algiers agreement and evacuated our land , you said miscalculation this again another narrative created by the bankrupt TPLF regime .
            You must one of them as your question are they dumbest after all

        1. Bravooooo Ambassador Fassil , good job in clearig the obscure activity of Weyane. Bravooo wedi Halal Meret. I know there are people from the fivs colmun that disagree in your opinion, but no one can rub out the trut.

        2. Abrar:
          Who cares bout others?
          Talk about your own house.
          Ask that question to the Good Amb,who legitimately lamented about..,,,the same miscalculation .
          Where would we have been if we did not miscalculate on :
          -The Eri-USA Relationship
          -The Baduma War
          -The Ratified but now dead on arrival/killed Constitution
          -National Reconciliation
          -Economic Investment /Private Sector of our Economy/Fishing and Tourism Industry
          Well,u can consult a 2nd Grader Eritrean if u cannot answer the above questions.

  7. Entebbe agreement null and void?
    Eritrea is not even a full member of the Nile Basin Initiative, but only has observer status. Why does he believe colonial era treaties are more important than consensus reached between multiple African countries that were not even represented in the colonial era? What an amateur diplomat. I hope that the foreign ministry reads this interview and decides to re assign him to some other small country. Egypt is simply too important for it to have an ignorant guy like Fasil. I know so many people at the foreign ministry in Asmara that are talented, speak multiple languages and have a real understanding of the complex dynamic of Horn politics, GERD issues, Red Sea security and Eritrea-Egyptian relations. All of them would do a better job than this amateur.

  8. In my opinion, this Ambassador spoke too much. Too much. First of all, in truth, nobody knows for sure the cost/benefits ratio of an extensive dam like the Renaissance dam. There are simply too many variables in the evaluation of such a project. One of these is the length of time it takes to design the dam, to construct it and then to fill it. We are talking around 10 to 15 years. The Ethiopian population itself would have grown by about 35 Millions during this period. In short, the Eritrean diplomats should be careful not to be caught in oversimplification of complex issues.

    It is best to stay within what you know well and diligently work that your facts on that subject are still current. Otherwise, you end up not only losing your integrity and respect but that of those you reprsent as well.

    1. I do agree with you on this one. I hear the Arabic version of the interview sounds even worse than this google translation — LOL, I imagine that.

      I think the problem is that the Woyanes have lowered the bar so low that all Eritrean Ambasadors have to do is not to take a dump in fort of the media (LOL)


    Here is one new development from Qatar and Ethiopia. As a sign of its disgust to Egypt, Qatar ordered its propaganda machine Al-Jazeera to open an office in Addis Ababa. Starting from today, you won’t hear any negative news about Ethiopia from Al Jazeera. On the contrary, the amount of news about Eritrea (rebels + refugees+ etc…) will be plenty.

    That’s not all. It was also decided Mohamed Taha Tewakl, an Eritrean opposition member (one time journalist) to be the director of the Al Jazeera Addis Ababa studio.

    Here is Mohamed Taha Tewakl with Aboy Sebhat Nega during the official opening of the studio.

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